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miniclip 8 ball pool

United States

Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball pool

Aug 31, 2013

games are rigged

I like trying to play miniclip 8 ball pool, but their games are obviously rigged, so it's very frustrating and hard to win. They use blatant tactics to get you to lose...table freezes up...no power behind stick when breaking, so no ball go in pockets, but the balls end up laying out to the advantage of your opponent. And they unfairly match you up with higher levels, making it impossible to win. i.e...a level 14 and your opponent is a level 37! The people with the tricked out cue sticks and tables are the ones that always win. They're gaming practices are grossly unfair. But, they let you win here and there...just enough to keep you playing. But, when you decide to play a game with a higher ante, you'll most likely lose. I've complained to them numerous times in their feedback section and told them they practice unfair gaming, but nothings changed. It also would appear that some of the players are bots. I can try and make a shot, but mine misses, but my opponent makes the same shot, but his/hers/or bots shot goes in. If you play, you'll know what I'm talking about....rigged, rigged, rigged.

Jan 24, 2015

Miniclip 8 ball pool


(((((. THY. NEED. 2. HELP. WHEN. YOU. ASK. ????? PLEASE HELP !!!!!


Jan 26, 2015


How do these players get so many millions of Coins?

Mar 10, 2015

8 ball dislike

I to believe the game to be rigged.I've shot at balls straight in the pocket and they hit somewhere down the rail. I've had my guide line literally in the pocket,shot and the ball hit down the rail. I've had balls go in and come back out.Or shoot a ball lightly and the cue ball bounces all over the board knocking the eight ball in.I've played a level 82 player when iI was level 17.I have shot at balls then the screen would flash and my balls would be back on the table. I had $30,000 once at level 23, the screen flashed in the middle of a game when it came back I had no money and was back at level 1.I to have played the computer "Bots" they can't seem to miss a shot no matter how unlikely the shot may be.The game pisses me off alot but it's the only game that is ? kind of mature I guess. Wish they would fix it though.

Aug 25, 2015

Mini Clip Rigged...

I'm very disappointed on the reviews I have read recently. I have enjoyed playing this game for a while and usually play the small coin amounts. Today I had 5300 coins in my account and decide to double it by playing the 5,000 coins. To my dismay, I had the last shot on the 8 ball and my timer is going down but I had no cue. This has happened before and I thought it was a computer glitch. I will never play this game again and hope this review helps some other person out there that likes fair competition. YOUR LOSS MINI CLIP!!!

Robert Mainord
Nov 18, 2015

Miniclip unfair practice's

Please complain to Facebook and anyone that does business with miniclip. It's the only way to stop the stealing from people. The app was designed to get you to purchase more credits by forcing you to lose, by way of dropped connections, freezing games by slowing the connection or plain taking your credits. Total ripoff.!!!!!!!!ยก

Dec 24, 2015


I have an account on 8 ball pool play and I am in level 150 and my unique ID: 122-145-318-9 I had more than a billion and a half of coins and The next day, when I entered the game I was surprised that I do not have only 250 of the coins, Without any warning so I need your help to recover all the coins

Jan 6, 2016

The reason 8 ball pool is rigged

I've played about 15 000 matches of 8 ball pool and it's very clear that the game is rigged. I've wondered why it is so and come to the conclusion that it's for economical reasons. The company providing the game does so to make money otherwise they wouldn't do it. Now who pays to play a "free" game? Well those who are winning enough to feel that they are good at game but also feel that it would help them to have a better cue for example, maybe they think they would have a shot at the bigger coin matches but haven't got the patients to wait and play a lot off low coin matches to get there. so if one could manipulate the game so that more people felt that they were pretty good at 8 ball pool but needed something to improve their game, then more people would be likely to buy something from the game. Well how would one do this? One way is to make the white ball go in when one of the player is clearly better than the other, another is to put a players ball snookered when that player has pocketed several ball in a row. If a player has won several matches in a row the eight ball can go in through some imaginative and sometime weird bounces so that the opponent wins. In these ways mclips can get some control over who wins a game. But what is the purpose of all this? It's to get as many player as possible to win 45-53% of their matches, and if you think about it most off the opponents are at those win percentage. Very few off the players are much higher or much lower.
And it's when you are at those percentages you are more likely to buy a cue, cash or a pile of coins.
If you think the game is rigged so that you should loose you are wrong. many reasons why you won when when you first began playing at the start was because the game helped you so you could manage to get within that magic span 45-53%.
I've started over five times and quickly get up to around 93-95% and then the game gets really interesting when it works against you to lower your percentage. It can be really hard winning the london tournament for example, you can loose bigtime against players that has potted 20 balls total. :)

