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Consumer reviews about Honda Malaysia

Dec 29, 2011

Service level & Technical Experiences is very bad

I have the same issue as above Chelmen's complaint. My Honda City always gave noise like bird chirping and they claimed that the sound was came from belting, however, i just changed them last 3 months ago at Honda. Until today, 3 times of service, they still can't resolve it. 2nd issue, my car was encountered underpower during cornering, the acceleration was not smooth and the car return to lower gear was delayed, which I believed had caused this problem. Until today, their technician still can't get solution.

Jan 18, 2012

Service level & Technical Experiences is very bad

Personally i have experience the similar problem where i had multiple visit to Honda Service Center with the same complaint. that was last year and it was resolved after a complaint to E-Tribunal. They actually heard my complaint helped me to be calm that someone is hearing my complaint. But complaint to HONDA Malaysia guess in vein got myself embarrassed by the staffs attitude and raised my pressure only, they don't bother if they deliver low quality car by one of their representative. The moral of the story is if u have any problem just write a letter to HONDA MALAYSIA and also the Consumer Department. Consumer Department will surely answer your call but don't expect Honda Malaysia to do so, they will only contact you and advice you that they will look into your problem personally and give you a direct number to call. What they are doing is shutting you up. Be alert.

Sam Wai Fun
Feb 2, 2012

Service level & Technical Experiences is very bad

Hi, This is Sam. As usual I sent my car for service at a service centre in Klang Valley. My car is still under 3 years warranty. It was a last minutes decision that I wanted to change the gear oil and stuff and wash my car as well. It was before chinese new year on 20th Jan 2012. After that we went back home town for CNY celebration. Also took a chance to go everywhere during this holiday. I came back to KL and washed my car on 29th Jan 2012. Huh... Something very interesting happened.

We found out that the gear oil cover never closed and the dip stick was not in place. Lead to oil squirting out from transmission casing as per photos attached. I can tolerate on slow service and long waiting. But I really cannot tolerate on this kind of mistake. It can lead to a very dangerous and serious situation such as car break down in the middle of the night during the massive jam festival season. I strongly disagree with the compensation that they have given to me. I thought such an International brand name, QUALITY CHECK is very important. Now I don't think so...

Cheryl Loi
Feb 14, 2012

Very Rude Service Advisor

I agree with the rude service and let me share my horrible experience with you for Millenium Auto located at TTDI.
Not only is their service lacking in full inspection and attention, their Technical Director, Mr Terry Yap, is a man who loves to tai chi responsibilities + everything else except money, and doesn't give a damn about customers, only the company's profits.

I have owned my Honda Civic 1.8 ( also purchased at Millennium Auto), for the past 4 years. And the past 4 years, the only place i ever serviced at was Millenium Auto. I recently discovered, at my 75, 000km service, that they left my radiator cap ON MY RADIATOR, without even closing it, and they just closed the bonnet and returned the car to me. I was running around like this for 3 months before this incident was discovered by another mechanic who was replacing my wiper blades, just opened up my bonnet to do a basic check on water and discovered this. The radiator cap had already burned a small hole into my radiator, not enough to puncture through, but you can see the damage inflicted from the chemical scar. Naturally i demanded an explanation from Millenium Auto, and Mr Terry Yap ( a manager i was requested to direct my complaints to at the time), actually waived my service. This was incident 1.

