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Nov 25, 2013

burning smell fm ac accord 2.4

My accord 2.4 gen 8 is in good condition and maintained well as per scheduled. The problem is when I drive the car in high speed or in high rpm the burning smell will came out fm ac. I've told Honda svc center @ Semabok Melaka but mechanic told me that it is normal due to vtec engine. They said that is catalyc converter smell. I could't accept this reason coz the smell is so disturbing and probably may course another problem in future. Hope feedback as soon as posibble.

Nov 25, 2013

Burning smell fm ac accord 2.4

The smell appear when drive in high speed or high rpm. Have send the car for major svc at Honda Service Center Semabok Melaka but the mechanic said the smell come fm catalyc converter and it is normal. The smell is so disturbing how come that is normal for car that is purposely for comfort. Need feedback as soon as posibble. Tq

Nov 26, 2013

"Free Service"

I have been using Honda vehicles since 1996. I am not against Honda, just the people who run it. Honda advertises "Free Service" an advertisement "gimmick' to entice customers.
I bought a Honda City in March 2013. Honda states in my record maintenance book 6 free services NB: Free labour charge, alternate with paid service until 5 years/100000KM* whichever comes first". yes that's what is stated in the Maintenance Book. What is even more questionable is that Honda selects the timing of the so called Free service.

I find that Honda doesn't cater for users like me. I use my car quite sparingly. consider my complaint:-

For the 1st service 1000 KM or 1 month, I only clocked 1130KM when I serviced my car in April in KL, in one of the Honda dealership. (that's fine - FOC) Anyway don't think they did much because it was done in a very short time.

For the second service supposedly due on 15th June for 5000Km, I serviced my car end the end of June. Mileage only 2610KM. Note this service was not free and I paid in full. Free service, uh?

For the third service supposedly due in Sept / 10000KM, I was away from the country and I went to service my car in November. Mileage 6740KM. To my surprise, the Honda service officers said that I was overdue and cannot claim the "Free Service". So I had to pay in full. I noted that they charged me a "Preventive Maintenance Service charge of RM112.00"

What crap. Does it mean that I have to service my car every three months even though the vehicle is sparingly used. As a consumer, I feel that given the circumstances, Honda should honour the free service. I didn't buy my Honda to get it serviced every three months (note that I use the car sparingly).
If the service is every three months, then they should honour the 6 free service package, at least without any conditions, perhaps only when the mileage of the vehicle is excessive or reaches the set top mileage recommended.

I am also writing to the Mr Yoichiro Ueno, Managing Director & CEO, Honda Malaysia per the Welcome Letter of my Maintenance Pack.

Feb 16, 2014

Honda quality questionable!!!

Honda quality questionable!!! I believe I was the unlucky one, as my dad and my sister just got their new Honda Accord 2.0VTIL 2013 batch end of 2013. And I decided to get one for myself recently (from Tenaga Setia Resources Sdn Bhd) ... I got my new Honda Accord 2.0VTIL 2014 batch on 28/01/2014 (Modern Steel). Just within a week of driving I encountered numerous issues:-
1. Car produces creeking sound when turning right and left.
2. Car produces rattling noise when going over hump.
3. I-Mid not functioning when switch on ignition (intermittent).
4. Minor ding on the bumper (after I washed my car).
5. Stitching on the leather sit (passenger side) not done properly.
After I got back from Chinese New Year, immediately I went back to Tenaga Setia Resources on 10/02/2014. The solution that I got for my issues raised:-
1. Insulate sponge at steering wheel airbag column.
My response: Is it right for a new car to have it fix this way? No new replacement of the parts? What happen if the sponge actually affect the functioning of the airbag? Is Honda Malaysia going to undertake the responsibility? I'm keeping all the documentation as all the proof.
2. Unable to reproduce during test drive. The technician advised me to KIV on my own and go back if I encounter it again.
My response: I actually experiencing it immediately after I got the car. Unfortunately I only detected it near the hump near my home. I went back to Tenaga Setia Resources on the 15/10/2014... The technician didn't take the immediate action, but I was told to make another appointment as they need at least 1 full day, so that they can fix it. My expectation from Honda Malaysia is to replace with a new parts but not just merely fix... as it's a new car.
3. Adjusted the meter panel light switch.
My response: Shouldn't this check be done before delivering the vehicle to customers?
4. The sales personnel told me that it's just a small issue as it not noticeable.
My response: Should I expect a perfect delivery from Honda Malaysia?
5. No response from the sales personnel even complaint made.
My response: Shouldn't this check be done before delivering the vehicle to customers?
My sister-in-law has also recently just made the booking of another unit of Honda Accord 2.4VTIL. Because my issue... we have decide to put on hold until all my issues are fixed.
For those who are planning to get the new Honda Accord...please take into account the quality issues. If you have placed the order and waiting for delivery do make sure you check your car properly during the delivery (test drive a few rounds and try to go through humps). If you encountered those problem, don't accept the delivery.
Honda Malaysia & Tenaga Setia Resources Sdn Bhd.... Please response to my complaints ASAP.

