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Levi Strauss Jeans

United States, North Carolina

Consumer reviews about Levi Strauss Jeans

Dec 10, 2011

poor quality

I haven't own my jeans long enough for them to rip out at the back pocket but I agree with the complaints that they are cheaply made! The material is extremely thin, not like the old jeans made of 100% cotton - heavy-duty cotton. I now buy all my Levi's on Ebay...yeah, they're pre-owned, but at $5 - $20 a pair, who cares? When I get them, they look and feel brand new!

Hating the 569s
Dec 20, 2011

poor quality

I have worn Levi's exclusively for the last 30 years. For the last 10 years, I have worn their 569 jeans. A few weeks ago, I bought a couple of pairs to replace some jeans, buying the same 34/34 size I have been wearing. Expecting the same fit, I did not try these on; I simply popped the tags off and threw them in the wash. In the past, the fit had been so reliable that I threw the receipts away as well.

I put these jeans on and to my surprise, the rise was much lower and there was less material in the seat and crotch area. The inseam length is based on these jeans riding lower, so I look like some 50 year old wannabe "thug." These jeans are nothing like the 569s I had purchased in the past.

The quest is on for replacements. I HATE the new ones.

Dec 29, 2011

poor quality

I cant believe after 30 years of Levis I cant find my size that fits anymore...I am a 30/34 and just received 3 pair for christmas, and they fall right off me, And when i do pull them up they are over my belly button, and crushing my crotch, I have never gone through this with quality Levis, but then i noticed they are made in Korea, and Lsotho, so i guess its hard to keep quality control. Sad! the 505s will never be the same I am afraid. and since they are prewash...I know from 2 years ago they WONT SHRINK. so back to Levis they will be shipped. and i may have to buy wrangler, which i hate, but may be forced into wearing. I wish Levis would fix this! or good bye levi! I also noticed over the years that the jeans material has gotten lighter, and thus holes appear in 2 years instead of 4 when i was a kid and wore them outside, now they just rip from being in the office. or sitting down, think its time to go carhartt they actually feel like the old denim levis at least and I know they last!

Dec 29, 2011

poor quality

I have never before seen such a decline in quality in my life. out of the 30 years I have owned Levis I never thought i would see the day that the sizes dont matter any more. all my life i wore a 30/34 and now they fall right off me..not my 20 year old ones i use for dress. the new ones from christmas. and it seems they are now made in korea, or lesotho anymore so i guess quality control went flyin out the window in the name of making more money, and also after 2 years of wearing 90s or newer levis they get holes in the rear pockets just from office use, out in the yard forget about it, I was on my lawnmower and got caught on a thorn bush as i was driving by and ripped the leg with a 3 inch long tear. and I still have 20 year old dress levis in dark blue denim that look great. I think its time to go to CARHARTT. thay are like Levis when Levis came out. rugged and durable with a constant fit. Sorry Guys But if they dont get better, then its bye bye Levi!

Feb 23, 2012

poor quality

I sent back 2 pair of Levis after finding out you could do that and they said they would replace one pair and the other pair was worn out do to normal wear even though they were torn in the same place. (Back pockets and crouch) Now my replacement pair is lost in limbo somewhere! FedEx told me they tried to delivery them (not to my address) and they were refused and Levis are saying they were never returned to them and that FedEx told them they were delivered to me? What a joke Levis has become over the years and i think it's time to move on to a different brand and company that cares about their costumers.

Feb 28, 2012

poor quality

I am happy to read that I am not the only one who has noticed the decline of Levi's products. My son likes the fit of the Docker's pants they make but the knees wear through amazingly fast. I bought a pair of 505's and was shocked at how cheap they feel. The thread count per square inch must have been changed to increase profits (since the price is still way high). I actually thought the pants had some type of stretch material in them at first but the tag said "100% cotton". It was then I realized that the weave has been altered and, as a result, the pants are thinner and the material flimsy. Why would the owners of Levi's cheapen an American classic this way? If you don't want to make them in the US, don't. But for heavens sake don't put the Levi's name on this trash. Maybe Warren Buffet could buy Levi's and save the company from itself? Someone mentioned Carhartt and I intend to give them a try for my next pair of pants. Anything would be better than the current product put out by Levi's. They are just coasting on their old reputation but that won't last forever.

