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Cardingmafia, blackstuff Scam, WU transfer scam

United States, Texas

Consumer reviews about Cardingmafia, blackstuff Scam, WU transfer scam

Globe Hackware
Sep 21, 2015

Bank transfer, Western union transfer scam

Bank transfer, Western union transfer scam
I was looking for the WU transfers and bug and got scammed they took my money and didn’t delivered anything:

Carding mafia's owner is the biggest thug ever one could find on web.he has a complete setup to trap ppl who come for stuff on his site.please do not trust this guy he is totally fake once he recieves your money he blocks you right after that from his site and also he doesn't talk a single word once money is delivered to his account on perferct money and bitcoins.just stay away from this bastard!

Carding Mafia is a ripper
Carding Mafia is a ripper
Carding Mafia is Scam
Carding Mafia is Scammer

I make this post to point out and report all the rippers and scammers who show themselves as a WU,Bank,Paypal transfer or CC or Dumps seller and then rip to buyers .
If anybody got ripped by any ripper and scammer than must post his name and info here to inform all innocent buyers.
I'm posting here some forums which are totally scam and shit and ripping even for a single penny.

1. Alboraaq.com is a Big ripper and scammer forum in the carding world.
2. Cardingmafia.su is another Big ripper and scammer
3. True-hack.net Is ripper and scammer
4. Piratehack.net Is ripper and scammer
5.Blackstuff is rippers and scammer
Don't deal on the mention forums otherwise you will get scam. I will add more forums when got reports against them.

FAKE WU transfers: xhacker_suciax yahoo com
name: Wilfredo Ubri Rodriguez
country: Domincan Replic
rip me of with $175

FAKE DUMPS: [email protected] rip me of with $200
[email protected] is a ripper
[email protected] is a Scammer

FAKE WU transfers: Freshgoodstuff gmail com I got scammed with: $200
first name : LAM
last name : CAO THI
country : VIET NAM
FAKE WU BUG! Tasukea M mr.tasukea gmail com
First name: Thang
Last name: Tran Quang
City: Ha Noi
Country: Viet Nam

I was interested to find a real hacker. In my research lots and lots of scammers in the world..Every real hacker doesn’t has a problem with it, only fakers,rippers or scammers pray for money!!! … (Unfortunately I learned in the hard way)

Finally i've found a real hackers from http://hackinglogic.wix.com/hackinglogic, I mailed to [email protected]
I'm happy to found them. Thanks a lot to hackinglogic team.I'm getting rich because of you..

Hackinglogic is One and Only Real Hackers in the world..Hackinglogic is real and Hackinglogic is legit.This is my experience brother and sisters please don't lose your money to rippers and scammers.

May 30, 2015
HackingLogic is a scam out site
Don't fall for others, they are all scammer, i was about to fall for other guy, then i applied my bulletproof method to find a scammer, They are failed two times and i must say he even didn't show much intelligence on their side.
Many sites are a scam too. hackinglogic site is real legit site. beware of others.

john mohan
Aug 16, 2015
hackinglogic is no scam hacker forum
Hackinglogic is legit hackers, real money from them without Scam. they didn't cheated me what others done for me.. i failed three times to find real hackers. hackinglogic is real smart hackers.Don't fall for others they are a scammer. do business with hackinglogic. away from scammers

Jan 27, 2016

Hacking Logic is total scam!

Just got scammed by Hacking Logic out of $600 dollars!!!! So obviously those claiming hacking logic is legit is lying and is the scammer themselves claiming hacking logic is legit!

I learned the hard way they are all scammers (there's no legit ones out there), so don't be dumb like me and don't give them your Money!!!

***Beware of http://hackinglogic.wix.com/hackinglogic#!bank-transfer-legit/c1o2r*****

Jan 28, 2016

Hacking Logic is a total Scammer!!!!

Hacking logic is a total scammer. Took my money and didn't send me a penny.

Mar 7, 2016

Carding Mafia "SCAM ALERT"

