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miniclip 8 ball pool

United States

Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball pool

Alan g r
Sep 21, 2018

it happens to all players

It happens to all players on the app, I've got nearly every cue and nearly thirteen billion coins, won the diamond league last week then monday this week I was in first place and couldn't stop winning then all of a sudden I lost connection just out of the blue for no reason and when I got connected again couldn't win a game, it's like all my shots had been knocked of by half a mm or so just so they'd miss, first I thought I got hacked but then read up about so called sanctions on 8ballpool which means they have algorithms in the coding of the game that are supposed to find cheats using coin generators or hacking others accounts but it unfairly picks people who have done nothing wrong and sanctions them, I've lost out on at least twenty five billion coins and hundreds of pool dollars because of this

Oct 1, 2018

Weird Happenings in the Game

I've noticed a few of the complaints above mentioned - strange potting of cue balls, game suddenly resetting to cancel a good shot etc.

The one that gets me most worked up however is when I'm on a roll - potting ball after ball - and I notice that my shot timer suddenly becomes much shorter.

Generally after potting about 3 or 4 of my object balls in sequence, my shot timer reduces by about a third for no reason I can understand. This means I have much less time to assess the shot, aim and execute. This usually happens when my opponent still has most of their balls on the table.

If that isn't rigging I'd like an explanation for it. I've never seen it happening to any of my opponents.

Oct 8, 2018

Very Suspicious

I thought I was the only one experiencing all this!
Been playing this game for a couple of years. It's fun and a great time killer.
But, like everyone else, I noticed that the game was doing fishy things. Shots that I would normally make seem to somehow 'curve' out or hit the side bar. Yet, opponents whose shots appear to be nowhere close, magically fall in.
They also pair me up with people 10+ levels higher than me on a regular basis. I'm all for playing up - that's what makes you a better player - but 98% of the time I was playing a higher-level player. And a much higher level player! And what about those opponents? They're playing someone 10+ levels below them. I have never been matched up against someone more than 2-3 levels below me. When do I get to play someone 10+ levels below me?
Also, I've never won more than 4-5 games in a row. The game makes sure you lose eventually.
The game claims I've made over 2 million coins, yet I only have 90,000 to play. I actually made it to 150,000, then lost like 18 out of the next 20 games to get back to where I was.
One time I inadvertently hit the 100,000 coin game and once you tap it, you're in. There's no confirmation screen or chance to back out. And of course, I was matched up against someone (or was it a bot?) 10 times higher than me, and beat me.
I understand that they're a business looking to make money off schmucks like me, but why the fishy game play? Why give an advantage to some players? Why put in bots to beat everyone?
Whatever, it's just a game to kill time.

Oct 15, 2018

Botty Bashers

This game is clearly rigged and has more bots than a Dutch brothel. You can clearly tell when you’re playing one. Despite seeming to not have much of a clue, every break, bash and cannon results in a clearance with zero complication.. I have a 67.5% win rate, totalled over 10 billion with over half a billion standing in my account and have never paid any real money for this or any other fb game. This is not a “hard cheese” review. I’ve been playing real pool and snooker all my life. I can visualise the angles simply because I’ve seen them over and over again which explains the success on the game. However, the angles are sometimes skewed and phantom spin is applied to the cue ball.. this inevitably results in a catastrophic end as the cue ball takes the shortest route to the nearest pocket, or nestled up to a ball, leaving you snookered or just no possible shot.
I still play the game, I’ve just come to accept its farcical nature and make hay when I get the real opponents. But I really implore anyone who plays the game not to spend real cash on it. Choose a tier which gives you plenty of chances with your coin stack before moving to the next tier and risking it all on a bot.

Oct 28, 2018

Miniclip 8 ball pool

Yes I agree that 8 ball is rigged. I have watched the cue ball curve so that it scratches, as well as 8 ball. There have been times where 7 or 8 games in a row, I sink 8 ball by random bouncing. That's statistically impossible. There have also been times, quite frequently, where all my opponents are from India and Indonesia, also statistically impossible, since this occurs every day and multiple times in a day. My break is always the same, but half the time I scratch and the other half leaves most of the balls still in rack formation. It was not like this is the beginning. Game is great when a cheat is not involved, unfortunately about 50 percent of the time they is a cheat involved.

Praful Dukre
Dec 8, 2018

Automatically gat closed in playing time

I updated game then I face the problem that in the playing time game get closed in every time I lose every time it is your updated Miniclip 8 ball pools foult kindly repair this as soon as possible.

El Lobo
Jan 18, 2019

miniclip 8 ball pool

How is it that you win but your coins are deducted anyway?? FACE BOOK REMOVE THIS POS GAME !!

El Lobo
Jan 21, 2019

miniclip 8 ball pool8

Never played a game where you are penalized for winning. I WON the game and rather than advancing my total I lost 500 coins! How is this POS game still allowed to operate?67

fantastic haole
Jan 21, 2019


Well I’ve read all the complaints you all have and I have to some degree experienced similar things BUT I have 36billion coins and I know how to play pool. I’ve never bought anything on the site just shooting pool at 61% and OUT PLAYING most anyone I play.
LEARN HOW TO PLAY POOL STRATEGY,POSITION AND HOW TO CONTROL THE CUE YOU USE. then you will enjoy this game cause it is the best pool game you will find on line

Feb 2, 2019

Games are rigged

The game chooses the winner before the game has started. Completely rigged game for money avoid.

