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Consumer reviews about H&M Online

Jun 13, 2014

H&M Store

I've been complaining to the customer service department regarding dye from a recent bag purchase at H&M coming off on my clothing. Especially upset regarding a recently purchased white jacket.

So far everyone has completely useless.

I took the jacket & the bag to the store, the Manager was dismissive & gave me a card with the customer service number & stated they would be able to help.
Customer Service have been useless the last person dealing with the issue didn't even request the bag details to pull it out for tests.
They have told me to take the bag back to the store for a refund and clean my own clothes. Dye doesn't just come off.

Each one of their emails basically tell you to F Off but you have a lovely day now!

Jun 25, 2014

rubbish customer service

I have visited the store twice since it's opening in Nov (2013)
and I must say the customer service is crap. Both sales people that served me each time were so uninviting I felt they were doing ME the favour of serving me. I wanted help with items I was buying and received negative responses from them. It wasnt as if the store was busy...far from it...
Was it that bad working for H&M? It makes me wonder what type of culture or management styles they are using?

A word of advice is sack your ungrateful staff (I say ungrateful becsuse they should be lucky to be in a job this day and age!) And hire friendly people that dont mind answering customer questions..

This advice could save your store from closing down because I will be telling ALL not to shop in beckton!!!

Jul 9, 2014

The Worst Experience At An H&M

The Worst Experience At An H&M
I visited your location 7/8/14 around 6pm at the Millennia Mall in Orlando, FL with my boyfriend. We are regulars at the Florida and Millennia Mall and have enjoyed shopping at your store for the past year and a half. Your staff is very welcoming and professional. The designs and your prices are wonderful. Unfortunately, on our visit yesterday we experienced a very disgruntled, unprofessional, disrespectful employee who completely humiliated myself and my boyfriend on two occasions in less than 10 minutes. The situation evolved as follows, I was searching for my size on a rack and realized there were no more mediums available. I saw the same pair on the mannequin against the wall right next to the rack and checked the size, it was a medium. So I approached Paulette, and employee and asked if it was possible to get the shorts on the mannequin and replace it with another size so I could purchase them. Paulette advised me that there is a policy in place, but she would ask. I thanked her and walked back to the mannequin. I was suddenly brushed up against by a woman with a name tag of Jenn, who yanked the mannequin off the stand and in a loud voice began to tell me, “ I would appreciate if you don’t touch my mannequins anymore!” , “You now have given me more work to do, I have to re-pin these pants!” I was so taken back from her angry demeanor that I apologized and said, “that I wasn’t aware of the policy. I have been shopping here for some time now and I have purchased items off the mannequins in the past. I tried to explain that a male manager his name begins with a D has assisted my boyfriend and I. Before I could finish, Jenn in a loud voice, (customers were staring our way) said, “I am the manager, the only manager and I would appreciate if you don’t touch my mannequins anymore, understand.” I was so bothered by the way she lashed out at me that I said okay and walked away and was embarrassed as I was being looked at by staff and shoppers. I walked towards the registers, and saw Paulette and another young lady that was ringing up a customer, and asked if they had corporates number. The other young lady said in a kind manner, “You can find the information at H&M.com.” I looked at Paulette and asked for a piece of paper to right the names down of Jenn and Paulette. As I was writing Jenn walks over and pushes her way to the corner in which I am writing and says “what does she want (to the two employees), oh corporates number, oh you want my name too, J-E-N-N and the number is…….” I was so upset that I was trying to tune her out as Jenn was loudly voicing her opinion, basically stating she didn’t care about me contacting corporate. Customers froze in line and started shaking their heads, Paulette and the other lady stood in disbelief of Jenn’s disrespectfulness towards me. I then turned her way and said, ”I have worked in customer service for 15 years, and I have never been treated in the manner that you have treated me today. As a manager you should know better. You should consider being re-trained, you need to watch your attitude, and you’re extremely disrespectful!” As I was speaking Jenn yelled over me saying,”Yeah okay, whatever, have a nice day, mmmhmmm yeah okay lady bye.” I started walking to the fitting room with my boyfriend were I was helped by a sweet, professional young lady Chutney. I was visibly upset and asked her if there was another manager, I began to tell her what happened and she apologized on her behalf. As I was trying clothes on my boyfriend was standing by because Chutney was going to call the Florida Mall to see if they had the medium shorts I wanted to purchase on the mannequin. Suddenly, my boyfriend says that Jenn storms into the fitting room area and says, “who called for a manager?” Chutney began to tell her that a customer had questions regarding coupons…” before she could finish my boyfriend says that Jenn begins to say, in a harsh, disrespectful manner “I already told that lady we don’t have coupons, why is she asking?” Chutney apologized and Jenn stormed off. Jenn continued to follow us around the store and give us dirty looks as we tried and put the scene behind us and continue to shop.
My issue is a manager in training such as Jenn should have the role model characteristics of a professional in a position of authority. I understand frustration, I am a veteran in the United States Army. I know what it is to be upset and have to manage the situation to the best of your ability with a smile on your face. Jenn should have used a more tasteful approach. Her managerial characteristics create a hostile environment for other staff members and for the customers. It is CLEARLY NOT okay for Jenn to humiliate my boyfriend and myself in the manner in which she did. We were disrespected, treated like our presence and my money were not valued. As a leading trend setter in the fashion world, you should NOT have people like Jenn representing the name of H&M. I will NOT go back to the store as long as I know she is an employee there or any of your other locations. I will make sure to tell everyone I know of this unfortunate incident. Jenn needs anger management and could use some customer service advice from Paulette and Chutney. Reconsider promoting Jenn, a disgruntled employee who is running off customers and treating them as if the customers were waste.

