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Feb 29, 2012

63 Bus Drivers

I have forwarded the story to Redress.me. Hope you will get the recourse you needed. Here it is:http://redress.me/view_post.php?pid=2005

Jun 13, 2012

frequency of SBS transit bus 73

I am a dissatisfied passenger of bus 73. Everyday we have to wait for 30mins to 40mins just to hop on the bus! This is ridiculous and unreasonable! Sometimes 2 buses will come at the same time! What is going on with the punctuality of this bus route? I hope the authority can look into this matter seriously! Is really irritating and sickening just to wake up so early and have to wait for 40mins just for one bus!

Nov 26, 2012

a rude bus driver

Hi, i need an action to be taken..
on the 24/11/2012 @1500+ , i board a bus at chinatown towards clementi, where i was with my daughter in her pram and a few bags with me.. The bus was about to closed where i rushed and didnt have the opportunity to close the pram and all while there is one chinese uncle whom acctually carry up my pram for me so i wont miss the bus.. But this driver whom named 'iskander shah' suddenly asked me to get out and closed the pram.. I ignored him at first as my intention was to acctually put my things and then i could carry my daughter and acctually closed the pram.. But he was to arrogant and keep on asking me to get down. So if i get down, will this bus driver acctually wait? No. Ive experinced it alot of time.. So of his attitude, i turned and say 'f la,cannot wait isit?' and there he goes, he actually shouted loudly at me and calling me a bloody bitch. I kept quiet and there he go keeping on saying it while his driving and applying sudden brakes. I dont know what his intention for applying that brakes, mayb because he want me to fall with my daughter and my things cause i didnt have a sit. I was standing beside him all the way till my destination..

So now i would like to asked u guys, u created a specialized handicap for what where prams couldnt bring up? I was pregnant the other time and i am carrying my first daughter which is 10month old. And a pram. U guys doesnt have any heart isit? Ive been keeping quite all this while and this is the worst experince i had towards a bus driver. Calling me a bloody bitch and critize my life ofbing a mother? What is this? Some bus drivers would help me carry the prams and wait till i settle down.but most of it acctually would just see u and would not help. And some would just drive away.. So i totally nred an explaination and action to be taken immediately, thanks.

Bus 147,
Bus driver named :iskander shah.
Plate number : sbs7339D

Your sincere, farahh.
[email protected]
Or u could call me @ 96522778..

Feb 3, 2013

Bus driver not stopping despite seeing me waving my hand request him to stop

I was waiting for bus 67 on today between 6.20 to 6.30pm at bus stop #84211. The bus no plate is TIB1128S. Most of the people already board the bus then but the bus has not move away from the bus stop yet because there was another bus in front. So I wave to the bus 67 driver to stop. He already saw me But he turn away pretending not seeing me & continued to drive the bus out from the bus stop area despite me chasing for him & waving with an umbrella. It was a rainy & i almost fell down. Imagine if a child/ senior citizen is chasing it & fell down, they could hurt themselves. This bus driver has a discipline problem & can cause accidents to the passengers. This is a safety concern.

Mar 25, 2013

Bus Captain

I boarded SBS bus 53, bus no. SBS 6015 around 8.15 am at bus stop 62221. The bus was crowded and after going into the bus I could only stand near the coin machine. A while after boarding I realised the bus driver seems to be scolding me based on his facial expression as I had my earphones on. He looked unhappy and kept going on and on.

I took down my earpiece to try to understand what he was trying to tell me, but as the bus was noisy, his voice was muffled and husky I could not understand fully what he was saying. I asked the other passengers on the bus beside me but no one helped me, either they do not wish to bother or they are not able to understand him as well. I see that he kept gesturing and based on his actions I made up that he seems unhappy I am blocking his left front mirror, and that I was holding onto the coin machine for balance.

I immediately moved away and stopped holding on anything however I cannot do much since there was no way to squeeze back as well, and I needed something to hold on to. However the bus driver still kept scolding me, which I still do not know what he was angry at. He kept going on, including starting to complain to other passengers around me, all the way until I left the bus when I reached my stop at Serangoon Station.