Incident 2. Few days ago, i serviced my car again for 80, 000km. This time, Im not sure if full inspection was done but it doesn't seem like it cos we as customers always have to entice them to check this and that, but never mind. I assumed it was. Then I received a call from their Service Advisor, Joel, who mentioned that the service was done, but that my steering wheel pump was leaking so badly, that i had to replace it, and it will cost me over RM 2000 to replace the part. I was furious and enquired why it took them so long to discover the leak - which could have prevented the change of the entire part during their last inspection. He couldn't give me an adequate answer and said I should speak to Mr Terry Yap cos they didn't agree to meet halfway, nor suggest any other solution to help me save cost on such an expensive replacement, nor assume responsibility for their lack of concern nor proper full inspection during all the years I have serviced my car with them. I agreed to meet with Mr Terry Yap, and not only did he 'forget' he ever met me ( although he waived my 75000km service due to the opened radiator cap incident), he was also very adamant about the service and kept on tai-chi-ing the matter to me ( customer), saying it was none of their fault nor concern. ( imagine that!!!) During our sit down discussion, not only did he kept interjecting my speech, interrupting everything I had to say, but he was NOT a listener at all, and a personnel who couldn't care less what the customer thought. Not only that, he DID NOT BOTHER to share your concern, only cared that he ' couldn't do anything for you", ( and kept saying there was nothing he could do repeatedly), and would rather leave you to drive your vehicle out at your own risk, nor gave ANY SUGGESTION ON HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. He DID NOT suggest a single method of problem solving, DID NOT probe an investigation, and instead said to me " i have been trying to tell you, between your last service and now, it has been 4 months, and anything could have happened". WOW. what an amazing guy. After I have spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON ALL THE YEARS OF SERVICING MY CAR THERE. Not only did he insult my intelligence as a customer, but after all the business i have been giving to Millenium Auto, he not only pushed the blame to me and the car, but refused to take ANY FORM OF RESPONSIBILITY for his lack of inspection on the vehicle, although i as the customer have been sending my car in CONSISTENTLY FOR REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE EVERY 5, 000KM. If they have done proper inspection in the previous service, I believe i would not have to change the part today as the leak could have been discovered, patched up, and problem solved.

As it turned out, to the final insult, not only was their suggestion and pricing of the part replacement disgustingly expensive, I took it to another mechanic who inspected it, and showed me exactly where the problem was ( only the outer ring of the steering wheel pump had to be replaced), and it will cost me only RM 100 or less to replace the part required, together with labour and oil costs, with change to spare. Con Job from Millenium Auto? You bet. To my understanding, most " authorized dealers", from Honda are like that, they will push you to change parts and parts linking to that part just to make you spend that kind of money with them, but get this- whether they actually change the part for you, you will never know. Even if they did you have no proof except what's written on the invoice cos we definitely can't take the car apart to check.

These are the 2 major incidents, I do not need to go through the stress a 3rd time. Out of these 2 incidents were very many minor incidents that proved their lack of service and professionalism, and I really don't care to mention that now as I will never go back there for service again.

Millenium Auto is not a service centre to be trusted, care about their own bottom line and profits more than they care about you ( the customer), and damn well doesn't care about your car. You have been warned.

Mar 18, 2012

Very Rude Service Advisor

I'm ERIC from PENANG, I' m having a HONDA ACCORD 2.4 year 2008, current mileage 37k KM, 100% accident free. The car having a huge noise from the back since few months ago and it become clearer since this week. I found the problem came from the rear seat panel(friction between 2 steel plate) after I took off the rear seats & speakers board. I send the car to VIVAHILL HILL Penang(panel workshop) to clarify and make warranty claim. But, a disappointing answer from them is I need to pay for the particular repair due to my warranty period has passed. The same answer given by HONDA MALAYSIA after I called.
Should this manufacture defect and unqualified products' issue bared by consumers? Please high light that HONDA in MALAYSIA is an expensive, well-known & high quality brand since few decades back, and your good company is highly focus on Customer Service Index.

