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United States, New Jersey

Consumer reviews about JustFly.com

Apr 30, 2015


United States, New Jersey

Misleading Customer Service

I booked a return ticket for my wife from EWR to DEL. The flight from EWR to DEL was a direct flight and had no issues. The return had a 4hr layover in Munich as suggested by the website and confirmed by the customer care executive while booking over the phone. In haste I didn't verify the itinerary again. To my surprise when I noticed (while my wife was in India) the return flight had a 9 hr layover. I was totally shocked. I contacted JustFly and told them about the issue. They immediately asked for a $450 fee + difference in fare if I wanted it to get it re-scheduled for a 4hr layover(connecting flight). I had spent around $50 for the trip insurance as well but the customer executive didn't help.

I will never use JustFly.com again and wouldn't recommend anyone to use it.

May 9, 2015

Horrible Customer Service And Misleading Information

Absolutely the most ridiculous customer service. I booked a trip which I had to cancel and before I cancelled the tickets I specifically asked if I would be refunded and was told yes. Then when I called back I was told i would not get a refund but a credit instead, and now I have $4k sitting there and I can't get it back. After I've spent over ten hours on phone calls and several emails to customer service with no reply, it's my advice to everyone to not use the service. They charge ridiculous fees and give you misleading information.

May 11, 2015

Justfly is a rip off

I booked 3 international flights through Justfly and had to cancel them. I reluctantly agreed to pay the high fees to do so. When I tried to re-book the flights through Justfly, I was told that there were no flights available, even though Justfly's website showed many flights available. The agent said that I could not have those flights because I could only have certain discounted flights and to call back in 24 hours or maybe a week. So basically, I've got a $3000 credit I can't use. This is the worst online service I have ever used. The customer service is a joke. Emails to them are unanswered.

Aug 22, 2015

Misleading travel agent

I am horrified when I booked an international flight for the prize indicated online only to get another email with an additional charge of $858.00 to my credit card about a bogus insurance premium. Please be careful and I will be reporting this incident to better business bureau.

Oct 10, 2015

Don't use the airline

We brought three set of tickets from justfly for our family's trip to
Australia between 8/28/2015 and 9/3/2015 with Reservation numbers:
003-381-690, 003-366-939 and 003-381-752. Everything worked as expected, we
got confirmation from the site and they promptly charged my visa card . We
thought that everything is okay so we went ahead to plan rest of our trip.
Then late September we found out that our kids' itinerary was changed,
instead of flying back from Los Angles to Chicago with their parents, they
were put in a different flight. In the process of trying solving the
problem, we shockingly found out that our business class tickets from
Syndey to Los Angles were also cancelled ---- without even informing us,
suddenly we don't even have tickets travelling back from Australia!

We spent many hours on the phone with them trying to sort out those issues
without any success. The experience was incredible frustrating -- we were
put on hold sometime for up to an hour, and customer services reps were
totally unhelpful. Their answers were evasive and they just tried to shift
blame to airlines. When I asked why our tickets from Australia back to Los
Angles* (Qantas Airways 309) *were cancelled, they told me that the
airline cancelled the flight, which is a blatant lie ---- our kids are the
same plane and their tickets are not cancelled. I called the airline myself
to verify, and they told us that the flight was never cancelled! We asked
them to give a new set of tickets but the answer is always that they will
do it and call us back in 24 hours, but invariably they never called and
the problem were never solved

This is a criminal organization, don't use them!!!!

Dec 29, 2015

Worst Customer Service

This organization has the worst customer service in history.

For the past 21 days, I have called every 2 days (as instructed), to change the spelling of my first name on a reservation. Am always told to call back in 2 days. Countless hours spent on hold. Still no resolution.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use this organization.

Feb 28, 2016

Customer service is terrible.

I booked tickets for myself and daughter to travel to Sweden for July 2015. After entering the information 5 times on their website I was so frustrated I spelled my first name wrong. When I checked my seat availability I noticed the mistake and called immediately. I was told because it is an international flight with 2 airlines I can not changed the name. I was charged extra money to cancel the tickets and was told I have a credit I would have to use within 12 months of purchase date. I tried to use the credit for the ticket and now I am told the name can't be changed and would have to remain the same. I spoke with both airlines on the original ticket and was told if I could have the name changed but my ticketing agent would need to do so. When I called back to Justfly and informed them of the information they still insisted the name can be changed. Also it would be great if they had English speaking customer service reps that one could understand. DO NOT USE THEM, THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS.

