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Hallmark channel

United States, Louisiana

Consumer reviews about Hallmark channel

[email protected]
Jan 12, 2014

Inappropriate show

I have been a fan of the Halmark Channel for a long time and have never had a complaint before now. I am really disappointed that you would air a show like the Good Wife from your channel. I find it not up to the standards I felt that you held. This is not a program that I would want my grandchildren exposed to.

Jan 22, 2014

good wife

U started showing the good wife recently and now the Walton. Why a change? This was a good choice. Missing it once again.

Jan 22, 2014

good wife

You recently started showing the good wife. Now the Walton. Why? I was enjoying it. Missing it the last few days.

Jan 25, 2014

constant music

The music that plays through out your movies makes following the plot difficult.
I can't decide if it's a musical with poor singers,Hallmark sees them selves as merchant Naval Officers and its viewers in the role Somali pirates subdued into submission with music in a bizzare standoff, or the music version of Water torture. The unrelenting music definitly has a sinister vibe.

Feb 1, 2014

Hallmark loud music

My wife or I cannot hear the dialog of movies because of the loud background music. Can this be addressed please?

Feb 13, 2014


I am SICK of the loud background music of the Hallmark movies. I'm deleting one right now as I'm typing this and will not watch anymore. WHY are you RUINING your movies with this ridiculously loud music? I cannot even hear the actors half the time and have to keep backspacing. Done with the irritation. Deleting and will not watch anymore until the music STOPS. I looked this up to see if I'm the only one, and apparently I'm NOT!

Brenda Frasure Coburn
Mar 7, 2014

Loud music

Please turn down the volume on all of your movies and shows. The dialog is unable to be heard over the music. The volume gets turned up so we can hear what is being said and it doesn't help, since it's increasing the music also. I am just about to quit watching your channel, because it is so irritating. I can also see that you don't seem to care since this has been going on for a few years now, and nothing has been done to correct the problem. We are unable to use close captioning since we are using HD programming on our cable station. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THIS SOON!

Mar 23, 2014

Loud music

Why is the music on the programming so overpowering that we can't hear what the actors are saying? That needs to be adjusted. I am going to have to stop watching Hallmark Channel because of this annoyance. No other channel has this problem.

[email protected]
Mar 30, 2014

Loud background music

The background music in your movies is too loud..can not hear the actors talking...will not watching until fix. To annoying!!!please fix
Only decent thing on.

Barbara Pringle
Mar 31, 2014

Background music too LOUD!

My Mom is 89 and I am 70, it is VERY annoying to try and listen to the sentences people are talking about and cannot hear what they are saying due to the VERY LOUD Music! WHY? Even younger people are complaining.
It's sure as H not interesting when you cannot hear what people are talking about. Know what I MEAN?
Also, how about ALL those stupid ICONS and letters at the bottom of the screen telling us what we are watching and what is coming on afterwards............Do you just want to TICK people off when they tape some of these programs?
Even the programs on for an Hour are the same way, MUSIC TOO LOUD! Then, you get about 46/48 minutes of that hour program, the commercials are way too LONG and STUPID most of the TIME, some don't even pertain to the Subject!
I do not know why this cannot be taken care of, I know you must get hundreds of complaints per day.
How about making TV watchers more happy. I am thinking of going to FREE TV if I can, at least I don't have to pay for LOUD
MUSIC, Long Commercials and Re-Runs. I can tape what I want to see and move back to the movie.

Ms. Barbara Pringle

Apr 6, 2014

Hallmark movies music

If you refuse to turn the background (LOL) music down, then please ask your actors to speak a lot louder, if possible have them scream their dialog. Thanks.

Apr 14, 2014

music that is not necessary

Loud music, why have music when people are talking? You have received a lot of complaints here about the music. It is 2014 and the music is still annoying and it makes it hard to hear. I like your music but do not watch a lot of them because of the sound problems. Forget about how loud the music is and just cut it out.

Apr 14, 2014


For reading the complaints here the music is too loud. How long do you need to keep having these complaints? Why have music when there is talking, not necessary and it makes it hard to listen to. Don't turn the music down, turn in off. It is now 2014 and for over 2 years you have heard these complaints, fix it.

May 20, 2014


I get up around 2:30 a m every morning and it gives me enough time to get my coffee and such to watch Fraiser at 3:00 a m to 5 a m.

Now on 5/20/14, the Hallmark Channel changed up and put Fraiser from 1:00 a m to 3:00 a m and Cheers on next,

I don't like it one bit. I just started watching Fraiser just after my husband died and it makes me laugh, ( I don't laugh too much anymore).

Can you please discuss this and put it back the way it was?

