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Consumer reviews about H&M Online

Feb 20, 2012

Late order

If you were in that big a hurry why didn't you just go to the store and buy it? I never order anything online I can't wait for. You have to give yourself time for inventory ups and downs, transit time, and delivery. For me, I never worry until at least 4 weeks go by, and that has been my motto for over 20 years. Shipping delays happen. If you can't wait, don't order online. Oh, and 5 day SHIPPING is just that, SHIPPING. Shipping is NOT DELIVERY.

Apr 29, 2012

Appalling customer service

Below is a letter that I have sent to several addresses, including HM online customer services, Edinburgh, H&M customer services, London and H&M Head Office, Sweden. I am yet to receive a reply, yet am hoping to receive one from at least one source. I would like everyone to be aware of the terrible customer service H&M offer and their unwillingness to deal with and rectify issues.

Saturday 9th March 2012

Dear Sirs,

It is with regret that I write to you detailing the level of disappointment I have experienced though shopping with H&M online. The overall service I have received has been sub-standard and I am left exasperated after a series of inexcusable events and appalling customer service. The experience I have had with H&M has caused me to vow to never shop with you again and request that anybody I know follows suit.

The problems started in November of last year, when I placed an order of H&M Versace clothing, most of which was due to be Christmas presents, which totaled over £600. A few days after I placed my order, a pair of trainers I had ordered mysteriously disappeared from the order. Upon calling the customer service team, I was advised that they were out of stock and that I would not be sent them. I personally believe a customer should not be allowed to order an item if it is not in stock. Whilst I understand that errors can occur, it would have been common courtesy for a member of staff to contact me, by email or otherwise, to let me know that I would not be receiving the item.

After waiting a few weeks, I contacted customer service to see where my parcel was, since the link to the hermes tracking system was rather confusing, showing contradicting information. The customer service advisor could not advise me of any more information. From that moment on, I began to call every other day or so with the same request, since Christmas was looming. Each time I was told that there was no extra information and no way of me contacting hermes directly. Eventually, a very helpful girl offered to contact hermes on my behalf and request that they call me to advise me of why my parcel was so delayed. The call never came. As a result, I called customer services to request a call back from hermes again, and yet again the call never came. This situation continued all the way to the 23rd December, the day before Christmas eve, when on this occasion the customer service advisor told me that the parcel was damaged and as a result needed to be returned to the depot. I was not going to receive any of the items, and when they were returned to the depot they could not be re-sent to me, they just simply went back into stock. I was told I would be ‘lucky’ to ever order the items again. As you might imagine, I was left hugely disappointed and rather infuriated at having to spend my first day of my Christmas holidays, Christmas Eve, hastily buying emergency Christmas presents.

After Christmas, I managed to re-order the leather jacket I was so desperate for, along with a pillow from the Versace range. Because of all the trouble I’d had previously, the sales assistant gave me 25% off the order. Whilst still feeling let down by H&M, I thought this was a kind gesture and was excited to finally receive the jacket. I received a text message saying that my Hermes delivery was being delivered during the day, but upon arriving home from work the package could not be seen, and after entering my house, I saw a calling card had been dropped through my letterbox. It stated that the package had been ‘left in a safe place’ – behind a bin. Hermes had left the parcel behind a wheelie bin on the street. Personally, I would not class this as a ‘safe place’. I called customer services and they put a request in to hermes to never leave a parcel behind the bin again. Upon opening the package, the Leather jacket was missing and only the pillow was included. There were no signs of tampering with the parcel whatsoever. After contacting customer services, I was told that I should fill in the delivery note stating that the item was not delivered, take a photo of it and send it to the necessary email address.
After sending the image to the email address, I received a standard reply giving me details of what to do if I didn’t not receive an item in the package. I had already completed these steps, yet I was being sent the information on how to do it again. Needless to say I was getting slightly infuriated and when I called customer service again, I was told to ‘send the email again’. I did just that, but still didn’t receive a refund for the missing item.

