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miniclip 8 ball pool

United States

Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball pool

Oct 5, 2016

it's really true

I know most would think all these complaints are just people that lost or can't play that well, but this mini clip 8 ball game really does cheat you. They have to make money somehow, and by making sure you lose or get a bad run where every shot is a scratch or bad leave or wrong spin, they try and make you buy coins. It is very obvious when it does it, normally for me it is when I have earned 250k+ in coins. I wish someone could expose this cheat game for what it is.

Nov 6, 2016

Games are rigged

Game is f**king rigged! The game will give you a 5 win streak then a 5 lost streak! And when you get a 9 win streak, they super rig the 10th game and prevent you from getting the achievement. they make you lose then give you a discounted offer. You buy the coins then you lose them all due to bullshit rigged games. Miniclip is a synonym for "scammer"

Nov 22, 2016

game sucks-rigged

pool stick does not work when playing 20,000 game. I had to pay 10,000 to play, but my pool cue does not f-----g work. your stealing coins that I paid money for. my phone number is shown, call me like a real man and lets talk about it. I also have the same kind of problems with Zynga poker. it's all about the money and cheating as many customers as you can. you really don't care if we quit the game because there are plenty of others out there to be taken advantage of!

Dec 21, 2016

They want your money. It's clear!

Miniclip 8 Ball pool has excellent graphics. It is a fun game. They mean for it to be like that. So they can sucker you in. Tell me if this has happened to you, you start out doing great. Winning 70 percent of your matches taking in coins like nobodies business and you don't see the need in paying real money for extra coins or cues so y just keep playing free. You go to log on one day and you can't log on... There's an "error" in loading your account. So you try the next day and get to play but surprise surprise YOU SUCK all of a SUDDEN? You get your ass whipped by levels way below you and you're only winning a couple of games ever now and then. Your shots that are perfectly lined up like they always have been are veering off to the side or bouncing out of the pockets like you had f-king superman's cue or something. Your "free spins" have "errors" so you get nothing until the next day and you might win 25 lousy coins or a free spin to which you only win 25 lousy coins using it and the cycle starts over the next day. I've lost more games in the past 2 days then I have in the past week. And it's all because I was doing great without spending real money. They won't let you continue being good unless you pay up. It's a crock... A literal crock of shit. If there are not bots playing then there are tons of lucky mother f-kers that play. But really there are bots... We are not f-king retarded. Well you have one less player after tonight Miniclip. The rest of y'all save your self.

Dec 29, 2016

Rigged to spend money

The algorithms in this game are designed to reward the people that spend money. If you don't spend real money...you will end up losing. When you spend money...you begin winning. Can't blame the architects for wanting to make money but the game is not designed to be fair. My advise is...enjoy the game and don't spend any money. Winning comes with a price.

Jan 5, 2017

mini clip rigged

I believe it is rigged. I been saying it for months. I was dumb enough to purchase coins as well. I almost broke down and tried to find a way to cheat myself.. too many strange ball movements... too many running of the table with "great" shots.. even on the calling a pocket game. Support is a joke. I dont think they really have one. But I am done with them I need to find a real fair pool site.. if there is one.

Jan 7, 2017

mini rigged

they banned my chat for playing a bot and saying in chat "mini clip we are on to you ".. Now I see what legal steps to take

Jan 23, 2017

8 Ball Pool IS a SCAM

This game is a flat out scam.
Every time I play my games are rigged
You can't win at all unless you BUY
credits and when you do they let you win a couple games then. You lose every game after
I've shot shots where the ball would go directly in the pocket and magically bounce out of the pocket
Or just dribble around it and not go in
Constantly being pitted against "Employees"
Using guest accounts and bots to cheat
The first thing they say when you play is
"You can win now"
They are normally low level guests with a 90% win percentage. Then they have a little "Spam and Scam"
Trick where they constantly show pop ups telling you someone is online play them now. As a purposeful dirty tactic to distract you and cause you to lose. I get at least 20 of these per game. This company is trash

Cameron Biggs
Feb 14, 2017


I was just playing a game in a tournament and it made me lose the second match. It wouldn't even let me play the match.The first match i watched my opponents ball go from straight to going right. I've been playing actual pool most of my life and some shots my opponents make are impossible!!!

Feb 18, 2017


Sure! It's rigged. Anyone with half a brain should know that.

I learnt the hard way. I paid a few quid to them robbing bas***ds before i realised how foolish i had been.

However, i did learn a very important lesson. Nobody likes to walk away from a losing game, which is why they keep on playing, or in my case, keep paying!!

Don't let them ripp you off. Otherwise the only 'ROBOT' here will be you!!


Apr 12, 2017

It's a con

Win lose, no matter. Far to many cheats available to people to make them feel superior to others. Must admit that in present day everything is competitive. But while cheats are out there they are the true losers who use them. Heads up guys, if you lose just laugh at them. YOU ARE BETTER.

