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miniclip 8 ball pool

United States

Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball pool

Dec 28, 2017

8 Ball ###

This game is clearly a scam and not fair at all. So may times I have made a break and before I go to take my next shot all the ball positions move to a new location. This has happened allot, almost as if the game let both players break but then changes to the other players break results. I've also won and lost games but my chip quantity has not changed. I've sent many msgs to the twats that make this game but they not interested. This game used to be so much fun years ago, now its just a bs cash cow. So glad I've never actually given these conning bastards my real money.

Dec 30, 2017

Taking coins

They take your coins, I was on tier 46 an now I'm in tier 16 had to start game over last 9.000 coins and today l last 1.900 coins. Support won't investigate the situation. They will email you back with a generated email from computer. Then they tell not do contact them any more.

Jan 4, 2018


Obvious the game is rigged, anyone with two eyes could determine this. The only reason I've got so fair in my 8 ball career is due to ignorantly purchasing coins out of desperation. You can tell the daily spin is rigged as it never lands on anything over 500 most of the times. 500 coins is nothing after 2 or three games. The only time I've won big money is when I did the paid spin (of course so you can by more spins.) I've strategically placed shots with the cue ball and it only bounces all over the table and lands in a pocket. Sometimes the 8 ball is no where near where I'm shooting and gets knocked in by another ball. I busted the balls in the same location since I've started playing with the same force and cue and sometimes I get a ball in and sometimes not. How is that possible shooting in the exact same location each time!! It obvious this is a rig as your more likely to win a game if you pocket a ball after busting. DONT PLAY THE ALL IN LOUNGE! Your more likely to end up playing a person triple times your level and lose all of your hard earned coins. It was even times the 8 ball lands on the edge of the cusp of a pocket causing you to lose. If you've ever played real pool, no matter how much chaos and randomness you can apply to a shot, you can see the game cant possible factor in the right statistics and therefore is rigged. I've come to the realization that I've spent $60 in coin and spin purchases with nothing to show for it, but some stupid level of 27 and less coins then I always start with. I can blame them though, if I could make a popular app where 8 million people play and their willing to spend 99c each day I would be a rich man!! I would recommend that since the makers of this game want to rig it, then us a players should play the same game and find out how to hack it to work it to our advantage!!

Robert Jones
Jan 12, 2018

know how to play

I am a good player on both a real table and this game. On four occasions I have been playing high bet call pocket games (Vegas and up) and suddenly the game will not let me pick the pocket. Tried all six pockets and none work. My side times out, opponent plays, my turn and again will not let me shoot!
To the rude person calling us cry babies and to learn how to play, I challenge you to explain how this problem has anything to do with knowing how to play?
I will not lower myself to name calling like this person.
My wife got me an Ipad to better enjoy this game but I am totally pissed off that the game (or hackers) will not play fair and square!


Toby One
Jan 14, 2018

Rigged game

8 ball pool by Miniclip is like many of the phone app games.........it is rigged to make you buy coins, cash or other items. The graphics on the game are good and the direct shots are probably based on the law of physics, but the play of the cue ball after first contact is based on an algorithm that defies the feel of real pool. For example, a maximum back spin on the cue ball will cause the ball to "pot" (or "scratch" if you live in the USA) an inordinate amount of times. The position of the ball after making a shot is also often behind another ball so you cannot make the next shot (I play the 9-ball game often).

I will NEVER pay money for coins or other items. Once you reach 500,000 in coins, you can watch videos for 500 coins each. Play the $2500 or $10,000 stakes after you have built up your coins.

Often the daily video for 1 cash does not give you the cash but 500 coins instead. The daily free spin is rigged to almost NEVER hit a large amount.

Play with your eyes wide open and do not fall for the "deals" for buying stuff. Like most of the online Texas hold-em apps, this one is rigged as well.

Steve collins
Jan 17, 2018

Sucks just want someone to control better than the creators

The game is rigged! I’ve sung 8 ball and service (internet) is slow when game resumes challenger has ball in hand! I quit as of today 1-17-18 bullshit game fun but bullshit!!!