Feb 25, 2019

### Rigged Games and System

This used to be a pure game but then these pedophile cocksucker swiss cheese heads decided to corrupt and rig the game for more money. You have to be a complete moron to pay a cent to play this game. First it started with the rigged daily spin. Then the childish bullshit cues with special powers. Now they have it to keep people who are not very good and keep them interested in the game most everybody is in the 45% to 55% win percentage. So regardless of your skill, if it is your turn to lose you lose. The only thing they can't control is players quitting. I see players with millions or billions of coins playing $100 9 ball games because they know its rigged and they do not want to risk large amount of coins on a rigged game. Look at the win streaks of your opponents usually 1 or 2 at most and occasionally more but no matter what it balances out to maintain the rigged win percentage. For years I had an average 70 percent win rate but that has decreased to an average 50 to 55%. I do not pay a cent to play this game and never will but for those that ripped off by slow connections and disconnects or just from obvious rigged games they all should organize and start a class action suit against these ###.

Jul 25, 2019

Why am I not getting the full prize amount

I've recently got a larger amount in pool coins ( not bought ), and now when I win games it's not giving me the full amount that I should get. Please help me figure this one out

Why am I not getting the full prize amount

Jul 25, 2019

Rigged game

This game is rigged. I’m in the middle of a high coined game and the game takes the cue ball away for no reason and gives it to the other player. It happens usually on my last ball to pot before the eight ball. Also with the account I have it doesn’t recognized my friends for the friend challenge on my rewards. Some friends yes and some friends no. Very confusing and aggravating.

Sep 25, 2019


all these problems are happening to me, please explain why

Oct 4, 2019

8 ball game

I am tired of reporting the problems I have playing the 8 ball pool. The mouse is uncontrol, the wheel keeps running without stopping sometimes you want to play higher , it give you low bet. Unless this problem is fixed I cannot keep playing on your Miniclip game

Apr 28, 2020

Coins bought but not granted

Hello miniclip
This is regarding my ungranted coins for the purchase of coins(INR 800) in the 8 ball pool. It was Saturday on the purchase but hadn't received any coin grant till today. So kindly check it on n hope to hear from you

Jan 17, 2021

Wierd happening at 8 ball pool

I have experienced the sped up shot timer, the cue ball rolloing the length of the table without slowing until it scratches in the far end. I just ran the table with two balls lioned up. I shot and one ball went in and my other followed it, leaving me with a short, straight in shot on the 8 ball. Suddenly, the connectuoin was dropped. When it picked up again, the two balls I had pitted were back on the table and my opponent was shooting. When I’m lined up to shoot a ball in and the cue ball to break another of my balls loose, I suddenly experience weerd spins on the ball that would be impossible. Ive won 8-9 games in a row, lost one, won four, lost one and then won one. Then for 18 of twenty games its almost impossible to make a shot. Weird bounces, cozied up where I cant shoot more than once. Fun game, lots of cheating at the source level though. How about when you make two in a row, then the gane abruptly ends and your opponent is getting the coins and suddenly canyt plaqy right now?

Anurag rastogi
Jul 4, 2021

I will pay but no pool pass reward

I will pay 399 rupy but i dont got pool pass reward.

Sep 30, 2021

I Helped Design 8 Ball for Mini /YES RIGGED

I was one of the first programmers an (DTL) Design Team Leaders at MINICLIP starting 19yrs ago. Yes... MINICLIP Pool Games are "rigged" to get your money . DUH !!! Its a business, and, we, the Swiss, were/are there to make money like any business. We treated the game as a drug to get you hooked right from the start . Our programs are designed to take advantage and get you hooked then get you to go into withdrawals. I am really amazed at some of you that figured out how the we rigged you to lose. In 9 Ball , take aim, slam the shot ,and you , 9 out of 10 times will scratch the Que Ball... Pay us and we gave you a small doses of winning, just to get you to pay more, get more !!! Do you people really think playing is Life or Death ? It's a freakin game. Calm Down.... OK , Cats outta the bag. Here is a little way to progress and feel like your a good player - I can not believe I'm going to say this... When your a good player and you Lose 3 Games in a row you know you should of Won , STOP PLAYING for 3 hours and your time away will reset your Odds Factor in YOUR I.D. Algorithm. Next time you Log In, on your Second Game-- NOT FIRST GAME , choose a High Limit game than you normally would and you will win 93% of the time. If you ever loose more than 3 games in a row STOP playing for 3hrs !!! Honestly some people are just stupid . We are NOT Govmnt. regulated because it is for entertainment purposes ONLY ! I retired after we were bought out by our Parent Company "Tencent Holdings" 4yrs ago ,Biggest morons are from Germany , USA, Brazil and Philippines .... And , YES, 18% of players are BOT's. Do not play anyone named Andrin, Liam, Valentin, Lukas, Simon, Lars, Enzo or Hugo because you will Lose 97.35% of the time. Thanks for the Pay Check , Love Ya All , Liam

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