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Hallmark channel

United States, Louisiana

Consumer reviews about Hallmark channel

Mel Bond
Jan 31, 2017

Halmark Movies


My wife and I have watched your movies for many years and have very much enjoyed you movies. They have always been very family friendly and very wholesome. And we truly thank you for your movies of the past.
However in the last year, it seems like every movie has dogs in it that always have to lick people in their mouth. This is extremly gross and very offensive.
I know there are people now trying to pass a law, were they can marry their dogs. I pray this is not something that is supporting this.
With great respect, I pray you will remove such scences.

Thank you very much
Oceans of eternal uncondtional love in Jesus Christ


Mel Bond
Jan 31, 2017

Halmark Movies

Dear Halmark Movie,

I want to thank you for your superior movies of the past. My wife and I and our children have watched them for many years and have enjoyed them very much! They have been very wholesome and family friendly. I honor you greatly for the movies of the past.
However in the last year it seems like every movie always has a dog in it that ALWAYS licks people in the mouth. This is very gross and offensive. Dogs use their dog for their toilet paper.
I do pray you will remove these scences from your movies. I know today there is a goup of people that are trying to pass a law where they can marry their dogs. I pray this is not a part of that movement.

Again I thank you from the depths of my heart for your superior work over the years.

Oceans of eternal unconditonal love in Jesus Christ


Mar 7, 2017


Is there no way to get you to change the line up in the evenings. Home Improvement, Last Man Standing and The Middle are not worth watching. Doesn't seem to matter that you get complaints as no action is taken. I will not watch Hallmark any longer.

Mar 19, 2017

Halloween movies

I love Hallmark Channel. The only gripe I have is them showing Christmas movies on Halloween. I want spooky Hallmark movies that night not Christmas! Don't get me wrong I love Christmas movies, but I want Halloween movies on that night. Please consider this for all of us Halloween fanatics. Halloween movies for Halloween night!!!!!!!!!

Apr 18, 2017

Hallmark channel 565 and 312

Wish Hallmark channel 565 and 312 would go over their movies so repetitive
Same story lines different titles.
Some actresses so boring Lacey Chabert,Kelli Martin Candace Cameron Bure,Danica McKellar need to get rid of former child stars .Used to love Hallmark gone down hill.Home and Family need to get rid of Mark Steines and Debbie so loud and boring . Thank you for listening

Jul 16, 2017

Old hallmark

Right now I'm watch the Christmas in July special, I love the idea, this reminds me of the old hallmark, sitcoms in the morning and sitcoms late at night, and around 7 pm maybe two movies a night, that's what this channel should be about, but hallmark had to create the other channel hallmark movie network now know as hallmark murders and mystery channel. I know its a money sceme to get you to buy the other channel, but even if you get the other channel, it seems as if hallmark has forgotten that they have so many other movies, they get stuck on a cycle. So now all the murder and mystery movies are on one channel, and all the sitcoms are on another channel which to me seems ridiculous, because if you think of an average working schedule, most people get off of work at 5 pm, the want to come home and relax and watch a movie, but hallmark channel has the worst lineup ever, call me crazy but why does every show have to be played 4 to 5 times, that tells me that you are just filling space, which I don't understand stand because again hallmark has plenty of movies, check this out home and family comes on from 10-2 the new one goes of at 12 and then another one come on from a few days previous, I can almost guarantee you that who ever is watching that show has seem the one from the previous day, thats 4 hours. I know hallmark is trying to cater to the older population, the retirees but have they forgotten about the other demographics the 25-45.

hopeless romantic
Jul 20, 2017

More Diversity

I have watch Hallmark all my life and like the storylines. I have a request to see people of color as the stars in your warm and heart filled stories. I thank you for giving parts of authority to people of color. I would like to see more story lines just as you have written in the past with people of color. The meet and greet conflict the journey to love and the ending of love. What do you think?
Hopeless Romantic

Aug 3, 2017

Christmas in July

Very disappointed in your Christmas in July. You air the same Christmas movies 3 & 4 times in that week. You air them from 2 p.m. - 11 p.m. Eastern time. you have enough old Christmas movies that you need only to show them once in Christmas in July

Linda 224
Aug 9, 2017

Missing Hallmark Channel

I am very upset that I can't stream your channel without cable. Your Channel is the best one. Just asking is there any way of getting your channel on the fire stick without cable. I would even be willing to pay for just your channel.

