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Consumer reviews about Reservationcounter.com

Dec 27, 2011


I just had a run in, they told me they were a part of the Hyatt and that I would get points for my stay, for a good price they told me I got a king bed, river view and balcony, when I called the hotel to double check they told me I had a room with 2 double beds and no river view and no points...when I called back and was put on hold for 45 minutes the supervisor told me I would have to pay extra for a king and river view...will NEVER book with them again...I feel bad for anyone who doesn't read these before booking with Reservationcounter.com

Dec 28, 2011

Receipt for my hotel bill

Re: ReservationCounter.com
I had just completed my fourth call with this company. I had been trying to get a hotel receipt ($356.06 U.S.) for my stay at Comfort Inn in Fredericton. I checked in on Dec. 20/2011 and checked out on Dec. 23/2011. Every time I called, they would only emailed a copy of a bookkeeping confirmation instead of a sales receipt. I need a receipt from this company for insurance purpose (as I had to stay in a hotel due to a house fire). The insurance wants an actual receipt verifying that I had paid for this hotel (if possible, in Canadian funds which is $356.78 Cdn.). Insurance company does not want the booking confirmation that ReservationCounter.com had sent me in the last three emails as it does not confirm the payment was made.
Here are the following booking information that would assist you in the investigation process:
Name: Linda Nevers (on the confirmation sheet my last name was misspelled as "Nevere"), Home phone # 506-457-8893
My email address is [email protected]
Reservation counter itinerary #: 18164083850 / Reservation counter booking ID: 272052579 (63)
Hotel confirmation #: 13752704
Thank you for your assistance.

Mar 8, 2012


My complaint is the same. When I called 800-992-2694, I believed I was dealing with Embassy Suites reservation center to make a hotel reservation. I asked for the corporate rate of $109, but was told they only had three rooms left at $139. When I checked in at Comfort Inn, I was told the reservation was through

Expedia, I said no, I made the reservation thru Emabssy Suites. When my expense came through I was charged with a $21.00 tax, plus room rate of $139 instead of the $109 I should have been charged. Ripoff!

Dee E
Mar 21, 2012


My husband and I believed we were speaking directly to Comfort Inn Bellingham, we arrived to find that we had been charged a $12.52 service fee and the parking package we asked for was not available through the company only from the hotel directly. We were then asked to pay an additional $66 for the parking.
On speaking with the manager we were advised that this is an on-going scam by this company.
Call the hotel directly and ensure you're speaking with a member of the hotel staff, otherwise, beware.
Thank you to Brant and Sara of the Comfort Inn for taking care of us, you were both great.

Mar 23, 2012


I want to thank everyone who posted here. I almost went through with a reservation at reservation.com. The site quoted a reservation of 59 bucks per night for the hotel we wanted. After reading the complaints here I searched and found the hotel phone number and called them directly. I was able to get the reservation for $54 per night. I will never use so called "reservation services" for anything ever again. Thanks again everyone!

Apr 3, 2012


Totally similar problem. I googled the phone number for a hotel in Houston (Club Quarters). Called the number and the phone operator gave me every indication she was from the hotel. I booked and gave my card for the room and was charged immediately. That was sure a surprise! When I called the *actual* hotel number to inquire, they told me it was booked through Expedia, which made me feel kind of like a crazy person. Fortunately, my reservation *is* in their system and appears to be legit. It doesn't seem that Reservation Counter is a take-your-money-and-run type scam, but they do seem to sneakily usurp hotel bookings so that they can collect the commisisons.

Apr 16, 2012


Bad Customer Experience
This is a terrible company. When I Googled a hotel in order to make a reservation, I was re-directed to Reservationcounter.com. The person on the phone represented herself as an employee of the hotel itself and insisted that the rate offered for a group of rooms being held for a wedding was no longer available. The charge placed on the credit card was $20 higher than it should have been. I repeatedly tried to contact ReservationCounter.com's customer service, but was unsuccessful. The actual hotel was appalled to learn that a third party company had represented themselves as the reservation desk at the hotel. DON'T USE RESERVATIONCOUNTER.COM!

[email protected]
Aug 4, 2012

Billed despite hotel cancelation

Reservationcounter.com said I could cancel my reservation without penalty provided the cancelation was by 6PM the day prior to date of check in. Due to work obligations I did need to cance. However, I was not able to reach anyone live at reservationcounter.com by phone and so called the Hotel directly and canceled the reservation TWO days prior to the check in date. I just now discovered that reservationcounter.com billed me for the full amount. I am currently disputing it through my credit card company. Avoid this company!

