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Jul 24, 2015

Bus 132 Late

On 24/07/2015 at 8.06am.
Bus SBS 6874 G drove in and park at vacant bay at 7:54am.
The sheduled on the monitor screen showed next bus to come at 8.01am.
Past 8.03am still no bus 132. Sooñ saw one bus captain approaching and started the same bus he parked earlier.
By the time he came to pick the passenger it was already 8.07am.
What kind of service is SBS providing the commuters.
Seperately, on my way back from work at Orchard Boulevard bus stop, we have to wait about 20 - 25 minutes during peak hrs 6pm to 7pm. Kindly look into this matters.

Mr Yazih
9695 3696

Jul 30, 2015


To whom it may concern
On 30/7/15 at 2330, bus service 113 was driving towards the bus stop 63231. I flagged for the bus and it showed obvious deceleration, which I believe is what to be expected when a bus stops and allows passengers to board. For reasons unknown to simple minded people like myself, your sophisticated bus driver decided to drive off at the very last moment, even when I was clearly standing at the edge of the pavement waiting to board the bus. Perhaps he was trying to show me the horsepower of the his engines but 2330 is clearly not a time for such displays. I hope that you will look into this matter and clarify with your bus captain on his penchant for teasing people waiting to board the bus. Please excuse me for my tone as I am unimpressed by the service provided. I sincerely thank you for your time and do have a good day ahead.

P.S. Your feedback form is poorly designed.

Aug 9, 2015

rude driver with dangerous driving

I boarded buses 70m at night time about 8.25 pm at 5/8/15..There is a chinese driver driving a bus with bus number sbs6650 and he all the way cut the queeing to bus stop nearly singapore flyer..till the end he got no choice to stop the bus almost beat the smrt busses..on top of that,nearly reach the esplanede,he also over take the bus stop to rush.However there is few commuter come out to stop him and he suddenly left turning stop immediately and make all commuter uncomfortable and scaring..I am very dissapointed with this driver.pls look into it very seriously.Thank you..

Nov 4, 2015

BUS 63

Yesterday around 11:56pm when I was at the bus stop no. 72019 (Eunos Mans), I saw bus 63 coming so I flag for quiet sometime.
But the driver just drives very fast and passby the bus stop without stopping for me. I didnt managed to see his bus plate no.
Then behind came another bus 63 and I board it. I told the driver that the front bus 63 driver didnt stop for me.
He just said he cannot help me if the driver didnt stop for me. So I wrote down this 2nd bus 63 plate no. SBS 8618S.

Very disappointed with this driver.

Nov 26, 2015

Rude Bus Driver 34

On 25th November 2015 around 6.55pm at Punggol. Bus no. 34 with plate no. SBS6571E. The driver was a China man that served people with his bloody bitch face. He drive too close with other vehicle and always brake suddenly, that make all passenger felt unwell with this. He very adamant and rude and keep driving fast and also brake harding when stop. That make one of passenger nicely ask him "could he do not brake to hard" but he scolding back the passenger with his China slang (do not understand what he is scolding) but obviously he show his unhappy face. This is not the first time we facing this matter. This time we wrote a complaint to SBS as a warning, next time we will bring this matter direct to Traffice Police.

P/s: Please have a basic manners and duty performence ability for your SBS drivers. Do not just anyhow hire lousy, show off, bloody people especially China people. Please take action !!

elvis yee
Nov 26, 2015

complain rude bus driver

I want complain the bus driver attitude rude, at 24th nov morning around 7:16a.m location at hougang bus interchange, the bus No72 bus number SBS 7414.when I go out from mrt wait the traffic light, when I saw the bus 72 coming, I running across to the bus stop but the bus driver saw me take the hand up need take the bus, but bus driver no open the door and quickly go away,
I see the bus driver unhappy and rude, at the time I very angry, cause I running to the bus stop and I saw no few passenger on the bus , why bus driver don't open the door , i think if bus driver never see is never mind , but true I stand the bus stop with bus driver face to face , how can like that .this is no responsibility by a perform bus driver.😈😈😈😈

p a abdulla
Dec 23, 2015

rude bus captain

SBS6683R service No28 on 20.12.2015 at 6.30pm BEDOK north Ave 3 beside clear water con. I was running for the bus at my high speed I am 71 years old man once i reach at bus , stop in front of the bus the bus captain speed off why he did I cant understand you can see your CC Tv tks

Feb 25, 2016

Bad experiences with Bus 59 drivers ARGH.