Sep 16, 2017

Hallmark mysteries

Halmark has saved our lives this yr through some very serious illnesses.

In baking cooking, even Martha Stewart, all bakers,mchefs keep handling hair,mconstantly then handle food, continually pull hair behind ears
BRitish bake offs, same thing, they could at least tie it up!
The bakery mysteries are fun, clever, but all bakers, customers have long stringy bleached hair with black roots, yuk hairy food

Sep 18, 2017


We already have Christmas in September in the stores and Christmas in July from your channel. It is so sad that now I cant even enjoy Halloween or Thanksgiving. Last year Christmas movies started on October 31st, HALLOWEEN NIGHT. This Year they start on October 27th. Enough already!!!! The count down to Christmas is now about 60 days. Really???? I now am so tired of seeing and saturated of Christmas movies that by the time it comes on December 25th I'm done . STOP IT!!!! Is anyone from Hallmark Channel listening?

Sep 21, 2017

Getting Better Still Room for Improvement

I for one am glad that the hallmark channel has started to incorporate movies back into there daily schedule, two movies everyday. The hallmark channel was becoming pointless, you could only watch movies on the weekend so Hats off to Hallmark Channel to making some changes. On the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, well this channel has so much potential and yet it seems to be in a time warp where it plays the same stuff over and over again, I would have to say that of the mystery movie series I only care for the Murder She Bake (Allison Sweeney),the Gourmet Detective (Brooke Burns), and believe it or not I like Candice Cameron Bure in the Aurora Teagarden series this is the most emotion I have seen in her,I generally don't like her on any of the Hallmark movies, it's like she has been tight cast and she always plays the roll of someone who is up tight...... And if I had to the Garage Sale Mystery (Lori Loughlin) and that's pushing it, all the rest (Flower Shop Mysteries, Hailey Dean) I could do without, the sad thing about these two channels, is hallmark has a bunch of movies and another thing, for some reason or another they seem to keep using the same actresses over and over again, its just September and I already know what actresses will be in the new Christmas movies let me take a guess ..... Candice Cameron Bure, Lori Loughlin, Kelly Martin (maybe), Catherine Bell ( I love her in the Good Witch Series), Taylor Cole(maybe), Shenae Grimes (maybe) up and coming hallmark actress..... Oh will you look at that the top four have movie series, and when you do finally see a new face, it takes forever for the movie to come back into the line up. Now on another note Andrew Walker and Drew Fuller you can throw them in there anyway you want and I guarantee you will not hear me complain......

Oct 2, 2017

Christmas in October...Really...?

I love Christmas...in December. I do not like it in October. This feels like crass commercialism, not the spiritual quality, nor the sheer excitement that Christmas brings. In protest last year, I removed both Hallmark channels from my Favorites lineup and put them back in mid-January. This year, I'm removing them on October 27th and am contemplating keeping them out of my Favorite Channels for good. I will sincerely miss some of the programming (which is unavailable until January anyway), but I can watch Matlock, Columbo, Murder She Wrote, even Hart to Hart on other channels now. I will miss the movies and special programs (I love the Good Witch series) but I really cannot support Christmas in October. So...off you go on the 27th of October. I'll miss you, but I'm not having you send Christmas into my home until it's appropriate to do so...in December.

Oct 8, 2017

All of my Heart: Inn Love

The sequel to the Hallmark Channel’s movie “All of My Heart”; they completely changed the house that Jenny and Brian inherited, they completely changed the diner and the general store. I hate the changes of EVERYTHING in “All of My Heart: Inn Love”. Why couldn’t they have kept the set the same, why did they have to change everything, including the color of the Inn/house, it when from green to light blue with darker blue shutters. When you do a sequel you need to keep things the same, why are you doing a sequel if everything except the charectors has changed. I HATE IT!!!!

Oct 15, 2017

Lack of Diversity

I've been a loyal watcher of your channels for years, but I'm sorely disappointed in your lack of diversity. Why don't you ever cast a woman of color in the lead heroine roll? The world is not only made up of white women who have black besties. People of color fall in love everyday and we would like to see us represented.

Oct 15, 2017

White colored people

This channel is great for a family but I just didn’t know what to say when me nice ask me if there is no farely tale for black . Since watching the show I have never seen black love. The black peoples I see is the extras . We need diversity in this channel!!!

Oct 23, 2017

October Christmas??

