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Lanny Salim
May 11, 2018

Bus didnt stop when we run and almost reaching the bus stop

SBS Transit

May 11 , 2018

In one morning I was late to office and I was rushing to the bus stop. When I saw the bus was about to reach the bus stop, i quickly ran to get the bus. When I just almost to reach the bus stop, the lady driver was just turned her face and pretend didnt see me. That was the 2nd time already. The 1st time happened even worst, she saw me running, but yet still left the bus stop. The best part was, I was just reaching the bus.

Please train the bus driver to be polite and wait for the passenger especially when the passengers are amost reaching the bus stop. The bus no plate is SBS8458L with the lady driver ( I think is only 1 lady driver for this bus) She already saw me But he turn away pretending not seeing me & continued to drive the bus out from the bus stop area despite me chasing for him & waving her. Imagine if a child/ senior citizen is chasing it & fell down, they could hurt themselves. This bus driver has a discipline problem & can cause accidents to the passengers. This is a safety concern.

Jun 5, 2018

BUS 113

Heartland Mall Bus Stop

I was running to the bus stop when I saw passengers boarding the bus, number plate: SBS5012.
Despite me being only 2 meters away, the driver drove off.
The bus captain, being a service provider has human kindness.

Jun 18, 2018

BUS 158

I would like to lodge a complain regarding BUS 158. Waiting time for 20 mins esp on Monday morning is unacceptable. I would like you to investigate these matter and update me the status as soon as possible.


Jun 22, 2018

Blaming to Passenger because of taking her bus to follow the other bus which is going out

It is happening just now at 8:26am at blk 586 ang mo kio bus stop no.(54271) when i'm not be able to catch up the bus 88.So I am taking the bus 25 behind that bus 88 and and once i just get in and after tapping the card,the lady driver starts to blame me that why not i am getting inside before she is going to close tge door.Actually I am a bit shock on what she is trying to say to me,then finally i got it.In actual,I hand up my hand before the passenger infornt of me is getting in the car and i follow by her to go in.Then i answer yes,i am trying to catch up the bus 88 infront but I am not forcing you to chase that bus .It is not your matter to blame and shout out very loud in the bus to your passenger.
If i am able to,I'll take 88 or if not, I'll wait for another bus using my own cost.I am not doing unlegal things or taking bus without paying.So please help to train to be having passsion and to be kind of your bus lady driver's attitude.

Jul 2, 2018

BC75844 - AFIDA (St Michael Bus Terminal)

To Whom This May Concern,

This complaint is with regards to a very unpleasant encountered with a service 129 bus captain AFIDA (BC75844), bus plate number 5592M on 30th June 2018.

Having reside in Whampoa for the past 7 years, with other like-minded residents, we have always been very grateful to those bus captains that worked out from St Michael's interchange. Their politeness, patience and kindness speaks volume. Frequently, when they do see passengers rushing / running to catch a bus @ bus stop #52451, they will not hesitate to wait for them.

However, I felt a strong need to write in to highlight an incident that occured at the above-said bus stop #52451.

On 30 June 2018 afternoon at 12.37pm-12.38pm , I saw a bus service 129 (white plate, returning back to Interchange) reaching the bus stop #52451. I dashed across the road and ran towards the bus, waving my hand, requesting for her to stop. Despite obviously seeing me reaching the bus stop, she pretended not to and continued to drive the bus away from the bus stop. I was stunned. Several passengers waiting at the bus stop were equally surprised.

Rather taken aback and knowing that she was returning to the interchange, I made my way to the interchange to clarify her actions.

Whilst waiting for the bus to return to the interchange, I approached your St Michael’s interchange office to seek help from the interchange staff who handles complaints.

Upon meeting her, and to my astonishment, not only was she not regretful over what she has done, she lied and insisted that she was already at the traffic light ( 50 metres away from the bus stop ) when I approached the bus. All these claims despite there being witnesses to the incident. She arrogantly demanded for witnesses to my allegations of which I told her the bus camera should clarify the whole matter.