Yomari C.

Mar 7, 2015

H&M Online

Hermes!!! After the experience that I have had with H&M this week, I vow to never shop with them again and also to roll that out to all my friends and family (I can be quite persuasive).
I went into a store to try and purchase some clothing for a holiday, normally I look online then walk in and purchase. Half the items were not available so I was told to order online.
After purchasing on the 24/2, I was waiting for the parcel to be delivered. Normally if I am not home parcels are returned to a depot and I will go collect them from there. The first day Hermes left a note to say they came but there was no one home. I was a little surprised as I had no warning that they were arriving, I contacted H&M to find out if it could be delivered to a depot for me to collect. The customer service agent was very dismissive. I explained I work and will not be available 8 to 8, he said he could ask Hermes to deliver after 5:30 or on a Sunday. The next day Hermes returned before I got home and left a card stating they would come back the next day. As that would have been day three, my sister and I agreed we would split the day. Even though they stated they would come, they never showed up.
The next day (day 4) I was not expecting them as they were supposed to have come the day before. When I got back home after an emergency, I found another card from Hermes saying they had come and now were returning the parcel. The next day I contacted H&M who said that Hermes had gone above and beyond to deliver the parcel to me and they would be refunding the money to me.
Few questions: for someone to sit down online select items pay and get them delivered, why would I no longer want them? How do working people get items from H&M when they order online. Why has H&M continued to use a courier service like H&M when there reputability is renowned for being so poor. Hermes said they had attempted to deliver this parcel on four days but there was no proof on one of the days. I contacted Hermes straight to find out when the item would be delivered via there customer online chat service and they couldn't tell me. Poor service all round a lot of wasted time. The response from customer serves was clearly one of people that don't value customers. It's important to remember H&M without us, there will be no store!!! Using a cheap service like Hermes will be the downfall of your online service.

Elle Spataro
Mar 10, 2015

Poor customer service

I was was making an exchange at the H&M store at the Oshawa Centre, trying to exchange a a couple of tights I bought for my daughter the week before. I bought the wrong tights, getting the footless ones since the packaging was similar and were placed in the wrong section. I understand that the store policy doesn't allow refunds or returns on hosiery because of hygienic reasons but the packaging was intact and you can clearly see they hadn't been worn. The lady at the counter proceeded to tell me there was nothing she could do. I asked for a manager and she snidely remarked she is the manager. I understand that it is the store policy but so many other places try to keep their customers happy and make exceptions so the customers are grateful and will return. After all, it's not the problem that is the issue, but how the problem is dealt with that makes all the difference in if the customer chooses to return! I was so upset that I purposely left the two packages of tights I had already purchased and was just trying to exchange and told the manager "Jen" to keep them! I'm pretty sure they will most likely put them back on the shelf and sell them again. Hygienic policy my "- - s" !!!!

Apr 5, 2015

Super poor customer service!!