Disappointed Traveller
Aug 6, 2012

Misrepresentation - avoid booking through reservation counter.com

I tried to book a one-night stay at the Olympic Lodge in Port Angeles on Aug 1, 2012 and Googled the cheapest accommodation rate. The web page popped up with the name and the picture of the Olympic Lodge and I was led to believe I was booking through the hotel. I managed to book a room with 2 queen size beds, no view at a decent rate of USD$151.99. The total cost was shown at $151.99 with $0 tax recovery charges and service fees. I thought it was a great deal so I went ahead and booked it. When I arrived at the Olympic Lodge, to my surprise I was told that I needed to pay tax on top of the room rate. When I showed my confirmation to the hotel staff they told me reservation counter.com is a third party booking agent and they have come across this kind of misrepresentation by the company numerous times, however they could not do anything about it. So I take it upon myself to let everyone know about the disappointment I encountered by booking through this company. Stay away from them if you don't want to ruin your vacation.

Aug 6, 2012


My husband booked two nites at a Comfort Inn in Maine for the first weekend in August. He was on the Choice Hotels website, which is the Comfort Inn site. Somehow, without his knowledge or his doing, he paid for the two nites online at ReservationCounter.com and received a "Congratulations on a Successful Reservation" email with and itinerary number in it which came from ReservationCounter.com, and was billed nearly $300 . . . a complete fraudulent scam. I immediately called Comfort Inn and they had no such reservation. Tried calling Reservation Counter . . . no way to speak with anyone.

Called my bank and they said that the charge had to fully go through before I could dispute the fraudulent charge. Went to the hotel . . . of course they had NO such reservation for us. They too tried calling Reservation counter and had no way to speak with anyone. The hotel clerk was excellent. She found us a room, which we had to pay for again and then she upgraded us but we are still out almost $300 from the initial bogus reservation. The room we booked at the hotel was less than what Reservation.com charged.

Bank Fraud Dept is working on this and it may take 90 days. We hope to get our money back by then. Don't book online at all and don't ever deal with Reservation Counter no matter what they say.

Jan 2, 2013

Do Not Use

I called this number thinking I was calling the Super 8 Motel reservation system. The person who answered the phone couldn't understand me so after 3 minutes, I hung up on him. He then called me back and I let it go to voice mail. When I listened later, it was the same person swearing at me and calling me obscene names for hanging up on him! I wish there was a way I could report him. I still have the voice mail but I have no idea how to remedy the situation except to take the advice of the others above and make sure I call the hotel directly next time.

Jan 19, 2013

reservationcounter .com

Don't ever do any business with these thieves.
They charge your card for the rooms even tough the reservations are 3 months from the date you made them. They will tell you there is no vacancies at the hotel you ask for and there are no vacancies in the immediate area. and book you at a more expensive hotel. They don’t send you a confirming e-mail (asked 4 times for one and was told 4 times they would send it) Then they will refer to another reservation service to get it cancelled (sent to Expedia and then to Hotel.com before I could enter the cancellations). Charges still appear on my card and then they charge you a dollar to cancel the reservation when they say there is no charge.
These people give a bad name to the third party resvervation business. Call the hotel directly and make sure its the hotel site. I thought I was dealing with the hotel not this bag of thieves. BE CAREFUL

Mar 30, 2013


I own a Choice Hotesls' franchise and had a guest on 3/29 with a reservation from this site. We did not have any reservation in our reservation system. There was no confirmation number on the print-out that guest shown us.

When I called the 800 number and asked about the reservation, there was no record.

The guest was advised to call the Credit Card company and dispute the payment and even cancel the credit card.

Apr 18, 2013

Reservation Counter

I made an erroneous reservation through Reservation Counter (pushed the button for MAY instead of APRIL) and IMMEDIATELY called them to throw myself at their mercy. The first person I spoke with put me on hold a few different times because she said she had to call the hotel to confirm cancellation. I was cut off. I called back and another person apologized for me having been cut off, I told him the same story, he put me on hold about three different times saying he was trying to call the hotel to cancel the reservation (WHY CAN'T YOU CANCEL THE RESERVATION? -- I just can't, ma'am). He gave me a case number. I then called the hotel itself, they had no indication of a reservation being made and encouraged me to call R.C. again, which I did. By now about an hour has been spent in this undertaking. The man told me exactly the same thing, that he had to call the hotel to see if they would accept the cancellation, and then I was cut off. THEN I googled Reservation Counter and sincerely wish I'd done that BEFORE. What I will do instead is call my credit card company and ask them to stop payment to Reservation Counter.

Jun 29, 2013

Debit card was charged/mis-informed by representative

I called to book rooms and specifically asked would this be put on hold and not charged to my credit card and the rep said yes. Well the very next day, my checking account had been hit with $1,6.76.70 and caused me overdraft fees and stress.