nicky yap
Mar 7, 2014

honda cr-z

my honda cr-z AJP 8498 after first maintenance service a lot of problem occur. alarm system , AFTER ENGINE OFF PULL OUT CAR KEY MY DOOR CANT OPEN!! IM STUCK INSIDE MY CAR AROUND 20 MINUTES !!! after that i keep try to start engine but not works... alarm no respone at all... i call to u all service department they tell me DUNNO! What should i do ? i should call you all or call bomba come and break my window? beside that who should take this responsibility ?
Car timmer keep running out... radio not fully funstion at all... Sometimes can't start engine at all.. try both key no works... door lock cant open... i want REMARKS one things ! Before I take to Kah Motor Sdn Bhd At Ipoh for service EVERY things is working fine !! after service every single problems come out ! i bring it back to kah motor service department the stuff told me will fix it for me... and CHARGE me rm20 ... My car is under warranty... y i wanna pay for it... but the stuff at kah motor sdn bhd ipoh, he wan me to pay for it... ok fine! i paid ! but after that everythings still the same !!! what the hell u all do service ?!
i wan problem to be solve ! u all bring me a lot of problem... shit la!

Mar 18, 2014

Poor Management & Customer Service

Honda service obviously sucks as i had been thru a terrible nightmare in the whole car delivery process & customer complaint about sales after service.Also, I guess so far honda win the poorest car leather quality in my car purchase history & the worst part is the rear parking sensor is not even installed in my car yet when delivering the car. I guess most of car owners will regret & experience that their complaints are not properly treated or resolved to customer satisfaction as they will use lots of excuses to dodge all the issues that they are supposed to be responsible especially for the car quality.Because of all these poor services from poor honda management malaysia...end up much disappointment & frustration among the customers to this car brand...eventually i dun even feel surprised when i heard that their sales had been dropped & lost to Nissan and perhaps getting worst like VW protest case from bulk car owners if they remain this kind of unresolved service attitude to all suffered customers.

Apr 2, 2014

Bad Sales Advisor

I personally compared and bought total 3 Honda car from Sri Perringgit (Old Klang Road), the sales advisor is very good and friendly, response also very fast.

Do not go to Tenaga S***** next to Federal highway, has the damn worst service ever, especially the sales person call Jane Lee, beware when u apply loan/test drive/etc everything okok, after loan approved and paid your deposit, everything come badly and delay, delay and delay, rude kind of response too.

May 29, 2014

Expired Tyre

I'm just buying new crv honda about 1 year and i have to change 2 tyres in 1 year. It's so disappointing because this is my second car that i'm using honda jazz before, i put trustworthy to honda because it put confident to all customers all around malaysia.

Jun 1, 2014

Honda warranty is fake

Dear Honda ,

I having Honda civic year 2011 . I always go to Honda service center for maintenance and never go to any normal workshop . At my recent service , I found out my car rear wheel bearing making noise and my warranty expired at 60000 or 3 years . I fall under 60000 because my mileage is 60135 which mean I drove extra 135 . So , my question is why Honda car always get spoilt right after the expiry date ? If 1 bearing spoilt I can understand but both are spoilt which I cant accept it .How far I can go in langkawi .Furthermore , road in langkawi are good. Plus , My battery also got spoilt just 2 day before the expiry date . So its obvious that all Honda are worth till the expiry date . Thereafter , all will spoilt . But this is not fair to me and I find this is bullshit .It just 135 burst of mileage .I want Honda to change it for me with warranty . FYI , its not cheap . 1 rear wheel bearing cost 600.00 and I am having both spoilt . I just cant accept it!!!! Please refer my case through langkawi Honda service centre before i get more annoyed .

thank you .