Are all Bus 59 drivers this rude? I forgot to press the bus stopping button before getting off, but simply tapped my card as the bus stopped at the bus stop. The bus driver, upon hearing me tap my card, asked me rudely and loudly, "YOU WANT TO GET OFF IS IT!" To which I answered a "yes" before he replied shouting, "HOY! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO PRESS THE BUTTON IS IT!" He still hadn't opened the door for me to get off, and I immediately apologized to him, shocked of course that a bus driver would actually shout at his passenger. After hearing me apologize, he went "HAI YA!" and opened the door, finally. It was raining very heavily that day, and because of his sudden scolding, I hurried off the bus without any cover and was drenched by the rain as I alighted the bus. Another Bus 59 driver also didn't open the front door of the bus, but only the back door first, despite me standing right in front of the door, ready to board the bus. -.- Lastly, another bad experience I have of a Bus 59 driver, was the driver clearing his throat and coughing very loudly after I scanned my card nearing the bus stop. I mean like, the card reader already signalled that it was able to scan alighting passengers' cards already, so what was wrong with me scanning my card lah, right? gee. What's wrong with these bus driver uncles ARGH. So annoying ><

Mar 3, 2016

Bus Service No.979 Did Not Stop At Bus Stop

Time 07.16 a.m.
Bus Stop No. 43599 ,Regent Grove Condo

Bus Service No.979 did not stop at bus stop and it's not full still can fill in passengers.

Pls look into the matter and it's peak hour.
Need to wait for the next bus for 16 mins

I see a lot of bus service no. 302 almost every 3-4 mins.
What type of scedule planning is it.

From : Teo Hong Sun
Mobile : 97378480

Mar 22, 2016

Bad service

Super bad service .
On 22/03/16 at 0715 am bus 82 . While I was walking with my friend at the overhead bridge at 768 UPPER serangoon road . To take bus back to seng kang . We saw bus 82 coming so we just walk as normal thinking if we can catch the bus we will just take that bus . But when we reach that bus stop the bus not even leaving due to the on coming traffic , so me and my friend just walk over and knock on the door , but that bus driver just show me a hand sign saying no . WHAT IS THIS ??? You are at the bus stop but you not fetching people , are you ok anot ? Did I do wrong anything ? Is just knock to inform you there someone want take this bus . I am not kicking or what ? Or you expect me to call you or your phone to open ? If you not fetching people why are you at the stop and there is a few people in your bus ? Since you can't even move due to the on coming traffic. Why can't I get in at the BUS STOP ? You are not far away from that stop . You are just in front of that stop OK . Management please talk to this person does he want to work , if he don't want don't waste time. Give the rice bowl to other people that need the jobs more than him .


