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United States, New Jersey

Consumer reviews about JustFly.com

Aug 16, 2016

Terrible customer service & Call center

Had to book 7 last minute (expensive flights last week) to visit a seriously ill mother. Our last time to be able to see her. While BA messed up the outbound flight (overbooked us, split my family up on two later flights, lost our luggage and only offered 30 minutes in the lounge prior to the flight on), we suddenly lost our normal set of tickets and now BA refuse to help, but also JustFly are terrible.

Their call center (likely in India) repeats everything I just said, or tells me incorrect information, or tries to arrange something I did not ask for, or they simply hang-up (their preferred option). I have spent literally hours of the 5 days with my dying mother trying to resolve my flights and find them, possible extend by up to one day (as our delay here was a full day, time that we lost with not being able to get close to where my mother was), but no-one helps.

No-one calls back despite several 'lost connections'. No-one can confirm my last calls events .... have had to repeat myself numerous times. Absolutely time wasting and useless.

May be good to use if you know you are never going to have any flight problems, lost baggage, delays, stop-overs or family emergencies. If any of these may be applicable ... I am certainly not happy to use JustFly.

Aug 19, 2016

Cancelled reservation

I booked tickets from DFW to DEN on JustFly.com. Right after I booked the airplane tickets, I booked the hotels and car rental. They sent me the email confirming my booking. The next day, they sent an email that my flight reservation has been canceled. I called the customer service and asked why. He said it was the Frontier airlines's fault. And that's all it. I told them I already booked the hotels and car. How can I do? The airplane tickets were then gotten more expensive and I couldn't afford it anymore. He said too bad and couldn't help. I told him I wanted to do the survey after the conversation. He just left me waiting and didn't get me to the survey. I will report this to bbb and file a complaint. This is a scam. Don't use this website. I won't ever use it again. They just want to be in the business to make money without responsibilities. I booked tickets through other websites like expedia and hotels. com all the time without any problem. Stay away from justfly.com.

Aug 24, 2016

Terrible terrible

Where to start ?????
I have bought two tickets one for me one for my daughter to fly to Paris and let start with the one from my daughter
My daughter received an internship and because of it we had to cancel her ticket and I thought no problem I bought the extra insurance !!! After I call a call center most likely located in India o found out that I will only received 1/2 of the value of the ticket and a fee of $150 will be taken right away to process the refund and it will take 7-9 weeks (crazy right) after 11 weeks called back and they told me that it was still being processed and that I needed to give them a copy of my credit card statement for the last 2 months??? What ????? Who would give their personal information like this ???? They took the $150 that same day how can they not be able to put my refund back as fast ?? NOW ON THE PHONE FOR THE LAST HOUR STILL WAITING !!!!
Now about my ticket
I flew to France great experience wonderful vacation until I missed my flight due to a late first flight from an other company. After a long wait to see if Icelander could put me in their next flight I found out that because I have bought my ticket from a third party they could not put me into the next flight unless I paid (ready for this) $3500 for one way ticket to Paris/Boston. If you buy from them make sure that you are guaranteed that nothing will happen or you will have to pay more then your all vacation caost you !!!
And has I type this review I AM STILL WAITING !!!!

Aug 25, 2016

Do NOT use JustFLy

This company is a scam and has the worst customer service I've dealt with in a long time. The representatives are rude and unaccommodating. They offer travel insurance that is misleading and charge hidden fees for everything. I needed to make a change to my name and they wanted $155, but if done with the airline direct it was only $80. Buyer beware! Even the BBB has issued a warning about this company.


Sep 8, 2016

Rude, Nasty and very unprofessioanl

I truly wish I had did some serious research before booking my vacation flights with JustFly.com. They are the worst, non-professional, rudest people I have every dealt with in my life!

My mother's name was spelled with a F instead of a R and I called to have it corrected - I was on hold for 30 minutes, then told it would cost $75 to correct. I told them I had traveler's insurance and it was a simple fix, the woman on the other line told me, "It's not simple and she would charge me the fee."

When I refused to pay and ask for a supervisor or manager I was ask why did I need to speak to a supervisor, they would tell the same thing! She placed me on hold for 45 minutes then the line went dead. It tool 3 days to make a correction.

I would have rather walk to my vacation destination then ever deal with these butt-heads again!


