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Cardingmafia, blackstuff Scam, WU transfer scam

United States, Texas

Consumer reviews about Cardingmafia, blackstuff Scam, WU transfer scam

May 18, 2019

CardinTeam is whole fake g4dlhcdkiorubope.onion/

This site is real fake, dont trust, the admin & all team are same person, vRocket selling WU Transfer, when i post that is imposible make WU transfer by 3000$ because WU block the transfer by code R4111 the site in 2min ban me, when enter automatic redirection to pornhub.com, when enter with other user name all ok, This site is bullshit, all are SCAMMM, all review for VRocket are scammm

May 18, 2019

CardingTeam Forum g4dlhcdkiorubope.onion is Scamm all team

Dont trust in this Forum, all site is scamm,do not trust the user Vrocket that sells WU accounts, when I sent a message he answered me, then I ask him: As you can do a WU transfer of $ 3000, it is impossible, wu blocks the transfer by code R4111, then after of the two minutes any link redirected me to pornhub, I proceeded to create another account and everything is perfect, again I try to log in with my previous account and redirect me, that is, I was banned, then I discovered that I was banned, the administrator of the site and all the users who do good reviews are the same person, do not be fooled

May 29, 2019

After being scammed, a true seller

After i've been scammed several times on different websites, more than 2k $ !

So, i decided to give it one more chance, i contacted someone called ampadle93 and did my first deal ( I went for minimum )
it was $200 = $1200, seriously thank you man for being at least honest with your customers.

if you want to contact him, ICQ search for ampadle93

Jun 3, 2019

I will help a 4 people

Hey, need to inform you that wu transfer is fake as ###.
I will help 4 people getting some money, bcs I’m expanding my service a bit. (And I know how it feels to get ripped over and over and never succeed.. believe me.

I have farmed middleman account where I make hacked PayPal money clean. It’s a lot of work, so as of now I only have 4 people I do a transfer to once a month consistently.
Not any fantasy x your money like you see jokers advertise about. 3-4x your money.
Can’t do any bigger transfer then 1500$.

No jokes no games, this is a good opportunity for anyone that’s interested. Hit me up at my mail and u can get my telegram if u serious.

[email protected]

Jun 5, 2019

Western union hack

Has anyone scammed by phantom hackers or Elliott [email protected]

Jun 9, 2019


http://cashflip6434deqb.onion and on clear they call themselves https://legendsbestshop.com and this is their email: [email protected].. Guys be aware and don't lose your money to them. They reply so fast but when the money is transfered to the wallet they cease all the communications.

Jun 11, 2019

Western Union hack

Elliott is a scam artis. He got $350 from me by bitcoin yesterday said transfer will happed 3-6 hours it’s been over 25 hours and he doesn’t respond to emails

Do not trust him
[email protected]
Also scamreview.live is scam that’s how you get on to Elliott’s website

Jun 11, 2019

Once again wu is fake.

Hello, instead of searching for fake wu transfers. I have a legit and instant way for y’all to make some $.
I load your coinbase account, the job take 10-20 min. We split 60/40 under 2k limit, over 2k 50/50 split.
Account needs previous transactions

Jun 12, 2019

Hacked Western Union Transfers, No Upfront Payments! Percentage Deals

***** No Upfront Payments !!!! - www.wuservers.ru *****

We provide Hacked Western Union Transfers, Bank Transfers, Credit Card TopUps, PayPal Transfers at No Cost!!!
All our Transfers are done on Percentage Deals!!! We do not Take Upfront Payments on Transfers and TopUps.

Stop Getting Ripped Off, Start Receiving 100% Clean and Legit Transfers DAILY with No Upfront Payment and No Risk!

.. Your Information provided will be kept private and absolutely Confidential
.. Receive Cash Before making Payment based on Percentage Deals
.. More Transfers Received, The Higher your Percentage Level
.. All day, every day Support with 8 distinct Languages.

Website: www.wuservers.ru
email: [email protected]
whatsapp: +1-601-207-4303

Jun 18, 2019

Finally had a successful WU TRANSFER!