Jun 16, 2014

abnormal sound from dashboard

Dear Honda M'sia,
i'm writing to you is due to my un-satisfaction of your product. i have bought a Jazz Hybrid recently and found out that there is a "tick tick" sound came from the dashboard area, its like the metal part touching sound when moving on an uneven road, it is so irritating and scary! The car was sent to your service centre few times and they couldn't found the root cause, i don't know... they seem not serious about my complaint. The service advisor told me that its difficult to fix or cannot be fixed... then i have to listen to this irritating "tick tick" until i get crazy???!!! Frankly, i was so disappointed that Honda could delivered such quality product to their customer!!! How am i going to trust on the quality of your product and after sales service? i was thinking that your product serve higher quality than the Korean car and even Toyota! i have recommended Honda to some of my friends and now i felt shameful to face them! i'm looking forward to your solution soon!
Thank you.

David Lew
Jun 18, 2014


I am deeply disappointed with Honda after i got my brand new Honda accord.

I got my car and drove it on the PLUS highway and realised that the alignment is not right. Called the Wang Loo Motor Sdn Bhd service center and booked for the first service. Surprisingly, the receptionist asked me how is the car and any problem over the phone. I told her the new car has alignment problem. On that day, sent my car for service and the maintenance told me i have to pay RM 36 for the alignment. I was stunt and cracked my head, i thought the first service is to check and make sure the car is running on good condition and any issue has to be done and serviced by the seller, which is HONDA? The girl even told me that Honda CRV even worst and mostly every CRV has to same problem, and all the owners have to pay as well. Oh my god! If every owner has to pay this at first service, how much the Honda Service Center is earning? RM38 x 100,000 owner = RM3,800,000.

My concern is why should the buyer has to pay extra to fix the new car for running in good condition since Honda does not comprise the good quality when delivering the new car? It is extremely ridiculous and unfair to all the owners!

Siew Ling
Jul 16, 2014

complain about waiting for honda spare part

Hi,,, my Honda City New are accident on last month 23 June 2014 and i already send my car to workshop, they told me that need to wait for the spare part form the Honda HQ, but until now they still waiting for the spare part already nearby 1 month, izit i need to waiting how long my car can complete and may i now what your company are waiting for???
And i don't have any car to drive and keep waiting from your. before that i think your service are good but for this case is really bad

Mar 23, 2015

Dissatisfaction with Technical Advise

I have a Honda City IDSI 20008. From the time I had the car occassionaly there would be a hissing sound when I start the engine.I have taken it to the service centre on numerous occassions but each time was told that everything was OK. Of late the problem has been recurring frequently, so i took the car back to the service centre and as usual was told that nothing was wrong. The car seemed to have developed additional problems when I took it back home that day.In my frustration I spoke to the Supervisor and I saw him a couple of days later. The car was inspected again and now they tell me that parts need to be changed gearbox needs an overhaul and it could set me back RM7-8K assuming no other defects are discovered.. I was told that perhaps I should opt to sell the car since it is already 7 years. My car has a low mileage of as low as 50,000km and been regularly serviced every 3 months. I cannot accept that my car has incurred such a major wear & tear. 7 years is too short for a life span for such a well maintained car. I need a second opinion.