Mar 27, 2012

poor quality

I just bought three new pairs of Levis carpenters they didn't even make it a week and all have rip's at the tops of the back pockets. I have been in Levis for 20 years think its time for a change. I still have my old pairs that are ten years or better they have some tin spots in the knees but are still stronger then the new junk they make now.

sean durk
Mar 27, 2012

poor quality

I have been a dedicated Levi blue jean pants man for 40 yrs.But the quality has gotten so bad, that Im going to switch brands.The pants are half the thickness.They constantly rip after a short time at the back pocket.My last 5I pairs of 505 regular fit jeans wore out so quick, I had to buy more in 1 month.Sorry, but I cant afford to buy 5 pairs a month.

Apr 15, 2012

Levis Denzien

I purchased 4 pairs of Denizen jeans from Target. Less than 2 months later all of them had ripped at the back pocket. I went back to Target with my receipt just after 90 days and I was given the runaround. Target finally exchanged them but this time I got Wrangler jeans. What a piece of crap Levis have become. Do not buy Levis Strauss and never ever do business with Target. Both deserve none of your hard earned cash.

Dec 9, 2012

Levi 501

I have worn Levi 501's for more than 50 years and I am so upset with the quality of the newer ones!!
They are so thin and fade in just a few washings and have tears in them after only after a couple of months.
For the price we have to pay, they should last a lot longer than they do. I bought 5 pairs in Aug. and only one
pair is wearable now. May be time to look for a different brand. Would like a response to this from Levi comp.

Apr 21, 2013

Belt loops

I have wore Levi's for 40 years, now with the last 5 pair of 505's, the belt loops have ripped out in back. I have had 2 pair of carpenters rip out in back in the last year. I am all done wasting good money on poor quality jeans. I recently purchased carhartt jeans and they are head over heels ahead of Levi's. I am finished with levie.

Jul 21, 2013

Poor quality Levi's

The last 5 pairs of jeans I bought have all torn at the back pocket seam in a matter of weeks. the response from Levi Strauss is a generic, canned time waster. I can' spend my time returning poor quality merchandise just to get a replacement that is as poorly made.
I'm a Levi's wearer for decades. No more - Good Bye

Aug 3, 2013

poor quailty

I have been a Levis Jean wear for probably over 35 years. Of late I picked up 5 pairs of 503 at a store.
Many companies as your self claim quality which you have built the Levi company on has been the top standard in the past.
Now its all about the cost and money a company makes.
Sorry, but the quality is what will keep you going.
These jeans now, are thinner, wear quicker, fad quicker and feel like crap on after half a dozen washers. Not like the original true Levi's back in the day.
Many would not take the time to give feed back. As there is many other brands out there today, with thick material.
I hope Levi's can make a great move forward, "backwards" to the Original well made Levi jean as we all grew up wearing.
I would like to hear you are taking this on board and a reply would be appreciated, please

Frank Cheli
Feb 8, 2014

quality contol

I have worn Levis since the 1950s and grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. What has happened to this company? Poor material and Poor fit. I read through the complaints and my experience is far from unique. I just purchased two new pairs and they are not even close to a correct fit. My normal sized is 40X29. The waist has grown over the years but not the height. Over the past five years, it has become virtually impossible to buy off the shelf because the interpretation of the "29" from wherever these things are produced today is radically different. I am wearing a pair of "30" now and they fit perfect. I purchased two "29"s the other day and they are a couple of inches too long. At Levi, there is no standard inch.

I will not touch on quality of fabric (it has deteriorated) but want to note that it is just too sorry that this famous SF and USA icon has fallen so far in quality. Makes one wonder what every has happened in Levis' quality control department. This brand is like "Twinkies", "Tide", etc; a treasure. If I were a stock holder, I would not at all be comfortable with the hands in which I trust this business.

Alert Consumer
Feb 26, 2015

Same product number BUT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!

I've been buying and wearing Levi 505's for many, many years. After experiencing a noticeable decline in product integrity, wearability and comfort I called Levi and learned of the tragic death of a once excellent product. The 505, although carrying the same product number, is NOTHING like the old namesake. Levi has:
a. "lightened" the weight of the denim now calling it a "fashion ware" vs. the former work ware;
b. they've lowered the waist, now raised it back up;
c. they made it a looser fit, now it's gone back to a tighter fit;
d. and the current product now has shallower pockets
The only thing unchanged seems to be the product number!!
505's THESE ARE NOT!!!!

