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United States, New Jersey

Consumer reviews about JustFly.com

Mar 1, 2017

Thieves, Scammers, Fraudster

The government agencies like the FBI should investigate this company and should shut them down. They are a bunch of thieves operating all over the country and their customer support is located in India. They and their website says something but they charge something else. This is total fraud, somebody should stop them. Bought 3 tickets to Iran but the Executive order made us to cancel, most domestic and international airlines announced that they will refund or rebook those who have been affected by the order. They took $300 off each ticket and charged my card three $150. When I called to see what the $150 is for they said it is the processing fee for each ticket. They did this and never asked me if they are authorized to do so. I called my credit company and informed them and we are working on that. So, people please be advised you will get burnt if you ever deal with this company.

Mar 15, 2017


No refund for car rental if your flight is late(you pay for I up front) car rental company rented the vehicle I was to rent even though I called prior to my flight taking off and was told they would note that on the rental, In the material I received, the instructions said to call if you flight was delayed. But since I was over an hour late (every flight to the area was delayed because the President was flying into the area). I had to go to another company and paid over $200 more and also had to pay $160 for a rental that I could not use. Will never use again, and would never recommend using. They certainly raked it in that day, as I am sure I wasn't the only one late from flight delay. Easy money for them to cancel my reservation and just get easy money.

Mar 17, 2017

Fraud/Credit card fraud

I had my wife make reservations. She made them fort the wrong week. I went on to look at the changes and decided that the penalty wasn't worth it so I just X'd out of the screen. They then, without sending me any changed itinerary, changed my flight and charged my wife's cc with a change fee and an additional fee for the different flight I had looked at. At no time were they given permission to change the flight. At no time were they given permission to charge my wife's cc. This is a PCI law violation and charges will be filed. As far as I am concerned the $75.00 fee they added was stolen from me. They kept her credit card info and this is a PC I violation. Be very careful in dealing with these people. In spite of 5 hours on the phone with them, after which they would not let me speak with a supervisor as they said I had already spoken with one, they claimed their system was infallible. Will not deal with these people again.

Mar 25, 2017


Booked round trip airfare for my daughter studying abroad. When we needed to change the return flight date, Justfly attempted to charge me more than the original round trip ticket cost. Total ripoff, cheaper to book a new one way ticket through Expedia or anyone else. Avpoid these miserable thieves at any and all costs. Horrible business, the airlines they've book seats from should be ashamed to do business with them.

Mar 31, 2017

Justfly.com is a total scam

TOTAL scam... took my credit card information and booked me on...get this Antinea Airlines!!! Don't recognize them? That is because they went out of business in 2003. (Made my booking in 3/2017). Spent 1 hours and 52 minutes on the phone with them until a "supervisor" hung up on me. NEVER, NEVER NEVER use them. Clearly a scam company.

Apr 2, 2017

NEVER use these people/SCAM

I recently booked my son a flight, I accidently hit the button for the wrong date. They would not let me change the date, told me I hd to rebook, but wanted to charge me $220 pus my a new ticket....going from $363.00 to 721.00...This company is so corrupt, please don't make the mistake I did, they are absolutely horrible and as crooked as can be. They should be shut down!!!

Apr 21, 2017

incorrect booking

I booked a flight from Detroit to Knoxville Tn. and the agent put Nashville I must to told him more then once and the names were not spelled right.. I want my money back and the the cancellation fee also because your agent made the mistake of booking the wrong destination.

May 4, 2017

Don't use it

My original reservation was for a St. Louis to Washington DC flight at 12:50 PM and then I changed it to an earlier morning flight at 6:13 AM.When I changed my reservation, the agent on the phone told me that there would be no penalty and no difference for the charge. I am certain that he did not notify me that I would be charged a penalty for changing my reservation. I recall that he kept saying to me that "there is no difference" for changing my reservation. He also stated explicitly that I would not be charged extra. But when I checked my credit card, I noticed that I was still charged 275 dollars, which is nearly twice as expensive as the original ticket. Is it possible to examine the recording of the phone call I had with the agent that took place on April 15th, 2017? I definitely would not have changed my reservation if I knew that I would have to pay a 275 dollar penalty for such change.