Mar 26, 2016

Bus Driver Conduct



Dear Sir,

I was traveling on Bus Service 170, reg no: SBS8390Y from JB to Woodlands Checkpoint on the 22/3/16. The bus was crowded and i was standing near the driver and holding on the the grab pole. It was about 4.50pm when we reached the Woodlands Checkpoint Building and we are not at the Checkpoint's Bus stop yet. But the bus driver (an Indian) stopped the bus along the road (no walking path yet), approximately 30m away from the Checkpoint's bus stop and opened the both doors for passengers to get off the bus. Some passengers start getting down the bus and walk along the road towards the bus stop. I asked the driver why you drop us here? He answered angrily, "You cannot see jammed ah! " I am a frequent traveller between JB and Woodlands, and based on my point view that the traffic at that point of time was quite normal. Even if there is a jammed, he should only drop the passenger on road side with walking path to ensure passenger safety. I stared at him for a moment expecting him to close the both doors and continue to drive us to the bus stop. Instead he angrily pointed his finger to his employment pass and tell me to "go complain" I did want to further my conversation with him and just joined others to get off the bus. In fact as i was about to reach the bus stop, the subject bus went passed the bus stop before me. In view of the recent SMRT accident, the train hit and killed 2 of its trainees on the track (it happened the same day) I hope the SBS TRANSIT will seriously look into this matter. Perhaps your authority should review the training for drivers on passenger safety. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Thanks & regards,
Pang Kwang Sip
I/C: 1230676/H
mobile: 9672 6519

Madam chia
Mar 30, 2016

Bus 73 driver inconsiderate

Today 30/03/2016 at 7.40am,bus 73 came and reach the bus stop at bus stop Blk 586 Ang Mo Kio.I Was the only one who want to board the bus,even if the fully crowded,it should be stopped,because I can see that there still space on the bus,"this is not the first time",please take some action for the driver to prevent this happen again in the future. Very disappointed!

Alex Soh
Mar 30, 2016

Bus 59

frequency of SBS transit bus 59
I am a dissatisfied passenger of bus 59 Everyday I have to wait for 25mins to 35mins just to hop on the bus! after work from Ubi to Toa Payoh. This is ridiculous and unreasonable! At times 2 buses will come at the same time! What is going on with the punctuality of this bus route? I hope the authority can look into this matter seriously!

[email protected]
Apr 7, 2016

SBS Transit IT Department

SBS Transit IT Department

I worked in SBS Transit IT Department and my service is being terminated by IT Department head and assistance vice president I am reporting to.
I think there is something wrong with IT Department on how management are treating newly employed staff.
I won't go detail incident but I am writing this post to see anyone have the same experiences.
So please share here.

Y.F. Owyong
Apr 25, 2016

Bus 518 did not stop

I came out this morning from Tampines street 11 to the bus stop to take 518 to Orchard Road. I was standing there for about 3 minutes and the bus finally arrived. There were three other buses arrived at the same time and 518 was the 4th in line. As the 1st and 2nd bus moved forward the 3rd bus also moved to take the place of the first. And 518 now has become 2nd in line. Not knowing that the driver is not coming to take the place of the 1st where I was standing.He suddenly overtook the 1st bus and left. I quickly took a taxi thinking that I can catch up with the bus at Tamasek Poly, but I missed it too because of the traffic lights. I missed this bus and that clearly says I will be late for work. I paid $6.70 all for nothing and be ause of the impatient driver. I landed up waiting for the next 518 at Tamasek Poly and of course late to work.

angry and disappointed
Jun 9, 2016

Bus 156 did not stop

I had just reached bus stop #53249 along Bishan Road on 9th Jun around 8.35am. I saw bus 156 coming and quickly waved frantically at it. Bus driver saw me waving frantically but just look and did not stop at all and just droved off without stopping!!. I had to take a cab instead and spent on cab money for nothing. What type of bus conduct is this?! There are only a few passengers on the bus, so much empty space. If your bus driver is too lazy to stop the bus to his convenience, kindly inform him to give up the rice bowl to others who need the rice bowl!! I hope the authorities could look into this matter!!!

Jun 24, 2016

Bus Service 5 (Simei Station: 96169)

Dear all,

I am only writing this because right now I have ample amount of time waiting for Bus 5 to reach this particular bus stop (Simei Station: 96169). On average, the waiting time for Bus 5 to reach this bus stop could take anywhere between 20 to 30 odd minutes during peak hours when commuters are making their way to work.

My attempts to SBS did garnered explanations, such as "we share the road with other users", and "bus drivers being not on time and has been disciplined".