Seng Keng Soon
May 8, 2012

Warranty claim not attend to

I purchase this new Honda city 1.5s on 23.05.2011 & send for 4th preventive maintenance on 27.03.2012 on Kah motor Melaka job sheet:99418 on a) Check all indicator light on, b) Check aircond mulfunction & c) Check alarm triggered when car locked...however after 6weeks (on 08.05.2012)--Honda Malaysia headquater feedback to dealer kah motor that 4set of electrical board spare part burnt & are not under warranty claim which need customer to paid for the defect!! I request an explantion on this exclusion of warranty but unacceptable reply from Honda Malaysia till now!! I need this matter to be investigate further.

shamsiah zakaria
Aug 11, 2012

car service at USJ honda

I booked for service in mid July for today's date - 11 August 2012. When my numbers called - 1017 / counter no 3, suddenly another customer's goes to the counter - a stupid Indian man. I told the service staff that my number is 1017 & the Indian man shows his number is 2008 ( walk in customer ) but the service staff entertain the walk in customer - whereby I should get the priority - I made an appointment ! & the number's called is my number !. He asked his friend to call me once he finished with his customer. I'm quite shock the way honda staff used their head for simple matter. I will sell immediately my car & not going to buy honda car's anymore..go to hell honda.

besides that - my sister's who followed to pick me - her car is blocked by the USJ honda salesman's car - where he obviously can see her in the car. she has to go in for help & asked one of the salesman there. he called his friend with his h/p & once finish, he never say a word to my sister what's going on - ignoring her ... .very bad manners this honda peoples ! may be u people never go to school.

Carmen Teow
Sep 8, 2012

Warranty claim not attend to other parts just engine??

I purchase this new Honda city 1.5s I-VTec on 8.07.2010 & send for 45,000 km preventive maintenance service on today ( 8.09.2012 on Magna Speed Sdn Bhd ) Check all indicator light on, b) Check engine oil and oil filter cartrid ... I have been mentioned on last service that my car air conditioner bulb broken and can't function. The service advisor said will order the bulb and replace new bulb for me when next entrance to service my car. I think this bulb is under warranty so no need to pay for the bulb and labour charge for replace the bulb. But when I come to service they said want to charge for it, the bulb not under warranty, engine parts just under warrranty. So call International Honda brand name, but the warranty not good enough if compared to other brand name car in the world wide.The long waiting service I still ecceptable but the warranty matter let me less trust of the Honda' car. Destroy the image of Honda in my dream....Now, Honda not a Power of Dream on my mind.

Sep 15, 2012

Expensive Charge for normal service

I am really frust and disappointed with Honda service. It's time to say goodbye to Honda and drop my loyalty towards honda.
I done my 40k major services and it cost me about 1k and today aft 2 month I am doing my 45k normal service and it's cost me about rm300 in old klang road. I then quickly dig my old receipt which i done my normal service in Cheras once I home, I found that the normal service cost me about rm160 and there's lot of different. I found that all unnecessary fluid and extra or additional charge to my bill which according to them this is good for engine. Can't Honda have a standard service charge and have a control on their dealer? These dealer really spoilt your name!!!
Anyone facing this problem out there ? Or do you have a trusted dealer to recommend ?

Sep 22, 2012

Unhappy for their Services

22 September 2012
Muhammad Amin Bin Ab Kadir
1204R Kampung Gelam,
Mukim Kedawang,07000
Langkawi,Kedah Darul Aman.
KV786 D (Honda Civic 1.8SL registered 2010)

Dear Sirs,
Re: Poor service standards
On 6 June 2012, I was holidaying on the main land and was on our way back to Alor Setar where we stop in Penang first. After having my breakfast with my family, I could not start my car. After numerous attempts, I called the 24hrs hotline service centre and they said that the mechanic will be at where I am in 30 minutes. Upon his arrival, he said that the battery seems to be the problem and they need to check it at the service centre at Lee Motor Penang.After changing to a temporarily battery we drove to the centre. Once there and upon a simple inspection, the person in charge informed me that they will need to test the battery and it will take up to 2 hours. This is because the car is still under warranty and has not reached the 40,000km mileage. Having myself stranded in Penang, I had little choice but to agree and wait. Somehow or rather after 2 hours, I was told that it will take even longer and now we were getting a little tired and frustrating as the answers given to me didn’t sound positive. Every now and then I will ask them and they just ask me to wait. Also at one extend I was told that why should I worry since this car was bought in Langkawi and duty free and it is much cheaper than the ones on the mainland. I also noticed that there were other cars coming in for services, one with a battery problem too and those cars were tended to first, giving the impression that since my car is duty free, I should wait.

