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United States, Louisiana

Consumer reviews about Hallmark channel

Jan 15, 2012


(Copied from above. I feel exactly the same way. Please deal with this annoying problem)" I have a complaint about the Hallmark movies...They have excellent movies, however, the music is so loud you cant hear the people talking to understand what is going on...I can't believe the Editors didn't or doesn't do something about all this loud music that is constantly playing while the cast are talking in movie..We are almost to the point not to watch the Hallmark Movies because of all the extremely loud music playing all the way through movie, when the music should be soft in background so you can hear the actors in the movie...Is anyone doing something about this? Very dis-appointed because of excellent movies being ruined with all this loud music"..my email is [email protected] "and would like to know if anyone else is complaining of this ...If so, let me know...We are just about to stop watching this channel with all the LOUD music all throughout the entire movie and can't understand what the people are saying because of this...thanks..."

Jan 15, 2012


@ cpress - I'll probably email you for sex chat, not to talk about tv channels, since you were dumb enough to post your email address on a public website. Of course other people are complaining about this, you're on the complaint thread about it aren't you? What do you think these other people are doing on this thread?

Mar 3, 2012


Please get rid of the loud music, it is so loud you can't hear the people talking in the movie. This is terrible, it is getting so I won't even watch the movies anymore. I used to love to watch Hallmark, they have the best movies but the music is destroying the movie.

Dianne Bedgood
Dec 12, 2012

Music levil

I'm watching a movie The Christmas Heart. The music is louder than the actors voices.
It is the same with commercials.
Why is this?

Dec 16, 2012

loud music


leonard bunting
Dec 17, 2012

loud music on hallmark movies

why ?????????

[email protected]
Jan 3, 2013

Television Shows

The Golden Girls is a very old televsion show and has been around forever. There are millions of people who still loves and watches this show, my complaint is why in the world did Hallmark take them off to put on those horrible morning shows on. Geesh...... Then pushed them back at night to 11:00. P.S. I Love Lucy SUCKS!! And so does Frazer. Signed True Golden Girls fan

Mar 3, 2013

loud background music

The music is so loud that you cannot hear what is being said. Please do something about this problem. You are going to loose viewers as this is very annoying.

Martha Terry
Apr 9, 2013

messing with a great show,Perry Mason

Perry Mason is a great show my entire family and friends love it and so do I !!!! You keep messing with the time and the schedule
you took it off for that 360which you could have put it some other place not that it was any good -- PLEASE STOP MESSING WITH PERRY MASON , you finally have a great show and you keep moving it around, put it on a good spot and leave it alone , Please - thank you!
Martha Terry
346 bolick rd.

Chipley,fl.32428 E-mail [email protected] tel#850-638-5788

Apr 14, 2013

Loud background(?) music

As a lot of other writers, I enjoy Hallmark Channel movies. I would like them a lot more IF I COULD HEAR THEM! Isn't there someway to turn down the volume of the background (actually foreground) music? It really isn't any fun trying to hear the dialog over the clanking sound track.

Jun 3, 2013

Too Few Mysteries

I watch the Hallmark Movie Channel a lot less since they removed the daytime mysteries. The mystery movies they do show are on in the middle of the night. Except for the original Perry Mason series, the other mysteries are the same ones over and over. Also, it is very annoying when credits are not shown at the end of the show, particularly since those advertisements are of no interest to me whatsoever. Hallmark should take a lesson from MeTV.

Jul 7, 2013

Loud and distracting music.

Please stop loud and distracting music during the movies. The music is too loud and seldom e matches the mood or plot of the movies. I can no longer watch the Halmark channel. I will check in from time to time to see if there have been any changes.

Jul 20, 2013

loud background music

the movies on hallmark channel would be great if we could hear the spoken words over the loud background music

Sep 15, 2013

Can't Hear Speech; Music Too Loud

I've been watching (and enjoying) Cedar Cove up until last weekend when suddenly the actors' voices were drowned out by the music, you had to turn the volume way up, then the music was way too loud, then when a commercial came on with normal sound, everything had to be adjusted again. I was hoping that it would be fixed by last night's Cedar Cove episode, but it wasn't. It was slightly better than last weekend, but not fixed! What is going on???

Sep 22, 2013

Music during the entire movie.

I love the movies on the Hallmark Channel. Yesterday you had a marathon of McBride's movies on from afternoon through evening and all night. I went to bed at 1 AM and couldn't get back to sleep so got up at 2 AM and watched them all the way to 5 AM. It is the same problem with Cedar Cove. However, as with the other complaints of people, I can't STAND the constant music throughout all the movies. Please, take the music off...whether it's loud or not I don't like it nor do I see the need for it. I noticed it must be John Larroquette's son's orchestra so he must be proud of him, but please, just leave the music out. The music is lovely and I'm sure there is a time and place for it but NOT during the entire movie. It's annoying and distracting.