Desperately seeking the leather jacket, I managed to order it once again, and was offered a £5 off voucher due to the numerous problems I’d encountered. Once again, this parcel was left behind the bin, despite me being promised this would not happen again. As soon as I lifted up the parcel I could tell it was not a leather Jacket, It was in fact a woman’s top. The sticker on the front had the correct code for the leather jacket, but the item inside was incorrect. At this point, I’d simply had enough. I called customer services to ensure I got refunded immediately, but was told to scan in the invoice and arrange collection of the incorrect item.
I asked to speak to a supervisor regarding the issue, who I explained all of the problems to from start to finish. To give her credit, she requested the refund of the 2 leather jackets that I did not ever receive immediately. After discussing the issues at length, she offered me another £5 voucher, which, to be honest, I took as a bit of an insult. I’d already been issued a 5 voucher for previous problems, so I didn’t see that that would keep me as a customer.
Eventually, despite it ‘not being a service you offer’, I managed to get the supervisor to agree to checking stock levels daily to see if and when the jacket came back in stock, and for her to contact me a week from then to see if one had come back in stock. She promised to check daily and to telephone me the following Sunday. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t ever receive the call, therefore I doubt very much if anyone did ever check the stock levels daily.

As you can see, the service H&M have provided me with is nothing short of horrific. I have completely lost faith in the company and want you to be aware of the disappointment I feel. I would very much appreciate a reply to this message, to see if you might be able to ensure that no other customer will receive such a shocking level of customer service.

Yours Sincerely

Apr 29, 2012

Follow up (Read original post first)

Follow up:

Within an hour of posting this message on Facebook, I received a call from Brian, an agent at H&M online who also deals with social media. He had been contacted by someone from social media in Sweden who had picked up my complaint and asked him to contact me. The call lasted just under an hour and unfortunately my faith in H&M online is yet to be restored. I have some negative as well as positive things to report.

Firstly I did receive an apology. The first yet, which was very pleasing to here. H&M have finally admitted that they have done wrong and I was apologized to thorough the conversation.

The main bulk of the telephone conversation was trying to prove the issues that I’d mentioned in my letter were in fact true. This, it seems, is not a simple task as H&M do not make a record of every time you call them. An email was sent to Hermes asking them for a record of all contact regarding the three order numbers that were relevant to the case. I found myself asking what the point of this was. I know the occasions when H&M contacted Hermes on my behalf – I do not need this proof. It was explained that with this information, H&M could take steps to improve their service. Admirable, but again not helpful to my particular complaint.
Next, an attempt was made to find my email correspondence to H&M regarding the missing item in a package. This email was found, and the unsatisfactory response from H&M was also identified. I was apologized to again for H&M’s error, and it was identified that H&M had fallen below suitable customer service standards in this matter.

It was made clear to me that if a parcel is damaged and must be returned to the depot, a customer service representative will endeavor to reorder the same item(s) for the customer, but the customer must pay for the item AGAIN, and wait up to 3 weeks for the original parcel to be returned to the depot before they receive a refund. This, I believe, is absolutely outrageous. I know that the agents have the power to contact the accounts department directly and request an immediate refund, as this happened to me regarding the leather jacket. So the question I ask is, why is it not common practice for H&M to immediately refund a customer when their parcel gets returned to the depot due to no fault of their own? It will only be refunded immediately if the customer complains. It is outrageous that H&M would charge for the item TWICE, knowing that the customer will only ever receive one item. This information becomes even more outrageous when you open the Sunday Times rich list to see that Top of the list of the wealthiest people under 30 is Thomas Persson, 25, whose family clothing chain H&M means he and his brother Karl-Johan are valued at £700 million. With £700 million in the bank, must you charge customers twice for an item that’s been sent back to the depot through no fault of your own?