After 4 hours of waiting, they informed that there is nothing wrong with the battery and no problems were found. It was hard for me to belief such a lame explanation but since we were so exhausted with the 4 hours of waiting in the ‘so called waiting lounge’ (in all that time no one came to offer us anything or ask us if we need anything) we decided to drive back to Alor Setar that evening itself.

After having dinner around 8pm once again the car could not start. Imagine the frustration of having once again to go through the same ordeal that we had that morning (with our 4 year old and 9 month old baby). I called the hotline service and was given a local authorized Honda Service Centre number in Alor Setar.Later i think must change the battery because we don't have other transportation.We just take about 10 minutes for normal mechanic call services to came and change a new battery where the price rm220.Tomorrow morning i was calling Honda Services at Alor Star where near to Government Dental Surgery Clinic at Teluk Wanjah.They said just bring the car to our services centre.I think the guy who seem like a incharge person at the services there came ,took one look and said that they have to test the battery and the same process as we had yesterday. I ask since they already tested it yesterday and said no problem, most likely the same result and answer will be given, so why not change the battery altogether since it went flat twice and the battery is still under warranty. The mechanic said no and have to test it again, wait for hours for the result and if then it does not work, they will change it. Rather than going thru ‘hell’ like yesterday, I decided to change the battery and just pay for it.

Upon my return to Langkawi later, I approached Honda Service Center here and related my ordeal to them. They were shocked because normally if the battery has gone through a test just a day before and goes flat the next day, they will just have it change and furthermore it’s still under warranty. I was also advised to make an official complain to Honda head office, hence this letter to you.
I am really frustrated and sad in the manner how I together with my family was treated both in Penang and Alor Setar and the comments made by Honda Service Center personnel.
I would like to have an explanation on the following matters
why does it take 2 hours to test a battery and then further delaying it to 4 hours, and not giving a proper explanation and by just saying you have to wait
why is it that if a car bought from Langkawi is regarded as ‘cheap’ and hence being overlooked by cars bought from the mainland and allowing those cars to be inspected first
the statement from the personnel saying not to worry because its duty free and cheaper, does this imply that duty free cars are inferior in value, and since we have paid less for it, they have the right to attend to other cars that are duty paid - double standards
If it’s called 24 hrs auto service, why then do they tell us that it’s night already and wait till the next day. It’s meaningless, pointless and straight out completely cheating Honda customers
why does the battery need to undergo another test if a test has already been conducted barely 16 hours ago
the battery is under warranty and the car has not exceed it’s under warranty mileage too, so why can’t they just have it changed
why are there conflicting opinions from the mainland service center and from the Langkawi center with regards to the policy of having the battery changed
The frustration and suffering that my family had to go through on the both said days dampen and almost destroyed our otherwise perfect holiday on the mainland with our (at that time) pride and joy - Honda Civic 1.8SL

Coming to think of, I felt like being let down by their attitude and the way I was treated in this whole matter. My trusts in Honda Service centre had been jolted and no longer see it the same as when I first got my car. I just want to have an explanation and hope you will be able to enlighten me on this matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

With regards,

Oct 14, 2012

POOR Services!

I was always go to Penang Kah Motor Sdn.Bhd. Services. The customer services was very very very poor.all the staff pretending their unhappy on their face to show their customer. Seem like we done something wrong or scold them for nothing.
And there were no place for customer waiting! There were no room just a corner of the place they provide with several sofa! Some more no coffee and drinks provided! The reason is their staff forgot to buy coffee powder! I already meet this situation for 3time! They didn't improve their after sales services! If they can't provide such basic customer services, just don't provides car services at their company.

Pls change the attitude and the services!

Oct 22, 2012

Badly Vibration & Rattle sound

Dear Sir /Madam,

I found that my new Honda Accord bought it since 2011 May. And now had found very vibrate while engine start up, pick up and idling time. Occasionally having rattle sound from dash board.