I immediately called to cancel the entire transaction and was told it would take 2 to 3 days; spoke to a supervisor and was informed they would try to speed it up, while checks were still going through.

Below is a copy of my letter to Rescounter.com

This has caused me to have several bounced checks and financially broke! Please let me know when the charges have been reversed. I need my money.
I have incurred overdraft fees of $190.00 and need you to reimburse me for those fees.
Please let me know when refund has gone through and how you will take care of the extra fees you have caused me.

“Your reservation representative “Raoul”; clearly told me this was only for a hold and it would not hit my debit card but as you see, it did.

Well, they finally refunded me but will not compensate for the NSF fees or the furniture fee I missed my delivery due to their error.

Feb 6, 2014

Company misrepresented as Marriott reservations desk

This company misrepresented itself to be the reservations desk for the Marriott Court Yard Marriott. They never informed me they were a third party company, nor did they inform me that they would charge my credit card that day for the reservation. Since I was under the impression I was speaking to someone working at the Marriott, I did not worry about providing my credit card number since all hotels require a credit card number to hold the room. However, I was never informed that they were charging me immediately. Two days later I had to cancel the reservation online and discovered when I cancelled the reservation I had been charged the full price of the hotel of $672. I called the hotel and informed them that I had cancelled two days prior to their cut off date and they had charged me. When the hotel desk clerk reviewed my reservation she stated that indeed it had been cancelled, but that they had never charged me, but rather Expedia had. However, when I reviewed the reservation, I found that the logo on the top of the email showed Reservation Counter, not Expedia. After further research and calling the company they informed me that they would refund me in 3-7 business days. I asked to speak to a manager and Lenny Veraraa informed me that I should get a refund in 3-7 days. I informed him that I was never informed I would get charged prior to my hotel stay and I felt their company misrepresented themselves. I intend on filing a claim with the BBB.

S Lee
Feb 19, 2014

Worst ever

I traveled a lot and used many agents to book a hotel, and this company was the worst ever!!

1. This company is A FRAUD. Though the hotel I booked canceled one day for me, RC refused to refund. RC said they needed the "approval" from the hotel. If the hotel did not approve, how could they cancel that day for me from the system?

2. The worst customer service. The customer service asked me to hold for 1 hour, and did not solve the problem. Then the customer service hung up on me! So rude!

I will post this to BBB, and let all my colleges and friends know this company. We travel a lot and it is wise to avoid RC, FRAUD! I was also disappointed about Expedia because I was told by the hotel RC was associated with Expedia. I will never use RC nor Expedia again. Worst ever!

Jun 3, 2014

Charging Cdn. hotel reservation in U.S. funds

Googled hotel in Ottawa I wanted. Hotel name came up contact reservations desk. Assumed it was the hotel, it was not!
Unaware I booked and was charged $ 20 /night more than direct booking and in U.S. funds! Found my credit card had been charged and tried to cancel. In the end by printing the cancellation confirmation in landscape it was cancelled. Refund against the card was issued less $ 15, I phoned "so sorry this is our booking fee". Don't ever book through them again. They are scamming you by implying they are the hotel reservation desk! Where is the BBB?

Jun 16, 2014


ReservationCounter is a SCAM website. They make their site to appear that it is the official booking site for the hotel that you want to book. NOT SO. They verbally confirmed the rate for the hotel and I paid with my credit card. When I received the confirmation, they tacked on over $70.00 for "Recover & Service Fees" WTF? When I called back, the rep didn't know what that fee was and that the supervisor wasn't there. He tried to give me some jibberish that made no sense. I then called my credit card company who will look into this scam. You just know that if you come across sleeze that you can't be the only one that has the problem. They are doing this to everyone.

