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Hallmark channel

United States, Louisiana

Consumer reviews about Hallmark channel

Feb 22, 2016

Political ads

We talked at church today and will be boycotting products advertised on hallmark channels until the clinton ads are taken off. So inappropriate for you to take a stand for any political figure, let alone one who doesn't support Christian beliefs. Bad call on your part.

Feb 22, 2016

Political ads

I will be boycotting your sponsors until the clinton ads are removed.

Feb 22, 2016


Why did you switch nights for When Calls the Heart? Some of us have to be at work early on Monday morning. I so looked forward to my Saturday night with your series. I also noticed that Cedar Cove is not returning, At least we have The Witch Mountain series but will also be on Sundays

Mar 29, 2016

favorite channel

I have the hallmark channel on almos all the time...my only disappointment is in the playing of Cindy Crawford's false beauty regiments..they are extremely costly...set you up in a almost in possible return policy...and unless you can spend around $500 a month and your skin has no wrinkles to begin with..her product and she is a fraud..
I am so disappointed and sickened when you play her cmercials over and over again.
. Im sure you make alot of income from her ads but you are hurting your viewers with her lies..my entire family worked for halmark cards all their lives proud to be apart of the hallmark family. It saddens me..and J.C. Hall is rolling over in his grave. How can you let that con artist pedal her stuff on your channel..no one but rich people can afford it but it doesnt work. I no that just one person like means nothing...i love your channel..it is about happier ,cleaner, hopeful more time of tv.....please dont stop your channel but you should really take cindy crawford off your channel ...she is frauding your viewers...it makes me sick and sad...sincerely a loyal hallmark cards family member for 50 years..

Apr 2, 2016

inappropiate commercials

What is going on with Hallmark, supposedly a family friendly show? Watching I Love Lucy the other morning @ 0600 CST an advertisement for a show onTLC came on. The person made an inappropriate remark claiming where she had her 1st orgasm. You don't think kids may be up @ that hour getting ready for school & that garbage is thrown in our faces. If this keeps being advertised, Hallmark will no longer be viewed in this house.

Irene munoz
May 14, 2016

Good Witch

Surely, someone out there with authority is listening! Good witches do not exist. Only God is good and witches don't follow Him. Please, take off this show. In the past there have been whole day marathons of nothing but Good Witch. I, too, want to watch the channel for which I am paying. All witches are truly Satan worshippers. If there have been any other complaints regarding this show, please hear us. Honor family entertainment. THANK YOU!

Jun 23, 2016

These reviews are entertaining!

I have read many of the complaints here. Which is rather hilarious. "I love the Christmas movies!", "I hate the Christmas movies!", "More gay couples!", " no gay couples!", "I hate I Love Lucy!", "More I love Lucy!", "I use to watch so and so at 2 in the morning! now I can't! change it back for me!"..... Sorry folks but there are other people who watch Hallmark. You are not suppose to love all the programming. You are only suppose to watch the programming you personally enjoy and let others watch what they enjoy. some people don't like the Christmas movies. well I don't like endless Hart to Hart reruns. that doesn't mean I complain about it. I watch the programming I like. the only thin they could change is simply show more ethnic people and older people. my mom is in her 50s and wants to see women her age too... And so do I.

Jul 6, 2016

Hallmark Music

I am honestly going to quit watching Hallmark movies due to the unbelievably loud and annoying music. You absolutely cannot hear the dialogue. It is HORRIBLE!!! Whoever thinks this is a good thing could not possibly actually be watching.

Jul 17, 2016


We as n All American Family sit to watch a movie n what do they give us?......the Loudest most obnoxious music EVER!!
Hallmark/Viacom PAY ATTENTION to your viewers we are YOUR MONEY'MAKERS so the least you can do is let us
know you are listening to us n you are going to Tone Down that Horrible Ugly Music you have put in the Forefront of every
H movie......put that music in the Background where it Belongs! Until then Our H subscription is cancelled!!!
Thanks Jamie

Jul 24, 2016

Lack of Diversity

It has occurred to me since I have been watching your channel for awhile, I and notice the lack of diversity in your "love stories", not to mention your Holiday Movies. Hallmark movies do not reflect the diversity of the population of the United States. All of your movies are geared toward "white" romance stories, where are the minorities? If there are minorities, they are friends of friends, or background fill in. Look around Hallmark, America is not like that at all. Be for real!

Jul 25, 2016


I love Hallmark movies. However, I am a little disturbed that there are NEVER an ethnic woman starring in the movies. Is it because women of color (any color) do not fall in love? I know you are in the movie-making business to make money, but I promise you ethnic women watch these movies. I have friend who are African American, African, Hispanic, Chinese, Native American and Caucasian, and we all love these movies. I do think, however, we would all feel loved and beautiful if the movies included women of color.

Thank you,

Jul 25, 2016

No Racial Diversity

Please include women of ethnicity in your movies. I love the movies, but women of color (any color) fall in love also.

Connie Mead
Aug 10, 2016

Christmas shows

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Do not torture us another year with your idiotic, insipid, childlike Christmas shows / 24 - 7, for two months! Who is the idiot that invented this punishment (Martha Stewart)? You make people HATE Christmas. ( There is never anything referring to the Christ child, which is WHY we celebrate Christmas.)

Regardless, two months of Christmas movies is inane and the reviews prove many viewers agree with me. Two months of any one theme is too much! At the end of two months my schedule will have incorporated and adjusted to a new channel and Hallmark will be long forgotten.

Glad you can afford to ignore your followers. Maybe those ninety year olds, etc. are all your sponsors need. (They won't be long term customers). Good luck!