Lastly I hope that Sir/Madam to please assist to solve my car problems.

Oct 24, 2012

honda service

Affected Car owner...

Sorry, i try to write as polite as possible about the honda service and repair...

Im really feel bad about honda's terrible service in Malaysia.

My Car is still under warranty.
About a month ago i sent my car to honda servi centre. They did some major service including my break system.The following week , suddently my break felt loose and , made accident as the break oil was leaking. ( The break is slowly going off)
The honda service centre, without even think , start to defend themself as they will do thouroug check before release to customer..But i saw in workshop that the break nut( looks like that) is half open. They claim that somebody might have open it at my home.

Since i have no evidence, i have to claim my insurance.
And , i know my car was not that affected and i told the honda authosides service centre that i need my car faster. But they say it will take 1 week. After one week i went to visit the honda authorised workshop. My car was still there without any repair work and they answer me that, parts are out of stock (just a bumper). And then i waited another three days and visit the so call honda authosired centre again. I saw my car was still there without any doing. I really pissed off with their stupid bloody service. And the worst part is, one of the service personnel came over and told me that the parts just arrived and i have to wait another one and a half week to get it done...

They didnt even give me any replacement car and i have to move around every day about 100-150 km. Im taking cap and bear all the cost. Just becouse of the warranty i have to sent it to bloody so call authorised workshop and they taking their own sweet time without respect the customer.

I dont know how the hell honda choosse the service centre and workshop.

If i really have a choice, i just want to sell the honda and switch to another car...

Their service really irritating.......

Nov 7, 2012


when i am buying my new Honda Civic 1.8cc, the salesman told me that can add on Navigator. Then i was very surprise and ask him how much i need to add on? The salesman told me cheaper than 2.0 Navigator and is same and original from Honda. Since the salesman told me is original from Honda then i agreed to add on.

After few weeks i drive, i found that the model of navigator different with Honda Civic 2.0 Navigator, i feel weird and ask my others friend and others Honda Salesman. I also ask the customer service receptionist when i go for first 1000KM car service.
I am feel uncomfortable, seem like be cheated. Very disappointed.

Is there any solution for me? ask for refund or...? Should i complaint and your side will investigate to give me a reasonable feed back? Or i should report to local consumer court?

Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Clarence Lee

shah muhaimi
Nov 8, 2012

Honda Accord 2008; Power Stearing Pump (hose) Leaking

I am a proud owner of a Accord and just serviced my accord,

Bad news is the service advisor reported theres a leak with the power stearing pump, so I heard that Honda Accord around the United States have been called back by Honda due to defaults with the power stearing pump (hose cracked) leakage, some of the cars even cought fire due to the leakage.

This brings to a conculison of mine that car parts itself is defaulted during manufacturing designs or assembly.

I was advised to choose either replace the pump or overhaul the pump, question is what the guarantee of the same default not occuring again in the near future (how long would it takes for the same parts to be defaulted again). What the gaurantee of safety for me and my family.

I always looked up to Honda's, however after owning one its a nightmare, defaults after another and its very frustrating to own a Honda Accord, the car did not meet my expectations.

Please tell me that te car will be recalled to get the PS pump replaced soo that me and my family would feels safe to drive around in "Honda Accord".

Please revert to me as soon as possible

Dec 21, 2012

Unnecessary Services

Dear Honda Owners,

I owned 3 generation of Honda cars since 1996 till today. Out of disappointment of Honda services lately, I have started looking for other cars brand.

I have done a comparison between Honda Accord 2.0 and Toyota Camry 2.0 scheduled maintenance and their service charges. My study covered maintenance for mileage covering 1k KM to 150k KM. Year 2012.

The verdict: For your future car, buy Toyota Camry. Toyota maintenance services do justice to your purse, giving you longer run for your money. Toyota service doesn't short-changed you.

Now I am a proud owner of Toyota Camry 2.5V.

