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Consumer reviews about www.theequicom.com

Jun 18, 2017



Jul 26, 2017


These people are bastard. Chetan the bugger along with Manoj Verma (his senior) gave me a position in Options, and told that it will give sure shot profit of 30-50K in one call itself on the 2nd or 3rd day of the month only. Then the position starts going down. They asked me to hold it, Manoj verma stops taking calls (saying busy hai, bada aadmi hai, confernce mein hai). They asked me to hold it for 17 odd sessions, and finally I lost almost all money - 2 lacs.
They were continuously asking for payment for the premium for the very first day. They have cheated me, as I am from service class. This company should be shut down so that people like me cant be their feed.

Aug 19, 2017

Total ford and duplicate company

The Equicom India ki badi Lubadu company hai. Isase sathi Savdhaan rahe.ye log pehle to free trial date hai. Bad me company join Karne K lite bade offer Dete hai. Aap chote offer me kam kar rahe ho to ye log aap ko bade offer trial K liye Dete hai aur bad me badi offer K paise mangte hai. Uske bad aap vo offer nahi bhi Lena chahe to bhi aaple Nam par bade offer ki service K liye Nam dal Diya jata hai. Uske bad aap use service ki fee nahi paid karte to aapki sari services band ki jati hai. Aur aise kamo me Vinay Sharma aur Aditya narayan Jo ki chief executive hai. Ye log badi achchi tarah Se logo ko fasakar bevkuf bana rahe hai.

Pls in logo Se Savdhaan rahe. Aur APNA ghari nuksan bachaye.

Thank you.

Aug 22, 2017

The Equicom #######Fake

I got a call from www.theequicom.com equicom they said se the free trail calls on commodities i lost 2000 first day , the person lalith and sharma they said market volataile they will cover in the next day , but the second day also i lost 3000
again they said its market volatile they will cover next day

They don't know anything its really fake , Am thinking to Raise a complaint against the EQUICOm with consumer court

They will call from this numbers 7316626351 his name is Mr lalith please dont pick his calls its


abhay srivastava
Oct 12, 2017

fraun company

THE EQUICOM FINANCIAL SERVICES is totally fraud company
Be-aware from this company. They will take your registration fees after that they will provide you bad calls. I have paid them Rs 36000 for a month I am in a huge loss. It is very difficult to find them over phone. Really a bad experience. They had provid all loss calls, but no profit call given by company.They change the executive after complaints but no good results.

To get money they will tell you lots of good things and statistic. But After few days every thing will be clear to you.

I never recommend this company to any one. Totally fraud company...

Mar 8, 2018

Fraud Fake...They took my Earning 1.20 Lac

i got call from equicom... who called me his name Vishvass Pandit(Cont number:7316626561), His MD name Amit.....First they told me invest only 10K ... As per trust I invest 10K...with in half they call me again..you selected as a prime member..you got our 3Lac serivces in only 50K .....you need to deposit..40K more......i deposit this amount also.....next time they told your paymnet not acceptable because you don't deposit 50K in one shot...your 40K not considerable .... they told if you pay this amount ...your service extend till 3 years....so i pay 50K more.....with in 10 min they again called me...your bill not generating...because you pay 1Lac so you need to Pay 20K also...if you dn't pay your all 1 lac rupees wasted..which you paid... then I paid 20 K more...

Total amount I Paid.

10K(registration Fees)+40K (prime member ship fees)+50K(again prime ship for 3 years)+20K(service Tax)
=1 Lac 20 K

they don't stop on this amount only...They today again call me...they told me that you don't made payment on time... so we don't take you services...and tried to convince me for pay 40 K more....

time i refuse them...

They make us fool...we need to stand together.....& we need to police complaint.. consumer case against them...

i want see them in Jail

Equicom Guys Name
1)vishvass pandit:7316626561
2) amit 08889938167
3)accounts dept:0731662315

Mar 10, 2018

Fraud company theequicom

Priyanka- chelator, she simply loots money from people, no profits. Loss around 8 lacs working with them,do not believe equicom all are cheaters, looters, Priyanka, Rajput, Pooja, all are ...... No word to use

Vasim Pathan
Mar 12, 2018

Fraud company

Hi this is Vasim requesting all to share you contact number on 8884490181 or 8095941100. This is SEBI registered company we can complain to SEBI to take proper action on it.