I have always hold on to the coin machine and this is the first time someone is telling me off. Also, I know where passengers stand which will block the left mirror but given me moving away and based on previous experiences, the place which I stood this morning should not be blocking any view of the driver. I also did not scold and do not see any instigatation of me upsetting the driver to make him starting scolding me.

I am upset that this had happened. The driver is a Singaporean Chinese and does not wear spectacles. His attitude irked me. Even other nationality drivers that I have always boarded their buses like Filipinos and China nationals have never complained before, they will nicely ask people to move away. This incident had caused my unnecessary humiliation as I was scolded for no reason in front of so many people.

I hope that SBS help me in this case. This incident had made me start my week badly. I would very much want to know what the driver is so unhappy with (if I could have a reply, I do not like to have questions unanswered), and I would like the management to let the driver know that he had caused unnecessary distress to the passengers involved including myself. I would also like the management to make sure the driver has reflected on his attitude.

Mar 27, 2013

Shine head lights

I have encountered a SBS bus shine me head light twice . Regardless that I'm not in the bus lane . Moreover the lane which I'm in is turning let n going straight. What's the attitude is this bus driver has. Perhaps, I'm a little slow as there is a van infront of me which is slow as well. Hence, appreciate if SBS can try to train n warn the bus drivers not to drive too fast n stop shining head light unless it is necessary.

iT is mistake for not taking down the bus plate nis.

Apr 23, 2013

force to get down before my destination

There are 95% of great drivers in Singapore. Who are human. For e.g. Bus route 284 always has nice Chinese drivers who even wait in the bus stop if they see a passenger running to the bus.

More than 6 to 8 times I noticed there are two drivers in SBS BUS 96, travels to and from NUS, are super rude and crazy.

1. The last stop from NUS is interchange. It is passengers right to get down in any stop as long as bus operates.
There are two drivers, one Indian and Chinese at their late 40s or early 50s, EXTREMELY RUDE.

They force me and,my friends to get down one stop before although we clearly said we need to take another service from INTERCHANGE.

When reached interchange, he doesn't even stop in the last alighting space but the first one, which is far away from bus boarding area. And further both of them DEMANDED we take back door which makes it even further for us to walk.

Sometimes we rush for last bus from University to catch another from interchange. Thanks to RUBBISH RUDE DRIVERS LIKE THIS, we had missed a bus to go home at mid night.

Please REMOVE this kind of drivers who have very dangerous attitude. It is such a headache and a nenance for a country like our which seem to rise for better service and humanity.

Bus 96 with monster Driver reached Clementi interchange at 1 pm on 23 April 2013., I am a Singaporean. I feel so ashamed to have this kind of people. Some of my friends were foreigners. One of the other students complain this mostly happens in Bus 96 coming to Interchange with one or two people. Why, one passenger is not A PASSENGER?


Jessy Khoo
May 2, 2013

Bus No. 147

Every morning many of the passengers were waiting at the bus stop of the Outram Park opposite Pearl Centre,
it was a long waiting for about half an hour around 8.30am, I hope to see improvement, it had delay many of our hours waiting except bus No. 190, No. 851 and many others buses came frequently except for Bus No. 147.

Pls look into this matter and SBS Transit still wanted to rise prices but never improve their puctuanality, it had affect our lateness of reporting to work especially today 2nd May, to the extend of 40mins.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Jessy Khoo

Low Gek Peng
Jul 2, 2013

bus driver

On 2/7/2013 at about 11:30am on board of bus number 291 returning into the bus inter-change from street 81.
It was raining cats and dogs at that time, and there was no bus at the alighting area with cover. The bus driver stop the bus and alight the passengers at the newly build area. Many passenger did not have an umbrella with them and were forced to ran into the rain because the bus driver did not want to stop the bus at the alighting area with cover. Old woman and kids nearly fall down because of the water on the floor which is very dangerous.