I bought 3 pair of jeans online. I received an email confirmation of my order with my correct delivery address. 3days later, I received a mail that my order was shipped BUT TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS. I called customer service right away saying that my delivery address was changed suddenly and MYSTERIOUSLY!! She then updated my detail affirming that I would receive my parcel. I tracked my parcel through Hermes, it said I missed the delivery. Of course I would miss because Hermes was trying to deliver to a wrong address. I then called customer service again about what happened to my parcel. He again updated my address. But it was already updated by the first customer service rep I spoken too. So ridiculous!! The next day, I checked my parcel again on Hermes, my parcel was received and signed for by someone in the wrong address. I paid for those items and someone received them for free. H&M customer service is very very inefficient and super duper incompetent!! They should CLOSE DOWN!!! DO NOT EVER SHOP ONLINE! Or do not ever buy from them even in shops!!

Apr 12, 2015

Rude staff

I totally agree with H&M staff being rude. I went to the H&M store at Fremlin walk in maidstone and was gobsmacked by this blonde staff telling me my kids are out of control, was totally shocked that a staff could utter such word to a customer. All my kids did was sitting down on one one their empty available space.
The lady gave dirty looks immediately we got into the stores which we ignored, obviously she didn't like our faces and for her to say such gushhhh its just unbelieveable.
Never ever shopping there again.

May 13, 2015

Rude treatmeant towards PREGNANT!!!

13th of May 2014 i went to the shop of H&M located in the Auchan shopping center and was misstreated. First, one of the staff members approaching me from front hit me passing by even seeing that I was pregnant and having a huge belly (7 months pregnant with twins!)! No appologies from that H&M lady! I went further to search for the clothes for pregnant women and after 3 rounds of at least 200m each (the shop is big and deep) i found no clothes and asked the staff member to finally show me it. Then she brought mei nto the very end of the shop, very hidden corner without any indication tables where the pregnant women clothes were located. I told her i dont feel well, because i walked too much in your shop, and this a very mean location towards the preagnant ladies. I asked to call the manager of the shop, who told me she does not speak any Luxembourgish language and she does not understand English! When i asked, shall i call the police then, she suddenly started to understand English. After explaining her about the rude staff nember, who pushed me, she did not even ask who it was and didnt appologise at all! I am totally disappointed with the ethics education of the Lyxembourgish H&H staff, totally impolite and rude and mean towards pregnant ladies!!! Never ever again i am going to the h&m racists!!!

Jun 6, 2015

Poor customer service

I am glad I am not the only person with this kind of complaint.
So I bought a pair of shoes and a cardigan from H&M, and after the first wash the cardigan stretched, and the shoes had a tear in the left pair.

I took the shoes back to the Southampton West Quays branch one Saturday afternoon and was told by 2 managers that there is nothing they can do since it's not a manufacturer's fault. I was appalled greatly by their attitude as well.

I was given customer services' contact and after speaking to one lady she said the managers decision was what she stands by as she cannot physically see the item to judge. She however advised I should take it to another branch if I wanted a second opinion.

I was really shocked and disappointed at such a response from customer service and a shop that I spend so much in.

I will going forward think twice about spending money in H&m shops if that is the kind of service I will receive when I have a problem with an item.

Jun 30, 2015


I am not sure whether to freak out or not that my package isn't here yet. I ordered it a week ago and I've been reading lots of reviews, and it is scaring me that I also haven't seen any updated traking information since 6/25/15 and I ordered it on 6/22/15. Shouldn't it have gotten here already?

Aug 18, 2015

H&m extremely bad customer service

H&m has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I will never buy clothes here again. My story is:

On August 17, 2015 I added 5 items for $56 in my basket. Whenever I checked out, I got my card declined. I changed my card 4 times, including a debit card that I had over $1000 in the account, so enough for the check out. All were declined with the same error " the information you enentered was incorrect... "

I called the card companies. They said they already open signal for h&m, if there was problems, it should have been from h&m, that h&m didn't get their signal back to process my order.