Mar 7, 2016

Horrible, misleading,

Layers, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 13, 2016

Horrible, SCAM

NEVER, NEVER, USE them again, Big charges for little service. YOU will never get you money back.
Have to cancel my flight due to my mom getting sick. Charges keep coming on my credit card, for JustFly fees. But I am still waiting for my partial refund. They have no problem taking money from me, but I have wait up to 2 month to get some money back.
Customer service are unprofessional and not helpful.

Apr 15, 2016


This was my first time using them and it is the last time. I had to change my travel plans because my mom was terminally ill in the hospital in I.C.U. If I did not change my flight I would have never able to see my mom before she died on March 22 2016. Now I have to back for the funeral and Justfly not only wants me to pay the airfare but the penalties for cancelling my orginal flight. Of course I cannot get my money back and of course the are blaming the airline. When I call first you are on hold forever and cannot get anyone who speaks english. Take my advice and STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! TOTAL RIP OFF!!!

Mary Anne Gallant

Apr 16, 2016


Simply unbelievable that an agency with such a criminal intent is allowed to operate freely within a system that is supposed to protect the customers from undue exploitation. How does one explain the fact that information is posted online which is completely contrary to the action pursued by the service providers. First I see a cost for my intended flight to Los Angels and Back which looks good and I immediately proceed to book the fight. all the attempts to get it done fails and I call the service only for an agent to tell me the amount has changed within a space of 5 mins, even though they will post the increased amount online. I end up paying an additional amount of 120 dollars, that is a total of 376.00 dollars instead of the initial 249.00 dollars. But as if that is not bad enough, an additional 56.00 dollars is deducted from my credit card, but which does not appear anywhere on the electronic ticket. All the calls made to the office are answered with the usual pretentious politeness of a real fraudster. And to crown it all, I have no right to cancellation of my flight. In effect a client ends up being victimised and exploited by the people who are supposed to assure him of a dignified service. I wonder what the CIA and FBI are thinking about? I wish the service providers well in their dubious and criminal acts.

Apr 18, 2016


My first experience a night mare... Purchase airline tickets and was told they don't accept debit cards..however myself and family cancelled our flight with them..a few days later they re-run my debit card without my authorization and had my account overdraft n will not refunded my money..they are currently under investigation..it makes me so sick to the bottom of my stomach that , such act can be done n you have to go through fire to get whats yours back.. I will not give up..I will make this NATIONWIDE where they will be out of business..

Apr 23, 2016

Total bait and switch Company

First and foremost I believe a attorney should form a class action lawsuit suit against JUSTFLY and all the airlines who continue to allow them to resale tickets then offer NO support in helping to rectify any grievances. The story begin I booked a flight on line for Cruise leaving from Miami on Aug 13th, returning Aug 21st. Deciding to book a flight on Aug 12th and return Aug. 21st this was done on Jan. 4, 2016. I never received my email confirmation, but didnt worry...wrong move. In March I call asking for my confirmation and was advised it was sent, I said send it now. It was then I notice my flight was exaggerated and not what I requested. I was told no money would be refunded; however, I would have to pay a fee of $125 per tixs (there were 2) from American Airlines and another $75.00 per tixs JUST FLY fee. I was livid. After getting no satisfaction from JUSTFLY. I call AARP and they wanted to charge me a cancellation fee of $200.00 per ticket then charge me a transfer fee for the flight I really wanted. I hung up from AA too.

I got over being angry and called JUSTFLY 4/21/16 to cancel my flight and was advised I would get a credit of $538.00 that must be used by 1/2/17. I must go through JUSTFLY to use the credit and it must be used for an AA flight. Never got my email confirmation so I called again. I received the cancellation email, but nothing about my credit. I was then told I would receive another email from ticketing w/i 24 hours. I'll see tomorrow.

I would like to use my credit, but not sure I could trust it. Plus after reading the previous complaints I think the credit issued is part of the scam too because most of us are so upset you just leave the credit not wanting anymore involvement with JUSTFLY and they win all the way, but so does the Airline monies are a joint effort.