Finally had a successful transaction after being scammed on carding.mafia and dark web carding forum by Prince & Xapek for almost $1800..
Leaving me w/ nothing..literally spent my last on it. Luckily, found someone willing to do a small transfer to prove success, was able to pay $50 for $150 WU basically 30% fees, but he Came thru! After doing another for 300$ for $650 was successful, was able to get 3k to clear successfully! My gratitude to you Almostdeadbeat
If you’ve been scammed I recommend checking out or trying him, here’s his contact information and I’ll Copy & paste the listing he posted, wish you all who’ve lost funds success in recovering them with this man!
I’ll be back for another 2k soon! Thank you. You saved me from being evicted from my apartment, and assuming 3}| times the charm, I shouldn’t have any issues paying this upcoming month. Forever grateful!

“CC/CVV 2 -> WesternUnion / MONEYGRAM / RIA... (any other services, ask I may be able to successfully card them.
My max transaction limit(s):
2k per MTCN FOR WU.
1500 MAX PER MG/RIA. Higher amounts worse success rates.

I’m trying to build my rep, with confirmed sales so am offering lower amounts than all these scammers to prove to you my success with WU/MG/RIA transfers

First time (TRIAL) buyer prices:
$50 -> $150
$150 -> $350
$250 -> $550
$350 -> $750
$500 -> $1200
- ICQ: @almostdeadbeat
- E-mail: [email protected]

Feel free to ask about other services:
( I can cart electronics, from amazon & eBay, also have a few clothing sites I can do successfully; at a rate for 40%)
I’m growing learning & expanding my knowledge. Hopefully soon will be able to do bank transfers, but not offering the service until I’m comfortable with the success rate.

If you’ve been scammed check em out, he offers small transactions to prove success which is the only reason I tried em after being scammed twice. Now I’m almost $1200 up after my $1800 loss.

Good luck everybody and hope for your success.

Jun 25, 2019

is kloviaclinks.com a scam

is kloviaclinks.com a scam

Jun 29, 2019

@Almostdeadbeat, [email protected]

@almostdeadbeat most likely a scammer, talked to him and agreed on the deal. I told him that we gonna use escrow service to complete the deal, he agreed but he said he need go home to use PC as its easier. So i waited for him to go home. Well it seems like he never make it home, perhaps on his way back he got kidnapped by slenderman, RIP @almostdeadbeat.

[email protected] he is a nice guy with many good advices to teach us. He helped me avoid potential scammers like the one above i just mentioned. However overall despite a nice guy and super responsive, he is also a scammer.

He emphasised on using escrow service and up to our choices, but each choices of escrow i made, he will said that isnt a trusty one or he will say get some escrow that is fraud related. Anyway somehow i used the escrow service which he indirectly lure me into.

The escrow and him belong to same gang, after the escrow service initiated in a very professional manner, once money is inside.

One by one they start to get less responsive, until to the point wize went missing and the escrow admin too.

How i know because i used different account to message both of them, they replied to me instantly while ignoring my original account.

So guys please avoid the above and this escrow service named GER FRAUD ESCROW SERVICE GROUP, if you guys google carding18 you will find its telegram link. You guys are warned!

Jul 3, 2019

Info on legit vendor

Yeah most of the forums claiming to be a carding group are all scammers. Everything there is fake including the comments and testimonies, they are all ### rippers.

I sent 500 dollars worth of BTC to escrow service and they just took over my account and submitted testimonies.

### all of them. But the only way to get those goodies (cc and hacked balances) is via the popular blackmarkets on the darknet and from high ranking.

The guy making me rich now is savastanos from Empire market and he's ranked pretty high. And take me ( a scam victim's) word for it, he's straight up delivering. His email is [email protected]. Contact him for honest deals.

NB: please mention that you got it from me so that I'll get juicy discount.

Jul 6, 2019


i want to give to give and recieve Idears on deals

Jul 12, 2019

Legends best shop and A1 quality credit card store are scammers

Hello People I want to tell ya'll few weeks ago I got scammed by Legends Best shop ([email protected]) and Aslo got ripped by A1 quality credit card store ([email protected] ) Lost almost 800-900 dollars these are scammers be aware of them.