I called h&m, the representative insisted that I couldn't check out because of my cards. I asked to talk to a technical person to help me solve the issue. He said no one can help me because it it not H&M IT system get problem.
--I asked: "do you have enough knowledge about IT to tell me that this error is not from your system".
--He replied "Are you mocking me?"
--I said "No, I am serious. Are you an IT guy or a customer representative to help customer with regular questions?"
--He said "our system is fine. I have handled 4 transactions this morning and no one got issue"
--"Then tell me why my cards didn't go through."
--" I can't tell you why."
--" So transfer me to someone can"
--" no one can. Our system is working fine. You go check your cards at a store. "
--"let me tell you, even if you don't get problems with any transactions this morning doesn't mean nothing wrong with my account. And even if I am the 1st one to report the problem, you should help me.to report it to the higher level or to the technical team"
-- " Anything else I can help?"
--" you haven't helped anything "

Anyway I asked for my husband help. We used his card to check out at a Walmart store half an hour before we place the exact order under his account and by his cards at the same day. Hah, again 4 different cards were declined.
We called h&m. The representative said she doesn't think that the system was in problems. She thinks because I tried to check out so many times?! Alright, then i asked how can I buy things on h&m now. She said, go to the store. Hah, if stores have things I want, I didn't need to go online. After a long discussion and the representative kept saying no one can help, I asked her to transfer me.to her manager. She transferred me to her manger, Roy.

--After hearing what I have encountered, Roy said: "there is nothing wrong with our system. If you want, try back in a couple day, or go to a store near by".
--I said "storenear by doesn't carry the items, can you ship things on m basket to the store?"
--He replied "no, we can't do anything".
--I was mad " so I just want to buy things from you and I report that none of my cards, my husband's, and recently we just tried our mom's card and you are saying that you are not going to help me to figure out why the problem occurred?"
-- He said " yes, you are correct".
-- I said " so what are you good for?".
He hung up he phone.

Not only 1 person, but the whole h&m team were rude. They are talked to customers as we are begging things from them. It is not the way business should be treating customers, at least in the US.

I never want to purchase things in h&m any more.

This business doesn't have conduct. People who read my story, please consider if you want things from h&m.

I am waiting to see h&m vanished out from the market

Aug 31, 2015


I ordered 2 items online thinking I would make use of a voucher for £5 and discount of 25 % but was quite disappointed find out when I went to pay that there was a charge for orders under £40 which meant that the £5 off was used for postage. The items aren't delivered at the stores. Just another scam to get money out of people.

Sep 16, 2015


I am so I am so frustrated right now. I've been waiting almost 2 weeks and a half for my package from HM, just to find out that my purchase was being refunded. It happened on the 14th. They did not ONCE notify me saying that. The clothes that I bought also did not say that they were sold out so I went ahead and purchased them, little did I know that ALL the clothes I bought were sold out and they couldn't even fucking update their website stating that it was until I checked again. I'm so disappointed.

Sep 16, 2015


I am so frustrated right now. I've been waiting almost 2 weeks and a half for my package from HM, just to find out that my purchase was being refunded. It happened on the 14th. They did not ONCE notify me saying that. The clothes that I bought also did not say that they were sold out so I went ahead and purchased them, little did I know that ALL the clothes I bought were sold out and they couldn't even update their website stating that it was until I checked again. I'm so disappointed in their company.

Oct 12, 2015

Horrible treatment

I was shopping with a friend and went into the dressing room tried on a couple of items walked out then I saw these sweat shorts I said let me try them on he held my personal items while I went back into the dressing room tried the shorts on wasn't sure as I am walking out of the dressing room the attendant (unaware in her own world when I walked in I had to tell her how many items I had ) as I was walking out I asked if I was going to purchase them said not sure. I decided not to take the shorts & put them back on the rack from where I picked them from. but purchased the rest as I was walking to I was stopped by security telling me to come with him , I said why he said I want to show you something he took me in the room to show me a 2 second video of me leaving the dressing room with the garments I purchased he said that green garment I said this light blue crew neck shit ? No green I took the garment to the monitor and it was identical I said the monitor is barley black& white because the shit I had on looked gray . So I said would you like to look in my personal bag ? By law he is allowed to look in but not put his hands all over it . He found nothing I was embarrassed treated like a criminal & very disappointed with there treatment my friend was horrified didn't know what was going on . They embarrassed me in the company of a friend of mine.unacceptable I want to be compensated for this traumatic experience!

Jan 15, 2016

Still waiting to hear back

I had a problem with a gift item I received and I wrote to H&M customer service at: [email protected] I wrote to them in mid December 2015, it's now 4 weeks later and no response at all.