Sep 8, 2016

They Gave me wrong information

I purchased a trip through Justfly to travel to Manchester,England from New York & back. They sent me my e-ticket that said I was flying on the Condor Flugdienst with flight number, etc. All seemed in order. I received an e-mail saying my time leaving had been changed, I called Condor and was told that I was NOT on the plane, I then called Justfly and waited forever for a person to answer, sorry but his English was terrible, he said I was on the plane and sent me the new Itinerary. I started to get nervous and called Condor, again I was told no I was not on the flight. After many calls with no satisfaction I -emailed Condor with all my itinerary, they said they would look into it, meanwhile they gave me a new number to call. Thank god a lady looked into it for me and told me I was on THOMAS COOK!!!
Well I called Thomas Cook and was told that I was NOT on the list.
On the day I was leaving my children took me to JFK we went to terminal 4 and I went inside praying for answers. I asked a lady to look at my E-ticket and she said yes I was on Thomas Cook, I still had my children wait until I had my boarding pass in my hands.

Never again will I go through an agent, I will call the airline direct and get my tickets.

Sep 15, 2016


I booked an air ticket. When I received my credit card statement I noticed a separate charge for $10. I called and they said that it was a service fee for choosing my seat. I'm pretty savvy with the websites so if they informed me at the time of booking they must have hidden it pretty well. Nevertheless, they said that I could have had the charge reversed if I had phoned them within 24 hours of booking. That's when I realized that they never invoiced for the $10 service fee. It wasn't on any receipt whatsoever. So could anyone call within 24 hours to reverse the charge if they aren't aware of the charge until they receive their credit card statement 20 or 25 days later? I was persistent and they reversed the $10 service charge. Even so, I will never use this company again.

Sep 26, 2016

JustFly Insensitive to customers plight

For the past 10 days, I have called several times trying to correct a typographical error in the spelling of my first name on a phone reservation made by one of the agents. The scam artists want to collect money from me to correct a typo made by one of its staff. I have been told matter is being investigated. Countless hours spent on the phone. Still no resolution. Will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This company should be out of business to protect consumers.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use this organization.



Oct 5, 2016


I called first because i was checking for air fares, they said to book online asap because the fares were going up. I did and less than 24 hours later they went down, not a few dollars over 50. I called to do the "free cancellation" and they said it would cost 75.00 to cancel- How is that FREE!!. That is for sure FRAUD. If I have a problem with my flightI will not only sue for damages and fraud but I have contacted the BBB to make them aware.

Oct 28, 2016

Worst Disaster Ever--DON"T USE

Total disaster, spoke to rep intended to book 2 round tickets quoted a price when I received my confirmation email price was increased. Called and immediately cancelled. Reimbursement I was told would be in my account 2-10days later. Over 25 days nothing-when I received my bank statement NO REIMBURSEMENT -turns out they booked the same 2 tickets twice. CHARGED for 4 round tickets for same 2 passengers, same day, time, etc.???

Over 2hours on phone trying resolve (ridiculous) - personnel very hard to understand and very inefficient placed on hold up to 20minutes at a time what a nightmare.

Had my bank rep conference call in she too couldn't understand the inefficiencies and long waiting time she described it as "inexcusable". She managed to partially resolve the initial 2 ticket charge (which is still not posted to my account) JUSTFLY made a mistake with the additional 2 tickets but FAILED to assume responsibility-

As a result and based on advise from my Bank Rep we decided to cancel my CC card and report the extra 2 tickets as a FRAUDULENT charge. I'm very unsatisfied--OUT close to $500.00 for up to 90days until Bank completes investigation- additionally I haven't received the reimbursement ($500.00+) for the cancelled original 2 tickets.

I have used 3rd party agents in the past EXPEDIA etc. and NEVER had the issue that I experienced with JUSTFLY--they advertised cheaper price and that's how they enticed me to go with them---DISASTER NEVER AGAIN

Don't do it
Nov 9, 2016

Horrible Experience, BUYER BEWARE!

We bought our son a ticket home for Christmas, in September, using the Justfly website. The flight wasn't ideal (a four hour layover in MSP) but the price was reasonable and the time frame put our son home in time to enjoy our huge annual family Christmas Eve celebration. We received the confirmation and a receipt for our transaction shortly after booking through the website. We never used this company before but have always been happy with other such websites including Expedia, Kayak, and Travelocity, so we were expecting the same results...fast forward to November.
We received an email notifying us that there were some "minor" changes to the flight. The flight number and layover time had been changed ( instead of four hour layover, he was now looking at an almost 7 hour layover). I called the customer service line and was immediately put on hold. When I finally spoke to an "agent", I asked her to clarify the difference between a "minor" and "major" change and she told me that a "minor " is anything under 3 hours and since this change was under 3 hours (apparently the 7 hours layover time was under the three hour window) there was nothing I could do unless I wanted to pay $275.00 fee. We refused!
I then asked why his flight was changed in the first place and she proceeded to tell me that the original flight had a "mechanical error"and his flight was changed for the " safety of the passenger"....WHAT???!!!! I asked her how the airline/she would know this information six weeks in advance. She became upset with me questioning her explanations and advised me to call the airline directly and as I was asking to speak with her supervisor, she hung up on me.
We did call the airline directly and shared our experience and their explanation to us. The airline told us that the information that Justfly was giving us was totally incorrect. They changed our sons flight (his layover is now less than one hour) at no charge and apologized...TY Delta!
I will NEVER use Justfly again!

