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Consumer reviews about SBS Transit

MG Mehendale
Jan 13, 2017

Cheating by bus driver

We (3 adults) boarded the route no 54 at Peoples Park centre and got down at AA Centre River valley road at 1415 hours. We put in 10 dollars in the cash box as the driver said he would give us change later. On arrival at our stop he said we had put money in the cash box and nothing can be done and did not give us the change. We feel cheated. Such incidents also tarnish the image of your country.

Josephine Lam
Jan 22, 2017

Bus 123, Plate number: 6027K at Orchard Plaza Bus Stop on 22/1/17, 9.25pm

I carry a lot of things as I board on the bus 123, I reminded the driver to let me take a seat first before he drive off, but the bus driver quickly accelerate and do not bother whether I have seated. It could posed a dangerous threat on me as I am already in my late 60s. As I reached my destination at Blk 18 Tiong Bahru Road, 9.40pm, the bus driver immediately jam brake, the things that I carried have fell off. I also nearly fell down luckily I held onto the metal bar.
This incident already happen to me a lot of time when I board the bus 123. I hope that actions and discipline should be taken to educate the bus driver.


Mdm Lam

Feb 1, 2017

Bus No 34

I moved to Punggol months ago and have to take Bus No 34 every morning to my workplace.

I am very impressed with the bus drivers. Most of them are very courteous greeting passengers who board the bus. However, my experience on Chinese New Year's eve was totally disappointing.

I boarded Bus No. 34 (SG 1061 E) at 6.05 pm and was totally shocked at driver's behaviour. Naturally when passengers want to alight they will press the "bus stopping" bell. Each time when the bell went off more than 2 times, he would stop the bus at the bus stop and stood up to scold passengers pointing at the "bus stopping" sign and said it was idiot proof and why must passengers keep pressing the bell. All the passengers were shocked and speechless.

Then when I had to return to Punggol I boarded Bus No. 34 again at 10.45pm (SBS 6448), coincidentally the same driver was driving this bus. He did the same thing and there was a passenger (a man) who answered him. He was so furious. I thought there would be a fight. However, the man turned to passengers and started to scold vulgarities. All the passengers were stunned but I thought this man meant to scold driver but gave him impression that he was scolding passengers. The driver, thinking that this man was on his side, started to thank him.

No doubt there is "stopping" sign lit up when bell is pressed but some passengers may not be aware of it especially when bus is very crowded. Of course there are times when children pressed the bell for fun which is not acceptable but I had seen your drivers keeping quiet about it.

Please do not allow this one driver to tarnish the reputation of your other drivers. He should attend Anger Management Course to control his anger. Please counsel him before he further tarnish your reputation and also brings bad impression of our country.

Thank you

Figo lee
Mar 15, 2017

Mr Figo Lee

Today, Mar 15, I took Smrt bus 170 from Johor Bahru CIQ at 11am to go back to bukit timah road. After clearing immigration and customs at Woodlands at 11.30am, I had to wait 1 full hour to board another 170 bus to my destination.

What's the problem? Is this the regular schedule frequency for bus 170? Something Must have gone haywire, either your drivers are not doing their jobs or you are doing poorly in supervising your employees. Remember there was no traffic jam at the causeway during this hour, so its inexcusable to let your passengers wait one hour for the next bus.

Your inefficient running of route 170 is giving Singapore a very bad image and ruin its reputation as super efficient and reliable. I will try not to take your bus service again next time I go to Malaysia.

Please look through your CCTV images and correct the problem before Singapore bus service sinks further.

Thank you!

Mar 23, 2017

Bus driver never stop at bus stop

SBS 105 plate no. 8573L bus driver never stop at the bus stop after ite clementi around 17.40pm today 23/03/2017.bus stop got many passengers flag their hands n he never notice, drive off fast n apply e brake to stop far from bus stop . kindly look into this matter seriously. Onboard bus got pregnant women n old people.