Brian told me that the company has a policy to try to resolve an issue at the point of the first call. Obviously this didn’t happen for me with the first, or indeed any of the subsequent issues, and I pointed out to him that the Supervisor I spoke to eventually didn’t seem to have the power to resolve any issues, but to merely offer me a £5 voucher. At this point, it was explained that the supervisors have little more power than the regular agents and that they are there so that if a customer feels that they want to speak to a higher ranked member of staff, they will be pacified by being passed to a supervisor. I believe this to be totally appalling. Supervisors should have much more power and ability to make decisions and should not be used as a tool to appease irate customers when they wish to speak to someone of a higher status.

Brian will contact me tomorrow hopefully, once he has received a reply from Hermes regarding the correspondence between themselves and H&M. I will post the response below.

Ilda Daun
Oct 20, 2012

faulty goods

H&M Enfield Store
I bought a pair of ankle boots which I only wore for about 2 weeks when I noticed that the front was chipping off on both boots as well as one of the heels. When I tried to get them reheeled I was told that I should take them back to H&M as the material used on the heels was of very poor quality and I should take them back to the store for a refund. I asked more than one shoe repair shop and I got the same answer.
I called the store this morning and was told that provided I had the boots and the original receipt there should be no problem, so I was surprised by the reaction I received when I got there. I saw a young woman at the checkout and she told me that she would have to get the manager. The Manager's attitude was bording on rude and it was obvious that she had "attitude" and was not interested in trying to resolve the problem. Her reply was that they had sold many of these boots and this was the only pair coming back. I tried to reason whith her and also quoted the "Sales of goods Act". So she said she had to consult with another manager and when she came back after about 5 minutes, her attitude was "its your problem, you deal with it". She then practically threw their card at me and said that if I was not happy I could call their Customer Services and walked off.
I was so taken aback and it took me a few minutes to realise that I had just been left standing. I went over to the assistant I had stopen to earlier and asked her for the Manager's name. She told me that she could not give me her name but I insisted and told her that I was going to make a complaint.
I then called their Customer Services Department, but they were equally unhelpful. The woman I spoke to told me that she would need to hear the Manager's side of the story, which infuriated me and I told her that I would never use their stores again. She agreed that she would call me back with an answer. When she called about an hour later she basically told me that the Manager's decision stands and there was really nothing she could do and then the line went dead. She never did call back which could confirm that she put the phone down not wanting to hear any further questions.

At my duaghter's advise I went to the store near to where I live and had absolutely no problem in getting my money back. The lady at the checkout, took one look at the boots and recognised that there was a fault with the soles and heels and after speaking to her Manager next to her, I was given a refund. Service with a smile and obviously staff who have the right attitude towards their customers.
Alecia (sp) Store Manager at Enfield Town store needs to learn about Customer Care and service with a smile. H&M have resposibility to train their staff and this is one staff member who needs training!
Sorry never did get the name of the lovely assistant at the H&M Wood Green store.

Jacqueline Young
Oct 21, 2012


I have had very similiar experiences to 'Retronik", and after many emails/calls to H&M with no improvement I requested the Chief Executive's contact details (which I never received) to complain to. I had given up as just too difficult, but today a letter from H&M has restarted my complete irritation with what can only be described as the most incompetent online compay I have ever dealt with. The letter is asking for me to contact them with my bank details for a refund for a returned item. Why, when they have them and have refunded in the past - this I have to say is a very mild example of my previous experiences with H&M, I could list many, but it would become very confusing and tedious. I cannot bear to contact them to discuss this letter, as it is like dealing with people from a foreign land, so maybe Brian from H&M would like to contact me to discuss my experiences or even better still the owner of H&M would like to hear first hand how bad H&M really is when dealing with online ordering?

Dec 18, 2012


Until H&M sort themselves out I will not be ordering from them again. I am shocked at the level of misinformation, incompetence and laziness I have experienced over the last two weeks. The amount of time and money I have spent trying to get someone to take action over a missing parcel which was apparently signed for at my address is a joke. Then it turned out that the signed for parcel was never signed for because it was never left with anyone, and that I must stay in again from 8am to 8pm no less. I cant even be bothered to go into the other crap i've endured previous to that one example. Please note H&M, Top Shop and ASOS also use Hermes and their customer service is consistent and they bend over backwards to rectify a problem.