Nov 13, 2016

JustFly Says We don't Care

I had an emergency and booked international round trip flight, booking 031 751 972. Because of UBER taxi no show I was late for flight, arrived at the airport one hour before the flight, nobody helped me there. I booked another round trip flight, 028 023 651, and called JustFly and asked if I can get the refund for return trip, 'No' they said, they considered the NO SHOW for the whole 031 751 972 trip, I asked the if they can combine both trips and give me some refund, I stayed on the phone for more than one hour and got only No! No!, No! WHY???? The return ticket was supposed to be good. I asked to speak to the supervisor, NO SHOW for the supervisor. Who got the money for return trip?

I am senior, 69 years old, live on the tight budget. Nobody could help me to clarify why. It was not my fault I was late.

JustFly customer service is not for the customers!!!! I am going to report this issue to BBB.

Fuck you
Nov 20, 2016

No help no consideration

Now that trump is president he will put this scum out of there crooked scams

Nov 26, 2016

JustFly.com is a Scammer

Justfly.com is a scammer company.
On 11/19 I purchased two airplane tickets from justfly.com for me and my husband from San Francisco to Glasgow, Scotland. The price was $1062 per person and it was by British Airway. Two days later, my computer alerted a cheaper flight this time with United Airline and it is from Sacramento to Glasgow only $476 ( a price that is hard to believe!). I live in Sacramento area so it means much cheaper flight and can save 2 hours driving time to San Francisco.
So I called justfly.com agent and asked how I can take advantage of this incredible deal. The person who answered my phone call had heavy Indian accent and agreed with me that I can still save money even after paying cancelation fees. She cancelled my British Airway flight and asked me to wait for a while until I can speak to ticketing agent to purchase this better deal ticket with United. But this agent cannot find this ticket of $476 from Sacramento to SF. In the meantime my computer screen was updated and that priced flight was completely GONE! All of a sudden I realized that I am stuck with a bunch of fees, $300 each from British Airways for cancellation fees ($600 for two) and another $300 for international ticket change through agency ($150 x 2 = $300). So I called the company and inquired where is this ticket that is vanished and complained about $900 that I am, all of a sudden, stuck with from fees. I said the agent has heavy accent and she gave me a misleading information like changing the ticket is still worthwhile considering the price drop. But what she should have done is to urge me to secure this cheaper United ticket first and should have told me to contact them to cancel the British Airway tickets. If they are doing the job professionally, that should be the sound advice that should be given to their customer. But she cancelled the BA tickets first even though by that time there were no United tickets available. She and the justfly.com totally mislead me and so why should I pay the $600 and $300 fees?
What I really thought strange is that when I showed interest in this flight, the agent did not hesitate to cancel but rather eager to cancel my flight and when I talked to ticketing agent to make a new cheaper reservation, the computer screen went all of a sudden updated and changed to higher cost for the United airline. When I read other people’s complaints online, they are saying the same thing.
Do not use Justfly.com. They are scammers.

Dec 9, 2016

False Information & Lies by Agent

All lies by agent and it some point I even felt agent was drunk

1. Lied about seat confirmation fees different is $20 if I do on justfly.com and it is $9 when I do with him.
2. Agent lied about giving me seats together in fact he even told me some seat number which he did not even reserve for me. Getting seats together was the reason for me calling Justfly.
3. Confirmed total price for the tickets to $1416 & when I got confirmation it was $1,576.80
4. He kept calling me "Mam". Even after telling him I am a male.
5. He provided false information about 1 free checkin luggage.

Dec 13, 2016

Do NOT use Justfly.com. TERRIBLE

Do not use Justfly.com AT ALL, EVER. They are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. I made a reservation and not only would they not allow me to cancel immediately as I had the wrong destination airport booked, but I could not get through to them on the phone. They kept saying 15 mins to wait, and many, many minutes later, would drop my call. Almost everybody in recent months has allowed me to cancel a reservation immediately without any penalty. Priceline and Delta Airlines allowed me to cancel via web or an automated cancellation phone line without needing to talk to a human. It was quick and painless and took less than a minute. Only Justfly.com was so absolutely ghastly. Their terms are DRACONIAN and their customer service by phone is non-existent.