The carding forum "Carding Mafia" [www.cardingmafia.ws.com] is a SCAM SITE devised and maintained by Adeel Arshad of Pakistan to lure unsuspecting buyers into purchases of bogus goods and services [which never materialize] in exchange for payment in Perfect Money or Bit Coin. Once a registered user sends payment, Adeel will cease all communication with the buyer on both yahoo messenger and the Carding Mafia website. He will lock the buyers Carding Mafia account login so that no other unsuspecting buyers can be alerted to the "take the bitcoin and run scam." Adeel Arshad goes by the following on the Carding Mafia website; "Carding Admin", "The King" and "Cm.Big Boss" on yahoo messenger. All positive customer feed backs on the site are generated by Adeel from locked users accounts following the scam on the buyer. Buyer gets ripped by Adeel and in turn he assumes the buyers CM site ID and leaves great feed back for the transaction "he never followed through on." I seriously doubt that Adeel Arshad has any real hacking skills at all. He is a scammer with a very convincing website as bait to lure in unsuspecting victims for the purchase of electronics bundles, Western Union, Pay Pal and bank transfers, CC's with fullz, hacking tutorals, etc. "all of which never materialize after he receives your payment." If you study the site carefully note that many posts were made by previously banned members [banned to keep them shut-up after the scam] and the rest seem to be in the same foreign tongue. The post dates do not jive either for a site supposedly up and running since 2011. I was duped for $500.00 in a deal with Carding Admin. [cm.bigboss on yahoo messenger] on March 4th, 2016. Sent payment, he signed off, transfer never materialized, he locked my CM account login and has since refused any yahoo IM's from me. I am $500.00 the wiser and where I once felt some sort of respect for this man, I see him now as the "small, very small, excuse for a man that he really is." Just a scammer without any skills at all, a wannabe who will never be. Probably a member of ISIS whom we are unknowingly financing the next 911 by falling victim to his web site. Steer clear of this site and remember; Adeel Arshad is at the moderator control panel "over all accounts." No onsite PM's to alert other users will get past him so our best bet is to steer unsuspecting buyers away from the scam site entirely. A fox in the hen house and Adeel Arshad is the fox. All site moderators, including some long time members are one in the same "Adeel Arshad." The site is a maze, devised to lure the mice to the cheese. Once the bait is taken, money changes hands and "you are banned." Remember the following tags; cardingmafia.ws, cardingmafia forums, cm.bigboss [on yahoo and on site], "The King", "Carding Admin [on site], "Adeel Arshad from Pakistan."

Apr 2, 2016


Everything I red in this page is true , [email protected] did the same to me,he receive 850.00 us dollars once e received the money I asked next day if everything was ok, he answer yes, that day was the last time he answered me, I just got tired waiting for the delivery that never arrive, so everyone be aware don't make any kaid of deal oround here

cc ryder
Apr 8, 2016


are there any legits out there bros

cc ryder
Apr 8, 2016

been scamed

yes these people are correct i fell for the cat & mouse game too. site look legit but setup to be scam
this f-ker has balls someone should teach the f-ker a lesson.

May 2, 2016


Wuhacker is scammer......got me the mother of 5 for 300 snd tried to get another 100. Do not use him at all.......scam....wuhacker.com

May 2, 2016


They are ripoffs, took my $450, and never sent any money, they make their own fake profiles of ppl receiving money. They use exchangers for Nairobi, Kenya - maxmillah keha shigalu is a fraudster, bloody bastard, took my money (salary for the month), now I am broke, haven't paid my bills, electricity which will be cut in 2 days. I cannot understand how they do this to ppl that really need money. Well just remember maxmillah karma is a bitch!!!!!!!

Are there any legit hackers out there?????

Jun 17, 2016


Yes they are all scammers..
These sites must be shutdown! I will post another sites that are scammers/ripper for you to be aware of!


Jul 29, 2016

scam sites on darknet

I use to think that all the sellers on the darknet were legit, until i got scammed by the following sites

[email protected] - scam

[email protected] - scam

[email protected] - scam

They are all scam
I gave up thinking they were all scam but there are some legit guys, just released that the legit guys do not really have a good looking site because they are real hackers and do not have time to please us.
checkout this blog


Aug 9, 2016

I just got ripped wtf!!!

this guy is a total dosh [email protected] ..
he stole money from me, what a pathetic looser!!
but I have good news I got my money back, I actually hired this top professional hacker and he hacked into his BTC wallet and got me my money back!! thank god for that I was in deep shit
if you need help you can contact him at: [email protected] he's a real gentleman not like that African money drawling jerk.
big warning people stop dealing with these trash they get richer from our hard earned money and don't give up, get your money back!!

Aug 17, 2016

wu or mg

is anyone here who can give me a real guy who make real transfers ? im tired to send money to all and receive nothing.

Aug 20, 2016



If you are looking for a WU, PP or Bank Transfer then you are looking for a way to "donate" your hard owned money for scammers/rippers. THERE ARE NO LEGIT WU, PP or Bank transfers exist in all the fraud/hacking forums, websites and blogs! They are all traps waiting for victims. All the admins of those forums are scammers. All the "positive feedbacks" are written by admins/moderators. They took control of the victims's account then rewrote the scam report of victims!! So you will see all the positive feedbacks in their selling threads.



Aug 31, 2016

Real transfers

Are they any proper hackers or people that do real transfers around.It seems like most of the people are scammers.