Kim Robson
Apr 1, 2013

Beware of shopping online with H&M

I like H&M clothes so I have joined shopping online & pay by monthly payment as I would though it would be like Next that I can pay monthly without interest until payment is end, before I've joined it, I had read I can switch payment into 12 instalments but I was confused, even though I did pay as H&M message had advised that I can make payment with any amount before statement arrives and I did pay £10.00 out of £69.04 then when statement arrived I am fined for late payment £7.00. I'd phoned H&M customer service to switch to 6 month instalment and I been refused and referred to Debt Charity Helpline, I had sent a Recorded delivery letter to H&M Head Office in London and never received a response.
Through the confusion is caused by H&M to customer and bad experience with customer service, I will never ever shop with H&M again, also I will tell all people I know "don't shop with H&M online" and it's a trap.

Apr 23, 2013

H&M Online

i dont know what to do, i ordered for a lot of stuff worth 200 dollars and it never got delivered to me. Although i had called the customers care and informed them,they said the delivery man supposedly left my package with a neighbour. I live in a hostel of about 600 occupants, if you dont get down the room number you will never get the person. They promised to send me the package again but does that mean i have to pay for the first one that got missing??? I need advice because i feel like i need to tackle the situation now that it is too fresh before they start telling me stories because i am reading a lot of badreviews of H&M online shop.

Jun 27, 2013

Nonexistent Customer Service

My daughter is now old enough to wear clothing from HM. We decided to make a day of it, mother and daughter, 12th birthday, hair cut, nail, facial, lunch and our debut at HM. We found a number of items to try on and headed for the dressing rooms. The rooms were roomy with seating, but as we began to close the door, the attendant forced me out of the room. I don't know how other mothers are, but in this world, I do not let my 12 year old daughter out of my site. There was absolutely no reason for the attendant to forbid me from being in the room with my preteen daughter. Since I was therefore unable to see how she looked in the outfits, we left the items and left the store. I vow to never return until I hear they have changed this ridiculous policy.

Jul 12, 2013

H&M online refunds

I bought a pair of curtains form H&M online. When received was not satisfied with the quality as on the website they looked much better. Sent them back, H&M received the return package but failed to refund me. It has been a month since I sent the return, I still do not have the refund. I wrote to customer services and they replied saying that there was some problem on their side automatically processing my refund, and they told me to call them ( it is £0.04 a minute line) So now in order to get my money back I need to call them, pay for the call and ask them to refund me. I will give them 28 days to refund me, if not, will take this matter to the OFT.

Viktoriya Frinovskii
Sep 10, 2013

Late shipping

I have been waiting on my clothes to arrive for more than a week, I should have gotten it by now & my mom is overreacting! H&M does this to my sister every time she orders as well. This will probably be the LAST time I order, I do not have time for last service!

Oct 19, 2013

refused refund

I went to my local h and m store for a refund on a coat i purchased over a week ago. All was going well. The sales assistant put my refund back on my debit card then asked me to sign a slip. Then he looked at my debit card and was told i could no longer have a refund has my signature could not be seen properly on the signature strip. I was asked if i had any other form of id to prove who i was which i replied no. So the sales assistant went to look for a manager which he could not find. Then another sales assistant came and asked what was wrong so he told her. Then i was told again i could not have a refund as it would be classed as fraud and it was customer security. I was then given two options to either come back with some id or i was welcome to leave the shop and go and resign my card then i would be given a refund. Why tell me i am welcome to leave the shop and sign my card then come straight back in and they would give me a refund. Is this not abit contradictory if you dont think i am entitled to refund the first time why suggest i go and sign it then come back in when there so concerned about customer security and fraud. No one was concerned when they were taking the money of me with the same card. Once i get my refund i will not be returning which is sad because you have some good lines.