I do hope Honda Malaysia and Honda Japan read my comment. And hope they change for the better. But again I wonder if they ever did.


Jan 25, 2013

Faulty Honda City idsi 2003 electronic power streering rack

Faulty manufacture of electronic power steering rack for Honda city 2003-2008 idsi model. I am an owner of this model of the car. I learnt to know that most of this model of cars have electronic power steering problem. We are most grateful to Honda Malaysia if you can kindly call back all car owners of this model for free repair. I regret to know that this problem has tarnished the good name of your company.

Feb 17, 2013


Initially I thought buying a Honda which was fully imported from Japan would be a good investment since I was told that those cars which were assembly there would be a lot better in terms of wiring and etc. However, it turned out to be a nightmare for my Honda Jazz Hybrid!

I got the car on 29 DEC 2012. Since it was daytime, I did not have the chance to check the Auto Light. Few days later, I realized that the MID would always display a light symbol with an exclamation mark whenever I tuned it on!

I sent the car for the first preventive maintenance on 18 JAN 2013 and pointed out the problem. They informed me to send it back on 25 JAN morning to have the AUTO LIGHT sensor replaced. On 26 JAN afternoon, after spending two full working days, the problem unsolved!

On 15 FEB, I was informed to send the car back to replace the fuse box, which according to them, was instructed by Honda Malaysia. Again, after spending the whole day, problem still exist!

I am indeed very upset and frustrated! Why would a brand new car which was assembly and imported from Japan, have such a problem that no one could diagnose and have it solved? I really could not help to lose my confident and patient with the car!

Mar 6, 2013

Bad service quality and bad customer service - HNZ Honda Service in Glenmarie

My city 1.5 had been service by USJ honda for 4 years and no issues all along. Since last year i moved to Glenmarie, for convenient sake, I hv the service done in HNZ in glenmarie, another Honda Authorized dealer.
Just on the 3rd service 95K km ...they told us that radiator rusted and req svs. We questioned how come radiator can rust, and they cant really answer, so i just allowed them to svs. That was in Dec 2012.

Last 2 weeks, we found a patch of oil leak on the garage where we parked the city, and quickly sent it to HNZ for inspection. After one full day leaving the car for them, they came back with quotation to do overhaul plus some other things..
Apparently the casket had been completely burnt due to overheating...we were shock as to why there is no heat sensor triggering and also why suddenly casket can burnt so badly just 2 mths after radiator svs...

HNZ quickly denied that these 2 could be related, instead told us it could be due to fan not working..and could be other reasons..but they just cant shortlist what are the other reasons

We were so pits off with their attitude of which the handling personnel rudely asked us "apa you mau sekarang"..oh my god, we as the owner and customer would definately want to find out what happen and the correct treatment...we are not there to have fun..

We then lodged the case with Honda Malaysia after numerous talking to this HNZ and did nt get any satisfactory response/explaination on what caused the prob...

The CS personnel, 2 days later, call us to close the case, as she couldnt talk to those involved fr HNZ...this made us mad coz it is so irresponsible to close case without even talk to parties involve and investigate the matter...this lady called Rajis, told us that "they are busy..(HNZ personnel)...it seems that we are very free to fool them around....Cant imagine even Honda could bear with this types of attitude

We finally hv the car towed to the other Honda service center that we trusted (where we had the car svs for 4 years and no issues at all), and the diagnosis is as below:

a) coollen tank had been mixed with water, causing it been polluted
b) here is mixture of oil/water in the coollen/radiator/other part of the cooling system
c) Radiator contaminated and clogged (not rusted as per HNZ description...they cant even use to proper word to describe the situation)
d) After radiator being svs, the bleeding is not done properly causing vapour trapped along the cooling system, and this subsequently caused overheatinge)
e) heat sensor not functioning, thus we are not aware/alert and continue driving the car...causing the casket to burn down completely
f) also, the some pipe attached to the coolen cap had missing and causing heated water can't be absorbed and cooled down..