I just recently got A guy Named Yadel Aidan He is the real legit guy I found luckily on the Net He got me Real working ATM prepaid cards with Pin numbers and he sent me cards in a Normal Christmas envelop, I thought I am gonna lose my money again but no this guy is very LEGIT and now am happy cashing out money. If anyone looking for a %100 legit seller contact Yadel Aidan at his email address at [email protected] .

Jul 15, 2019

Scam darkwebmafias

Darkwebmafias is a scam the whole site and the admins are working together i sent 400 usd for a w u transfer and didnt receive nothing o was told send 200 for 1500 i did that then the next day he asked for another 200 . Im soo pissed at myself lesson learned ### you scammers

Jul 19, 2019



Jul 25, 2019

Why getting scammed?

I have been using [email protected] for over 2 years now and I have never been scammed before, I don't know why people are getting scammed everyday, use your brain, vendors are condemning vendors here, most of those claiming they are being scammed are vendors.

Jul 27, 2019

[email protected]

[email protected] total scammer havent found a legit hacker, i think they dont exist

Jul 31, 2019

Past experiences on dumps with pins and cc's

Have been through series of scam, all the reviews on most of these carding forums are brutally fake. The escrow and vendor are the same person ( you'll get to comprehend that when you get scammed ). In case you need a vendor with good dumps, with pins, CC's, We transfers and so much more. You'd better contact ([email protected]) for honest work. He's one of those few legit people.

Aug 4, 2019

Learning / carding forums

I’m an experienced Carder, 9 years, I agree most carding forums are scams, the two I found that are not scams as in the actual forum, is prtship (Clear net) and Dread (Onion link) through tor browser . To get the latest links on the tor browser type in dark.fail this site gives all the working links to the forums and markets , still beware there are still scammers operating amongst legit vendors! Avoid nightmare market atm , possible exit scam!!!

If your a newbie to carding try and get a good mentor, learning this game is very hard, and you’ll loose a lot of money! there is a carding training website that isn’t a scam, it’s called procardtutoring.com it’s well known in this industry to a fast track to become very good at carding.
If your learning yourself, google can help, it will take you along time trying things out, there is a lot of good stuff out there and a lot of false carding guides that won’t do your carding career any good.

Hope this helped Ppl. Stay Safe !!

Aug 5, 2019


Ferum-shop.ru is scam they sell cvvs, and dumps but the dumps and cvvs are numbers made up by themselves they stole $200 from me and sold me just numbers that would not even be accepted nowhere. To cap it all dont even know the bank format.

Aug 6, 2019


Global carding forum total scam I sent them for a WU transfer $300 plus an extra 150 for a cash out manual never received nothing
Green machine a guy called Mr fungi scammer sent him $400 stop messaging me after
Queens cash scam they scammed me for the mostly $1600 claiming they sell shredded cash
Now black and white cards also scam they took $140
These are all of http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Please dont be scammed I used my rent money thinking I could make more anyone know of a legit person to help make me some of this money back

Aug 6, 2019


I just got scammed thinking all this was real being new to the dark web just want to let everyone know watch out for these sites
Global carding forum scammed me with $450
Green machine the mr fungi scammed me with $325
And the worst queens cash claiming they sell shredded ca sh for 1600
Last one black and white cards with $150
Watch out for these scammers dont do like me spend all of your months rent trying to make more

Aug 9, 2019

Pangaea Union

Hi guys,

I recently created a channel in Telegram, my aim is to gather victims like us and then we get to share our list of scammers as well as to provide legit vendors.

I too got scammed and lost couple of thousands of btc to some scammers mentioned in some of the pages.

Hence i felt that enough is enough!

Just to educate all people that there are no more WU transfers, anyone who claims that will be fake as hell.

And there wont be any thing such as promised you 3x 4x or even 10x of your money you invest in. These were simply too good to be true shit.

Come email me [email protected] to find out how to join in this private telegram channel today!

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