Sep 9, 2016

F these scammers

I agree with a lot you on this site and wish I knew about this site before. I have been scammed by a few of the people and forums that I have seen on here. My biggest was on Alboraaq(now altenen) I believed all of the fake feedback on the Iphone deal and ended up getting scammed for almost £1000. I have been scammed by others too but not a lot of money. I beleive there is no more western union transfers anymore. I have been scammed too many times to believe in it. I have had successful PP transfers but only when I learned a method to do it myself which does not even work now but I still knkw there are some real PP transfers out there because I know me to colllect half of the money when it is done. You will need to get the money out, but if you do not want to because you are scared or what ever reason. I can get the money out with your card but i prefer to tell you how to get the money and you do this and Ill meet you because people think I am a scamner when i tell them to give me there card. Lastly, if you think you can scan me and run away with my money you are mistaken. I will get the reall address of youre account by calling bank when im with you and confirming youre address. If I do the transfer and think you can run away with the money, I will show up to your house in my suit and my 357 revolver and demand my money plus extra for wasting my time. But apart from that im good to do business with. Just try me. If you want to pay me before hand youre very welcome to. but I dont ask people to do this because people automatically think you are a scammer.

So quick overview.

If you want CC- [email protected] can provide. (If looking for UK CC I suggest 456730. He has them 90% of the time and work like magic)

If you want bank transfers. We can meet. I get the details of the drop account + address of the acc holder which i will confirm before doing job. I will do job. Tell you how to get the money. After the job is done is when you will pay me 50%. I do not take payment 1st unless you want me to. In this case i will only request 30-40% depending on how much it is. But like I said up to you which one you do. I am happy with both.

Contact me on ICQ 702518522

Sep 22, 2016

Another Scamm rip don't trust

Another scammer becarful

me too ripp 200$




F-k all scammer in the world

Oct 9, 2016


What you guys should understand is that no hacker host himself on normal browsers.
only on darkmarket forums with high security like alpahabay and dream market .
I do sell but,i only do my transaction on alphabay for security reason.
48 hours escrow with multisig custom transactions.
and its hard for fed to trace.
even if you the buyer is a fed and trying to trace me , you cant get me.
you can contact me on my icq 620395355.
i will give you instructions.

Oct 13, 2016





Oct 28, 2016



"sin" - ICQ:620395355 = copy and pasting spam with the same message offering bogus service.
"Do your job. I do mine" - ICQ:702518522 = no knowledge of how ACH fraud works judging by post lel
"The Mayor" - ICQ:656910935 = runs darkmills.cc/other peripheral bogus scams just like describing in @ OP
"Cyrus Victor" - ICQ:653273710 = runs darknetforums.com both cunts probably rip the most people due to good SEO scheme @OP
"TheCRIMEffect" - ICQ:704940934 = part of darknetforums.com both cunts again rip the most with good SEO same scheme @OP

Ask for jabber
ALL CUNTS. Dont get ripped. I offer tutoring and kind of mentorship at a price and have helped many from referral due to this and many others.

Nov 15, 2016

Info On Legit Seller

I purchased 300$ worth of goods from Darknet forum and got scammed badd I got ripped from cardingmafia But I finally found a seller after 2years of searching and getting ripped by these fake f-kers found someone legit from the deepweb off of alphabay market i buy Cvv's and gotten a W-U's and his cards was high balanced and 4/5 cards where live and the W-U was legit

I met him on alphabay market his ICQ- 707 862 124
Please tell him IbuyCvv13 referred you to him so I can get an extra card on my next order please and thank you

Nov 23, 2016


Someone recommended me on here a while ago. I never even knew till yesterday when a customer told me.
I am limitlesscc

If you are looking for CC let me know. I have a wide range of CCs available at a decent price.

I can also assist with many things that can help to take your carding to the next level.

If you are looking for anything to with carding (CC, method's, sites, bins, how to increase your success rate, how to bypass certain security systems etc) let me know.

YM: [email protected]
ICQ: 703046027
Jabber: [email protected]

Dec 13, 2016


### Scammers, Carder007.cc and all mirrors val1d.ru and all mirrors all ###.

carder007: ICQ 661918036
vakouf scorpion: ICQ 676537572
cyber victor famous scammer (u still ###)
admin of val1d ICQ 661690280 great at lying and ###

[email protected]
Jan 27, 2017

Don't be scammed

Dont be scammed... Dont fall in try to rich in 30 minutes..
big amount transfers wont work.. Try smaller amounts to make it work....
i will talk with you over the call, i will talk to you over the video call.
$50 for $400
thats it...
ICQ: 716471378
WU bugs, WU cracks wont work... Used only fresh debit cards for transfer...
Contact if you can trust.

Feb 20, 2017

Just got scammed by Reactor on Black stuff

Just got scammed by REACTOR on Black stuff for a WU transfer, paid him 250 and have not heard from him since yesterday. The entire Black stuff site is an effin scam. Wish I would have found this site before I sent him the bitcoins. I'm so pissed at myself right now but valuable lesson learned. And yes these scamm f-keers need to be shut down immediately!!!!!

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