May 30, 2017

Wouldn't Ever Use Them Again

Didn't book my reservation as I had wanted. Mentioned a full refund, but then in my opinion back tracked. No way in hell I would ever use them again. Don't be a fool.

Jun 3, 2017

Lier and Never Book Ticket With Them

I want to change the date of my reservation. They responded that there are no available seats for the date I asked. I said that any other earliest date from my preferable date works for me. They said that I should give exact date. Tried for next days from my original date, replied that there is no availability and started selling business class that would cost me ~3 times + the original cost I paid for the ticket. When I asked to cancel the ticket, they said it is non-refundable, and they claimed that even if they refund, airlines (with whom the reservation was made) will not pay them a single penny as all tickets booked from that airlines are non-refundable.

I called airlines and they said they will refund if tickets are booked through them. Since I used 3rd party service, they can't do anything.

Ultimately I see JustFly lying. Every time they have standard answer asking me to call next day to look for other opportunities to book ticket. Rude customer service. Hang up abruptly. Never ever use them for any service. Always use airline directly.

Jul 7, 2017

No truthful airline

Please inform your friends and relatives that Justfly is a" just lie" After booking a reservation that I am sure that I put in a different date I received my e-mail confirmation but it was for another totally different date. When I realized the issue I called them and stayed on the phone on back and forth on hold for 45 minutes. It was so long that my phone was losing its charge. I was told that I would receive a refund. This has now went on for over the time frame I was given. I have called repeatedly several times to their phone numbers. I have sent to e-mails and still no response. The language barrier is so difficult in explaining the matter that I think they use this to their advantage. I am going to now go thru the better business bureau, however people need to ban together for a class action law suit. Seriously who has time and money to fool around with this kind of nonsense.

Jul 11, 2017

Terrible Service

JUSTFLY should be renamed JUST A NIGHT MARE. What a horrible experience I had with booking a return flight. My airline was change and I was charge the most ridiculous fees after purchasing the ticket two months in advance. You talk about a bought lesson, I bought one from JustFly. Someone should look into this company they are ripping people off everyday and justify and are getting away with these terrible business practices. They get a new fool everyday. Shame on you JUSTFLY. Customer relations are terrible. Don't call them on the telephone unless you have three hours to hold the telephone. 157.00 more I had to pay for my husband and I to return home. Who ever buys a round trip ticket that is not paid for in full when purchased. I will be contacting Better Business Bureau in the morning. OB

Jul 16, 2017


I want to join this class action lawsuit!

Here is my story...

I reserved round-trip flights on Air Berlin for my two adult daughters on April 25 for $2004.02 (including $120 insurance). Their return flight was 2:05 pm on July 10, 2017.

Then, on May 23, I received an email with a change notification from JustFly. In this email, the only time change of which I was notified was that the June 29th flight was slightly changed by 10 minutes. However, the returning 2:05 PM flight remained unchanged.

On June 12, to my surprise, I received electronic tickets in an email from JustFly and noticed that the return flight was changed to 6:25 AM. As I had booked a 2:05 pm flight out, this almost 8 hour advance in flight time makes it absolutely impossible for my daughters to catch their flights. This prompted me to call JustFly customer service.

Please understand that I already booked an all day-trip to Cinque Terra on Sunday July 9. We have already reserved trains to go back to Florence at 11:50 PM where we have evening plans. Then, for the next morning, Monday July 10, we have reserved a 9 AM train from Florence to the Rome airport to catch our afternoon flights. (Note: my wife, son, and I have a separate flight leaving at 3 PM).

Note that there is no train service available between midnight to 6 AM. The first train will depart Florence at 5:50 AM.

As soon as I received these electronic tickets showing this change, I called an Air Berlin customer service representative. He told me that Air Berlin already informed JustFly about the change on May 23rd. My question is, why didn’t JustFly notify me immediately and give me options? Or did they forget to adjust the time in the May 23rd notification email? This is clearly an egregious error on their part. If I had known about the change I could have adjusted my itinerary but, unfortunately, I already booked expensive museum and train tickets that are not refundable.