Jul 6, 2015

poor quality

I guess I am not the only one that is finding out of the levis poor quality.The jeans from Mexico seem to be fine but do not buy if made in Indonesia. poor quality pockets are shorter than they should be. Time to switch to Lee after 50 years with levis only sad.They just dont seem to care about product only profit

Nov 2, 2015

Melissa mitchell

I purchase a pair of Levi's from Macy's Department store when I wash it the matriels was very poorly. I will like to know I could I exchange it.

Nov 22, 2015

English don't buy Levi

Levi now is just crap quality. I am British, I bought my first pair of Levis in 1970 from a school friend for 10 shillings, difficult to put a modern day value on that in 2015, say , a weeks pocket money for a schoolkid. They had been owned by two other people before my seller, so I was the fourth wearer. They lasted me four years and I grew out of them and gave them away. I have been loyal to the brand up until a couple of years ago. My wife goes to USA every other year to see family and brings me back 2 pairs of Levi 505s . That was until 2 years ago when both pairs lasted only 12 weeks, I was not working on a construction site, but am a retired salesman with a small vegetable garden and a local bar to support, Not hard work then. The Knees go thin the they gradually rip open. I now buy cheap junk jeans which I know will last 12 weeks but only cost £10 ( $15 ) much better than made in lesotho, Timbuktoo, Alaska , Chile, Swaziland, North Korea, Mexico, Botswana,Iceland, etc., (I hope you PC geeks understand I am being sarcastic) American Levi Jeans. Levi made his first jeans out of sailcloth so the story goes, they became popular because they lasted, CEO please stop shitting on his legacy. Best regards to our American friends from good Brits all who don't buy Levi any more.

Nov 22, 2015

Crap Levi Jeans

Crap Levi Jeans

Very Unhappy
Mar 19, 2016

Levis rugged? NOT!

I wish I had read these comments before I bought 6 pairs of 514s. My old jeans lasted for 10 years and their material is still twice as thick as the new ones. Absolutely a ripoff. Levis reputation is shot in my family.

Quality Degradatioin and Dilution
Oct 4, 2016

progressively degraded quality product

To echo the long decline in Levi's has been noted and to the point I will not buy them anymore. First it was the lack of uniform fitness noticed about ten-twelve years ago which required of all things to try them on when it was not formerly necessary. Then came the degradation of material weave and density. At first I thought it was problem of interpreting English measurements in foreign factories and variance allowances. Now the Levi brand is synonymous with crap. I did find one repurposing for them though as end of life protection for furniture when you move throw a few cut up large pieces over the top and shrink wrap the furniture and the old cheap denim does fairly good job of protecting furniture when you move - wearing them is worthless.

Nov 1, 2016

Appalled at the Quality

I bought a pair of Levi's Signature jeans ten years ago from Kmart and liked the fit. I see that Walmart sells Signature so I stroll in, excited to add a 2nd pair in a darker denim to my jeans rotation. I am so glad I tried them on first. The material is flimsy, the fit is terrible since the fabric is so thin.

I hope I live long enough to see quality clothing return to the everyday retail store. I don't like WalMart and rarely shop there, but Levi's should be ashamed to be represented by such a poor product.

Since the recession, I notice where manufacturers have cut corners, Ann Taylor and the like as well.

Oct 4, 2018

Crappy Levi’s jeans

Yes they are garbage now I bought them for years now they fit like crap and as others have stated they are thinner cheaply made junk
I have recently been buying jeans from a company called all American jeans they are made here in USA and fit as they are supposed to
And actually last several years

Dec 22, 2018

This change...a mistake

I can't fathom why Levi's are no longer available in the cotton fabric used for over 100 years.. The arrogance of presuming that everyone likes the new material is arrogant and business malpractice. The new material is cheaper, thinner, the wear time is much shorter, you can't wash them (the CEO suggests freezing them) and they rip easily. In short...they suck. The only remaining version is the 501 which has fly buttons instead of a zipper. Not really my preferred method of fastening my trousers. Now...the search for another brand with the fit of the 505 that uses denim.

Jan 3, 2019

Poor Quality Material

I got a new pair of 505 jeans for xmas this year. This is the same jeans I have been buying all my life and I am now 68 years old. I was amazed at the poor quality and thinness of the material. Nothing like the jeans I used to get from Levi's. They look like mommy jeans now instead of jeans for men. I will never buy another pair of Levis in my life.

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