Jan 25, 2018

Cue change during matches

I love 8 ball pool but recently I have noticed my cue changes by itself while playing a match
Am I the only one ??
Apart from that, game is ok.
Am running in the low 70% so not doing too bad for over 30k games

Miniclip sort the cue change out.....Please !!!

Feb 2, 2018


It's a total scam, after 3200 games my win ratio is 78.3%. I often don't get the break, once it took until the 11th game and it's usually about 5, the chances of 1/11 breaks it absolutely astronomical and it's happened a few times. Sometimes the white veers off course, (my mate filmed one and slowed it down and it defied actual physics, which they have actually got well in this game).

And the white, having played snooker and pool at club level for 20 years I know all the angels, again this makes them up sometimes JUST so you can't carry on winning.

The earlier post is correct, they want everybody around 50% so you have more chance (in their eyes at least) of paying for coins.

Great game, disgustingly fixed.

Feb 19, 2018

Potting the Black

Every time I play any game above the an entry fee of above 100 dollars whether it is a one on one match or tournament when I get on the black or on occasion before the black the cue won't shoot and the pockets flash until timer runs out. I've also lost money to the game and had no help from miniclip support. I do believe the game is not fair and players do cheat, would be nice to find an honest game of pool.

Feb 23, 2018


8 ball is clearly rigged I've noticed many people I play against making impossible shots some even win a perfect game I do not even get a chance. I'm level 32 it seams ever since I reached that level I keep on loosing I play between 1K & 20K matches & it seams since I got to a certain rank It's impossible to win now but of course I often win on 100 or 200. Clearly rigged they just want you to spend money on the app it's pay to play don't fall for their scam

Feb 23, 2018

Mini Clip Pool Rigged

Definitely rigged! I hardly ever purchased coins, but when I did some how I would loose a lot more than if I had a small amount of coins. The guest's seem like bots and after getting matched with a 94 rated player when I was a 34 rated player for an all in I deleted the app. I choose not to play games that can easily be rigged because it takes the fun out of it.

Mar 14, 2018

Fake to make you buy coins

I had a high amount of coins because I was doing really good winning tons of games until I got to around level 40 then it's like something switched off. I start loosing constantly but of course I'll win the 100 & 200 games but not any of the high K games anymore. It seamed to happen when I reached a high amount of coins & level. As a test I purposely lost the remaining amount of coins I had & what a surprise I start winning again in the high K games when I have little amount of coins under 10k.
They make you loose so you will buy their coins don't do it. Most profiles in the high k games are AI designed to make you loose many suspiciously fake profiles you play against in the high k games.

john harmen
Mar 15, 2018

Definatley something fishy

I have been playing this game for 2/3 years now or maybe a little longer. I have 3 accounts from which i only play with 1 properly. If you have played this game properly you know deep down inside it boils your blood when you lose especially on bigger chip tables such as mumbia and berlin. I hardly ever play berlin because you either get a hacker or you will lose without even getting a shot. So many times i have lost the game on a black while potting clearing every other ball on the table. Yes i do agree you have to be a master of spin in order to win games but there are times games are soo easy for your opponent to win. Don't get me wrong i do appreicate when i win / lose fairly but most of the time you know who will win straight after the break. I have never bought anything or purchased anything but the aim of the game is to drain your bank account as much as they can because obviously they want sheep players to keep on purchasing. Lately hackers have overtaken the game and miniclip have done nothing about it. F**K THIS GAME it has ruined me after i played it for so long. I have preety average stats, 61.4% over 4 and half billion coins but still this game annoys the f**k out of me everytime i play it.

Mar 21, 2018


98% Of the people you are matched with is from India it's common knowledge there is allot of scammers in India Makes me think who ever made this game is a scammer. It's made to make you loose so you will buy their coins

Apr 28, 2018


This game is the worst stealing points so frustrating

Apr 28, 2018

Worst game

It’s the worst game ever it keep stealing point from me and is totally fixed

lee egan
May 1, 2018


why did you cancel my membership. I had nearly 6000 coins . I log in and boom I'm back on level 1. wtf

May 11, 2018

Yup, Rigged

Same as the other comments - starts out well with no loses then all of a sudden you start losing like you're the worst player in the world.