These folks cheated me and got loss of about 4.5lakh. and not agreeing on that. We can prevent this by complain to SEBI so that other people will not have loss.

Sachin Chaudhary
May 17, 2018


THE EQUICOM representative (Siddharth, Vipin, Subham) calls me many times & taken fees 16000/- twice for premium service.

Now I am in huge loss because of him & now they are not picking up the calls.

They are doing frauds to the people. Now I am going to lodge FIR against him

Jun 7, 2018

Fraudsters Tricksters

Anyone who gets a call from this particular company called equicom from Indore be away. They will first give a call which will give you 2000 profit and later start bugging to enroll to their monthly services as 8000 and give a commitment that will make you earn 80k per month. Basically after paying 8k you won't get any call they will say that market is volatile let's not work in risk. A lady called Shruti Singh will say that company finds you genuine customer because with just a single call and considering our trust factor we wish to provide you a high intensity call which will earn you profits in lakhs and crores in a single day. She will even say that I have praised about you as a good customer to my boss he is very busy and he services only trust worthy clients. There comes a Yamraj in your life Mr Rohit Agarwal he will speak with a deep voice as if he Sensex takes a turn as per his commands and will give you scenarios of building your portfolio. First he will ask you to pay the registration charges as 50000 but since Shruti has recommended and has told good reviews about you will have to pay 25k only. After paying next day if ur lucky then you might get a call which might yield 12k you might get excited evening again you will get a call saying pay 50k more to enroll to the service. Tomorrows call will yield you 3 lakh rupees. They are just 3 monkeys have formed the company Shruti Rohit and Ashutosh ( Accountant) who leaves at 6.30 PM or else his wife will not let him in.
Guys dont get into this trap they are big time fraudsters. You will cry if you trust them. The power of Karma will definately hit them one day. They might have fooled many of them and have made money what goes around comes around. They will never be happy in life.

Jun 22, 2018

All employee S are fraud

Simply they loot the money, rajput, priya, priyanka, Ravi kanth all are just looting people, better not to join with the Equicom,

Jul 12, 2018

Total frauds campny

Fast time join this company Rohan asked only pay ten thousand rupees pay only I have one lack profit only one week I have paid ten thousand this company one call give me profit eaght thousand but after Sam time asked Rohan bolla company again cam ke parmesan nahi that rahi ha app ka profile pura nahi hua app footy thousand Orr jama caro tub cam assault carta kart two lack savanty five campny ko that Chuka hu par company ka profile pura nahi hua har cool ka bad passa chaia ya hamri bara ma nahi chouta ya appna bara ma souch ta ha ke public ko kassa luta jay please ess company ko join na Kara app apna passa camana ka bajay charj ma Chala jao ga. Thanks AJEET SINGH

Jul 27, 2018

Fake services

Fake company !!!!
Their new phone no-
Piyush - 8959092625
Jaydev Thakur - 7316640130
Vidyarthi Pathak- 7316640204
Accounts dept - 9926993687

Be Aware !!!

Aug 5, 2018

Equicom is a fraud company

Fake fraud company. Dont trust these guys.
Don't give them a single rupee.
They are not your relatives who will make profit for you.
Always check on internet for reviews. This company has bad reviews from at least 6 years.
If people are complaining about then it is genuine.
Pls dont get fooled by these calls.

Aug 5, 2018

bhikari. besharm namard jitni bhi galiya do kam h

THEEQUIPCOM is fraud company. a chutiya gandu was there wo sabse payment apne account me daalta h. wo bolta h uske office me sari randiya h. wo unki chut rent pe deta h . uska no h 7316626819. jisko bhi randi chahiye es no pe call karle. uske pass bahut jawan jawan randiya h. wo apni bahan ki biwi ki chut bhi deta h rent pe. maine uski bahan ko uske samne choda h. randi h puri.