The World Series begins tomorrow October 24, 2017 and beginning Friday, October 27 the two Hallmark Channels start Christmas movies, New ones for 2017 and the old ones too. THIS IS TOO EARLY AND TOO REPETITIVE SINCE THE MOVIES WILL RUN INTO JANUARY 2018.

I enjoy watching Christmas Movies just not this far ahead of the Holiday. I am not able to make my choice of watching a Christmas movie or watching Murder She Wrote or maybe Monk. I am stuck!

Maybe you should set it up to run a Christmas movie once or twice during the weekend, then the movies you have available don't repeat several times as they have in the past years.

Give us a break from the Holiday movies. I always looked forward to watching "Holiday Inn" and other old movies, but when they are shown so many times in a short period of time as Hallmark Movies shows them; it makes me dread this time of year!

Just my input for your info.

[email protected]
Oct 27, 2017

All movies

Why do all the Hallmark movies have the same actors for all movies!!?? Aren't there any other actors.who need work?? Every movie we see.is the same girl and same guy in different roles! Schabert is practically in every love story and Christmas movie. It makes people not want to watch seeing the same people over and over! Catherine Bell is great in the Good Witch now she is in a Christmas movie it is ridiculous!. You really new some new talent! Same guys same girls we really need new faces! You are going to lose viewers because of this! Think about it!!!!

Oct 27, 2017

All Movies

I'm Hispanic American. I see all the Hallmark movies. Where are your Hispanic actors? Hispanics are never portrayed as heroes, wholesome and clean. Usually Hispanics are shown as the bad guys and having thick accents. There are a lot of Hispanic actors out there that don't have accents and can act like any white actor. I've done a little acting myself and people would never know I'm Hispanic. Not that I don't want them to know. It's just that Hispanics are always stereotyped. Thanks for letting me write my thoughts.

Oct 30, 2017

Need Diverse Lead Actresses and Actors

I’ve given feedback in this before and I know others have, too. I love your movies. They are so positive and great entertainment.

However, in the real world, there are couples of all different races who have fall in love and have similar story lines. I have seen African Americans and Asians in nice roles such as the best friend, a judge, the manager, etc., but those roles are minor and is not the same as seeing a storyline of someone who looks like you.

Please hire people of color to be the lead actresses and actors to engage everyone. I do not want to stop watching this channel because I love it. However, I am considering it. Plus, I’m sure viewers would love it.

Nov 5, 2017

Commercials loud movie volume low

I've noticed there has been a change in the volume of Hallmark movies compared to last year. The movie volume is low and not very clear while the commercials are loud and very clear. I will switch to another station and every other station is louder which made me realize Hallmark movies have a low-volume with louder commercials. I wish you would adjust this. I thought there was a law that passed this year that the commercials were not supposed to be louder than the program. Did you lower the program volume to somehow get through a loophole. Also, I would like to see more of a balanced American demographics. It's a little too lily white. Also, with the romantic movies you can figure out how it's going to end within the first five minutes. Some of the movies even have the same plot as previous movies. The lead lady on the good witch movies is like saccharine. Fake sweet. I just can't watch those movies. I do love the fact that the movies on both Hallmark Channel's are nonviolent which are the only movies I care to watch. I am not entertained by people getting killed in the movie.

[email protected]
Nov 26, 2017

Holiday Movies

When do you plan to resume regular programming on channel #629 (NY). I cannot believe that you suspend all programming except
for Christmas movies for a couple of months. Is anybody concerned that not all your viewers are into Holiday programming to the
exclusion of everything else. I'm really disappointed that your viewer demographics is so narrow

Nov 29, 2017

You Don't have enough People of Color

I watch Hallmark Channel regularly and I don't see people of color on there and I am getting discouraged. I like the story line and plot of the movies, I still need to see people of color, I have all kinds of people in my family, and I would think diversity would be in your agenda these days, I don't see that, all I see is the same people. I have been watching you for years and I need to see a different variety.

Dec 3, 2017

missing afternoon movies

I watch hallmark channel for most of the day but since you have put on afternoon movies I have turned the channel until after my evening news. So sad.

Dec 11, 2017

All movies

Hi, I'm not sure what these people are talking about, but I love the Hallmark Channels. There are times when the actors try to speak so soft that they are hard to understand. I love everything about your movies - color, set designs, actors, close ups, scripts, goodness, etc. Thanks for making the holiday season so lovely, Hallmark!! Cathy

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