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Hallmark channel

United States, Louisiana

Consumer reviews about Hallmark channel

Jul 9, 2015

hallmark movie channel

I am going to have to remove Hallmark channel if you do not take the scene of 2 lesbians kissing off the advertising you had on chritmas movies this week. I am very angry. I have family channel packet but will cancel if Hallmark has gone immoral.

Donna from New Hampshire.

Jul 17, 2015

Most Titles... Hallmark Channel Movies

I can't believe Hallmark has not revamped their movies! Take those annoying music tracks that constantly play in the background of EVERY MOVIE in EVERY SCENE out! You have the ability of taking it back to editing and doing so! Many times you cannot actually hear what is going on. Even when you can hear, the musical score constantly playing is such a distraction it becomes difficult and painful to watch! A potentially excellent movie and story is a wash because I simply cannot watch! Ultimately I will change the channel to watch ANYTHING else! Is it their intention to push people away? I can think of no other reasons behind them ignoring the multiple complaints of the identicle issue!

Aug 27, 2015

Piercing loud, annoying music

I finally got so fed up with the noise tonight that I searched for the Hallmark TV channel to send in a complaint, only to discover that tons of others had already alerted Hallmark of this horrendous situation. Have they responded to anyone?? Don't they care that they are about to lose loyal customers? My husband wears hearing aids and goes crazy when I have this channel on due to all the background noise. Surely they can stop this insanity. I had our TV service people come out today to see if there was anything they could do to put the "noise" in the far background, thinking that some volume setting must have gotten changed by mistake, but no such luck. Hallmark gets all the bad credit for the racket. :(

[email protected]
Oct 4, 2015


Loud music!!!
I see complaint after complaint about the loud music that downs out the dialog. For the normal hearing public it's irritating, annoying and strenuous to listen to. For hearing impaired or aging public with challenges in hearing due to background noises, it's painful and my mother just announced that she's no longer interested in watching Hallmark movies because of it.
I have diminished my interest. If your ratings are declining, you might take a look at THIS cause!

Oct 5, 2015


The latest Signed Sealed and Delivered movie was wonderful! The actors have nailed their characters and look forward to the continuing saga. Thank-you Hallmark for continuing to have great writing and scripting for your television audiences and to consistently provide heart warming entertainment. Sorry not a complaint!!!

Oct 30, 2015

Every murder mystery show

Despite the fact that all year long you have loyal, paying customers, who love Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, Hart to Hart, etc., you choose to remove these programs and replace them during November (and December?) with the worst Christmas movies I have ever seen. In my house, Hallmark is never turned on for the entire time these movies are shown. You have no loyalty to your viewers and are pandering to the few who care about them.

It seems as though the time has come to replace you with Netflix and all of the other numerous places one can go for excellent shows that are our preference. It would have been nice to notify your viewers (modern technology should have been able to enable you to to so) as to whether or not the customers are interested in Xmas in November and long before the holiday itself!

Oct 31, 2015

Christmas in July, October, November, December???

I can't think of anything more annoying than Christmas movies except Christmas movies shown 24/7 in July, October, November AND December! I won't watch Hallmark again now until after January 2016 because I refuse to be bombarded withChristmas and those sappy movies and it's not even November yet, let alone December. I'll watch TV Land for the next two months. Horrible idea, Hallmark.

Nov 2, 2015

Can't take Christmas 24/7

I love Christmas but this Countdown to Christmas idea has made me go from disappointed to infuriated. I'm sure there are many people who would love to watch your Christmas movies but, to play them 24/7 from October 31st-January 4th, gives new meaning to the term "overkill" Isn't there some kind of compromise like having regularly scheduled programs on part of the day? How about considering those that may not celebrate Christmas? I can't even imagine how they may feel. I pay for these cable channels and I hope you will take your loyal viewers comments into consideration. Until then I'll have to watch other programming.

martha reed
Nov 3, 2015

loud music

Here it is Nov. 3, 2015 and none of the hundreds of complaints about the LOUD MUSIC have been addressed. Does the president of the company ever see any of these complaints. we are paying customers and I am thinking about having it removed. I am so glad that GOLDEN GIRLS IS OFF. Those are the nasty old women that I wouldn't want as friends and I am 82 and don't know any one like that,

I don't watch Hallmark channel Monday thru Friday because the shows are awful. Any body can go on tv land and watch better than what you have on.