Aug 9, 2018

Fraud Company


Theequicom Recherche is a fraud company. They have made me a hug loss after that no one listen me there. So please, don't invest there.

Company Domain name:- http://www.theequicom.com/

Sep 1, 2018

Loot company

Hi Guys

Do not trust this company they are big time Fraudsters. They ask you to join for 8k as registration and they won't give u a single call. They keep asking money after then for every call. Big time fraud people. Shame on these guys.
Shruti Rohit all dumbasses fit for nothing.

Stay away....

Sep 17, 2018

Monkeys run an office

They are idiots who loot money. Dont have basic knowledge of Stock market they just do gambling. Please be away from these guys.
Kindly write emails to SEBI consumer complaint forum on the same. Just writing complaints here will help the new guys to be away from these guys. Dont be fooled.

Shruti and Rohit big time fraud marketers.

Oct 17, 2018

TheEquicom fraud company

Theequicom.com is Indore based fraud company.
Vikas, Viraj, RK Mittal, Anil Prajapati, Anil Goyal, Raj Agrawal, Dhananjay Narayan, Agnihotri, Vidyarthi Pathak all these are not even 10th class pass people. They will call you for share trading tips and then give false promise and once you subscribe to their service they will blackmail you and push you in deep loss.

Nov 3, 2018

Me too added in cheated category

Dear all Mr Rohit Agarwal and their assistant Mss.Shruti are double faced person and i suggest u all to get together and take action against them.Type ur reply if u all are agree.

Dec 3, 2018

Theequicom... Fraud company

The equicom company person Mr. Mohit jain, Aditya chaudhary, durgesh told me. given the service. but This person told me again & again fraud service charge in 8 lakh. And my market loss the 3 lakh. Total amount in approx 11 lakh. This compy is very fraud. Much more people in Prey. I m mentaly torchred by this compy person Mr. Mohit jain. Gain the kindly requite to you. This money collect me in last 8 to 10 year. This company person loss of 11 lakh rupees in with 3 month.

Company address

Address: 311, III Floor,Apollo Trade Center,Geeta Bhavan Sqaure, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Phone: 0731 664 0009

I am very helpless sir. My sister marriage in December month. Theequicom company (The Equicom Financial Research Pvt. Ltd. ) fraud me. I have no money . My father no more. All are responsibility in my side. Please sir, refund the money in these comp side. Other wise no any way in my life. Theequicom company Contact person name is Mohit jain. Last week i have sending the all document (Mini statement, Voice recording)

Please help me sir. I will thanks full to you.

They are calling in different different no.







Dec 10, 2018

The Equicom -- Fraud Company, the looters.

The scenarios is best explained with the title "Fraudsters Tricksters", only the name is getting changed, in my case it is Sachin. After 3months they are unable to make a profit and recover my loses. Always he is saying to invest more money I'll recover the full money in one week and that week has never come till date. I started his service from Sep18 till now no recovery and only loses. Also after 4PM they will not even receive/answer our calls.
Initially they will talk about confidence/trust related things and later the don't even care it.

They should be put behind the bars, donno how many people they have looted like this.

Jan 25, 2019

fraud company

The company is totally fraud. they used to talk with costumer and promise them to make huge amount of profit from stock/equity trading but if you join this company you will loss your hard earning money. If u want return the money. So complainant register in PMO office. Bellow given the site name
All are return the money within 50 days.

Jul 7, 2019

Froud company

The equicom totally froud company 300000 loses by froud sumit Mishra

Dec 3, 2019

www.theequicom.com - Fraudsters

Never Believe them whatever they promise. It is one way traffic of money. They will ask money first small amount & then large amount. Ultimately you will be the loosing side. I have lost more than Rs. 10 Lacs due to this cheaters. They pressure that their dealer is asking for money for block deals so they have to send. 50 percent amount we have to bear. It is really unimaginable that how this racket is working in share market who are doing fake movement resulting lot of people loosing money.

The executives are Rupali Sharma, Rohit, Snehal, Vinita....... and Puja the complaint department who don't bother. All are just talking politely but ultimately they will eat your money & will never barp.

Just beware of it.

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