Thank you

nancy walker
May 21, 2014

loud music and signage at bottom of picture

Well I tend to agree with everyone above. The back ground music is way too loud. Can't hear the actors and the music takes away from what they are trying to say. I would rather there wasn't any music if it is going to be so loud. Also, I am so tired of seeing the signs at the bottom of your shows and movies. it is bad enough that the Hallmark sign covers up part of what we want to see, but the huge count down clock is the worst yet. What is the point? I want to see what I am watching and not worry about what is coming on later until after my show is off. I notice both those things, the clock and logo, are taken off the screen when commercials come on. We pay to see the WHOLE picture on the screen, just as your sponsors do for their commercials. They pay for the WHOLE screen too. Please stop ruining our programs with loud music and irritating things on the bottom of the picture that seem to only go away during commercials. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PUBLIC.!!!! This is giving us very BAD FAITH in your company. I feel this is GROSS NEGLIGENCE on your part to not be paying attention to your public.
Thank you,

May 25, 2014

Murder She Wrote

I don't understand why it is so hard to contact the Hallmark Channel. We love the channel because of the holiday specials and the series, Murder She Wrote. We recently moved & had to switch to Comcast. They are much better with the internet connections (when they work) & they have the Hallmark Channel, but their customer service and prices are horrible! We switched back to AT&T U-Verse because we didn't have any internet connections for 2 weeks with Comcast. They wouldn't send any one out because they had an outage. Our problem had nothing to do with that. They sent random contractors out to bury our cable who took down our internet & tv & never brought it back up. But no one at Comcast could figure that out & they would not send out a tech as long as they had an outage.

I want to watch Murder She Wrote and all of the holiday specials. So what is your game? You broadcast on all of these horrible customer service providers; why not work with AT&T? Eventually, no one will be able to access the Hallmark Channel because of the horrible ip's you associate with.

A very disappointed follower,

Lynn Gallivan
[email protected]

May 31, 2014

Late-nite Programming

I wish you would put the late night mysteries (Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder). Early evening would be fine or afternoon. How about 1 to 2?

How don't know how Good Wife got such high rewards. I haven't met anyone who likes it.

Trying to find your complaint site was not user friendly.
I do not appreciate getting the run-around.

Jun 4, 2014

Remove Fraier!

Leave Golden Girls on at 11 or 12 at night,Move Frasier OFF PLEASE!!! Put Cheers on after Golden Girls. 4AM is too late for Cheers!

Jun 4, 2014


PLEASE PUT FRASIER BACK ON 10:00 - 12:00 EASTERN TIME. If you look at the Hallmark Facebook page you will see how many people are upset with this move. The Middle is not a funny show, it's quite boring. Frasier can be watched over and over again and still be funny.

Also there is a Facebook page about bringing Frasier back to it's old time slot.

Also airing non stop Christmas movies from November to January is ridiculous. I'll bet you lose a lot of viewers that time of the year.

James Bowes
Jun 12, 2014

The Good Wife, bad programming

Why would the Movie Channel, usually noted for good programming embarrass itself with something the the good wife. (lower case on purpose) Especially in that they choose to air it hour after hour after hour.

I have to seek other programming. Too bad.

As someone suggestive above; Perry Mason , Matlock or other mysteries in the afternoon would be a much better choice.

Jun 19, 2014

Programming line-up

I wish you would have Diagnosis Murder earlier in the evening.
I enjoy Murder She Wrote but would like to see 1 episode of her and then 1 episode of DM

Jun 30, 2014

Murder, She Wrote

A couple weeks ago you had a Murder, She Wrote on Sunday. The following week you played the same episodes.
I wish you would replay the earlier episodes. I liked the Cabot Cove episodes. I didn't mind when you had to send her to live in New York and visit around the world. As someone said, "Cabot Cove had too many deaths for a small town." Who cares? This is fiction and I think we viewers understand that. I want more variety.
I hope this note makes a difference.
Thank you,

Donna Witzany
Jul 10, 2014

Christmas movies

I set Tivo to record two movies that were listed on the Tivo guide and in my local guide for 7/7/14 at 1 am and 7/8/14 at 3 am and instead I got Frazier and Cheers. Checked further listings and they will not be on again during this "Christmas in July" promotion. What happened?. I did go and look at the Hallmark on line schedule today (7/10) and found the Frazier and Cheers listings. I also noticed that there are a couple of listings today and tomorrow that don't match the guide. Does this mean I have to check with your on line guide before I schedule a recording? First time this as happened btw.

Jul 12, 2014

3 movies

3 movies:
In the town of Nowhere the mayor with earmuffs throughout the movie inside and out. It makes him look like there is something wrong with him mentally.

Cancel Christmas: Adam wears a hat with earmuffs. It also makes him look like something is wrong with him mentally.

The laugh of Mr. Elfman is way beyond silly. I could understand an unusual laugh but his is an insult and spoils the heart of the movie's message.

First Christmas: The mother's (Coach) was not becoming to her chunky figure for her age . The boots with the poorly styled dress did not help.

Please consider these things in future movies. No hats that make the actors look like they should be in a mental home; no more annoying overacting silly laughs;

I get much pleasure from the Hallmark movies and watch them over and over. Plus I have a large investment in other Hallmark DVD movies because I don't care for the ones that are shown on TV stations.

I hope this letter will make a difference.
Thank you,
Goldia A. Bush

Jul 13, 2014


Im writing about the LOUD MUSIC that interfers with hearing the actors speak during every Hallmark Movie and Series...I thought it was my old TV and bought a new one, and now jhave CC on all the time...Its sad you are ruining one of the best channels on TV, that a family can sit,watch and enjoy. Please take what everyone has written on this site for quite a while, The music is too Loud and uncomforable,,,

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