I asked the JustFly representative to change the returning flight to the next day (July 11) without penalty fees but my request was denied. After many hours on the phone, the JustFly representative suggested to me to cancel the round-trip flight and re-book new flights to different dates. The amount was $3010 including $700 penalty fees!! Which means the total cost is $5014.86 ($2004.02 and $3010.84) that is extremely upsetting. Before the rep charged the amount to my credit card, I asked her if the fee $3010 was the total amount or it was on top of the first fee of $2004. The rep mentioned that $3010 was the total. I thought I would pay the difference such as around $1000 when my credit card was charged.

Jul 23, 2017


Justfly.com ruined my vacation. I tried to buy tickets on site three times in the course of one week. The first and second time I received a rejection notice - card declined. After the first decline I went to the bank and they assured me the charge would go through. The second one did not go though as well. I went my bank again. They assured me the charge would go through. The third time it took the site over 5 hours to attempt charge the card, In that time period they informed me the price of the tickets had increase by more than 50 %. So instead of charging the card about 2 thousand as the listed price was- they tried to charge is almost 5 thousand. Since that money was not available - the card was declined. I went to the bank the next day and pulled the records of transactions. What this revealed was that the site NEVER ATTEPTED TO CHARGE THE FIRST AND SECOND TIME as they claimed. Only attempted to charge the card at more than 50% INCREASED price- which by the way was still HIGHER than what was being listed at the time. FRAUD- This was a planned move by site as the prices were very volatile at the time.

All attempts at complaining and receiving help were useless. They just kept reading off of some card to me n the phone- denied everything - blamed me for events, FRAUD I know they have great prices but do yourself a favor and don't get involved with them - Never had these problems with Cheapoair- GO TO ANOTHER SITE

Jul 28, 2017

Never again

Very bad .never use it if u don't want them to still ur money .i book 2 tickets for international me and my daughter,only to find out the cancel my daughter return tickets,so I have to get a new ticket for my daughter if I want to come back with her , I lose more than 8 k with this company.i will never never use it again ,please don't use them ,they are very bad and they don't care of u . NEVER

Sep 30, 2017


I booked a flight from Houston, TX to Panama City, Panama, 2 days ago and I was supposed to get an e-mail confirmation, but I never got it. I called justfly.com to check if the the reservation was made, and the employee could not find any reservation under my name, therefore I made another reservation. I checked my credit card and I found two pending charges of justfly.com. I called again and the employee found a duplicate reservation and in order to cancel one of them I had to pay $25.00 fee, As a customer I believe that this a way to rip people off.

Oct 7, 2017

Horrible Service

I booked a flight from Houston to Kiev, Ukraine using a live agent booking#075331422. After not receiving my confirmation I contacted justfly,com and discovered that the agent had misspelled my last name using a "B" on the end instead of a "D". The agent offered to correct the problem but because it was an international flight he had to void the reservation. The agent had already charged my credit card for $1,621.48. He then transferred me to another agent to book my trip again with the correct name. Everything seemed to be okay till I received a cancellation notice on booking 075383502. I called justfly.com and was told that their was a credit card decline because they had tried to run my credit card a second time for another $1,594.36 instead of applying funds they already had from the first booking. The agent told me that I would have to wait for the credit to be applied from the cancellation of my first booking before I could book the flight again which might take 2-10 business days. I said that I did not wish a refund just wanted my tickets processed and asked for a supervisor. I spoke to a guy named Jano who did not give a last name who basically repeated to me what the first agent stated and said I had to wait 2-10 business days to re-book. As I got the last two seats on the plane, this delay will mean I can't fly on the dates I wanted and will either have to fly much later and/or pay additional fees because justfly.com made a spelling error in my last name and refused to apply the money they already had to my second reservation.

Oct 21, 2017


OMG this website is a 419 . i bought a ticket for 1400$ after few days my vacation request was not granted so i asked for a change of departure date . they wanted me to buy another hold ticket and first ticket is just no more in the picture . ticket informations are not in turkish airlines system when i call to verify. They even remove more than 1400$from my credit card when i check . they are nothing good on the internet ( please )

Oct 27, 2017

Stranded in a Foreign Country

NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!! How are this people given license to operate, especially after all the complaints that almost each passenger who have traveled with them have. Looks like there are no rules or ethics of obtaining money in false pretense. We bought tickets to Kenya, going was ok, but coming back was a nightmare. We had South African passports, and we were told we could not board on our way back because we needed visas, to go to Germany. We were not travelling to Germany, we are residents of US. After being on the phone with them for almost ten hours, they were not able to resolve the problem. It could have been better if we had an English speaking rep., they were unable to understand our problem l after explaining so many times, we were put on hold at times for almost an hour (I believe they do this on purpose for customers to give up and hung-up, but when you are desperate, you have to do what you have to do). We tried calling them for three days after that, but ended up purchasing new tickets with other airlines.
PLEASE!!!PLEASE!!!! Tell everyone you know NEVER, EVER, no matter how cheap the tickets might be, never travel with them, they are thieves and scam artists.