Apr 11, 2017

Dangerous driving

I would like to complain this bus service 163 on 11/04/2017 at around 10:14am to 10:16am after shunfu BS toward opp Therese Home BC this bus driver from 2nd right lane sight he cut to 4th lane
Yes there a contraction on the 4th lane but he can go to 3rd lane like other buses wait ,such a attitude
Can course an accident it nearly accident with the lorry and other buses when this bus drive cut from 2nd lane to 4th lane .. I hope SBS will sent him to a safety course ..

Jun 1, 2017

Long wait for 66 from Jurong East Bus Interchange

On 1 Jun 2017, I waited for bus 66 to come out of Jurong east bus terminal for more than half hour (From 11:35am to 12:05pm). Looks like our SBS bus services have basic competency problems of arranging bus schedules like those days of the 60s.

Jackie Tan
Jun 14, 2017

Bus Captain

I would like to asked what is the job of Bus Captain or Bus Manager who drives the bus be it SBS or Go ahead company.

Every time at the bus interchange when commuters had to queue up to board the bus and when the bus arrives, those who didn't queue got to board the bus. Why does the Bus Captain should be vigilant and stop those who cut queues. He just don't bother to stop them.

Also, those who board the bus some commuters like to stand along the passageway. Why can't the Bus Captain ask them to move in or go upstairs if it is a double decker bus.

It is of no use if you have three door bus. They will still stand near the door way or passageway. Really waste of money.

Jun 17, 2017


In Tekka I run to take bus 139. In signal this bus was their. In front another bus. This was behind. This is not even in bus stop. Little far. I reached bus stop, but this bus driver saw me showing hand. But he take the bus and he never reached bus stop and and going very fast. Why. Many times the bus Drivers does like this. But this incident hurts me. I am in bus stop, the bus also stopped in bus stop little far..The time 2 pm. Any gender or race in this.

Jul 25, 2017

SBS 3682M 1002am

I was want to take that bus number SBS 3682M at 1002am at Bus stop 95039. I was finding my card from my pocket before I board the bus it take only less then 5 sec and the bus drive start to be rude at me. Saying that he is rushing of time. That's not the way of a bus driver should be.. there is 2 more people board the bus with me together at that bus stop also.

After I board and sat down the bus driver he also reckless driver also drive fast then suddenly stop then again for aboit 3 to 4 times. As a bus driver safety is a MUST as there will be passages sitting on that bus.

Hope I will have a answer on it..

I will rate that bus drive nagtigve 90%. ( -90% ) veru bad rating

[email protected]
Jul 28, 2017

Tarnished SBS and Singapore Image

I have boarded bus 58 (SBS6668U) along Ubi avenue 3 towards Pasir Ris Interchange at around 6pm and tapped my ezlink card as usual. However, unknowing the driver was yelling at me twice and thought that I have not tap. This yelling really makes me embarrass in front of the crowded commuters. This driver not only failed in his duty to ensure all commuters pay their bus fare but wrongfully yelling at commuter that have paid their fare, worst he can't be bordered to acknowledge that I have already tapped after I have proven my innocence and he simply turn his head away arrogantly.

Our government is making every efforts to promote Singapore as a gracious society, yet this individual with his ill manners and disregards to his elder (definitely much older than him). Sad to say this kind of behavior and attitude would not only significantly affect the image of SBS as a company and Singapore as a nation but also potentially agitating royal commuters and tourists, especially when he is providing public services,

With serious concerns!

Sep 26, 2017

Reckless driver

The bus driver of 199 (SG 1090 X) was driving recklessly with uncountable times of sudden breaks. Not sure if he's in rush to off work earlier but horn multiple times with unreasonably is the most unacceptable part. Hope SBS and look into this problems and enhance the services.


Mui Cheng Leong
Oct 16, 2017

Rude Customer Service Hotline staff

I called up to enquire whether there are any bus service from the Punggol Bus Interchange to the Toa Payoh Bus Interchange.
The first call was answered by a lady officer and she took gave me a few options. When I told her that I have slight mobility problem and walk with walking stick she suggested that I could consider taking a North East line and stops at the Potong Pasir MRT station and
use Exit B. Once I am on the road level, go to the bus stop just outside the station and wait for Bus service 142. She even gave me the bus stop no (60269) to confirm that I am on the correct stop. I thanked her for being being so attentive and courteous and goes the extra mile to even gave me the bus stop number.