Feb 16, 2016

20 days to pay online purchase

I bought an item online with H&M and got a email receipt for the payment.....or so I thought. I then got another email saying as I hadnt paid I was getting a surcharge as I hadnt paid within the 20 day option which I had chosen. I did not chose or click on anything of the sort. They are cheating mothers trying to get money out of me. Why on earth would I chose to delay payment of an item that only cost £12 ?? Bloody idiots. I really cant believe they can be so tricky to trick customers like this to get extra money out of them. I certainly will not be paying any extra cost and will never buy anything from them again online or in their shops. Cheating bastards.

Mar 13, 2016

Horrible Treatment!!!

H&M was one of my favourite stores to visit when I'm out shopping but due to my experience today I'm afraid it has made me hate the store overall.

I brought a top from this store a week ago which only cost £14.99! As I got home and tried the top on I didn't seem to like it as much as I did when I was at the store. So I thought of returning it the following week as I never have the time during the week due to working.

As the weekend came I went to the H&M store to return the top, as I was in there I saw a couple of items I liked which I brought. When I was being served I used the exact same card as to when I brought the top, which went all smoothly. I asked the shop assistant if I can have a refund on the top I brought last week which she said it was fine. I gave her the top as well as the receipt and I also had the same card to when I purchased the top. That's when she began to say she wants to see the back of the card for a signature, which I never had as throughout my shopping experience with H&M and other stores I was never asked to show the back of the card for a signature. I did explain that when I return items no one has ever asked for that and I don't usually sign the back at all, the shop assistant then said sorry she can't refund me at all and that she would like to see a form of ID!!!!! I had a customer who was next me being served as well as customers behind me, which was such an embarrassment for me! I felt as if I did something wrong.

I said that I had my driving licence which I looked for that in my bag to only notice I left it in my work bag instead. I tried to show her loyalty cards I had which had the same name as my debit but she wasn't having any of it!!!

She then said I should sign my card there and then on front of her, which I did, then she offered me a refund.

I don't see why it was extremely important to see a signature when I brought the item from the exact same card! Also I brought items from the store that were far more pricey than the top itself! They fine taking money out of your debit but when refunding it's a whole different story.

I never had that experience with H&M before until today which has made me not want to go there ever again!

It was extremely embarrassing to have customers behind who can hear and see the situation itself!

I'm highly disappointed in H&M and it's staff to have loyal customers feel as if they did something wrong!

Jun 5, 2016

Staff rudeness

I was at Klebang Aeon Mall , Ipoh , Malaysia on 5th June 2016, Sunday, 3.30pm and visited H & M with my mum.

I have choosen two skirts and headed to fitting room for trying. All customers were queuing up for trying the garments. When it was my turn, I went in a fitting room and called my mum to take a look at the skirts that I was trying. She was stopped by a Malay guy (H&M staff) saying that only one person is allowed to go into fitting room at one time. My mum was not holding any garment for fitting , didn't he notice it? She just wanted to take a look at the skirts that I was wearing.

Finally I came out from the fitting room and he asked me to return him a card. I ignored what he said since that was his job to take back the card which he had hung on the wall by himself. Worst case happened here, he yelled out "Bodoh" in Malays which meant Stupid the moment I walked off from fitting room.

There was a long queue the moment he yelled out. This is ridiculous!
I am so disappointed with H&M to having this kind of staff. I hope that H&M should get this worm out from H&M globalised organization as to maintain your good self reputation.

Jul 15, 2016

Worst place to shop

Yesterday I went to H&M in Brent Cross with my son.

My son had a few items to try on but when He went to the changing rooms it was a long queue of people as the changing rooms on the men section were closed. He had to wait about 20 minutes to be able to get in.
He decided to buy a few of the items and again a long queue at the tills !
H&M is one of those shops who seems to be pleased to have people queuing for ages.
They probably assumed people will continue to go and shop in their stores no matter what, no clue about customers satisfaction!

Dec 2, 2016

H and M refusing to refund

Be aware that despite going over the delivery time and not even dispatching my order, H and M are refusing to give refunds and were extremely unhelpful, saying after half an a hour on the phone that 'these things happen'! They currently have my money and my goods and won't give me either, a very unhelpful customer service woman told me Id have to wait for the coat and other items.
She put me on hold for ages and then said I could't talk to anyone else.
I will never order from them again and I still have no warm coat for my daughter or my money!!!!!!!!