So, HNZ still denied that this is nothing to do with the radiator svs...
I am not saying 100% contribution, but at least is a contributory factor..
And we maintain honda maintenance all along, and no way of using sub std product/techinician and dont even talk about mixing normal water with coolen

And whatever it is, HNZ had failed miserably in conducting the preventive checking process
a) when the coolen turned brownish and polluted, they never question and highlight
b) they are the one who service including adding coolen...so where lies the responsibility?
c) if radiator clogging, there must be reason to it...and they service it without wanting to know why is it happen, or could it be a symptom of prob in somewhere else?
d) Bleeding not done properly....i guess this center run by mainly unqualified techinician and not proper supervision/control system in place to make sure safety
e) the missing pipe was either not detected or they are the one who actually misplaced the pipe
f) Heat sensor not functioning was never brought up to our attention

and they never post-moderm and help customer to resolve prob, their main objective is to deny responsibility/liability and wash hand...even the service manager (name start with F...another malay guy) dare not face the manager and do not want to know the prob of their svs quality, staff attitude etc

lastly, the guy who inspect our car did not even lodge it into the system but blindly issue us quotation....

who can accept this esp this is Japanese franchise...

Mar 8, 2013

Honda City Windscreen

Dear Car Owner,

Last year bought City 1.5 end of Dec 2012. To my surprised that the windscreen left side edge behave as magnifying glass.
Unexpected that the service center claimed that within spec's from edge to screen 50mm. (magnifying glass).

Please check this windscreen before purchase, as I experinced that when perform cornnering unable to focus.
Unsafe and high risks.

I make a complain either service center and honda malaysia, yet to escalate over to HQ for recall from Honda Malaysia.

May 10, 2013

Burning smell

Hi, I would like to get solution for my onfoing problem with Honda civic 2.0 2011 model.

My car is still under warranty. Just after one year from the perchase date, it start to give burning smell, even on the normall road. Every time i send for service i told them to solve the proble but they keep on service the aircond and saying no problem found. I told them to drive and try, but they never do that. Now they start to telling me that , its common to all Honda car and cant do anything .

Could anyone tell me whether its common to all honda civic 2.0?
Or are they waiting for the warranty to expire....?

Where im i supposed to bring this metter actuallt?

Wan Swe Lin
Jul 17, 2013

Complain about the Honda city -petrol using

I m very disappoint about my Honda city petrol rate using per km. I just bought the car on January 2013. But after observed a few months the Honda city is not saving petrol at all as what they advertised. According to my observetion every 0.20 cent or above per km. is not make sense cos this is a new car !! I hv complaint to the service advisor during the car service. He answer me adjusted already and asked me try to observed some more times. But the result is stil showing vy heavy the petrol using . So please please gv me a answer why this thing can be happen ok ! Tq

Oct 1, 2013

Technical Experiences is very bad

Technical Experiences is very bad

My Honda City breakdown 3 times within 3 months. I send my car to car service center and all the technician always claims my car in a good condition; even they do a starter and battery check, all is above 90%. Until today, their technician still can't get any solution. My car just new which is less than 2 years and I face the same problem more than 3 times.

Oct 29, 2013






Oct 29, 2013

Difficulty starting car - honda city 1.5S 2013

I am having difficulty starting my engine on occasions. This is not in the mornings whem the engine is cold but normally after the car has been driven and warmed up. It takes more than 1 crank to get it going . I made a complaint and sent the car for a check up at Actmar Klang on 24.8.13 . They only checked that the battery is in good condition and that was it. They also sent a report to HMSB on the same day but todate i have not had a response. The car was okay till today 30.10.13 , when it is starting to act up again. Does this mean I have to wait till my car actually FAILS to start - somewhere on the highway - before i get a solution ? I am now very hesitant to take my car outstation as i feel it is unreliable. This is my first honda car and i am very dissappointed with it so far.

I hope HMSB can give me a solution soon.

Thank you and regards,

Au Elian

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