Later when I google and extracted the Bus route of Sevice No 142 I realised that infact the bus will past by the Potong Pasir MRT station
before turning into the Potong Pasir Estate and nake a loop before existing back to the MRT station. Just to make sure about it, I called the hotline again and I was sure that I may not get the same lady again as I didn't get her name.

Never mind, I guess any body will do as I just wanted to clarify about whether I can alight the first time the bus service 142 passes the MRT station instead of the 2nd time and may confused me. Looing at the route map, I have the conclusion that she does not want to confuse me hence she recommended me to alight at the MRT statio from Punggol and proceed directly to Exit B and wait for the bus
then to confuse me to chose either exits B or C.

As I understand that if I were to take exit C, the bus would go a big loop into the Potong Pasir estate before it reaches the bus stop from exit B when it had already gone round the estate. Looking at the route, I realised that exit B, the bus would be nearer to the Toa Payoh but it will be at the expense of the bus being packed with people buy nearer to Toa Payoh Interchange.

To have a peace of mind, I called the 2nd time. OMG !!! this guy asked me and I told him about spoken to his lady colleague earlier and would like to know re confirm the number of times the bus service 142 passes the Potong Paisr MRT station. He told me he does not understand what I was taking about. I again told him that I was not informed about the bus will be stopping twice at the same twice station and just wanted to confirm.

What I expected him to do is to explain to me that yes on the bus route itenerary it may be a little confusing but it the same MRT station I should alight. The only difference is that if i were to take exit C the bus may not be full as it will make a loop round the estate on the other hand if I take exit B, the bus may be full but it will be ealier the Toa Pauoh Interchange.

But instead, He repeated twice, this was what he spoke "Actually, what do you taking about ? and what you want me to do ?" in a unfriendly tone. At this juncture, I got agitated and reminded him that I am the customer and he is the customer service officer and
reminded him that I presume our conversation will be recorded and asked for his name and he says his name which sounded like Timoty. I commented that i have used the same hotline before and all the time I was served with high standard of customer service and this is the worst encounter and commented that I will definately refer this case officially. Instead of lower his tone and explain why he asked me those questions, he engaged me in further.

I guess to maintain the good name of the SBS Tranist Hotline service, he should be send for further courses on Customer Service or
seek other jobs maybe incharge of foreign workers from construction sites.

Oct 19, 2017

Bus stopped at every bus stop for 1min even though no one at bus stop.

Why the 506 express bus drives so slow? From Jurong east interchange to bedok,took me one and the half hour to reach?? Then why it called express bus when it drives soooo slow? Or u guys got timing??? I better take mrt instead...SBS 8042C starts at 4.50pm today at 19/10/17....Thank you.

Morissa Lee
Oct 22, 2017

Compliment to SBS Bus 112 Driver

To the Management of SBS Transit,

Hi! I would like to compliment one Chinese Malaysian SBS Transit Bus 112 driver. Though, i do not know his name. He was driving Bus 112 for a long time then, suddenly he was driving Bus 113 and quite recently went back to drive Bus 112. He has a dark complexion and is always wearing sunglasses. He always carries with him a smiling face and greets his customers.

I was glad to see him again lately, as during those period of time when he wasn't around some other new drivers whom took over were either reckless driver or speeding and brake or drove off before the commuter sat down properly especially when there's old folks in the bus. One of the older male driver even used vulgar languages on commuters. At one time, there was an Indian driver whom didn't stop even after we have pressed the bell. Drove all the way to the next bus stop. There were three of us whom had to walk back to our destination. We were so angry and disappointed.

The Chinese Malaysian bus driver is a very concise and precise driver. Always alert while driving, having good public relationship with his customers and he will wait till the commuter has sat down safely before driving off. Especially when he sees old folks, pregnant women and commuter with children or seeing women carrying heavy plastic groceries bags.