Nov 7, 2017

JustFly--A complete SCAM

After reading all the above comments, I can also say that I was scammed. I was also told I could use the same flight before a certain time frame. I tried to set up the same flight info for a future trip. First of all, they said I had a credit double what I paid for the ticket. Clearly, questionable! I tried to set up the same trip for a different time (same airlines, as they said was necessary) the amount for the tickets was unimaginable. I paid the $75 they recommended to hold that ticket for the future. Was told it was much better than paying the $200 change charge. So, I, too have been bilked for over $600. Why can't we do something about this??!!!

[email protected]
Nov 10, 2017

Misleading information—Lies

JustFly is a real piece of work! I had to change my flight from Korea to the States and spoke to a rep by phone last evening 11/9/17 to complete the changes for the international part of my trip. The CS representative told me that the modification fees were $150 and I provided my credit card information. Today, at approximately 3:15 pm Korean time, I get an email that I needed to contact immediately as they were having problems processing my changes. I call and was told the modification fee was incorrect and that the fee is $270 instead of $150. This all happens with my international flight after I have successfully changed my domestic flight to the new dates and they have already collected their fee $75.00 fee and processed the airline fee of $200. Long story short, I am now having to pay $545 total in fees to change a ticket that cost 982.00 with taxes initially. JustFly is a rip off and their CS are nonexistent. I was placed on hold for a total of four times at an average hold time of 40 minutes. They had me in a quandary because they were aware of the changes that were made through them on my domestic leg of my trip! I plan to write to the BBB in California and the FTC and the CFPB regarding their deceptive practices and scheming consumers.

Nov 26, 2017

poor customer service

I am very disappointed with this web site. I will never use them again or refer them to my friends. i purchased a trip to south Carolina for vacation. I purchase preferred seating from a representative after several time my reservation would not go though
for the seating. her name was Jess. her English was horrible. I had to repeat the information several time. at the end pf the process the seating I requested was not complete. she got me window seat for the depart but not for the return fly. she told me i have a seat but not preferred seating. Why do I have to pay for something I did not get..she politely stated that is a courtesy. i stated way charge for a serviice youndo not provide, asked to speak with a manager and denied.

Nov 27, 2017


costumer service give me wrong information about bag he told me 2 bag and I ask the airline company they told me only one bag he charge me extra money for that he lied to me.

Dec 10, 2017

Itinerary Update?

I booked a flight to Paris in April via Justfly with Delta Airlines. I just got a notice from Justfly saying I had to call Delta immediately about my flight or I could have "complications" with my trip that is 140 days away. 2 hour wait time to get through to Delta. Went on the Delta website and it shows my ticket to be exactly fine and there were no notifications.

Wondering if Justfly is trying to make trouble for me?

Darrell Stewart
Jan 7, 2018

ripped off

Purchased tickets to Quebec Canada, my grand daughter's name was misspelled one letter after repeating it several times, was told by customer service I would have to cancel the ticket and schedule an other ticket and charged a fee and it didn't matter that I had purchased insurance. I ask that the same ticket and price would be held for me and told it would be. Transferred three times one said the was no tickets available and I would not get my same ticket no seats available on that flight! The second one said the tickets had went up, I told her I was looking on line and there were still tickets for the same price and the same seats were still available.then was told price had went up and if I wanted the same flight I would have to pay the new rate! Then found a sight on line to change the name myself, was not told this by customer service. personnel very hard to understand and no one seem to really know how to correct the problem? The don't care attitude of the customer service personnel and the misleading information seems to be professionally done to make a profit. I hope that justfly management reads this review and try's to resolve this problem and returns the monies they have unjustly charged for this fly. Darrell and Ginger Stewart

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