Nov 6, 2015

Christmas Movies Too Much!

So disappointed in your programming. Too many Christmas Movies replayed over and over. Fine if you do it on the regular channel, but overkill on murder mystery channel. The name should be your guide for programming! Ridiculous.

Nov 7, 2015

24/7 Christmas Movies Nov 1st??

This is ridiculous, 24/7 Christmas movies being played starting on Nov 1st. The same movies playing over and over again. I am all for Christmas movies they are great but not Nov 1st and not non stop. There is no Frasier, Lucy, Golden Girls. This channel makes Christmas boring and annoying. It is supposed to be happy. I am finding a new station. No need to pay for Hallmark if I am not going to watch it anymore. Time to call the cable company.

Nov 9, 2015


PLEASE STOP THE LOUD MUSIC!!!!!!!! I read complaints about the loud music on this site spanning years and you people are doing nothing about it. The music is sooooo annoying and loud we can't hear what the actors are saying. Does anyone at Hallmark even read this thread or do they even care? I like the movies but, don't watch them anymore because of the loud music.

Nov 12, 2015


You seem to have forgotten all of your loyal viewers who watch Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder and Hart to Hart, faithfully, in the middle of the night. Even though you are too cheap to show ALL of them, just repeat the same ones over and over and over again. Now, on top of all of this, you have removed them for 2 months, never considering leaving them on in the middle of the night, when no one wants to see your 3rd rate christmas movies that are unbearably BAD to watch. I'm thinking NO MORE HALLMARK beginning in 2016. If you have no sense of loyalty to us, why should we have any to you. This is such bad form and such an indicator of a very poorly run company. I wouldn't even buy a Hallmark card anymore. Your company stinks and I am going to encourage Time Warner (my provider) to come up with some other channel to replace you. I think it is horrid for you to decide for us when, where and what we should view, never once considering the deprivation of our favorite programs.

Do what you want with this comment. You usually do anyway. But there are so many of us who feel this way!

Nov 12, 2015


Another thing I would like to add to my previous comment. Perry Mason??? JC, these shows are from the 50's. They are so old as to find it very hard (possibly even bad) on the eyes. And that is a medical comment. They are boring, dated and time to be put to rest. Hart to Hart was a welcome addition as I never saw it when it was first on TV. Whoever came up with this ridiculous XMAS programming should get a pink slip. It is the absolute dumbest programming idea I have ever seen on TV in my entire life. So dumb as to take the advice of another commenter. NETFLIX, etc. That will be the way to GO and GO, LEAVE, ABANDON HALLMARK is what my New Year Resolution is!!!

Nov 15, 2015

Hallmark Channel is depressing

Every year I am forced to watch the hallmark channel.
Every year I am amazed how poor the acting is and how poorly the script is written. I have noticed a theme on the ways the writers make these stories it starts sad the goes worse then some how magically it all works out. This makes the story hard to follow and depressive because nothing in real life works like that. If I have to endure through the hallmark channel could you please fire all your writers and hire new ones because this is ridiculous. It is like hearing a Sara Mcgloughlin cd on repeat over and over until you want to end it all.

Nov 21, 2015

Closed captioning

According to the FCC all shows are required to have closed captioning yet the Hallmark channels do not always provide cc on all their movies. No other channel has this problem as consistently as Hallmark. I am trying to watch the Ultimate Gift right now and their is no cc. Very frustrating and violation of FCC rules. Fix it, please.

Dec 4, 2015

Cannot understand dialogue in new movies

My husband and really enjoy the two hallmark channels in our area, and look forward to the Christmas movies most of all. We have been so frustrated lately though at the audio quality of your new movies. We strain to hear the dialogue. The music is really annoying drowning out the voices. We are considering dropping the hallmark channels because we can't always get much of the story lines or film meanings, not hearing what they are saying. We are both disappointed about this as hallmark movies have been one of the real highlights of our Christmas seasons. We can't believe you are such a great channel and yet have not addressed this problem. This happened last year too. We thought you would correct it and it seems even worse this year.
Thank you,
Bettie Adams

Dec 7, 2015

The Bridge (aired dec. 6, 2015)

For a couple weeks I have seen commercials on a Hallmark special "The Bridge". It came on this past Dec. 6, 2015. I did not realize it was a 2 part movie. To my surprise, at the end it said "TO BE CONTINUED".. I thought, good, I will see part 2 Dec. 7, 2015. To my SURPRISE..it said The Bridge, To Be Continued Christmas 2016!!!!!