May 1, 2017

Absolutely Rigged

The miniclip support team is based in Lisbon Portugal and I've raised a complaint without any response.

I just started playing this game a couple of weeks ago and won't spend another euro on the game.

Doesn't take long to figure out the game is a scam. I'm an above average player and have noticed that most people I've been playing are bots based in Indonesia and Pakistan. Never came across players in Portugal (where the game was produced) and rarely come across players in the U.K. and United States. There's been a few times the screen freezes up while I'm about to hit the 8 ball in and I'll lose my shot for a connection loss! Then the "Guest" player wins after knocking in his 7 balls!

I'm happy supporting my favorite game developers if it's a fair game but please don't waste your money on this game. Stick to playing the lower tables and have FREE fun battling the bots in Singapore.

Jun 19, 2017

Cheats galore

Cheats galore on this game, there are no safe guards against it. I've reported players for cheating, got no response to the game designers. I've stopped playing. Full of sad people who can't win without cheating. I got to silver 1 league. Stay away from this game.

Jul 13, 2017


I believe this game is rigged. My wife and I played the game side by side on our phones and tried the 'Spin to Win' mini Game. We both spinned and ended getting the same points twice. Just one away from the 25,000 jackpot. I've played many games and the Sydney or London games where you have a 50 or 100 entry fee I normally win. I've gotten even 8 consecutive wins. Now let me just spend 'money' on a more pricey game like 2,500 and I always come close to winning and then lose. Twice in those games I've gotten close to win and shot the 8 ball and coincidently the cue ball goes in as well. That's frustrating. Then I go to a lower priced game to make up for the loss and mysteriously lose all games played until I stop playing or lose all my money. I know I can't possibly win every game but this just seems rigged and fishy. Maybe it's just me

Aug 22, 2017

Even more rigged than before..

I have been playing 8 Ball Pool for some time now but feel that I need to say that I totally agree that it is rigged.

In the last week or so I have found it amost impossible to win a game, whether it has been updated to make more money from people paying for chips etc. I don't know but it is nigh on impossible to win.

* On the break (if I break) there is always one ball covering another near a pocket.
* If the the opponent breaks there is no such problem and he clears up.
* Several times on the last ball after potting, the white ball will as if by magic roll behind one of the opponents balls.
* If I manage to get to the black ball the angle to pot it will end up with me going in off the black or (even if I use low power) the white will travel half the table and go in a pocket.
* As other people have also pointed out there are obviously 'bots' playing.

Sort it out Miniclip, you cheating bastards.

Sep 13, 2017

The Game is Rigged

The game is rigged. They manipulate the timer to favor opponents. I have shot balls into the pocket that hit the middle and comes out. They manipulate cue power, breaks that pocket balls, I even lost my turn on a few occasions for pocketing the right ball when I had two balls left and my opponent had most of their balls left. However, one player intentionally scratched to give me the turn to play their balls so I could win. I love the game but after loosing 15 games because I just could not win I delegated the app. Now I am back because my friends play. In my view the manipulation is way to blatant. I don't think they care that the game is rigged. So we are screwed unless we spend money.

Oct 2, 2017


Totally rigged, had high millions, went back to 800k, sent a complaint, was told I am sharing coins, so they took it, but left me the 800k to start again, really am nice but not stupid to give my coins away, used to win, but while having a shot next thing I know the opponent is shooting, also must be totally unlucky snookered myself 2 times and sunk the white 2 times, not once but many times, must be unlucky, and how can someone have 70 billion coins with a win percentage of 45 really. But it’s all about the money they make, if you or I leave there’s another 5 starting, frustrating because I enjoyed the game.

Oct 21, 2017

Cheating during the game openly.

All these days , it used to happen regularly like this ( every time I play the game it used to come to a sudden grinding halt) (freeze). Today while playing the tournament during the last ball to be potted, it so happened that the the strike ball went along with the opponents last ball. So, where is the question of him/her winning when they have potted the striking ball. Please, look into these problems, I do not want to miss this game. In case this happens again , it’s a bye to a good game falling into the hands of hackers.

Nov 1, 2017

Full of cheat and manipulation

I am a real billiard player and joining tournament in my area... so it means I know well how and where the ball move when you strike it. So funny with this pool game by mini that when they don’t want you to win... the ball will go in awkward angles/ directions just to cover it.. or scratch! You can only fool people that doesn’t play real billiard.. but not us! We are certified billiard player. I am very upset... because I love how the way you do this amazing online pool game, but the way you controlled and manipulate... this is full of shit! You just fooled us.. or the gamers. Someday... I am certain, you will lost of players because I know that 80% of the players know already how you fooled them. Thank you

Nov 4, 2017

Match fixer

I have placed a complaint, but then the problem seems to be multiplying. Whether I play the game or the tournament, the problems are Status Quo. (Game freezes when it’s my turn to play). It’s very irritating to play the game. We have to decide whether we continue or delete the game from our side.
The game was very enjoyable , but then this has become History.