Nov 11, 2015

Bad Sales Adviser - Mr Sam

I bought the HRV E Spec at MH Prestige Auto Sdn Bhd Sri Damansara Branch with sales adviser Mr Sxm is very nicely and friendly. but worst to worst when u after loan approves and paid your deposit, everything will be super badly. 1st a while, the adviser Mr Sxm told us that the HRV E spec end of month October 2015 will received, and my deposit is paid on 13th Sept 2015. Thus, our exciting car have to sale which is Mr Sxm confirm with us we'll get car by end of October 2015. So that we arrange our own buyer to JPJ sales our car as per Mr Sxm promise will get it. Come to 27th October, we called to confirm him when we can get the car. We chasing n chasing on him because our car sales on 28th October since he promise to get our new car. Unfortunate, he kept delay delay us and kept said will help us check and check again. Day-day 30th October, his answer told us is need wait another 2 more week and said if we change to Teffa White will get faster. 1st Choice is we are chose for ruse black. but he told us ruse black wait another 2 more week. So final we choose for White will get it now, this is he told us. When come to 31th October, his answer told us he have to check again the stock whether available on 1st November. Never mind, we give him time to check again which he said he only can come back to us beginning November. When come to November, he delay us again said more another 2 week until 9th November said confirm end of November only received. What the rule kind of the salesman kept delay n delay just like playing fool around us.
My concern is why can simply promise than at the end kept break the promise. After we sell the car, I have no longer have car to drive. More worst thing is I have to rent a car to ride now just because the adviser promise us the give us the car and already get his confirmation only arrange buyer to JPJ. This is my worst experience buy Honda car at Sri Damansara branch. The most worst is other branch order HRV E Spec with Teffate White only 2-3 week get the car already, but me almost 3 month still cant get my car. What the funny thing.

Azam Anuar
Nov 27, 2015

Honda Jazz 2015 Aircond Compressor

During receiving the car, when the sales advisor start the engine it's sound normal. But when the aircond switched on the annoying sound come out. When complaint the sales advisor denied and give a stupid answer that the sound is from the bonnet. But actually it's from the aircond compressor "clutch magnet". If we bring normal car with the same sound to mechanic, of coz the mechanic will claim that the compressor not in good condition and need to replace before getting worse. After arguing with the sales advisor, honda mechanic and the manager they try to start the other jazz and that jazz also having the same issue. But it's normal when they trying to protect their brand and product, but they also have to remember that not all the customers can be fooled. Maybe they have met 95% of their customers never complaint anything thus they forgot about another 5% that could be engineers, mechanic or car expert. Also having same issue for second honda jazz which bought a month after the first honda jazz. But this one maybe having another problem with wheel bearing which noticed after second day with mileage less than 70km. Will send to service center for checking and warranty claim

*to Honda Malaysia..mandatory take necessary action bcoz we buy brand new car not used car or recond car!!

Dec 18, 2015

Accident on July 15 until now still.......

Hi all, i bought my new Honda City on May 2014, but unfortunately i had accident on July 2015, long story.... but is not my fault, then i have sent my car to the honda workshop and claim other side insurance. however the problems began,i think their customer service need to improve, when i called to the Honda service and asked for my car status, they only can reply me, "wait......." then after 1 week, called again... the answer is "wait......." and when i asked why keep waiting, their reply, "You are not the only one who are waiting here, someone is waiting here more than 3 months. so regard to your case "just wait.......", so what can i do, just wait. then after 2 months+ my claimed successful. then i start chasing them. I called Honda service, guess what the staff told me"we are ordering your accessories part, need to wait another 3 weeks or 1 month. =..=!! so what can i do just wait lor. then again, after 1 month, i come back again and asked, the Honda staff still cannot commit a date for me, he said will try his best to help me follow up my case. but every week also follow up. until now December already, still follow up. they have many stories to tell, your car cannot start, engine problem, oil leaked...etc. i have given so much of time, and every month paying the installment, borrow car / take bus to work everyday, the distance from my house to my office is about 1 hr 15 mins. is a pain within this 5 months. is very inconvenient. Honda service didn't even bother your problem and the Insurance also won't help you. With such a customer service, i will not recommend my friend to buy Honda vehicle.