CHRISTMAS 2016!!!! OVER A YEAR FROM NOW!!!! Do you know how many people were probably waiting to see this movie and now may not be around in Christmas 2016 to see how it ended? Sorry if that comment offends anyone...but really. We have to wait until CHRISTMAS 2016 to see the ending. Very Disappointing. If I had known that, I would not have watched it.

[email protected]
Dec 7, 2015

The Bridge

I have enjoyed watching all the Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel, but now I have watched the last one I will see. I am not sure who came up with the idea on starting a movie this year and then finishing it next year, but he does need professional help. This is an obvious scam to get people to continue to watch your movies, but it did backfire in my case. I am sure that there are many viewers that fall into the same category as I and do not even know if they will be here next Christmas. And of those4 that will be around next Christmas, how many of them will actually remember that they wanted to see the second half of the movie. I know that you really do not give a damn about what your viewers think or say, but you have lost this viewer.

Dec 13, 2015

12 Days of Christmas

I enjoyed this Movie more than any other Christmas Movie this Season. Good Acting, good Story.
Thanks so much for a Nice Evening watching a very Entertaining Movie. Joanne L. Massaro

Dec 14, 2015

A little diversity would be nice

My mother loves your Christmas movies...so much so that they have been on in our house pretty much continuously since Thanksgiving. The rest of the house can't help but sit & watch at least part of the currently playing movie throughout the day...and I have to admit, they are very sweet & enjoyable. However, do you think that it really represents the actual demographic makeup of our diverse country? I think I can count the number of people that aren't white on one hand, and those actors are only in the background, mostly w/non-speaking roles (Mariah Carey doesn't count). Does Hallmark intend to bridge this gap in the near future?


Ps. We DON'T have a problem w/the loud background music. Maybe you all could check your tv settings? Ours has a 'dialog vs background' setting in the audio screen. I have the background noise turned down because my Mom is hard of hearing.

Dec 26, 2015

Constructive criticism

We enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies every year. However:
Maybe fewer movies, better quality. Your plot points sometimes make no sense; hire consultants. Cars that crash should have deployed airbags. Escrows do not close immediately with a handshake and a check. Movies shot in winter with real snow are realistic. Use of white carpets (with wrinkles) are ludicrous as are actors sweating in winter clothing. Continuity, folks! Contrary to your depictions, people are not basking around the pool in December in Vegas, Phoenix, and Southern CA.

Most of your towns should not be named Wilsonville, nor should every town have a store named Wilsons. Families should have actors who look like they could be related! Why are there no minorities? That young teenage boy writing letters to Santa and acting lIke a 5 year old is laughable; use age appropriate actors! A 40 year old actor should not have a grandfather played by a 66 year old.

Jan 4, 2016

Loud distracting background noise

It seems clear that Hallmark does not get these complaints, or is unconcerned about them. Why? Are you all so arrogant as to, at least provide us with a reason for the terrible "music"? Is the dialogue so terribl that you need to cloud or cover the it with this noise so that the dialogue becomes the background? An answer to these questions would be helpful.

Feb 13, 2016


I love the hallmark channel and enjoy the seasonal offerings. One of my favorite movie actors is Arielle Kebbel and would hope to see a lot more of her on Hallmark. She is talented, refreshing and a joy to watch and is an asset to Hallmark!!! Way to go Hallmark!

Feb 14, 2016

Need for multicultrual stories!

To the Hallmark Channel Producers, I would like to start by saying how much I love watching your movies but as a woman of color, I would truly like to see more stories that embrace the love and hardships of other nationalities. No matter how wonderful the stories are, I can count on one hand how often I've seen a love story with an all Black, Spanish, Indian or even an Asian cast..... believe it or not we are capable of expressing love and other emotions. Please keep in mind your viewers are culturally diverse, shouldn't you movies reflect?

Thank you for your consideration.......
Carita T

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