My experience is mostly with 9ball though, you bet 10 million coins. The opponent wins on break several times (sometimes 5+ times, then you get to play and you only win about 2 times.. this repeats quite a lot but not always 5 wins for them, sometimes 3 wins and sometimes even more.

This is completely rigged because miniclip gets to decide who wins on the break for 9ball.

And I don't think it has anything to do with purchasing coins because I have bought over 400 dollars worth and they still rig the game.

Unfair experience, avoid. And yes, I'm an idiot for spending that much money. :-(

[email protected]
May 16, 2018

Very Disappointed

Been playing this game on and off for a while now and have been completely sickened on numerous occasions due to the total unfairness of the game. I don’t mind getting beaten by a good player, but when you are repeatedly bombarded by nonsense outcomes after playing a shot, it lets you see how rigged the game is. I’d like to think I’m an ok player and have a win percentage in the 70’s, so you can tell when the game is taking the pi55.
I recently clicked on the £5 million game by mistake and after a few shots had a couple of my opponents balls tied up behind mine. I was then able to play a ball into the problem pack and pot one of my balls freeing up everything of mine for a clearance. I got down to my last ball, started aiming and my timer ran out, I must have had 3 seconds max. The other guy then went on to win. How can this happen if it’s not fixed.
Something else you can do to prove it’s fixed is to start again at level 1 and see what happens when you try to loose a game.

May 30, 2018

Fun Game But It DOES Cheat You Out of $$$

Its Def a fun game to play but I'm pretty sure it DOES CHEAT YOU OUT OF $$$!!! I've been playing pool for years so I'm pretty good and know rules but I'm pretty sure they keep track of who sends their hard earned $$$ and finds a way to make you lose so you run out of coins and have to spend Your Own Hard Earned $$$!! I've had this game cheat me so many times; will take my shot away and say I ran out of time on MANY occasions and will make me miss a shot when I'm aiming directly at the pocket & then my opponent will come and make the same shot and make it but Most of the time it just takes my shot away and says I ran out of time WHEN I CLEARLY DID NOT!! Tighten it up Mini Clip or I'm sure you will LOSE a lot of business cuz I'm sure I'm NOT the ONLY one that gets cheated!! Other than that its def Alot of fun besides getting cheated every day!!

Shams shah
Jul 21, 2018

Pleeze reopen my accoun 177-546-802-8

Please reopen my 8 ball pool account

Aug 1, 2018


This game sucks...other countries steal coins so do people who made this game ...i have lost lot of coins from them .ive reported it nothing done bout it ..if stealing is bad then why u teaching kids and people how to ? You have polices that tell us you ban people who cheat steal and etc.. But miniclip doin it their selfs ...WHAT HAS OUR COUNTRY GONE TO? Im sick of it ...maybe we need report to someone to investagate makers of this game and ones who do cheat...do peopleread news wherethey got other countries stealing and scamming us? People GET A JOB!!!!!

Aug 17, 2018

Game totally rigged

I have read many of the comments and can't agree more with some of the reviews. Too many times I have noticed that they will make the time short or make it look as if the connection is poor in order for the opponents to win the game. Honestly they are more interested in making you want to buy the coins and not continue winning it the legitimate way. Disappointed.......................

Aug 27, 2018

8pool ultimate disappointment

8pool is an awesome game however due to the unethical practicing of dishonest business practices I will no longer support a company like this it is way unfortunate that they rip off the very people who support and patronize miniclip,I understand fully it's just a game but when you purposely intend on ripping off people that is wrong I lost 23k of coins with no explanation or reason after this and also reading others unfortunate events I have decided I will delete the app and play other games that are reasonably fair you are a disgrace miniclip! I will let as many people know not to play this game!

Aug 31, 2018


For all of you that made it to my post. You only need to know one simple thing about 8 ball pool by miniclip.. it is evident to all that this game is rigged, it is rigged so you will lose your coins and (BUY) more! Your job is to remain calm and never bring out the debit card for a $0.99 deposit, because then they really have your number and will make you lose more so you buy more! That is all

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