But what puzzled me is the mentality of a company that readily finds a reason for something that has happened; then to claim responsibility and work on improving their services. I am not working in the line of transportation, but common sense tells me that if I send out more buses at a higher frequencies and more intervals, chances are there might be more abundance of Bus 5s servicing these commuters trying to get to work on time during peak hour. And if an entire journey is too cost ineffective, perhaps the service provider could supplement buses with shorter routes to cater to the peak traffic.

What disgust me is an attitude of pushing away the blames. Not experiencing the problems for oneself before giving a proper explanation or account of a problem that has happened. And giving atrocious service for paying customers.

Even just sitting here at the bus stop waiting for Bus 5, I have seen multiple other buses going past (9, 20, 38). Even shuttle bus services from other companies have made several rounds.

I doubt SBS do read these feedbacks. Nevertheless it would be good for all to know that Bus Service 5 at Simei Station (96169) is unreliable and inefficient.

Thank you all and have a great day ahead!

Am still waiting for my bus since 20 minutes ago, and no sign of anything at peak hour! Woohoo...

Jun 28, 2016

Rude Driver W410 at Opp Marrymount

Today 28 June on 7:56pm, a bus driver drove W410 bus with plate number SBS3907X stopped at opp Marrymount station scolded me because of i walked in from the back door. The problem is he didn open the front door and the back door was opened to let one passenger get off and the door is right infront of me. I tried walked to the front door but the driver didn open the front door so i decided to walked in from the back door, the unhappy event happened here when the driver scolded me loudly for walk in from the back door and i did explained it is you that didn open the front door for me. If not mistaken he is a China man and i sure that he is in bad mood that made him so emotionaly. I hope SBS stop hiring worker from foreign nationality that dont understand our local culture which made them inconsiderate and no countesy on their works.

Jun 29, 2016

Sbs3357 bus 49 bus drivers

Go to SBS Transit home page
Customer Feedback Form

Please provide us with the information requested below so that we can look into your feedback.
Personal Particulars

Salutation : Ms
Name : Li Ting
E-mail Address : [email protected]
Phone No. : 86714729
Block No. :
Unit No. :
Street Name : Jurong
Postal Code :
CEPAS Card No (eg EZ Link, Nets Flashpay, etc) : 1000 1200 1223 6214
(Providing your ezlink card ID no will facilitate prompt investigations into the incident.)
Nature of Feedback
Feedback Category : Complaint
Feedback Type : BUS
Details of Bus Incident

Bus Subject : Bus Captain's Driving
Incident Date : 29/06/2016
Incident Time : 1225 (24-hour format e.g. 1300)
Incident Place : After yuan ching rd(21779)
Service No. : 49
Bus Registration No. : SBS 3357C
Bus Stop boarded : Jurong west st41(28591)
Bus Stop alighted : After jurong lake (21011)
Boarding Time : 1225 (24-hour format e.g. 1300)
Travelling towards : After yuan ching rd
Please enter your feedback in the space provided

I take two kids from upper of the bus and ring the bell before yung ho rd(21779),exactlly when the bus turning left. Then we go down soon. Seems the bus will not stop then i shout hello, hello when we go down. Nearly at this station, we arrived at the back door and i keep on press the ring button near me. But at that time someone with a white and green uniform speak to me in chinese"we all heard.." i am so glad someone speak out the truth. So i said" you all heard i have ring the bell before i go down. Right?" But unfortunately, he said no we all heard that you didnt ring.But i did remember i had ring the bell even two kids sometimes keeps me busy and easy forget something but this time i did remember i sit at the second row in the left and no bell at this side so i ring the right bell at the second row upper the bus 49.
I really feel so pity in bus 49 and have to let him take us to the next station at about 12.25pm. I bring two kids in the hot noon sun have to walk back one more bus stop to take my bigger son to school even a little late for school already(here is a high way rd so hard to go to the opposite to take bus back). I really feel angry with the drive and the people with the uniform. So i decided to go to jurong east mrt station to complain. When i arrived there i ask for a purple uniform drive then i know all the truth. The green and white uniform is the new agency to take the charge of the bus and they just get this job.
At jurong east station i said my experience but the people there siad two weeks will be needed to handle my case. I really afraid my case will be forgotten. So i decided to complain here via web. Because i have to take kids to school everyday. I think i will always be scared that one day the same thing will happen again as even the just take the job they can deal things so reasonable.
Hope you can help me to check the truth from bus record and let me know asap.