Oct 21, 2013

stolen in City Stars H&M City stars

Dear Sirs,
Kindly informed that yesterday while my wife have been make shopping in H&M City Stars branch with my children ,and during the payment of purchases at the cashier ,
She got surprised that she was stolen and by asking the stuff they told here they found here pocket upstairs without money.
As she asked the security to review the surveillance system to find out who stole the money as the place have been almost empty and it is easy to distinguish the one who did so ,
They told here that the system was faulty since a long time ago.
Is this accepted and Is this the safe place for my children and wife and Is this accepted for the reputation H&M and the obvious Lax management there.

Oct 25, 2013


I am dissapointed for the fact that h&m have now become racist. My mother went ro return a shirt however the staff there looked at her and then started to smell the shirt and said it smelled of curry and they said they cannot take it back so my mum left however the staff made rude comments and also started to laugh behind her back but the fact is mum went down stairs to the other till in h&m and funny thing is the man refunded it and my mum did ask did the shirt smell of anything the guy said "no of course not ma'am" also i went through h&m return policy and to my knowledge it does not state anywhere that of the clothes smell they cannot return it. I am very dissapointed and il be saying to friends and family that they should try and avoid to shop in h&m. VERY APPAULING!!!

Oct 29, 2013


I have never complained before but today I went into the Wimbledon H&M Store to exchange a top which my husband had bought for himself 3 days ago. He had noticed that the stitching had come undone under the armpit. I took the jumper into the store and explained that I didn't have a receipt but that if it was a problem I could get a bank statement. The guy on the till said that the jumper had been worn and obviously washed. I assured him that this was definitely not the case. He was very rude and proceded to get another jumper and said 'I know you're going to say that there is no difference but there is!' (there was no difference what so ever) his attitude and the way he spoke to me was so rude, I have never experienced anything like it. He proceded to get his manager. She was nice but obviously stuck up for her staff which is understandable. What really got my back up is when the guy then said that everything I was saying was a lie and that he had only asked if it had been washed and worn!!! This has got me so angry. Apparently he has worked there for 5 years. I myself will never be shopping at H&M again. It was only a £19.99 jumper but I took it back under principle. He refused to give me and his name and the manager also refused but I will be taking it further. He may have worked there for 5 years but he has obviously lost all of his customer service skills!

Katy Bartlett
Nov 6, 2013


I am very upset to hear that my package is not going to be with me in till the 6th of December. I was hoping that i could get the boots by next Friday for a event i am tending. I have no other winter, waterproof shoes so therefor can not go out as much as i would like too. Please can you look into this and try and get them to me as soon as possible.

Thank You
Miss.Katy F. Bartlett

Nov 8, 2013

Bad customer service

November 8 2013 @230pm I went into the H&M at the guildford mall surrey to buy a gift, we picked out what we wanted it And waited in line to pay. The young lady that was working at the cashier was not very friendly but rude, and also she didn't even care to look at us or day hi, she kept on taking to her co worker instead of talking to us or even acknowledge us! I was very disappointed how we were treated! If always had a good experience there but today was not one of them!!!

Nov 12, 2013

Broken heel


My name is Thassha and on 26th October I bought a pair of ankle boot from the store in the Bullring Birmingham.
After 1 week the heel of the boots broke. I went back to the store to ask for an exchange or refund and was told by the manager of the store that "heels break off everyday and I was not aloud a refund or an exchange".

I was very much angry about this as I only bought them 1 week prior!! I paid £39.99 for these boots and to my shock the customer service I received from the manager was appalling. She offered no support or help regarding my item.

I have the receipt and boots still in the bag, I have still another week of refund on my purchase and yet I was offered nothing.

I would like a refund and feel that I can not shop in that store again!