May 15, 2016

Useless and helpless customer service

Booked my international flight a month ago, just like I did last year. Everything went smoothly, double checked if my name was spelled correctly (because that's where they get you), my address and contact information. A week later I received mail saying that the company changed my flight, and I had to call immediately to talk about changes.
2 weeks later as today, I've called 5 or 6 times and spoke to customer service reps, crossing fingers every time for someone who can speak "good" English (I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but I'm bilingual myself). I spent over an hour on the phone every time I called and was constantly put on hold and promised different things so many times.
So far I don't have any confirmation or idea if my flight is still active.

May 16, 2016


So far, the flight reservation I made last night seems good. Checked reservation with the airline, all appears normal. Now, should I have trouble, changes...that remains to be seen!
Flight is in September, 2016
I'll write again if something goes wrong.

May 19, 2016


so I went on there site last night and I found a round trip flight for 305.00 which I tried to book via there website was not able to do so, so I reach out to there customer service and informed them that I was not able to book the flight, she informed me that she don't have it for the 305.00 but she has it for 293.00 us dollars so I informed her to go ahead and book it for that price, once we ended the call I received a email as well as a text alert from my credit card company informing me they charged me 429.68, which I was never agreed to. so I reached out to there supervisor who was very rude, he informed me that it will take 72 hr to review the call, and if the rep did inform me she will charge 293.00 he cant guarantee me that I will get it for that price, he has refused to give me his direct contact number. I would like to take legal action against this company, it seem as if they do this a lot

Jun 18, 2016


DO NOT USE JUST FLY! Their representatives are ill informed and give out wrong information. I spoke with 3 people who gave me 3 different run-arounds. It cost me $300.00 with them and another $400, as I lost the airfare and had to pay extra. So a total of $700.00 because they gave me bad information. When I contacted them to refund the $300.00, I was told I needed to talk with a supervisor. I asked for a call back, and was told I needed to wait. I waited over 20 minutes and no one answered. This was after spending about 15 minutes with the representative explaining the situation. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!

Jun 25, 2016


I recommended Justfly to a friend who was stressed as her Mother had just died in South Africa. She had to fly from Dallas TX to Port Elizabeth, SA..She booked and paid for the flight on line and was given confirmation for a flight later that day. An hour after booking the she got a cancellation notice. She booked again and then again after several attempts. The money was taken from her account but she had no booking. She called Delta direct and got a flight with them. Justfly still has her money...she has to deal with them on her return from burying her Mother. We can only hope her money is reimbursed.
For someone to go through this in a stressful time is worry enough!
Not sure I will recommend them again!

Jul 1, 2016

Worst flight experience ever!

My daughter and I booked a flight from Raleigh-Durham to London Heathrow through Justfly.com. Several mishaps (medical and TSA related) occurred both ways, causing us to miss the departure flight and the final return flight. I called multiple times and they were NO help at all. I could barely understand what they were saying as English definitely is not their first language. They said since we missed the flight, we had forfeited our tickets, which meant if we still wanted to take the trip, we needed to purchase the tickets again. I am in the process of filing claims with the travel insurance company for reimbursement of the extra tickets I had to buy, however I doubt I'll ever see that money again. In addition, while filing the claims, I had to pull my bank statement and e-ticket confirmation. I'm still trying to figure out the charges, nothing matches up. The price on the e-ticket email does not equal what was debited from my checking account. There were two transactions on my account from them and I can't figure out what they did, when I add the two debits, it still does not equal what is on their receipt. Also, $916.34 just in taxes and fees??? Fees for what? There is no explanation to any of this. I was warned after the fact by JetBlue Airlines (the flights we missed) to never buy from a third party, always directly from the airline. They didn't say this to get my business, because they directed us to another airline in the terminal. So, I will never, ever, ever buy from Justfly.com again!!!

Jul 9, 2016


I was considering using JustFly for a trip I plan on taking next month...after reading all of these reviews I still might use them...my question to all of you who have had such an horrific ordeal with them, why didn't anyone report them to the BBB...that's a sure way of getting your money back. You are complaining to the wrong people, after the first call, the next call should have been to the BBB.

