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United States, New Jersey

Consumer reviews about JustFly.com

Jan 8, 2018

Fraudulent Company

I got an ad on Kayak about low fares on Justfly from NY to San Francisco. It was enticing so I logged on and they had a low fare with the dates and times I wanted so I booked the flights on my credit card. As soon as they confirmation page came up they had made an adjustment to my flight departure date. I called immediately to say there was an error and they needed to change it to the date I requested, They refused and said if I wanted to cancel I had to pay a $75 cancellation fee. All the agents spoke broken English. I then researched them online and they are a fraudulent company that needs to be put out of business. They prey on the consumer to get their money. DO NOT USE JUSTFLY!! I have it now in dispute with my credit card company. They are SCAM ARTISTS!! I am also spoke with Delta and am sending them the warning from the BBB so that they will no longer deal with them. Please DO NOT USE Them you will get scammed.

Feb 16, 2018

Worst company scam scam

I purchase airline tickets through this filthy company and they changed my flight schedule after I book my flight.. I immediately call then and explained my situation to them. I was told there's nothing that they could do but I can cancel my flight which has cost me $125 dollars this was within 5 min of booking Wow! $125 what a f%$&% scam.. I believe my itinerary was change by justfly on purpose..

Feb 19, 2018

Scam Artist!!

I have been Scam! I purchased 6 tickets for a trip from Lax to lihue. It cost me $4473 and cancel and paid $360 for cancellation fee. They gave me a travel credit of $4473 to use for future flight for the same destination. The tickets will expire November 27, 2018. I told them that is fine. When ready to book flight using my travel credit the price of tickets, I had to pay $400 more than I had paid per tickets. This means I had to pay additional $2400 on top of my travel credit of $4473. SCAM!. What can I do now? I am not going to give them one more dime to be scam again. My money is tied up with them with No flight, No destination. We have booked our stay at a resort that is non refundable. Somebody, PLEASE HELP ME!

My email [email protected] if you need to contact me regarding class action lawsuit. I have already contacted Better Business Bureau. Waiting for response.

Feb 20, 2018

JutFly.com is a SCAM

JustFly.com is the worst company to book anything with. DO NOT book a single thing with this company. They are a SCAM. tried to use a credit of almost $1,000 for a flight and now they tell us that price was for a new booking, now it's over $2,000. They charged $150 to cancel original flight. Even though every airline has the same flight for less than $1,000. Even though THEIR OWN web site is $899. They gave us several reasons why the credit cannot be used. 1. The cabin class is full and now you must pay for the next cabin class up. 2. New bookings on their web site are cheaper than using credit. 3. Dates were not available for the credit amount and will cost an additional $1200 on top of credit. We checked many many dates on THEIR web site and every date was available and for economy cabin class. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Company was totally unwilling to be reasonable in using the credit amount to book the new flight. DO NOT USE.

Harry Merentie
Mar 8, 2018

Harry M

Justfly is one of the most fraudulent company i have aver seen in my life for $ 53.00 they have charge my credit card $ 830.16 if you ever call the waiting time is for ever if by any chance you can communicated with someone they will put you on hold and you will be disconnected my advice is to call you credit card and cancelled it as soon as possible
Es una compania de LADRONES,tratando de enganiar a los que trabajan honrestamente.Never used that company and call the BBB

Mar 9, 2018


Justfly.com is a scam. I booked a flight (United Airlines) for 5/27/2018. The original flight was to layover at the Newark, New Jersey airport for two hours and then I was to take another flight to Miami, Florida. The arrival time was to be 7:00 pm. However, without my knowledge the flight arrangements were changed. Now I will leave San Jose. Layover at the Newark, New Jersey airport, and the new layover will be for four hours. The arrival time to my destination will be at 10:15 pm. I was not pleased with these arrangements, so I called justfly.com. I was placed on hold for 45 minutes. Eventually, I spoke with a supervisor. I told him that I am a spinal injury traveler and these arrangements were an inconvenience to my health. I was told that no other flights were available. I was told that I could not get a refund and I was told that I could not take an another airline. I am very disappointed and I would not recommend justfly.com to no one, especially a single female traveler.

Mar 22, 2018

Worst customer service

This company has the worst customer service. They provide misleading information. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Apr 5, 2018


I booked a trip and cancelled well within 6 hrs. I was charged $75 for cancelling, however, this was in fine print which is NOT easily seen on the website. I spoke to two people in customer service who refused to return my money.