Dec 31, 2016

I have insurance

i have been delayed miss flights , had to pay my own hotel and baggage temporarily lost for a few days Claim # 020110341. I would depreciate you reimburse my losts

Dec 31, 2016

I have Insurance from JUSTFLY

I would like to be reimburse of my LOSS/MISS fights delays, Hotel fees, food and lost luggage. I already file a claim. Havent heard from your company, Claim # 020110341. I do appreciate a speedy recovery of my losses..

[email protected]
Jan 11, 2017

big time scam

I called up to book eight tickets from detroit to sydney australia. the cost was 1141 a ticket. the total should have been 9000. after one and a half hours.. i received an email saying that my credit card had been charged for over 22000 dollars.,when i called customer service i wasted another hour to get nowhere.. be aware and be very afraid.. I hope you will avoid having this happen to you.. Shame on you trip advisor and kayak for giving them a platform rick out of luck

Jan 12, 2017


Booked a flight and cancelled within an HOUR of doing so. I was assured by the agent that the flight had been cancelled and my refund will be due within TWO to TEN days. I had not received the refund after TEN days so called to follow up on why the refund had not been received. They said the Agent on that date (31 December 2016) did not complete the cancellation. This is in spite of the fact that she assured me categorically on that date that she had cancelled the reservation and the refund was due between TWO & TEN days. ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. THIS OPERATION SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!

Jan 19, 2017

Booking a Flight

Called and booked a flight was told I would receive email confirmation and e-tickets. Gave my email address and made sure that they read it back to me correctly. One and 1/2 hours later no email so I called back to only be told they sent all my information to wrong email address. Very horrible people to deal with as they act like there is no supervisor to speak with and comments "OK now"! I told them no it is not OK. 39 minutes on the phone and what a waste of time......
Better Business Bureau needs to get involved!!!!!

Jan 25, 2017

extra charges for nothing

Booked 3 tickets to Atlanta. When invoice came in there was an additional $240 for seat fee and customer service fee. $200 for customer service fee. Redtag or travelicity etc don't charge this..It is a scam and we will never use them again. Be wary.

Jan 29, 2017

Fly away from Justfly nightmare

3 days ago I booked flight 6 months in advance. Called Justfly back simply to change time of day of my flight. Justfly was most unkind, unfriendly, and cared nothing about my issue. If I changed time of day for my flight they will charge me double the fare on top of what I just paid! I went direct to airline and had to rebook flight and pay again but was far less than Justfly! Justfly has NO heart in the least. Never again will book with Justfly and must tell others of the same nightmare! Fly, fly away from Justfly.

Feb 5, 2017

Worst experience with justfly, duping people

I completely agree that justfly is a scam... they will mark lowest fare, but then extract the money from your pocket to make the tickets much more costlier than all other websites.
On top of that, their rude customer reps will torture you on phone with broken english.
I booked the tickets for my wife, who was traveling with an infant. justfly marked the lowest possible price, and their website didn't have any option to add infant with the passenger.
Airline told me that you need to call the travel agent (which was justfly) to add the infant. and when I called justfly back, they charged the enormous fee for adding the infant.

I was getting flight ticket with infant from different websites for $900, but justfly quoted $850 on their website.
There was no option to explicitly add infant on the justfly, but other competitors websites had it. May be, that is why competitor's websites were quoting higher price.
I booked through justfly (because it was quoting lowest price), and then spoke with the airline to add infant. Airline told me that i need to call justfly to add the infant, and price for adding infant should be between $80 to $100.
When i called justfly, their asked me for $200 extra for adding infant, and that bumped up the ticket cost to $1050. Almost, $150 more than the competitors, who were giving pricing with the infant.
Technically, just fly quoted lower price to win the purchase, without disclosing the price for infant (because there was no option to add the infant), and later on charged much higher price than competitors.
This is such a big scam.

Mar 1, 2017

unreliable site

This Justfly.com is the site create lots of problem for me, my son and my daughter flights. I was spending lots of money on my cell phone from Italy to ask them to correct their mistake. They did not help. I had to buy another ticket for my son and they did not re-embarrassed me for the new ticket. First they issued the wrong ticket with the wrong spelling. They did not even help to correct their mistake. My son name was spelled wrongly and caused lots of problem in security. My daughter flight changed to the other airline and she had to stay in airport for 24 hours.

Please do not trust them. Their services was very bad. I am agree with the other reviewer. This is a Total Scam.. Please don't waste your time with such an unethical company. They are truly the cause of the worst flying experience I have ever had in these years. I will never use them and will tell everyone about their shady practices.

i will never, ever, ever buy from Justfly.com, Please even try to buy any ticket form them. I hope their company close very soon.

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