I strongly believe that this incident can be turned into a compliment instead of a complaint, if she could, at least do what most bus captains do for their passengers. Unfortunately, she is so adamant of her actions that I could not turn a blind eye to it. As such, I request that the management to look into this incident and ensure that such recurrence do not arise again.

The purpose of this feedback is to not allow a bad apple like her, tarnish the good work established by the rest of the bus captains who put an effort to uphold the image of SBS Transit.

Awaiting your prompt reply on this matter.

Best Regards


Jul 17, 2018

Bus 119

I was waiting for the bus 119 just now since its behind the bus 72 which is stopping infront of me... but bus 119 overtakes the bus 72 and didnt stop at blk 25 bus stop just now:(... i have to wait another 10mins for the next bus so annoying why the driver dont have patience to wait for the bus 72 to go

Jul 31, 2018

No intention to stop bus 103.

On 31July 2018, around 6.30 pm. I was waiting bus 103 and waved once I saw the bus came. But the driver was speeding like no intention to stop the bus. The driver expect the bus stop will have no one want to on board the bus.
Since I waved, she stopped the bus. But due to the speeding, the bus stopped further infront the bus stop. When I on board, the bus driver said I shouldn’t wave in the first place.

Aug 2, 2018

Dangerous Driving

Hi. On Tuesday, 31 July, 930pm, I was cycling back from along Upper Bukit Timah Rd, near the former Ford factory.
Suddenly I heard a few horns behind me. I was struggling to keep within the double yellow lines along the road. The driver kept horning me. When the bus overtook me, I noted the number plate, SMB1353.

I was wondering why did he keep horning and did not overtake me. Instead, he kept driving behind me and horn me. I was scared.

I hope the authority take necessary actions against this driver. He was very impatient, and certainly very rude. His behavior could have caused an accident.

[email protected]
Aug 9, 2018

Bad Attitude

To whom it may concern,

Complaint on driver in bus SBS6694J:

It happened on the 5th of Aug (Sun) morning about 8.40am when I tried to flag a bus 157 at Jurong Polyclinic bus stop. Exactly Red light comes on and the driver had to stop at that junction. I flag once, no reaction from the driver to open the door. Thinking maybe I didn't catch his attention I tried again. This time it got me furious as he couldn't be bothered to open the door and looked away. But later he unwillingly open it. After two bus stop which it halt at Jurong East blk 303(towards Bt Batok), incident again happened (about 8.43am).This time an Indian guy ran down from the overhead bridge and managed to reach the bus stop in time. The driver once again totally ignored him and drove off. I could see his disbelieve look and furious feeling he is facing as he too tried to get the driver's attention just like what I've experienced.

Hope this can be dealt with plus giving a warning to him.

[email protected]

Aug 12, 2018

Bus driver stop at the side for awhile and saw me waving after he was driving off and didn't stop for me.

Bus driver saw me waving and left after he stop at the side of the bus stop. Bus number 31, SBS 3905X , bus stop number 80101. He shouldn't have left. Even though any passenger wave , he must stop for the passanger.

Sep 3, 2018

Bad attitude bus driver

I would like to lodge a complaint regards a very bad experienced that my son encounter with a bad attitude bus driver in Clementi Bus Interchange.

This incident happened on Tuesday, 28th Aug 2018 @ 9.20pm where my son who is Secondary Two Student, on his way home from Clementi. He was on his school PE uniform. He board bus service No: 99 (plate No. SBS7613L) at Clementi Bus Interchange.

It was unintentionally that his school smartcard has insufficient fund to board the bus. Without asking the bus driver on the bus fare, he automatically pay 50 cents coin into the coin machine. The bus driver asked him to show his student smartcard. Immediately, my son showed him his student smartcard and you guess what happen next? The driver chase him out from the bus without explanation and not returning him back his 50 cents!

This is indeed a very bad attitude on this driver to chase a school boy out from the bus without giving any explanation. My son was astonished with this scene and this was his first bad experience that he faced after so many years taking the same bus route home!

My poor son end up, without having any more cash in his pocket, have to borrow money from his classmate and took alternative public transport home.