Jan 13, 2016


Hi all honda owner, today i want to story all about my new civic. I book my honda with HZN glenmarie for Sales person name Nurul Ain or nickname Nana on 14 October 2015. I got my on 15 November 2015 due to loan and Nana Honda trip. On 15th November, when Nana want me to sign first before see my new car, i knew that must be some problem with my car. I realy had bad instinct since she told me my car should be take on 8 November was changing by Manager. After sign the DO, i get my car and inspect if have any accident or something else, anything on good condition but i over look roof paint and front boot. This mistake is my horror bad dream with HONDA. Congratulation NANA, MANAGER and HZN give me a REJECT CIVIC by HONDA MALAYSIA and would suffer me 9 years bank loan. I noticed my problem when i arrived on my house. I think it just a dust on my roof because it raining when i driving from HZN to my house. It's actually my 3rd car, so after a weeks i wash my car and i noticed that is not dust but the CLEAR COAT is PEEL out. I call NANA but she suggest me to sent my car once reach 1000km or first service. I want short my story, I service at HZN on 2 December 2015 and handle by Service Asistance Aizat. I think he is new worker and not have experience with this issue. Actually i have 2 complaint, No.1 is peeling clear coat painting on my front boot and roof and another one is noising on my left back door . What i get after waiting from 9 am till 4.30pm is my fuel lost about half and my civic problem not settle even one. For problem No.1 NANA info to me that technician and SA suspect me WAX or POLISH my car. This is unprofessional HONDA after sales when handle one new complaint even HZN have 4S. I think one is HZN 4S is SHIT maybe. So no warranty for problem no.1. Problem no.2 Aizat told me that i should left my car within 3 days. You can imagine that i left from 9am to 4.30pm my car drive by a fat guy technician and adjust my air cond to maximum level and left me a fuel from more that half to 90km to go.What the hell is HZN why not used your own fuel to test my car. I can absorb a noising rather than give my car to elephant drive my car and not topup my fuel for 3 days. I very frustrated with HONDA MALAYSIA released reject honda by QC or don't have any QC. After a weeks, i complaint to honda Malaysia until i comunicate with cik fadilah. One more unprofessional answer from HONDA MALAYSIA still do not want give a warranty and the answer is why i not check properly a car before i sign. Wow! that is warranty 5 years and unlimmited millage from HONDA THE BAD DREAM.TQ. please banned HZN glenmarie and HONDA.TQ

Jan 17, 2016

Who is the customer - warranty claim process

I have a 2013 CRV 2.4 AWD. Noticed some slight oil leak mark at the centre rear of the car. Naturally, one would suspect the leak is from the rear axle (since it a 4-wheel drive). Took it to the service centre and told them to check it out as part of the service maintenance routine. Got the car back after the service and was alarmed to be told that all the did was to take a photo of the problem to be sent to Honda Malaysia for warranty claim. They (HZN at Glenmarie) agreed there is a problem but they cannot fix it without Honda Malaysia' approval!! They will call me when they get a response from Honda Malaysia. What a weird process and just inconveniences the customer. If Honda Malaysia does not trust their 3S outlets, then open up their own direct ones. I have driven 2 other popular Japanese brands before and never faced this problem. In short, the quality of the service one gets from Honda, let it be their agent (inexperienced and poor service advisers no matter where you go) or from Honda Malaysia is just poor. It is just a matter of time before I get rid of the car. So, my advice to potential buyers is to enquire about the service areas; even make a stopover at the service centre and see for yourself the crowd, the way the service advisers go about their work, etc. Buying is just a one-time affair, service and maintenance is not and this is most important.

Jan 18, 2016


I deeply regretted that I didn't do more research before getting a honda city from HZN Cars in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

After pick up the new car from their office, I notice there are fogging in the lights, both front and back. It was raining, so the rain water went into the lights and there are water vapor on the surface INSIDE the lights.

It is obvious that there are water inside the lights, if not how can there be fog inside the lights ? And it is proven as every time it rains the fogging appear. I complained to the salesman and guess the SERVICE guys say ? It is normal, the fogging will disappear in half an hour or so.

I was like WHAT ? Are you guys serious ? Have you seen any other car lights get fogging and not get fixed/replacement ?

Of course I insist them to check and replace the lights.

So after they check and proved that there really is fogging, the service desk guy told me that they will send the report to HQ for warranty approval. Funny thing is, this is a NEW car and I have to wait for them to get approval from HQ rather than replacing the lights on the spot.

So after around 3 weeks I still have no news from them, so i called the service advisor.

Guess what the advisor told me ? Honda HQ say the lights on Honda City is like that, fogging will appear whenever it rains or wet, so replacing the lights will not solve the problem.


I waited few weeks just to hear you say this S#$T ?

I even questioned him , "Do you mean all the Honda City have this problem ?" in Malay. He had nothing to say other than probably giving an awkward smile from the other side of the phone.

Obviously he is trying to getaway without letting me claim the lights.

Basically, these people in HZN Cars are asking me to DEAL WITH IT.