Anshu jain
Jan 13, 2017

Bad service at showroom

Yesterday I went to h & m at Phoenix Kurla mall..there while purchasing my husband feel uncomfortable and ask for water to security guard he replied don't known, then ask another person he gave the same reply..the my husband feeling more uncomfortable scolded to a authority person about the issue then he told to go on first floor in kids section but their also no water available.. And the staff referring him from one counter to another in the store..and after a long time when he was getting literary fell down went in a restaurant and drink water their... First time in life we found a store like h & m where there is this no basic service is given to customers and wired behavior of the staff that they even don't known that their is water available or not please solve the issue otherwise we will never visit the store in future..

Uma Vijay kumar
Jun 18, 2017

rude treatment and shameful experience

I have to bring to whomsoever notice that , I had a shameful and pathetic experience on H and M store Piazza 38, 5611 AE Eindhoven on Saturday 11:50 AM.

It was absolutely ridiculous and shock for me the way a security person came running behind me and took me and hold my hand and was literally pushing to take me towards the checking room telling me that I had stolen a clothing from his store...

I am educated mom of two kids and I politely told and I can understand you a some doubts on me but I have no issues and I can walk with you I shall cooperate... But inspite he hold my tightly as though I will run away. Then I told him you have no rights to pull me and suspect and drag me front of everyone thinking you are 100 percent right... But he argued yes I know you have a theft a clothing of ours so don't talk and just come with me..

It was so shameful day of my entire life.. Money has never been my weakness but this blame and treatment made me feel I was so helpless..

Later in the checking room he was so rude he checked my bag and saw it wasn't the H and M clothing... He immediately says giving back mythings YOU CAN GO... So rude it was OMG.... Then I started wiping and crying... How can you treat me like this without knowing and not even little bit that person was bothered or felt sorry for me... . He says it was his duty... The person took me as though I was a prisoner

I tried telling them ... I understand but sorry that's not the way you have to treat a person when suspicious... Your customer service is absolutely hawarkd for me... it was absolutely shameful for me...
Other store guys from H and M was least bothered they if said... He can only sorry to you nothing else..

I myself asked for a glass of water and tissue to calm down...

Trust Me my husband And my friends after hearing my experience... I want to make the highest compliant to whomsoever so no one else will experience such a awkward moment of their life...
When questioned about who was manager whom I can speak... They were not bothered to answer me and when asked what is the man name of the security person who treated me... He mentioned has MAT security...he was ready to say his name.. Huge guy was in store on 17th June 2017 11:30 AM

I am sorry I would never entire in my lifetime in to H and M... I am most respectful lady ... Be what may be...

I don't know if my writing is also ignored like they treated me in store yesterday.....

No true person should experience such a bad day..

Oct 27, 2017

Messy Store

Went in the store today to exchange a top for my daughter and the store was a complete mess in there. Store: 120032. Was very unhappy with the condition of the clothes and shoes all over the floors and no one in the dept cleaning up. They had too many shoes on the wall display and it was a huge mess. The clothes on the wall display were a mess and too many were hanging up that you couldn't find a particular size. The clothes on the rest of the racks were too stuffed on them too. Not very happy with my shopping experience.

Queena Wong
Nov 26, 2018

"Form can not be submitted."

I was ordering online at H&M. This has happened several times. I try to order but every time I go to checkout it says "form cannot be submitted." I then waited a few days, some items go out of stock. I then checkout again, "form cannot be submitted". I then call my friend to try to order for thinking it may be my computer or internet. My friend tries yet the same problem occurs. Is this a problem occurring with others? I can't seem to order anything at this point. I fixed my modem, my router, etc. I then try on multiple devices my iPad and two of my phones; on website and app. But I still cant order anything. I'm not necessarily mad, I'm just annoyed. H&M please fix your website. If I still can't shop at H&M online may as well never. "Just go to the store", if you don't know, items I purchase are most of the time simply not at the store. I am a busy woman too. Even if I did go to the store that doesn't mean that they shouldn't fix this problem. Again, H&M , this isn't an angry nor mad review. It's a simple, tiny complaint that I have wrote.

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