Mar 25, 2015

So mad I was crying

Went on Hampton Inn New Smyrna Beach website to make a one night reservation for hubby and I's anniversary. Another page comes up online saying reservation counter, with the Hampton Inn logo. I assumed this was Hampton Inn's reservation counter and proceeded to reserve with my Visa. They sent me an email with date of reservation and my itinerary #. The email looked like it was from Hampton Inn. Anniversary day comes up we drive to hotel and were a bit early so called to see if we could check in early. I told desk clerk our intinerary number and she said that was not one of their confirmation numbers and that they had no record of my reservation. Luckily they had a room for us. And I paid for it with a different credit card. Upon check in I showed the clerk the email. She said that this had been happening a lot lately people booking online and them having no record of the reservation. She said to make sure and call to tell them not to charge my card, and then check statement. I did call, "Nathala" put me hold on they would check with the hotel. She comes back on and says they are going to issue a credit on my Visa card and she would e-mail me the confirmation #. No e-mail.....and when statement came the $279.38 for Reservationcounter was on my Visa. So I called back reservation counter and got a different foreign girl and I had to go through the whole thing over again and again she put me on hold so she could contact the hotel....(yea right)......and this time she says they did have the reservation and accuse me of renting another room for my husband and I. B.S.!! I began to yell and told her to put her manager on. Manager comes on and says he is sorry but they cannot issue credit because we took the reservation, then i began to yell some more so mad I was shaking and about to cry. He then says he will send this to billing department to see if they would issue credit, and they will e-mail me. that was 3 days ago, still not e-mail. So I called my Visa company and they put an expert on the phone with me, she asked me a lot of questions. They are going to take the charge off my card and the hotel and Reservationcounter has 45 days to settle this with them. So before you contact your credit card company or bank, make sure you have all your ducks in a row about your experience and phone calls to company. Its important. What i don't understand is why the hotels are allowing this. these are the big chains.

Jul 1, 2015

Think I've been had

I usually book my reservations through booking.com as I have had no problems with them. I was told that booking directly with the hotel, could work out cheaper. So I went online in January and believed that the Days Inn suites Hotel were taking my reservation for September. After reserving my booking with Itinerary number and booking confirmation. I printed my reservation receipt. Great....I like to be organised.
I needed to query something today and rang the hotel who told me they had no record of me and for me to contact Expedia.
What the cost of that call will be from the UK i dont know.
I contacted Expedia who didn't have any knowledge of my Itinerary Number but did have my booking number.
I was put through to another call handler who after 10 minutes hung up on me. Am I worried?....
As I read through the other reviews they sound so similar...

Nov 3, 2015


I just had a conversation with Asher (from New Delhi) who claims to be his own Supervisor / Manager (513-217-9944) from the Reservation Desk: He started yelling at me when I asked a simple question and then hung-up on me. I called him back and he asked that I not call him back. Then he told me that I should only blame myself since I had paid a discount fare (then proceeded to quote an amount that was nearly 1/2 of the amount I paid, and he verified according to his database). I indicated that I had paid 2x what he was telling me and did not appreciate the tone of his voice. This guy was a real piece of work. He should not be in the customer service business.

However, for those that want a direct line into Reservation Desk, please call: 513-217-9944

Nov 7, 2015

Be Forewarned

If you want to book a hotel or resort--CALL THEM DIRECTLY !
I was booking a Holiday Inn in Salem , NH---ONLINE--Directly on the Holiday Inn Website--chose the room , accepted the rate--booked it.
When I printed the confirmation it said "reservationdesk.com" ??? How did they grab this reservation from the Holiday Inn Website ?

The best is they put us up in Salem , Va.
When I clicked --cancel my reservation--I was directed to call them, and when I did they stated that they could not refund me even a dime.

The phone call also went to a foreign country---the one that loves to call the USA looking to fix your computer.

This is a scam company and everyone should avoid dealing with them at all costs.
Because I called my credit card company and explained the ENTIRE situation--they said they would block this company from all of their cardholders until they conclude their investigation.
That made me feel Great !

May 8, 2016

Lies, All Lies

I booked a reservation with this company thinking I was booking at the holiday inn site. I cancelled my reservation because we ended up not needing it. I received a confirmation of my cancellation and was assured I would receive my full refund. That was on April 8th. Today is May 8th and I am still waiting for my refund. You get nowhere with the 800 number. Most barely speak English. There is not "supervisor" on site. They cannot tell me when my monies would be returned. Their website says 5-7 business days - they tell you 5-10 business days. I have filed a fraud complaint with my bank and they are investigating this company. I will never make this mistake again and I hope others see my review and don't use this site.

May 30, 2016

Truly a scam

I called what I thought was a tollfree number for the Hampton Inn by Hilton at the Airport in Atlanta, Ga to make a reservation for May 20th 0- 22nd, 2016. The amount I was quoted was the same amount I saw online so I thought all was well. I cancelled the reservation on the 14th which entitled me to a full refund because I cancelled prior to 5/19/2016 at 6:00 pm. When I called the hotel about my refund they informed me my reservation was through a third party and to call them because the hotel does not charge patrons prior to their stay. When I called Reservationcounter.com at (844) 278-9138 I was told my reservation had not been cancelled then I went through several "agents" 'all of whom could not connect me with a supervisor and all of whom insisted my reservation had not been cancelled. I am still going through the process with them, calling, asking for a refund of 263.42 which is owed to me for a stay I did not complete. I will update however for others, this company is part of Travelpass group whose CEO is Ryan McCoy. I will be reaching out to him as you should. I worked too hard to just give away over 200 dollars.

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