I am not going to let them go easily. So much for Power of Dreams. More like Power of Scam

Disappointed Owner

Jan 21, 2016

Honda CRV steering sound

Hi I'm Honda CRV owner and just brought my new Honda CRV on 2015.
But after few weeks using, the steering area there has metal sound although already send to Service Center to check but unable to detect the issue/sound.

Feel surprise and want to know that how Honda control their quality before release to consumers.

Jul 21, 2016

Poor Honda Service Center in Kulim

My 2014 Honda CRV air bag light keep on lighted.

Send to Honda Service center in Kulim for inspection. (24 Jun 2016)

Service guy claim there is some defected parts need to order. Ask us to leave the warranty book and come back after 2 weeks.

After 3 weeks no phone call from Honda Kulim. I went to check on the progress (16 July 2016).

Service lady claim no electricity cannot check but ask me to leave phone number which she will call me back. But never call back.

On 20 July 2016, I went to Honda service center in Kulim again.

Service lady claim there is no record of any parts warranty claim has been place for my car.

Told them about the warranty book I left to the service technician. After some searching found the book. The service lady inform the service manager beside her about this issue. The service manager by the name of Jun, inform the service lady that he did not receive any information so not his problem. Told the service lady to ask us to leave our car at Honda Kulim for checking again. Most frustrating, this service manager don't even have the courtesy to inform us personally or apologize for the mistake although he was just sitting in front of us. Very poor managerial skill and very poor attitude. I was asked to leave my car in honda service center for checking.

Today, 21.7.2016, receive no phone call although they promise to call me back in the morning. Called the mobile phone number. no pick up. But 1 hr later return call to inform need to leave my car for another 2 - 3 days as the previous service guy has mess up the wiring.

Honda Kulim has give Honda a very bad name. Not sure its the same for the rest of the service center. But I dont face this kind of problem with my toyota car. Next time, I will buy back Toyota car.

Jul 23, 2016

CRV Tailgate replacement

It has been 2 months since my CRV is stuck in HNV Glenmarie workshop due to an accident that damaged the tailgate section .To date the staffs claimed that,that particular part of the car (i.e the tail gate) is still not available for replacement.One wonders how longer period he needs to wait ; another month?another year perhaps ? Or is it Honda factory produces parts for brand new cars only ?? Somebody please explain. T.Q.

Aug 18, 2016

Unreasonable Charges

I unable to find my Honda service book, it reach 30,000 mileage, it will be free of charge status. When i send my car for service at KAH MOTOR, SEMABOK, MELAKA, MALAYSIA. They required me to pay RM 135.00 for labor charge due to i dint bring my service book. I immediately unsatisfied with this charges. I fell it as a unreasonable requirement. Since HONDA is a international company so many years and we in high tech world, now pushing paperless system. WHY since HONDA company had all the record in the system, why with service book then no need to pay RM135.00 for the labor charge, BUT without the book, i need to pay the money??? i unsatisfied with your service n requirement. i dont think the printing fees of the service book cost worth RM 135.00. A book doesnt make any sense of connection with the labor charges either!!! Please pay attention to this issue, few complaints along the days without action and changes made by your company will affect company growth and mission.

Oct 7, 2016

Bad service from rude and lazy Honda staff

Today, I went for my car service appointment in the morning at Kah motors at Lengkok Sungai Pinang. I went to the reception to tell them that I am there for servicing my car. The receptionists all have the same angry and rude faces and attitude. They took my keys and said to sit upstairs in the waiting area. I asked how long it will take as I do not have a number and they said it will take awhile because the system is down but they will call me once the system is up. If I did not ask, I wouldn't even know the system is down. I went up to wait and almost 1.5-2 hours later before lunch, they didn't call me so I went down to check with the receptionist thinking that maybe they have started the servicing already. When I ask the receptionist she said the system is still down and they have not serviced my car yet. I was shocked and asked them if they called the people who will repair the system. They said they did in the morning but since then they haven't. I waited about 2 hours and they didn't even rush and call the repairmen to fix the system!!! They must have been sleeping the whole time. After that, they all started asking each other about lunch and started leaving. I asked to talk to the manager. He was not there. I asked for the supervisor and Liew came. I asked him why didn't they call anyone or update anyone for so long? He started to avoid my questions and pretended to act like he was 'checking on it.' Finally he called them after I pestered him. If I didn't ask him or chase him then they would have all gone for lunch and forget about their customers waiting like idiots. They were more interested to have lunch then care about their customers. They didn't update me or anyone about the system. At least if they update the customers then the customers can decide to wait or change appointment or have lunch first. Liew was a very bad supervisor he gave me such useless and unreasonable reasons that the system is down. His attitude was a 'too bad, the system is down so take it or leave it,' and was not apologetic at all. Even if the system is down, I told him then why didn't you chase the repairmen? Felt like I was his manager and had to tell this idiot what to do. I'm shocked Honda hires and promotes such incompetent, stupid and rude staff. He and the whole staff there didn't apologise at all. He and the staff didn't even bother to chase the repairmen to hurry if I didn't tell them. Other customers were not happy too. Some waited even earlier and there were no updates for hours.