Dec 3, 2013

Size of bra

Dear sir/ madam
I have been to your stores many times but I get upset at the bra section particularly as I am never able to buy a bra as there is never my size available which is a 32D. I have searched not being aware many times but was recently told by a staff that the size is not available in your stocks. I am curious why there is no size 32D available as it is a size not made just for me but many others like me and I find it unfair. It is a very common size and I think it should be available in all designs stocked. Could someone please answer this question for me .Thank you and kind regards

Dec 12, 2013

Lost Package

On November 21 I order a jacket from H&M, its been over 14 days since I order it and hadn't received it yet so I called H&M customer service and they said they lost the package and they can issue a refund. During the whole time i was waiting for my package I went on to their website to track it, and no one every scanned my package besides a place in IN where it had left the H&M warehouse. After that, no tracking information was ever posted. I asked them who they use as a mailing service and they said USPS. So I called them and asked if they could use my tracking number to possibly find my package since H&M isn't doing anything to help me. I gave them the number and they said that the number couldn't be found and that it wasn't even their number. So H&M doesn't use USPS, UPS, FedEX. They might be using a mailing system that's only from their company, but clearly since they lost my package, it doesn't work. I've ordered stuff from overseas and I've never had my package lost like this before, I've had things come in late, but not utterly lost. This is absolutely disappointing and H&M needs to fix their shipping methods. After having this happen I've found numerous places like this cite that has terrible reviews, And I wish I never wasted my time or money on this company.

Dec 18, 2013

triple payment for one item

hello ..

i have a big problem from 3 weeks in Lebanon street store in Egypt and no one help me even the store manager he didn't care i called him and i meet him more than 10 times and he said i will search i'll try but he didn't so ,, my complaint is i bought something in 12 November 2013 and after 2 weeks i discovered that i have a problem because when i bought by credit card he pull the payment and then told me its not working and he tried another time and he said still not working i told him please let me try 2 pull from the Atm and I'll come back and i pull the money and i go back to the store and i told him its working he tried and said its not working again ,,i told him its ok and i payed cash .. and when i went to the bank he said that WE HOLD UR ACCOUNT because in 12 November u pull many times the same payment thats why we hold ur account and i told him how come i payed it cash he told me no he pull the money in the 1st time so i talk the statement from the bank and i go to the store because i payed for this item the same price triple and when i went to the store and told them about my problem he said at 1st time i don't have this payment in this date i told how come i have the bank statement and the credit card resets and he said i cann't help u i said i want meet the manager please and when i meet the manager he said in the 1st i help u but he didn't at all and he's not a good or professional person at all and in the end and after all respect to your company he told me by aggressive way i cann't help u ... i don't believe thats an international company !! i hope to reply

Feb 9, 2014

poor quality

H and m city stars vrach is very poor in the quality of the shown items as i a frequant buyer,tge quality of the sale items was the items of the last seasons sale not this season's sale which means they sell the old stuff again on sale for the second time also there are alot of problems in the variety of items there are no items at all as if they are selling the items in other place

H&m complaint
Mar 29, 2014

Staff rudeness

i went to new store in Wembly park in london designer at around 7:50 and there was this lady who was being rude and kept on saying the store is about to close when we were paying. Also I asked the lady about the store's closing and opening times however I just got ignored and answered rudely. Didnt expect this from H&M other store helpers were really nice

Apr 22, 2014


To.H&M Online

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Thanks pastor Robeecka maria .

Jun 4, 2014

Tracking info never update

I think I had the same issue with sammie22 that my package may be missing. The tracking info says the package has been shipped from the client on May 29th, then nothing else shows up. Now it's June 4th. They never update the tracking number, which isn't the one that USPS uses. That basically means my package hasn't arrived at USPS yet. I called the customer service and told them about my concern. They said it might be that USPS didn't update the information. They said my package would be delivered by June 6th. But I don't believe that. I think it should be their fault that they somehow forgot to take the package to USPS. It's the first time I have issue with the delivery that I can't see any update from their tracking system. I think they basically lost my package. They told me if nothing came to me, I could call them to ship my items again or ask for a refund. Well, one of the items is already out of stock after my order so I know they can never be able to ship my stuff to me again. I will update this after the date they claimed my package would be delivered.

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