I sincerely hope that SBS Transit could give credit to such a driver to encourage and give good examples to all new drivers and i felt that being a bus driver is really not an easy task as they have to face people from all walks of life every day encountering complaints and dissatisfaction from different people. Hardly receiving compliments from the public. And yet, it is a very high responsibility job that requires full focusing as they need to ensure commuters safety, ensuring commuters pay their fares and must remember their bus routes. They must help those in need especially now with wheelchair accessible buses. Many times i
have seen after helping the needy on wheelchair, there is not even a word of "Thank you" from the commuter. This really sadden me why do these people have no sense of gratitude and appreciation? While on the road, you will still have to face other reckless drivers or motorist whom will zoom into the bus lane causing many unforeseen accidents.

I think we should thank all our drivers for their commitments so that we could enjoy our ride to work and outings with ease.
Thank you SBS Drivers! Salute to all of you!:)

Best regards,
Mdm Lee

Oct 27, 2017

complaint bus 72 less

on 7.30 to 8.30 bus 72 always must waiting 15min above bus very less

Oct 27, 2017

bus 72 very less

bus 72 always late and less .must waiting 15min -20min above . the time is 7.30am-8.30am. pls adjust to 5min one bus..

Oct 30, 2017

Niece's thigh clasp by bus driver driving bus 240 ( Licence number: SBS8988Z)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to complain about your bus driver driving bus 240 ( Licence number: SBS8988Z) around 2 pm on Monday 30 October 2017. When we saw bus 240 reaching Blk 185, we flagged the bus and the bus driver stopped there for us to board it but when the door opened and my niece was about to board the bus with her 1 leg stepping the steps when suddenly the bus driver don't know for what reason closed the door causing her leg to clasp by the door. Although the bus driver have shown his concern asking my niece whether she is okay and whether we wanted to follow him back to the final station, we told him cannot as our destination is to go lakeside station to catch the MRT to bring her brother my nephew to NUH to do an ultrasound scan as we were going to be late for the appointment and at the same time have to see the doctor. In the end, we got down after asking her whether she is okay and the bus left to continue his bus journey. The problem I writing to complain is to ask SBS to train your bus drivers how to operate the bus facilities like opening and closing of the doors efficiently and prevent the problem from happening again and hope that SBS gave the bus driver a stern warning and not to make the mistakes again if not other passengers especially the elderly, pregnant or with child in tow will get injuried or harm like what my niece have happened. Thanks and hope SBS would provide a pleasant and safety journey for the passengers.

Nov 16, 2017

72 bus late

i want to know how your company make the 72 bus aways late by 20min.pls make the bus and bus waiting time adjust betweeb 5-10min .your 72 bus schedule is suck.

Alice Faith
Nov 16, 2017

Feedback and complaint to the train disruption along NEL in the evening

Dear SBS Transit,

I am one of the passengers who were affected from the breakdown of NEL on 16 November 2017. I would like to make severe complaints as I am totally disappointing and suffer from the situation. As a wheelchair- bounded passenger, I felt totally helpless in this situation and angry with SBS station master for Clarke Quay station and crisis management as I suffered so horribly with the situation.

Please refer to the following complaints. I was at the platform with many other passengers at Clarke Quay Station at 18:25hrs. With the misleading information at 18:31hrs about train delay, many of the passengers including me decided to wait at the platform. Due to my disability, I have limited option for travelling and require a lot of help for other form of transports. However, at 18:50hrs the announcement has changed from delaying message to service discontinue. I have full of doubt with your announcement and issue management system. Does SBS has a standard and effective protocol for staff to follow? Also, we have received no help or even no sight of staffs on the platform, which is completely unacceptable. Does SBS provide training or guideline for staff for such issue or crisis, if yes why these rules and guidelines were not being followed? Furthermore, why the station master not present during such a time? The staffs were lost, everybody were confused, there were little to no help or explanations given for the whole period the train services were disrupted.

1) As the announcement of ceasation of service was at 18:50hrs, why the free bridging bus only arrive and start transporting passengers at 19:40hrs. The transition time was intolerable. With the high frequency of breakdowns and accidents, SBS should have had the sufficient experience to handle such a situation.