Puja Khan
Jul 21, 2013

Bus driver demanding

To whom it may concern,

I would like to lodge a complain regarding the bus driver that was very demanding. One Sunday afternoon, my family and I board bus service no:50 at Sengkang East Way. My 3 kids forgotten to bring their student pass, so I give them $1.65 to pay by cash. To my surprise, the driver demand that we pay full fare of $1.10 each for my 3 kids,amounting to $3.30. I'm not happy with the driver, as this is the first time such act has happen to me. I had board several buses before, but when my kid/kids happen to forgot their student pass and we paid cash for them, the bus driver was so considerate and understanding. They accepted the fare of 55 cents/child and do not demand anything like these.

I would like you to investigate these matter and update me the status as soon as possible.

I would also like you to verify the exact rules n regulation should any students had forgotten their student pass. Eg: how much that the student suppose to pay by cash?

I would not want this to happen to other family and becoming a very big misunderstanding between SBS Bus Services and the public.

Thanks and regards,
Mdm Malia

Puja Khan
Jul 21, 2013

Re : Bus Driver demanding

This complaint superseded the previous complaint that I have sent a while ago. Since I had forgotten to add the particulars of the bus service no : 50.

Incident happen at Sengkang East Way around 1700++ hrs.
Bus service no : 50
Bus plate no : SBS 3317T

Thanks and regards,
Mdm Malia

Oct 5, 2013

Bus 30 (SS89311)skipped bus stop 21681 at 0625hrs on 5 Oct 13

At 0625hrs on today, 5 Oct 13 @ bus stop 21681 , I flagged for Bus 30 (SS89311) but the bus driver never stopped the bus.

iqra saqib
Dec 15, 2013

driver did not stop the bus

we went to epc when we were returning back we were at mandrain bus stop 15 dec 2013 at 9;15 at night we are waiting for bus I saw a bus 197 I gave my hand to driver n ask him to stop the bus we were 4 members but he did not stop the bus n we were surprised what he did?????????? he knows that we want to travel but why he did not stop????????I was sick I was not feeling well I wanted to go to home as soon as possible but he did not stop?????pls take action against him this is not fair I ask the company to take action against this cheap man I think he was in hurry because its requirement of sbs transit if aNY DRIVER dnt go to stop in time limit he has to pay for it or they will cut his pay but its was not our fault its my humble request to company u should take action against him u should check who was driving at this time 15 dec 2013 9;15 at night 197 bus n near ecp mandrain bus stop

u should not hire such type of men who are idle n ur company,s name is effecting due to them, if foreigners will come to you n they will give the hand for stoping bus n he will be there then what is the image creating in their mind?????

Jan 8, 2014

Suddenly Brake Harding & drive fast

I am mrs Khoo. I want to complaint about bus 25 driver, bus no. SBS 9454R around 10am. Driving too close to the uneven road side. I'm pregnant and I feel unwell. And at night bus no. SBS 8848 around 10.20pm along ubi bus driver drive very fast and suddenly brake harding and I feel very unwell. It very unsale for other too. I met all this problems many time. This time I complaint to SBS. This is a warning. Another time I will bring up to traffic police.

Jeslyn Sim
Jan 15, 2014

Did not stop when the traffic light turned red

I was waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green at Compassvale Road (just opposite Compassvale Primary School) yesterday 14.01.14 at 6.58pm, SBS bus driver of #27 failed to stop at red light.

Mrs Abdullah
Jan 15, 2014

bus driver

On the 11/01/14(Saturday)at about 6.55pm,my daughter and I was about to crossed the road at Pasir Ris,near Blk 476A.
We saw bus service no 5 was approaching just after the downtown east traffic light.The bus then stopped at the bus stop ,both of us then crossed the road and ran.Then I saw that the bus wanted to move off.I knocked on the side of the bus very hard so that the driver know that we wanted to board the bus.Unfortunately he did not open the door.Then a young Chinese male went to the front door and signal the driver to open the door.The driver open the door BUT was very angry looking at me...After tapping our card I sat and everyone in the bus look at me.Then a lady who was beside me told me that the driver is angry with me.I then look at him thru the mirror and ask what happen!In fact I should be the one to ask him...I think he was angry as NOT the Chinese man who took the bus instead it was me who is a Muslim...Are these bus service no 5 ONLY for Chinese?This is NOT the first time this thing happen to me.I think this is my third complaint over this service no 5.I then get down after three bus stop....and took the plate no,which is SBS 7665 L.Please kindly look into this matter or I will bring it up to the POLICE..