fantastic haole
Jan 15, 2016


You guys are a bunch of CRYBABYS who obviously do not know how to play pool. A game of strategy position play using correct cue speed and English as well as an occasionally saftey lock up play. I'm 150 high run 25 consecutive games 2,000,000,000 coins
Practice and learn how to play correctly

Jan 16, 2016


It's sad that you don't see straight, you mean that the game is not rigged because you're winning?
A somewhat shortsighted opinion as there are no matches in pool where no one wins.
But you are right in that the majority of the complaints here are from people that have lost their coins.
Don't get me wrong, I'm good at this game, not the best, but up there. Held 87% for a long time.
And success in this game isn't counted in coins as they're useless.
I would bet you a lot of useless coins that if you lost your coins you would complain to, though maybe not here.
I've played against people (I hope) that had the game totally in their hand, no misses at all. but those are few, maybe 3-4 in 15 000 games. I'm not such a player, I don't have the talent for it. I have a hard time seeing angles in shots. but I do have the strategy part right so I usually play the balls in the "right" order, and I know my spins.
My biggest complaint is really that I think it's sad that they have almost destroyed such a good game as this.
Because I love the game, but hate what they've done to it.

Feb 2, 2016

8 ball most frustrating game in the WORLD!

I have been playing 8 ball for nearly 5 months now, and I seriously can't handle it anymore. The despair of missing shots that Im Ive sunk 100 times before, but for some reason even though I use the same power, cue, angle and spin, the shot falls short, or angle is off? Its makes me wonder if the power bar or spin features are accurate; or even if the physics of the game are the same with every match? Im level 53 now with a 57.2% win ratio and I cannot get my coin balance above 10,000 anymore! At my lower levels I used to play 100,000 regularly now I lose to people 10+ levels below me with a far less win ratio. I feel as if the game is working against me to try make me spend money on coins :( I love the game but too many dodgy breaks, too many legendary cues everywhere, too many suspicious network disruptions. I sound like a sore loser but sorry 8 ball, I gotta let you go.
The more I play the more this game reminds me of a casino slot machine. I just uninstalled it. When Miniclip cleans the game up ill play again. But theres no way Im spending real money on a game thats rigged!

Feb 4, 2016

8 Ball is definitly rigged

I have played now with a few different profiles and what I have found is initially they let you win when you start....if you don't buy any coins or cues things go bad pretty quickly. The first game I played on one profile was a "bot" that i could never have lost to..i tried though...it came down to the black ... he had a simple cut ..he timed out ??? then by mistake tapped it to slow and the black was over the pocket in the corner and he had the white ball in hand ....again he timed out !!! ...i've just played with a profile didn't upgrade cues or anything I was up to level 8 and played the "all in game"... got pitched against a level 72 with 36million in winnings lol ...it all seems to be about the cue..if you have a good cue you'l win...when they want you to lose all kinds of amazing flukes and shots go in against you or leave you snookered in crazy situations..its fun though trying

Melvin Percle
Feb 24, 2016


I would like to a person.about the game.

Feb 27, 2016

rigged 8 ball pool

This is the worst rigged game out there...lol...it's so simple to see..how do I know it's rigged you ask?...I help design games and it's so simple to see the way it favors new players...pathetic...