The military could use Nov and Dec to run your Christmas movies and get our enemies to break mentally!

Aug 31, 2016

Hallmark movies loud inappropriate non-stop music

Hallmark, your movies are ridiculous non-stop music over the actors talking and seldom matches the mood of thr scene. Weird as hell and unprecedented stupidity. I started a drinking game where we drink everytime music played over the dialogue and we allnpassed out 15 min in. Awful and unwatchable!!!!

Oct 5, 2016

The Irristible Blueberry Farm

Please do not cast Kavan Smith as a love interest in any more Hallmark movies. He doesn't fit with Kellie Martin or Allison Sweeney as a love interest. He's not at all attractive. Please rethink who you cast in the future. The movies are good. The casting is all wrong, where he is concerned.

Oct 17, 2016

Your small pool of actors playing multiple different characters in multiple Hallmark Films is becoming very distracting

Recently, I was so pleased to learn that my Cable Provider offers a second Hallmark Channel. For many years, Hallmark has been in the my personal top three favorite Networks/Netlets.

Currently, I find it very uninteresting to use such a limited pool of actors cast time and time and again. Often I watch movies back to back and have to watch the same exact actors in the same consecutive movies, yet in different roles.

There is a young actress with red hair, who looks so artificial to me. She seems to switch her eye color with various colored contacts. There are many other actors who can be cast in mature love relationship--not just Marilu Henner and Peter Denton.

I love happy endings for my personal escapism, rather than drugs or other hurtful addictions. My uplifting inspiration is waning with your current last of variety in characters and redundantly cast small pool of actors.

However, thank you for all many years of joyful TV watching!

Oct 22, 2016

Count down to Christmans

Your Channel is one of the very few stations that I watch. I look forward to watching I Love Lucy, Frasier, The Golden Girls and many of the other older shows. My issue is that starting Oct. 29, all of these programs will won't be seen again because of your Countdown to Christmas. I understand that a vast majority of your viewer's may like and look forward to the Christmas love stories, but I for one don't think it is necessary to show them all day, everyday until Jan.2.

Is it possible for the next year that someone will take it into consideration to shorten the season to Thanksgiving to Christmas and also start the programs at 8pm?

Oct 29, 2016

Where is the diversity???

Ok I don't understand why there are no other ethnicities on your network why is every movie only castes by white people ??? Do playing story lines of other ethnicities ever come to mind it's 2016 and we have our first black president the world is a very diverse place so why not diversify your channel??? Or do you have something against other ethnicities other than whites???

Nov 4, 2016

Who's Reading the Reviews?

Who is reading the Hallmark reviews? Obviously nobody at Hallmark - or else you just don't care. So many complaints about the low-talking actors and overly loud background music - and no change in 5 years.

babies 2
Nov 8, 2016

Political Ads

Why are you showing constant pro-clinton ads? I thought Hallmark was supposed to be a family network? I will stop watching if you don't stop them. I have been a fan of Hallmark for years.

Nov 15, 2016

Hallmark channel

I have watched the late night Hallmark channel for as long as I can remember and I really love your line up starting with Golden Girls and ending with I Love Lucy. I don't understand why you need to have 24 hours of Christmas movies going on for the next 2 months. Every year at this time I always feel like something is missing, and there is, it is my late night TV line up on Hallmark channel. Now it is not only 1 month, but now I have to wait 2 months before you go back to regular programming. Yikes!

Why can't you keep showing the regular late night programming and then the rest of the schedule be filled with Christmas movies??? This way there won't be such a void for your audience that feels the way I feel (I know I can't be the only one!). Please, Please, Please think about making that change next year, so I can enjoy my Christmas so much more.

Dec 6, 2016

A December Bride

This is not a complaint. I want to make a comment and I couldn't find another place to do it.
I have watched "A December Bride" a few times. It is a great movie! It was written and directed well. The casting and acting are great. I loved this movie! I hope to get a DVD of it to add to my collection. I want to thank everyone involved in making this movie. It lifted my spirits, and made me smile. I highly recommend it to everyone. Please tell me there will be a sequel with Layla and Seth starting a family . I'm all in!! Thank you for lifting the spirits of someone who really needed it. Sometimes you don't know the positive impact you have on someone's life. Thank you so very much!

Jan 4, 2017

Love Hallmark Christmas Movies

Keep the Christmas Hallmark movies coming. They are a joy and the movies give my husband and I and my friends so much pleasure. It is an inspiration for the holidays and I watch both Hallmark channels.
I used to watch Hallmark Home and Family when Cristina Ferrare was on the show. But, I quit when Debbie M. took over because she is awful. Please change hosts.

Jan 4, 2017

Christmas movies

I am a firm believer in Christmas and the birth of Christ, however, I am so tired of all the Christmas movies running from October through January and now in July ridiculous!! If you must do it, why on both channels. I see by comments from other's who have expressed the same and yet you still do it year after year. I personally don't watch your channels until after they are gone. Put them on your movie channel and leave the movies and mystery channel alone. We pay for these channels and should be able too enjoy them year round.

Jan 16, 2017


Hello. I absolutely love the Hallmark Channel and its movies. It really got me through the holiday season while I was off from work. However, something really bothers me. I don't feel the movies on the Hallmark Channel are representative of the United States. Of the 20 or so movies I've watched since December, none of the lead characters have represented the minority population. It seems that Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. don't experience the happily ever after. There is no shortage of fantastic minority actors that can be selected to play in your movies. Your movies are absolutely refreshing. I just want them to represent the American people. Thank you.

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