Apr 13, 2018

You have stolen my money

Purchase 3 tickets February 23rd going to Oklahoma City to Hawaii when I printed out my tickets they had the wrong return date so I'll call back on the 24th I was advised to cancel my ticket a rebook which I did 6 weeks later and I still not have gotten my money back I get no help from customer service you have no actual physical address as I can find out you have 1500 complaints so now I file a a class action suit by the way that was money for a plane ticket from the church for church convention and you have stolen that money from God and he says vengeance is mine so I would be a ware

Apr 28, 2018

Stole our vacation money

Book my flight got my confirmation retrun date was wrong.call back less 24hrs they advised me to cancel my flight Rebook would receive a refund liers also purchase cancellation insurance. My question is why is the government not done anything about this was so many complaints and money not return thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars not returned I don't know how to do a class action suit but we need to find out just flies out of Canada but Monty bent Ventures oh no just flying there out of the United States

May 4, 2018


The worst service ever!!! DON'T RECOMMEND!!!
I've booked a flight and got the confirmation email. After that, I booked hotels and so on...
Next morning, 8 hours later (why didn't you call me right away after the booking???) they sent me: "We were unable to process your credit card...". I was trying to re-enter my card number, I thought I made some mistakes, but after two attempts they canceled my booking... Why???
Later I figured it out, my debit card day limit was less than the price ($4K)...
But you confirmed me my booking 8 hours ago....!!!
I called customer service, asked them to hold the booking, I could pay from my account directly... My bank is across the road, I asked them to wait and hold this booking it just for 10 mins. Their telephone connection was really terrible, the mumbled me something from their prepared script (I really felt they didn't care my problems...). I asked to call me back, they asked me to hold on on the line and after one minute disconnected and nobody called me back again...
You don't care your customers!!!
You ruined my vacation!!!! I wasted money because of your stupid service! And wasted my time trying to call your absolutely careless employees within one hour!

Jun 6, 2018


i cancelled within 24 hours.
"free 24-hour cancellation" became a $75 fee / person.
when i asked to talk to a supervisor was hung up on.

Jun 12, 2018

Sylvia santamaria

My name is Sylvia santamaria, I bought 2 airlines tickets last year to Peru by mistake, tame airline toll me I have a credit for a year and now they don't want to re scheduled the day , I want to travel august 9 to 16, they transfer me to a differen departments and no body can help me. Can you please helping me. Thank you
My email is. [email protected]

Jun 20, 2018

Stay away from justfly.com!!!

Worse costumer service!! Booked the flight and bought the extended cancellation policy, which is a joke!!! After countless hours on the phone with costumer service trying to get my flight cancelled, all they told me is sorry our hands are tight!! They wouldn't even change the flight to a further date! This company is a fraud and have lots of miss leading information. Never will use this company again!! Stay away unless you just want to throw your money away!!

Jul 7, 2018

Misleading customer service

It’s nightmare to see how you will lose the money to cancel the booking.
Misleading information relating the cancel my trip.
Even we brought the travel insurance with the booking.
It’s cost for tickets $1042for R/T (2pax) to Asia.
And Justfly was charged $641 for cancel the booking plus all fee.
I feel it is a Rip-off
I will not recommend. I try to call them and explain It over my budget to losing money. Misleading customer service.

Jul 19, 2018

Mr John Verton

I had a voucher from this BS company for $1269.00. I booked in July 2017 and called to use my voucher for a flight from Philly to RDU in NC. First I was told by CS that I wasn't the person on the flight manifest, then she looked further and gave me a oh I see you now. She decided to transfer me to another CS person. I was again not happy with this. This one told me that I didn't have a voucher with JUSTFLY and needed to discuss this with the airline. Then she retreated on that as I explained to her that i was reading the Itinerary of the cancelled flights and the information on the new flight they booked me on. I was then told my voucher was no loner valid because it was up on July 9, 2018. I told he this is July 19, 2018 and my flight was in November 2017 not July 2017. The voucher should be good until November 2018. She then disagreed with me by stating well this is when you purchased them. I stated that may be true but didn't use them until November. I want to speak to her supervisor. Of course, none of this got me anywhere. they STOLE MY $1260.07. BUYER BEWARE of this CRAPPY COMPANY. I should have read ALL THE REVIEWS FIRST.

Aug 13, 2018

Justfly.com fraud company

Don't go to this website justfly.com, this is a scam website, We cancelled our flight back to the Philippines back in may of 2018, and we have a travel credit of 1,330.48 cents, and then I tried to rebook and use this credit for a one way flight with the same destination only to find out that I have to pay additional payment of 509, F===k this company. this is a fraud.