Nov 2, 2013

constant irritating music or noise

The noise or otherwise "music" is distracting, senseless, and totally irritating. We like the movies, but along with the countless number of commercials, and same LOUD tinkling music on all your movies, we are jut wasting our time. It's hard to concentrate and keep up with the plot. Originally, music was added to movies to denote happy, sad, or dangerous actions. Who ever chooses the background music must never listen to what they are using.

. Your program schedule changes at your will, After awhile the Waltons, Little House, becomes so BOOOOOOring.

Please pay attention to all the complaints I see here. Perhaps your sponsors will listen. W. L. Mitchell

Nov 3, 2013


I used to love watching the Hallmark movies. Now I turn them off after 15 minutes if their loud music persists. You can't even hear what the people are saying. And the music is continous. I think they have the same record that plays in every movie. It is annoying "bing-bong" music that is so loud. If I can't hear what the people are saying, I might as well not watch it. Years ago there was no music when people spoke and you could hear every word clearly. The only time would be if there was a special moment and even then it was not louder than the speaking. And if I can't hear the movie, I get on IMDB and I just give it a 1 rating because the movie is totally ruined for me. Can't even watch it. Doesn't Hallmark see this? Don't they sit down and review the movie before it is released? When a person gives a lecture, there is no music in the background. Now Hallmark has concerts, not movies!

Nov 5, 2013

christmas movies

In my area of massachusetts you have two Hallmark channels,one Hallmark movies the otherl older TV shows.In the early mornings now are these foolish movies on the regular hallmark channel . You should have your foolish Xmas and ThanXgiv.movies on your movie channel and bring back the old sitcoms like Golden Girls ETC.
Wake Up and remember we are paying customers

Nov 8, 2013


showing christmasshowsinnovember

Nov 9, 2013


We are regular Hallmark TV watchers. Please get rid of those old, silly Christmas shows at later night TV. Bring back the old but goodies we late night watchers enjoy i.e. Frasier,Golden Girls, Cheers etc. We love Christmas, but really don't rub it into the ground. Starting in Nov. too much to bear.

Nov 17, 2013

Loud Music

I can tell you don't care about what people think about your lousy music.
Or you would have rectified it by now.
So the best way folks is to boycott products advertised on Hallmark and drop a note to the manufacture tell them why
you are boycotting there product.

[email protected]
Nov 21, 2013

loud music during entire movie

PLEASE stop ruining every Hallmark movie you make with that horribly loud music. It used to be music was played mostly when people weren't talking, but now the music is almost constant through the entire movie. I started to watch one of the new movies today, Merry Mixup, and and had to stop watching it because I couldn't understand A WORD they were saying because of the loud music. I even tried to turn it up but it didn't help, I still couldn't understand the dialogue. I don't understand how no one that makes these movies can see how distracting, annoying and very disappointing this is to your viewers. I have always loved Hallmark movies, especially Christmas ones, but now I can't stand to watch any of them. This is truly sad. Music is one thing but to have it so loud you can't hear the dialogue is so very sad. I miss these movies, My family and friends all feel the same way and decided to stop watching them because they can't hear the dialogue. Can't you please start lowering the music? And, why does it have to play almost the entire movie? The music is NOT as important as the story of the movie. PLEASE fix this problem or you'll be losing more viewers.

Nov 30, 2013

Loud background noise during Hallmark channel movies

I notice a number of viewers have complained about loud music on Hallmark channel movies. My complaint is similar...but rather than music, it is a continual rushing or whirring sound that really detracts from the movie. It is most prevalent in indoor scenes, which leads me to believe it may have something to do with noise from the cameras or perhaps from some kind of production machinery like a fan. Can anyone shed light?

Goober Pea
Dec 7, 2013


Looking at all the previous complaints about the audio quality on the Hallmark channel, I have doubts anyone in programming reads this page or even cares. but I'll try anyway..
As I writ it is Dec 7 2013 at 8:20 pm. We attempted to watch the new show Santa Switch, but gave up trying after 15 minutes because, as usual for Hallmark, the stupid "background" music was TOO DAMN LOUD!!! Apparently this network is run by clueless empty suits that spend their days looking at ratings wondering why their audiences dissapear so soon after a show begins. "I know", they say. "We need to sweeten our programming with MORE LOUD MUSIC!!!"
Get a freakin' clue, Hallmark!

Jan 7, 2014

what is on

You have Christmas movies on from November to January you show the same thing over and over I am sure you have more then 3 Christmas movies ....................the other thing now you are back to regular TV Shows and what do you do you take the golden girls off from the morning TV and put it on in the afternoon...you know you don't pay my cable bill I do and I like to watch what I want so since you have taken the golden girl off I will not be watching this channel any more ...all by the way I see you didn.t take I Love Lucy off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell this just like Obama the hell with the people you do what you want !!!!!!!!!!!

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