Very Dissappointed!

Eddie Lim
Feb 16, 2014

Reckless and incourtesy driver

To whom may be concern,
I was driving my car (SGH5293M) this morning around 0800 - 0815 to work, where i was in the middle lane of Tampines towards temasek poly outside Safra. I was signal and about to switch lane where this bus no 168 was still far away so it was safe to switch in but thats's a lorry infront of the left lane where i wanted to switch in slowed down and end up mu car was caught in between two lane, as this bus no 168 saw it and purposely accelerate up to prevent me from going in, lucky end up i manage to switch in, who knows he drive beside me and show my hand signal and scold me. Is this how your management teach your driver to be so incourtesy and reckless? Please do give me an explaination and an action to be taken to your driver. Hope to hear from you ASAP.

[email protected]

Eddie Lim

Apr 9, 2014

Frequency Of Bus 32 @ Queenstown Pri Sch

Dear sir,

I have a daughter which study at Queenstown Pri Sch, she & her classmate has been experiencing long waiting time for the bus to arrive when they stay back for school remedial or activities. Usually the time to wait for the next Bus 32 will take more than 40 mins after 4pm, I have one incident that my daughter and friend waited for more than an hour but no bus arrived @ 6pm so they have to walk to other bus stop to catch other us. I was so worried especially when they surround area was so quiet after school hours as no residential block there, kindly advised the status of the frequency timing for this case for Bus 32.

I find it strange why the Bus 32 take so long between one another so the bus driver has driven home for their dinner? It is the safety concern that I have here not only my children but also for the other children waiting there. Kindly let us know why so we can advise or instruct our kids to wait or not to wait at the bus stop after 4pm.

Thank you.
Lim KL

Apr 16, 2014

Bus driver is wasting time( singapore SBS bus )

To:Dear sir/madam

Normlly wil take bus no 50 from sengkang west ave outside pei hwa secondary school.normally the bus will arrive at 835am toward bishan outside mrt station..this morning the bus is late by 5-7mins..maybe is due to traffic congestion.i can understand..when bus arrived the bus was 3/4 packed with passengers..so when the bus moved on a few bus stop,the passengers boarded..almost there.the door already difficult to shut .bell rings passengers alighting i can understand too..but the problem is the driver * YOU the driver* knew it passengers alighting is only 1-2 u shouldnt have open the door infront trying to let passengers comin up again..as a passengers if im rushin time..no matter how difficult i will make myself to go up the bus.it took 7mins again..almost every bus stop stoppin..u driver are wasting the passengers time already in the bus..late for school, late for work..if bus company know is peak hour send a bigger double deck bus or even 5-7 mins a bus.. number 50 is the longest waiting time i have ever waited..n the timing is not accurate at all..yesterday at this time tommorrow 10 or 15mins late..im actually attending a course at river valley road have to catch the bus number 54 opp bishan station..now u driver let me missed the bus n late for course..im paying money to attend the course if late for class for 10mins it considered absent..are u gonna hold the responsibled for it..please ask your driver to wake up n stop wasting time..

[email protected]

May 23, 2014

arrogent bus driver

At about 1600hrs SBS 170( 8407j) never stop at correct lane just opposite sheng siong supermarket wave my hand at bus stop and waiting for this bus come to the correct lane,unlikely this bus remain until most of people ran on board,why this driver leave so much front space is about two buses away,when I reach at this bus suddenly this arrogant bus driver shouted at me said in malay words (apasal lu takmau lari bodoh)which mean why don't u run stupid,i am not happy the way of this rude driver can be employed by SBS.please take action against this incident.we Singaporean never aducate this type of bus driver.(23/05/2014)

Jan 26, 2015

bad service

A service bad bus driver !
Bus64 , sbs 9501 m , around 8.30pm ++ yesterday
I asked him something ,he is very rude to anwser, its fine. Then i asked him if reached the bus stop tell me, but then the bus stop is pass over, he just tell me the bus stop you want to go just pass over. If i know which bus stop i also no need to ask him. Bad old man !