Paul from KC
Jul 16, 2016


Just tried to book a flight from JustFly.com on 7/15/16 and I thought it was successful, as I received an Airline Confirmation #. Thirteen hours later, I received an urgent email stating that my reservation had been cancelled based 7 possible reasons. I called their 1-800 #, and after 3:15 hours waiting on hold, talked with Brett who seemed pleasant enough and asked for best phone #, name, and address verification questions. After looked into my file, he said that the reservation was cancelled due to credit card payment issue. Then he said the flight had actually been cancelled. Okay, which was it? I asked if he could find a comparable flight I had booked for about $400 per ticket and now it was $726 for the cheapest or over $1,000 for the same flight I presumably booked. The problem is that I booked my flight to meet my family and now I am the only one with a ticket and now facing an almost doubling of my flight costs, about $1,000 more!

After I hung up, I called my credit card company and they said a payment request never came from JustFly.com. F'ing liars! I will never use them and will tell as many people about their shady practices.

Jul 22, 2016


These people took money out of my account without my authorization. Pure scam

Very Unhappy Customer20
Jul 26, 2016

Don't Do It- These are scammers!

I booked two tickets for my daughter and I to fly to Florida to visit family 7 days prior to the date of departure. I needed to arrive by a certain time so I didn't have much flexibility. I purchased my tickets and once I received the confirmation noticed both tickets were in my husband's name. Although, the tickets were purchased with my husband's credit card he was not one of the travelers. I tried calling to correct the names and was told travelers names were correct and another confirmation e-mail would be sent. After receiving the e-mail I noticed the names were still incorrect. I spent 3 1/2 hours trying to resolve the issue and speak to a manager. The customer service representative was rude and unhelpful. She placed me in hold for 30 minutes only to come back on the line to say the supervisor's line was busy and she would have to place me on hold again. This happened 5 times. After the final hold she told me the manager was still unavailable but I could call the airline carrier directly to have them change the names because she couldn't do anything for me. After telling her I preferred to speak to a manager she placed me on hold. This time the hold was a part of a customer service survey queue that automatically dropped my call before I was ever able to rate their service. I eventually contacted Delta who said the company is actually called Voyages Ala Carte. Just Fly has several names they do business under. Big Red Flag there. The Delta rep. notified me that I would have to pay an additional $100 to change the names on the ticket. She also said I would have to contact American Airlines to change the names on my tickets for the return flight. Delta had Voyages Ala Carte on the other line to make the changes to the itinerary. After Delta provided the rep. with my credit card information Voyages was unable to change the names. Total BS. Now, I have to see wait to see if my card was charged the $100 fee. This is a Total Scam.. Please don't waste your time with such an unethical company.

Jul 26, 2016

Horrible People, Horrible Service

They were and are very horrible! Basically a scam because there is no direct number to contact customer service. Also, the wait time is ALWAYS 40 minutes! On top of them not giving my mom her money back,, they held her money for 2 weeks before releasing it and then told us that we needed to have more money on a separate card if needed to book another flight. Not only do they all LIE about their names but they are rude and arrogant representatives that should be put out of business! They are HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! My mom missed an important surgery all due this crooked website and booking agency!

Jul 29, 2016

The worst flying expperience !

I recently booked a trip w/ JustFly to Asia from which I recently returned. As it was a 13 hour flight I confirmed that I was paying an additional fee for seat upgrades from Economy to Economy Plus for both myself and my wifre. My email confirmation ticket from Justfly indicated the extra fees were charged and the the designated Economy Plus upgraded seats were listed on the tickets. Upon arriving at the airport I noticed that the boarding pass had different seat #s than my Justfly confirmation ticket. I was told at the ticket counter that the fees for the upgrades were never paid despite the fact that the Justfly confirmation shows the upgrade fee was charged. I called Justfly and was told that my credit card company didn't allow the extra $300 fee for the upgrade to be added to the $3,000+ regular ticket. I checked w/ AMEX and found the account related to me to me by Justfly to be totally fabricated ,especially since it wasn't even close to approaching my credit limits.Apparently,although showing it on my ticket Justfly screwed up big time and never notified me that I didnt have the seat upgrades shown on the tickets they issued to me. Never did I receive notice that the upgraded seats were not valid.When I asked to speak to a Supervisor at Justfly the advised me that there were no supervisors and that there was nothing more to discuss.

If one ever tries to call Justfly, the waiting times are totally outrageous and then the person on the other line will again put you on hold endlessly and unless pressed either disconnect you or supply a minimum amount of service. They are truly the cause of the worst flyingg experience I have had in the 40+ years I havee been flying.

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