Mar 1, 2016

game is totally rigged

Dear creators of miniclip 8 ball pool, After spending some time playing your game I have come to the conclusion that the game is totally rigged, From the moment of the break, its already predetermined who is going to win. I don't mind being beaten in a fair game. And I only take pride when I win a game fairly. Neither is the case with miniclip 8 ball. The software seems to be rigged to get as much cash as possible. So it manipulates the outcome of a game. I have played over 10 K games, so I know what I am speaking of. I see cue balls flying in pockets where the science just doesn't add up, not only mine, but also of opponents, thus allowing me to win. I DO NOT WANT TO WIN LIKE THAT!!!!! It is in basic a good, enjoyable game and your graphics is excellent. But the spoiler is that you don't really win or lose a game based on skills, but on who of the two opponents is set to lose. This leads to much frustration, so know I have ended my account. It has become to much of a cash cow and too less of a game. To anyone considering to buy credits, because the game has sucked you in: don't! Go to a place where you can play on a real pool table and you will see the difference. Miniclip, shame on you for scamming your customers the way you do.

Mar 1, 2016

game is completely rigged

Dear creators of miniclip 8 ball pool. Just one question to you: do you think your customers are total morons? Do you?

I have played over 10 K games and have come to the conclusion that the winner of any game is predetermined by your software even before the break. The apparent reason is to sucker as many customers in as you can by controlling the win-loose streaks. I don't mind loosing fairly, and only take pride in winning fairly. With your game neither is possible. All players are pawns in the game where only miniclip wins with suckering in unsuspecting people of their cash.

I have seen cue balls flying in to pockets against all the laws of physics, or perfectly played balls ending up being snookered or the black ball hitting a pocket in an insane manner (both from myself and opponents -- we both are being scammed at that point)

I want to inform you I have quit playing your game. In itself you have great graphics and a good concept, but you guys have become to greedy, which spoils it for those of us who, first and foremost, want to have a FAIR game. Not one where miniclip manipulates it.

To anyone considering to buy poolcoins, I would like to say: save it. Go to a place with real pool tables and have a blast. At least you will win or loose fair and square. Miniclip 8 ball is just a rip-off.


Apr 10, 2016

Poollivepro (Rigged Games)

Poollive pro pool games are dishonest and rigged. 1) Your winning and all of a sudden, your cue no longer works prior to winning the game. 2) You begin your game and the game resets and you lose your bid without playing the game. 3) your intended shot is dead on to go in the pocket but it babble in the corners and stays there for your opponent 4) You scratch (sink the white ball in a pocket) at 10 times the average that the opponent does. 5) No matter what precautions you take when you play for position, the white ball rolls behind another ball so that you can't shoot the fallowing ball which in the 8 game is often the ball ball for the win and you lose. 6) No matter how slow you play on a given ball, the white ball rolls and rolls till you scratch and/or your snookered. 7) In the beginning (the software programers) let you win a lot so that you begin to slowly get addicted and once you reach a certain average and accumulated amt of coins, then like on cue, you start to lose much more regularly regardless of how you play. 8) Obseve how uncanny is the luck of your opponents after you have win a few., they will do almost any shot and obtain near perfect positions. 9) Notice all the undue advantages to those who purchase their expensive cues with special abilities for aiming, drawbacks, effects, spins and you name it. 10) Sad state of affairs to get you hooked and then exploited to spend cash in an attempt to get back on the winning side of which you have actually no control whatsoever. All and all, nice graphics, beautiful little game setup but the game is totally rigged, too bad.............. I had 95,000 coins accumulated and allowed opponents to get them all by either not playing during my turn and/or directly sinking the black ball until all of my coins were gone. I just got fed up of being manipulated, frustrated and very aggravated while I could do nothing about it.
A total disgrace courtesy of Poollive pro.com Ripoff, Ripoff, Ripoff, Ripoff.............................

I suspect that many other so said initially free games are of the same character dificiencies !