I would seek your help to investigate this matter and explain is this the way our Singapore bus driver being trained? Moreover, he is only a school boy, even if the cash is insufficient, the driver should politely told him about it instead of just chasing him out from the bus. I was in fact very annoyed the way my son was being treated. In this incident, since this 50 cents was being forfeited, how should I get this 50 cents to be refunded since it is not being recognised?

At the same time, please clarify the rules and regulations for bus fare rate for any cases if a school boy forgotten to bring their school smart card or insufficient amount stored in the card.

I seek your explanation and looking forward in hearing from you.

I can be contactable at 96258529 if you need any clarifications.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Kenny Lee

C Liew
Oct 6, 2018

Terrible bus driver

Bus No,61 , SMB1467R @ 3.06pm

I was entering the bus and he close the entrance door!! Luckily i was able to back off from the bus or the door sure gonna injure me! He open the entrance door WITHOUT even say sorry or EVEN feel sorry! He stared at me like im the one who did something wrong! If i were too slow to enter then maybe its my fault BUT there's even people getting off the bus when im inside the bus!

I guess its time for the SBS to train the bus driver with some simple manner and positive attitude.

Nov 11, 2018

Driver of bus no. 111 did not stop

This morning at 8.10 a.m. i cross the road at Orchard Boulevard and saw bus no. 111. The driver was behind another bus at the bus stop and start to move away. When i saw it i flag at it it just move off. It was not even 1 minute!

Ms. Tan
Dec 8, 2018

Bus driver pretend did not see passengers

Nowadays bus Drivers like to prentend did not see passengers, we are running down staircase at the tanamerah condo bus stop and waive at bus 45 at 10.35am, the bus driver is chinese, slightly bald and short hair with specs around 30’s pretend did not see us and continue to drive away. What kind of services that SBS gives and train to the drivers. It happened few times that I was in the bus one day, an old auntie wave to the bus but the bus driver prefer to pretend did not see her. I hope that SBS can warn their Drivers to give a better service to public.

Jan 4, 2019

Horse Riding Bus Driver

I am Wong and like to air my experience in taking bus 56, SBS8401A this afternoon at about 3pm. The lady driver's driving habit was like riding horse. It was very uncomfortable because of the way she controls the accelerator and the brake. Such as sudden step on the accelerator and braking hard and sudden. The way to control the accelerator must be smooth and gradual not causing the bus to jerk so badly. I think this driving habit should be a must have criterion. I also had the same experience when taking certain bus 163. I look forward to seeing the improvement.
Thank you....

Jun 7, 2019

Bus not stopping

Bus 14 driver, 813pm 7jun2019, not stopping at bus stop B18129 at Ayer Rajah Industrial Estates

Ang Ho Chwee
Jul 17, 2019

Complaint Berth Supervisor


01. I ' m now 70 years old & like to cycle on Malaysian ulu roads.
02. On 12 / 07 / 2019 @ Kranji MRT Bus Stop ( around 0740 hrs.) & had noticed that the Passengers in short queue
didn ' t want to board the bus bound WCP probably due no seats available. Hence, I immediately rush down the steps;
with one hand carrying a folding bicycle towards the bus entrance & intending to board the bus.
03. On seeing me approaching, he had pressed the button to shut the door & asking me to go up to queue.
04. I was very furious by his deliberate action for ignoring that I was rushing down the steps with the folding bicycle &
then he disallowed me to board despite me panting due to the rush down the steps with the folding bicycle.


05. He might think that I didn ' t queue; but the Passengers didn ' t want to board probably due to unavailable seats, thus
preferring to board the next bus.
06. After boarding the next bus, I was told that his name was Mr Wong, a Malaysian.
07. His action w / o any initiative / decision at that situation was unacceptable for this job which may tarnish your
Organization. .
08. Kindly scrutinize this matter seriously with him & I 'm willing to attend the interrogation.
09. Thank you for your listening / understanding.