Nov 11, 2017


I'm a level 47 (going on 48) with 57.1% win ratio. The most coins I've ever had at any single time was just over 60K. My total winnings are 2.2M.
I noticed that nearly all players in my league have exactly 2 Las Vegas rings, so I thought if I got 2 so far what's stopping me from getting 3? So all that I needed to get to level 48 was to get a 3rd Las Vegas ring. Was it possible? I lost every other game by weird glitches like mentioned by others. It's as if I'm not allowed to level up so quickly by playing Las Vegas.
Anyway, here are some general notes:
- Players on winning streak stay winning for a while, once you lose a couple games you will be driven into a losing streak where you could lose all your coins.
- The algorithm almost always matches you with a player better than you if you lost the previous games, the opposite is also true.
- Backspin and force seem to magically become inconsistent throughout the game where it suits.
- I've watched videos of high level (100+) players, they seem to have a lot of skill but also tend to take random shots a lot and still win, the breaks are just ridiculous.
- For tournaments it tries to balance the player levels as best possible but there's a reason you don't see players with 50 tournament rings (not even 5 for that matter most of the time).
- The daily spin is a waste of time but interestingly it took me over a year to get a single epic cue one piece at a time whereas my friend who continuously purchases coins has several epic cues and a couple legendary that require just one more piece to get but he doesn't play anymore cause he got bored of it..funny..
It also took a year to finally land on something more than 100 coins...
- In game advertising videos (for me at least) tend to be related to real gambling applications. This makes me understand that this game is also considered a gambling application as it is mostly rigged.
- I've tried the extended guidelines hack (and was banned yeap, but I was only level 22 so it's okay) and I learned that even with that there is no significant increase in winning percentage due to other problems such as impossible scratching.
- Snookers and difficult positions are very difficult to be made possible by algorithms and also more difficult to prove.
- It can't be proven whether bots play especially when they are breaking first and end up winning the game without you taking a single shot. I really can't see AI being so advanced as to be able to figure out shots the way I've seen some questionable players play, however due to the very constrained work area of the pool table and standard controls, it is definitely plausible, but not from a smartphone directly.
- There is very limited amount of processing a smartphone can do which leads me to believe the actual shots are processed on the Miniclip servers in order to actuate the AI algorithms and this then can also happen without a trace.

For you players who spent real money on the game and lost it all you should be taking legal action against Miniclip and not sit and pout on some forum.
Take video footage of more games and gather scientific evidence of rigging.
If you think it's not worth it, the least you could do is find and read through their terms and conditions/policies to see if they mention any of this to cover themselves legally.
Imagine if someone had video evidence to prove rigging and he lost a grand in real money. Don't you think Miniclip would have legal terms to cover themselves in this and similar scenarios? If not, there's a good chance someone can make a case against them, granted the evidence is gathered scientifically since apparently it seems so obvious to everyone else but nobody took the time to make it official.

Bottom line, don't play 8ball pool if you don't have spare money to throw at it without really caring whether you lose it all. If you wouldn't gamble in casinos or if you want to keep your life and sanity then it's also recommended that you don't play.
Hope my take on all this will be helpful to someone out there some day.
go get 'em ;)

Nov 14, 2017

Hardcore cheating

Time and again ,I have placed complaints but in vain. The game is rather getting from bad to worse.Patch the problem or else delete our membership from your site.
It’s a sad end to a good game.6019

The king of hustle
Nov 20, 2017

Miniclip 8 ball pool

Great game,have earn't over 700 million without spending a single penny!Hustle your way up!Bring your skills from the table....if you have any!

Dec 19, 2017

I agree very frekn rigged

This game is so rigged that I just quit today. my encouter was so obvious it was ridiculously stupid. I play Singapore alot to get my coins moving up fast but as soon as i win tournaments in a row, the next tournament I play, all of a sudden im matched up with players that run the table and I don't get a shot. Thats when I would close game sign out come back in, then alls well again. Well just tonite after doing it like 3 times in and out of the game the weirdest thing happens in all tournaments and single matches. After every shot I've pocketed, the Qball comes to a stop position then suddenly jumps to a different position. So I was like what the hell was that? its still my turn so i shot ball after ball to see what happens. Well low and behold as i pocket my last ball for the 8ball next, this time my Qball comes to a set position for the 8ball then sunddenly jumps position making it impossible to make in the 8ball , then my opponent wins. screw this mclip 8ball rigged crap, I Frekn Quit.

Dec 25, 2017

Totally Rigged

So many times I've shot a ball into the pocket and all of a sudden my opponent is on his turn- like what happened?? It should be my turn. I've also had opponents scratch the white ball but then the white ball appears on the table and opponent continues with another shot as if he never potted the white ball. I've had the balls mysteriously change position and I've also lost my cue so I couldn't shoot. It's disgusting. If this game was just left alone without being altered and manipulated, it'd be the best. But I'm sick of the frustration this cheating game does. Also had balls I'd shot in reappear on the table - it's so fake it's disheartening

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