Wong Jeslyn
Mar 1, 2015

A reckless and inconsiderate bus driver

I would like to lodge a complain regarding a Malay driver that was reckless and inconsiderate.
On 28 Feb 2015 @9.35 am, my parents boarded the SBS service no 51, plate no SBS 8113G at bus stop no 17041 / B07 near west coast road after their marketing. As the priority seats next the driver were occupied by 2 very fat Indian couple, they have to move to the rear seats. As that was a wheelchair aided bus (the design of this bus cause a lot of inconvenience to the passengers), they will have to move up 2 steps to reach the seats. When my mum was about to hold on the grap-pole to move up, the bus started to move and cause a jerk. My mum had a fall due to the sudden jerk and the reckless driver didn't even notice it and keep on moving until someone on the bus alert him then he stop the bus.
She was then send to NUH hospital by an ambulance, she suffer injuries on her face and arm.
Please educate your bus driver to be more alert and considerate especially when old people board the bus. Do understand that they will be slower then the rest. Remind your driver to make sure that they have settle down before moving the bus.
Please investigate and see your cctv for clearer picture of the happening. That was a very irresponsible act, it will cause death and danger especially to the old people and kids.
I need an action to be taken immediately and an explanation to my below email address. Will forward you the invoice and the photo of my injured mum.

Extremely disappointed
Jeslyn Wong
[email protected]

May 9, 2015

Rude and reckless driver

To whom it may concern
I was on bus 78/79 this afternoon 9th May around 2.30 pm travelling from Penjuru towards Jurong East.
I rang the bell one bus stop before I reached Jurong East library bus stop but he did not stop.
When I questioned him he said cant hear, then I said bus got red indicator, he said not paying attention!
He was very adamant and rude and was also driving quite fast.

He could have at least apologise but he made up so many excuses rudely. And I have to take extra bus stops all the way into the interchange.

PLEASE look into this matter seriously or else I will lodge a police report against him for reckless driving !!
I think he is malay driver, bus no. SBS 3061E travelling towards Jurong East Interchange. 2.30pm.

Very disappointed as this is my first complaint after 30 over years of taking SBS Buses.

Mr Teo
[email protected]

May 13, 2015

Bus Drivers

I think some bus drivers get too complacent after awhile when reporting to a similar bus depot for many years and like a clockwork routine after a break they will set off like a lao jiao and they will eventually pick up habitats mostly bad sadly.

I propose a solution to address this inevitable human nature problem by SBS implementing a rotation for all bus drivers to deploy to different bus depots/services after a duration served for a route/bus service so that they will be more alert, have less nonsense attitude and dun adopt this i am lao jiao nature.

As Singaporeans, every single job is becoming multi-tasking to enhance productivity and efficiency regardless of age, race or religion, why are they not following this direction the government wants us to follow?

The job of a bus captain is to ensure passengers who are at their bus stop/depot gets picked up in an orderly fashion, have a safe journey and alight them at their bus stop they choose to alight at.

If they cannot fullfill their primary goal regardless of whatever reasons that is going behind their minds - pay/bonus/family matters and cant heck it perhaps they are not suitable for the job and i am sure another will want to earn what salary that is there for the taking! I as a Singaporean am sure SBS is offering good salaries and rewarding bonus for interested candidates out there who have the heart and need the money to support their families!

In the long run, right employees hired will be happy and self motivated in turn will help SBS maintain it's reputation as a GREAT transportation company provider like the many years it has been supporting the public already.

Thank you.

Black Knight
May 30, 2015

Irregular and Inadequate Bus No 27

Please look into the adequacy of bus no 27 during peak hours.
It is always packed and commuters at Seng Kang and Punggol are unable to board.

This has caused frustrations among the stranded commuters.
It is the main reason for causing me to take a taxi instead.
I noticed the same phenomenon even on week nights after 10pm
travelling back from Tampines to Sengkang.

Many commuters risked injuring themselves to force their way onto the bus
standing close to the entrance door. Thai is also a safety issue that cannot
be overlooked. I noticed many commuters are elderly.

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