Khoo Hock Leong
Aug 5, 2019

SBS Driver Say One Thing And Mean Another Thing

I want to lodge a complaint against a bus driver No. 51 licence plate SBS 8928Y which I boarded at 11:55 am near Golden Landmark.

I was accompanying my father on a wheelchair. Generally about 95% of the bus drivers open the back card scanner and let me tap the card at the back.

This particular bus driver not only did not allow me to do that but first say "Yeah" and then I foolishly try to scan at the back and fail. May I know what is the meaning of this at the front of the bus, he says "Never Mind".

This kind of behaviour comes at a time so soon a few days earlier when I made a feedback (not a complaint) for Bus. No. 21 coming back from St. Michael's Estate to my home at Eunos Crescent that he was quite inflexible in that he did not allow me to turn the wheelchair of my father to face forward as the journey was long and my father would feel nausea. I understood he has to stand by SBS policy, which I later found out the policy was from LTA, but I mentioned SBS drivers can go one step further in their srrvice to see the situation at hand and judge and act accordingly and if need be, later on feedback to their Head Office. However, I also this bus driver is inflexible in that he fall under the 5% category of not allowing me to tap at the back.

Now this situation withe current Bus Driver No. 51 occur making me feel as if the bus drivers are ganging up together - I am not sure but SBS has to investigate. Everything should be captured on the camera.

For the earlier situation I also feedback on the bus design and the SBS customer service officer has forward it all to the LTA Feedback office.


Sep 5, 2019

Driver closed the door and left

On 5/09/2019 at 10.40pm. Tampines East blk 476D. The bus driver of bus service no. 39 closed the door and left when i was exactly infront of the door. This made me feel so damn annoyed coz i waited 15 minutes for the bus and that happened. The way he looked at me as he drives away was as if he was angry for god knows what reason. Seriously, if he doesn't want to deal with boarding passengers then dont be a damn bus driver!

Sep 5, 2019

Re: Driver closed the door and left

On 5/09/2019 at 10.40pm. Tampines East blk 497D*. The bus driver of bus service no. 39 closed the door and left when i was exactly infront of the door. This made me feel so damn annoyed coz i waited 15 minutes for the bus and that happened. The way he looked at me as he drives away was as if he was angry for god knows what reason. Seriously, if he doesn't want to deal with boarding passengers then dont be a damn bus driver!

Oct 3, 2019

Complaint about Bus Driver driving Number 16

I never write reviews. I have had met with such incidents before. But earlier it was bearable. But this incident happened in the middle of the night (12:30AM) when we aren't just tired after a full day's work and then part time study. Being a girl, I expect at least some respect and concern from male drivers especially at night.

Due to some miscalculation, I got down early from my bus. It was 12:15 then. Coming all the way from Clark quay changing MRT then bus. It's tiring. I wanted to reach my destination marine parade blk 57. I started walking until I reached opp blk 72 bus stop no. 92051. The bus driver saw me slowed down. I was exactly 2 steps away from bus so close. He waived his hands at me as if shoving me like a hindrance to go away.

I stood there surprised. The bus was going so slow I could have taken a picture of him, but I was just so stunned it didn't strike me.

Date: Fri, 4th Oct 2019, 12:30 AM (midnight)
Incident place: Marine Parade Road, Opp blk 72 (92052)

I don't know if any disciplinary action will be taken. But I expect at least that he realises that we are also human, we also get tired, frustrated at times. But in those times, we should try to help each other instead of removing frustration on strangers.

Thank you

Oct 14, 2020

Irresponsible bus captain

To whom it may concern!

I boarded bus no. 9 (SBS3632H) on 13/10/2020 around 6.15pm travelling from Simei station to block 151 (bus stop 96181) along Simei road.

When I boarded the bus halfway, he suddenly closed the door.

There was no warning given to the passengers. The bus not so crowded also.

My body was stuck in between the door & I quickly manage to get in.

So rude bus captain never even say sorry or show concern. What kind of human being he is....

Please investigate this incidence for more clearer picture please check your cctv footage for this happening.

Irresponsible act.

Hope to hear from you ASAP.

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