Most sincerely Pierre ([email protected])

Madhu Kashyap
Apr 11, 2016


The game is totally rigged. I was an good winning streak and was playing a 2500 entry board, as soon as i was winning the game froze and there was an error message. Next I am on the main screen with 0000 Coins. Initially I thought it must be a computer glitch but soon realized it's rigged as it repeated again when i was on a good run, and also the cue does not work when are on a good run in a high stakes game. IT simply refuses to shoot thereby making us feel that there is mouse problem but actually it is totally rigged game as it happens only on a high stakes game.

Jul 23, 2016

The game is not rigged

Ok, been reading these complaints. I can't say as I've ever felt like I was playing a robot and I cannot say that I feel these games are rigged. I've been playing for a couple years now, got so pissed off at losing sometimes that I deleted the ap over and over lol. I always come crawling back though. The table is a bit wonky, oversize pockets but the physics are primo.
I wish like mad that we could chat with each other, those stupid chat packs are useless. Every now and then I'll have a game that just quits mid stream, sometimes I'm absent the wager, sometimes I'm not. It's rare though. I'm still up at 68% and have maintained that at Toronto level for some time now with no skewing at all and for the record, I've never spend a dime on this game.

Aug 1, 2016

Unfair game

I used to love this game. Although once your win percentage is high, the game basically makes you loose. Once I finally got enough coins to go to the London tournament, I was paired against someone on level 127 when I was only a level 10! I have played against users who run out of time and are still allowed to hit the ball. I have seen players who made the same shots I did at the same angle and the ball goes in the pocket ,but mine didn't. The game always freezes when I'm taking the winning shot. Breaking is the worst. Once I potted 4 solid balls and my opponent got to be solids. You can guarantee that if I break no balls will roll into the pockets but when my opponent breaks, at least 2 balls will fall into the pockets.

Aug 9, 2016

Clearly Unfair

Many can doubt the legitimacy of people claiming that they were cheated because they're opponents made near impossible shots or they themselves potted the cue ball even after perfectly planning their shot. Mind you I've definitely felt the same way however there was no way to actually say I was 100% certain. This was until the day something interesting happened. I was having a perfectly fine game and had the advantage over my opponent when I attempted a shot at one of my target balls. The ball went into the pocket, but before I could make my next shot the screen flashed, the balls from my previous shot that were disturbed switched positions, the ball I had just potted was now back on the table and the beep signaled that it was now my opponent's turn. Oddly enough, my opponent immediately started setting up for their shot as though they didn't see what happened to even slightly suggest they were confused about this or let alone saw what happened. To this day I can safely say that this has happened in the same way over 30 times and i've lost many games as a result of it.

Aug 12, 2016

100% Rigged

It's definitely rigged. Lost 3,000,000 coins in 6 games. All games I'm winning and suddenly the last ball or 8 ball to win the game is a scratch or gets block or somehow the ball doesn't go in even though it was perfectly line up. Really pathetic because all they want you to do is lose my money so I can buy some which I will never f-king do it for Miniclip whatever you guys are called go f-k yourselves. I had one account before that I had over 25 million coins and took everything away said that I was cheating I'm like what the f-k this game is so f-king full of bull shit.

Aug 18, 2016

8 ball pool

Straight up Scam, I want all of my money back!!!

Ronny no stock
Aug 22, 2016

miniclip, house of thieves

Miniclip is just another word for thief. I've never in my life seen so much cheating going on as I have by miniclip. They even advertise telling you how to cheat ( for a price ) sell you pool cues that have more power, better aim, better spin. If the games are not rigged, then why buy a cue with all the special stuff? It's hard to believe that they get away with all the thievery. Google and Facebook turns a blind eye because they are getting the share of the incoming funds. Where is the United States of America's federal government? Why do they allow this to continue? Because the US Government is getting their hush money.

Joe Philbin
Sep 9, 2016

Clearly Potted Balls

Such a BS game - on many occasions I have been on a run and I pot an easy ball setting up for the 8 ball - - then there's a pause and the whole pool table changes and I am stuck with a blocked shot. I can't be the only one this has happened to.

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