2) Because of the insufficient number of free bridging transport, each bus contained a high volume of affected passengers. Due to limited help provided to passengers with disabilities like me, I suffered a fall from my wheelchair because there were just too many people crowding at the bus stop area. I was also unable to get on any bus. Buses came and went, unable to even open their doors to accept boarding passengers. I understand in this chaotic situation thing get messy. However, SBS should be considering providing more help to the people who require more help, which could have help to avoid the accident that happen to me or even many others.

I am deeply disappointed with SBS’s arrangement and crisis management plan. It is totally unacceptable. I would like to seek for explanation from SBS as I feel neglected as a person in need for help with my condition. This letter is not just to let your company to be aware for the issues, but to seek for answers. I would like to be in touch personally with explanations of this situation and most importantly what will you do to fix this issue. Train is extremely important for people who suffer the same condition as me and we rely on train as our main form of transport daily. I am hoping to see improvement with SBS in the quality of service and provide more care to its passengers. Most importantly I hope to see SBS operate with more empathy on customers and not just a business oriented operation.

Seeking your response in 3 working days or I will escalate the complaints to higher authority.

Nov 30, 2017

Rude and reckless bus driver

I boarded bus 112 at the bus stop of Hougang Ave 8 Blk 681 @2.15pm on 30th Nov'2017 wid my daughter and my son. The bus driver seems to be in a hurry and drove off imediately once the door is closed. Giving all the passengers no chance to find a seat 1st. And he turned right at the cross junction at a high speed leaving alot of passengers off balance especially the 1 old lady with a baby in the pram almost fell. And when reached the bus stop where we supposed to alight he braked hard when my daughter and my son fell and hit their hands. I shouted at him to slow down and he turned to me and laughed and drove off. Im very very angry about his attitude and i would very much want to know how this driver will be dealt with? Or izzit he knows that nothing will be done to him that is why he is so proud to laugh?

Dec 31, 2017

Twice late

On 30th Dec 2017,i waited @ many others at the Bedok Bus interchg for the Bus 87 to come at the Bedok interchg bus at timing 08.43pm but the bus arrived at 08.46pm.The next day ,same place @ same timing at 08.43pm but the bus arrived at 08.54pm. The driver is a chinese lady driver,i told her she was late yester @ today also late to pick up the very long queues,she just glare at me without apology.Ps kindly look into this matter as i am working night shift @ also ps ensure the driver did follow the proper timing at the bus display board for passengers,tks

Feb 8, 2018

Bus 137 arrived time getting earlier

Every morning i will take bus 137(since when Bus 137 service started) @ Bedok station exit B to work. But few week ago i notice Bus 137 arrived timing getting earlier.
It from 8:18AM slowly change to 8:13AM. This week more worse , Bus 137 arrived at 8:09AM!!!! And if i miss this trip, next bus arrive time is 8:31AM.

I don't understand why 8:31AM that trip can always on time , but before that bus trip getting earlier. I hope SBS officer can follow up this case. Thanks.

Maggie Marine Drive
Mar 12, 2018

Forgot to thank a good captain

I missed my bus at Marine Parade today at 6:56am, thanks to an inconsiderate and impatient bus captain who did not want to wait his turn at the bus bay queue. He simply overtook the bus 134 (or was it 135?). I ran a bit to see if he would see me wave, to no avail. Anyway, the captain at bus 134 honked and asked me to board that bus courteously. He then asked my destination and told me which other bus i could board at Paya Lebar where I could alight, and also that, there was still a possibility that i board my intended bus. After 3 stops this bus was parked behind my intended bus and the captain asked me to alight and rush. While i did, my intended bus was again about to leave, when the captain of 134/135 honked and my bus stopped. I did let the bus captain of my bus know how angry i was, we have a strict reporting time at work and missing this bus would surely mean i would default.
The purpose of this post however is, i forgot to thank the captain of 134/135 in all my anxiety of being late to work. I feel terrible i did not even say a ‘thank you’. He saved my day. He was an Indian with a beard. Can you please convey my gratefulness to this captain? More than anything, it is the feel good factor that people like him bring when otherwise the day is ruined due to a bad start. Really grateful captain and terribly sorry that i forgot to wish. Please help get the message through to the captain of 134/135 that was at Marine Parade stop (at blk 72) at 6:56 am. An Indian With a beard.

May 10, 2018

BUS 158



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