Finally after lunch the system worked. Then I could register my car. I could not register and in order to leave my car there to have lunch/go outside, I must register and get a piece of paper with the servicing breakdown. I called the Honda complaints hotline to complain about their bad and rude attitude and feedback to them.

In the afternoon, they said my car is ready and they will explain the 'problem' When I went there, no one bothered about me again and when I went to pay, the cashiers' face is grumpy. Typical again. From the first people I met (receptionist) until the cashier, they all gave such a rude attitude and never smiled. Even after I paid the expensive service fees, they can't even say thank you. This happens everytime.

Then I went to check my car and although it clearly states in the service breakdown paper, the items I want the mechanics to check and repair, they DIDN'T fix it!!! So I had to walk back again and ask about it. I went to another service counter and he again pushed me to the stupid supervisor Liew. I have to again deal with this idiot. He then went to check and said the reverse camera which was blurry is JUST LIKE THAT and you can't do anything about it!!! I told him how can you not doing anything? If I reverse and I can't see then it's dangerous. He said 'oh it's just like that.' The same bad attitude again. As for my TV screen, he said you need to upgrade a chip in the TV but they don't have enough time to do it so it has to be the following week. Those idiots didn't repair it in the first place and then wants me to go back to their service center and deal with those idiots because they did not service it today when I specifically mentioned it and they even wrote it down. I said fine and asked for a receipt or some black and white form to say that they have my gps chip. The supervisor said no need, just look for him next week. Knowing how incompetent they are, I didn't trust them and said no, and asked them to give me a form otherwise they will tell me next week that they don't know what I'm talking about or worse that they don't have it or lost it. He didn't even have the common sense to do this. Does he think this is a market place? No paper or proof needed? Then I asked for his extension number or phone number so that I can check if it's ready on Monday. He said no because he's SCARED I WILL COMPLAIN ABOUT HIM. I told him, if I didn't complain about rushing the repairmen then you wouldn't have done anything! And now you're scared??? What kind of supervisor does Honda hire?!?!? First they can't even update me, make me wait hours for nothing, didn't repair my car properly and I have to go back again next week and waste my time, the staff and supervisor was so rude, and now instead of apologising or correcting the issue, he told me he's scared and refuses to help me. If their service is good then I would not complain in the first place! And once they know the problem then rectify it and apologise!!! They push the problem to the customer and act like the staff are the 'victims'. Terrible! Anyways I have to now go back the next week again and I really do not want to and it is wasting my time again and I have to deal with these idiots. I even had to take leave today from work and I would have wasted my day today, if i didn't pressure them! Honda service is so horrible. If the service is so bad as a foreign co, then what's the point in buying an international car? If I'm going to be treated so badly, I might as well buy a cheaper car or another car from another co. My family and I have been Honda customer for years and we hate their service! After this experience, I will think about selling my car and changing to another type of car that is NOT Honda. I made a complaint by phone to the Honda complaint centre. Let's see if there are any changes or apology but I really doubt it. I've lost confidence in them as a customer.

All Honda customers, please call their hotline 1800-88-2020 to complain and/or write in. Don't accept the lousy service/staff when we spend so much money on a Honda car. Please voice out because I'm sure there are other unhappy customers who have been treated very badly without any apology or understanding from them.

Nov 10, 2016

Slow service plus stupid

Honda peringgit service is the worst ever with slow rude approach.

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