Thank you all very much for your kind help.


Joel Cheng
Jul 10, 2016

Senile Driver of 132?

I took the bus service no.132, bus no.SBS3092R on Sunday 10th July around 1.30m from the bus stop opposite thomson plaza.
I not sure what's wrong with the driver. Travelling at the speed of 20 - 30 km/hr. And when there's traffic light a distance away, the speed will be about 10km/hr.
Is this how the company teaches their Driver to drive that way?
Throughout the journey, I seen some other passengers alighted to wait for another 132 instead. Really kind of pissing.

Jul 21, 2016

Stuckup bus driver 858!

I would like to draw an intention to SBS authority in regard with tis bus driver 858..dated 21st july 2016...bus no 1646 at 7.55am at bustp opp blk 773..tis is not my first time observing tis driver who always overtake buses who stop at tis bustop..only abt one or two buses infront of him! Once reaching the bustop he will just go off even we flag earlier to stop him...he always do it on purpose becos he will just ignore us like nothing happen!!. And the bus is not full at all! When the time l get the next bus its already full with passenger !

Pls pls pls! Do somethg with this stupid and stuckup bus driver! Because of him we reach our office late!
*Botak head bus driver pls be considerate with ur passenger who going to work!not going for a holiday ok!!

Aug 27, 2016

Bus driver

This bus driver 31 around 10:15pm(27/08/2016) should not have stop his bus when he haven't even reach the bus stop!! The job of a bus capitan is to ensure passenger who are at the bus stop gets picked up in an orderly manner isn't?? Since he pick up the passengers when he was not even at the bustop I think he shouldn't even close the bus door when the passenger was right outside the bus door!!!!! If the bus wasn't meant to alight or pick up passenger before the bus stop then in the first place the bus driver shouldn't even have open the door! Please look into this matter!!

Sep 19, 2016

Bus service 62- Irregular service

I am writing this to highlight the irregular service of service no 62.. I live in Punggol only ... But there is no bus service frequency being maintained properly .. Sometimes buses will come in 2 min frequency and sometime after 20 mins... The bus Apps will also show misleading info accordingly ... It will first show the next 2 bus frequency as for example - 5 and 22 mins .. The first one will then remain constant or go down slightly and finally the bus will arrive after 22 mins..,
I guess there is no shortage of bus , but lack of discipline to start on time ...
Can this be looked upon please ?

Oct 1, 2016


Hi my name is Rukhsana and I would like to give compliment to 1 of SBS Bus Captain by name Hashim Bin Sultan , bus service 100. I boarded the bus on 28/09 from Beach Road. It was my 1st day in Singapore traveling by public transport with my friends for holidays. The bus captain was very helpful in guiding us about the public transport in Singapore. He was full of smile on his face all the time to all those boarded his bus. We had so much info given by Mr. Hashim regarding bus and MRT service to travel. Our 1st day and 1st ride in Singapore was wonderful because of the help given by Mr.Hashim. Keep it up SBS Transit and Mr.Hashim.


Nov 13, 2016

Rude bus# 50 driving

I need younto take action on rude and very rough driving ving of bus 50 with plate number SBS8287M. I used this bus on 13 Nov 2016 7.10PM from Ang Mo Kio to Sengkang. Bus driver drive the bus with very rough caused lot of passenger felt down many times, purposely stop the. Us away from bus stop, sudden brake and accelerate the bus.. pls do something..

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