Sep 3, 2018

Re: Reimbursement

I was reviewing my credit card account and I noticed a charge from Justfly in the amount of $14.95. I would like to know why my credit card account was charged? Below is a copy of the credit card transaction. Please refund the full amount to my credit card. Thank you!

Aug 29, 2018 Aug 29, 2018 JUSTFLY.COM ROCKY HILL CT Category Travel Select a Category ($14.95)

Sep 15, 2018

Not the trusted company

Never Again!
JustFly:, Never Again ! Gimmick company!
Poor customer service! Not helpful at all ! Becareful with your cancellation trip. Even insuring your trip does not work. You will not get your money or your insured money refunded. If you cancel you have to pay again ( what a looser , is steeling in a daylight).
Pay more and go to the company that can assure you with your thicket. Not a trusted company . So disappointing!

( Never again) Buy ticket from (JustFly) !

[email protected]
Oct 8, 2018


The fare adds, on Justfly.com site, are very misleading. In my case, they changed the price from $640 to $3,800. in the final seconds of the transaction. SCAM!!
ALL MY INFORMATION WAS ENTERED FOR 5 PASSENGERS. SEATS WHERE PICKED. CREDIT CARD ENTERED.Then, all of a sudden, they had a price change, for an additional $3,300 dollars. CRAZY!! SCAM!!

Sue Railton
Oct 24, 2018

no cancellation credit

May this year 2018 booked two flights from Australia to Seattle then on to Denver Colorado and return for my husband and myself. On August 9th my husband had a stroke and was hospitalised so I both emailed and phoned Jusftly to cancel the flights. We were to depart on August 16th. Justfly requested documentation from the Drs and hospital which was sent. I was told I would get a travel certificate for future use but today when trying to arrange new dates of travel they say that as they could not contact me using the number on file these flights were not cancelled however they did acknowledge receiving this information.
It is a $3241US scam.
Close down this travel business now.

Jan 13, 2019

Ripe Off

This was my first time using this company. VERY BAD. Had long layover that was not on the original booking 18 Hours!!! They refused to give me a full refund, instead held $75 for cancelation fee. I only booked the ticket within 5 minutes of when I tried to cancel. Wil NEVER use this company again. Its such a shame that almost every company out there is a big SCAM artist.

Jan 13, 2019


I booked a flight and the layover was 18 hours that did not show up on the first page. Once I booked I realized that there was an 18 hour layover and that I could not change the reservation 5 minutes after I made it. WHAT????? My options were to pay another $265 to change one leg of the flight which was like buying a new ticket or take a $75 cancelation fee for 5 minutes of time. DONT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

Feb 12, 2019

Total scam

February 9, 2019 6:15pm we arrived at japan osaka kansai international airport, we we’re about to go to another terminal airport because its a connecting flight. But i couldn’t get through because they we’re asking for a japanese transit visa. So i spoke to the management and immigration officers at the terminal, they told me that im not allowed to transfer to other terminal because they needed a japanese transit visa. Which is i told them that i am not leaving the airport because the next or connecting flight has only 3 hours and 45 mins layover. After the commotion and arguments i learned that i needed a japanese transit visa because there’s an immigration counter which is all of the people has to go through upon arrival. Now i am claiming this because by the time we bought the ticket i checked on the website that there’s no visa required since we are doing a connecting flight and our purchased went through with all my information. FYI i have a Philippine Passport with a US residence green card. Plus by the time we checked in at LAX no one ever or advised us that i needed a japanese transit visa. I have all the proof from online at justfly.com that visa is not required eventhough ive already input all my information saying that i have a Philippine Passport. So my trip to the Manila Philippines got interrupted to see the wake of my mother who just passed away. Japan airlines management decided to give me a ticket to go back to LAX from osaka kansai international airport but they gave me a ticket of february 10, 2019 at 5:40pm so ofcourse i have to cover my expenses for my food, drinks, and clothes for almost 24hours inside the airport. And never got the chance to see my mother for the last time.

Mar 20, 2019


I booked an international multicity trip with 2 stop overs. The following day I decided to select seats with the airlines and while at it, I noticed there was a 3rd stop over. I called justified and they refused to remove the extra stop over. I asked for a refund and the guy I spoke to argued I did not need to cancel the ticket since it was only 1 more stop-over and I didn't need to get off the plane. I insisted they issue me with the original ticket with 2 stop overs or refund my money. They offered to refund my money, but they also said they will charge another $50.00 for the cancellation, I asked to talk to a supervisor, but this guy won't let me talk with his supervisor and so I let it go. BE AWARE AND DON'T USE THEM FOR YOUR FLYING NEEDS! THEY ARE LIARS

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