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Canada, Ontario

Consumer reviews about [email protected]

Ilene Duckett
Dec 20, 2011

Buyer beware - rip off - fraud

I DO NOT want to continually receive general ads in my email from Bloomex. Please stop them.

anna creighton
May 16, 2012

Flowers arrived 2 days later and dead!!

Order #01359551 - I ordered flowers for Mother's Day on Thursday. When it asked which day delivery I choose Saturday for my Mother in-laws flowers. She does not live in Edmonton but in Camrose, AB. She did not recieve her flowers till Monday and they were dead!!! Not very nice sending your mother in-law dead flowers for Mother's Day!!!!! I am not in camrose to get a picture. But if you track the order, you can see they sat in a truck in Edmonton all weekend!!!! She also said the quaility in the flowers were not good. They were secondary flowers that you would use to fill in a arrangment. Please replace order.
Thank you Anna Creighton
[email protected]

Oct 9, 2012

order charged to credit card--no registration of order

I placed an order for by wedding flowers and card was charged on 10/1/12--however I wanted to track the order and the website does not recognize by email and I checked all emails and do not have a confirmation number.

Name: Ruth Pfrengle

Oct 9, 2012

no order on record

Ruth Pfrengle--order billed on card no record of confirmation

Oct 9, 2012

no confiramtion

credti card billed no confirmation

Dec 27, 2012

Old dead roses

II ordered roses for My mother's 60th birthday "Scarlet mist" order number 1462779. When she received the roses they were already completely bloomed with rose pedals falling off. The next day they were dead and all pedals fell off. I'm very disappointed after paying $79. I would like my money back. Please let me know how you will win me back as a client. I don't understand how you can send dead roses aft all this is your specialization. I will be waiting for your respond my cell # (613) 854-1651, my email is: [email protected]

Jun 26, 2013

Father's Day basket, mothers 75th birthday flowers

Fathers day basket beer and nut assortment , also an extra box of assorted chocolates. what arrived the Friday before Father's Day ,A basket which was to have contained assorted nuts and 2 tall cans of beer. But what arrived for my 77 yr old father was 2 bags of salt and vinegar chips , a bag of popcorn and a bag of pretzels . Along with 3 chocolate bars . After paying a total of 87$ and change you can imagine my disappointment .bloomeex was informed they said sorry and would resend. The new basket arrived on the Monday following Father's Day. Again it was suppose to contain beer and assorted nuts , cheese and crackers , and extra box of chocolates. What arrived was a basket with 2 cans Canadian beer , a large box of organic orange pekoe tea, 2 Bonnie bell cheese rounds not the small netted bag 2 from the small netted bag. 1 box of rice crackers , 5 or 6 assorted flavoured tea bags , and low and behold a small packet of almonds which you would receive on any porter flight. Again bloomex was informed , and my reply was they would not send another basket sometimes substitutions are made and they have no control. I voiced that a substitution would be if you had no almonds you'd change it to peanuts for example not tea . The bloomex consultant informed me that's all they could do for me.

Second complaint : the same day I ordered the Father's Day basket I place an order for my mothers 75 th birthday , which was to be delivered June 17 th . A request of 1 pm was put in for delivery but was informed they had till 5 pm , needless to say no flowers arrived , tues I called bloomex to complain after several attempts to contact them and leaving messages , I finally received a reply , which was the informing me that not only had my mother received the flowers on June 17th . That she was very happy to receive them. Again after several times leaving further messages and bloomex finally contacting florist . It turned out yes the florist did deliver flowers to this address but was not my order it was one of my siblings and his wife. The florist apologized to my mother and her flowers I ordered were finally received on the thurs June 20th 3 days late . Bloomex never called or emailed to apologize for mistake , and offered no retribution on there part. I've just spoke with a bloomex employee and she informed me of this site to lodge a complaint . So I would be very please if I would be contacted at megamom13 @ hotmail.com At which time I will give you my order numbers . Thank you .

Feb 17, 2014

wrong items in gift basket

I ordered the Deluxe Teas Assortment for my mother in law. What she received was not what I had ordered. There was only one large box of orange pekoe tea, 1 envelope of instant coffee, 1 envelope of Latte. Then some cookies and 1 package of candies.

The list on your website had 7 different teas with Private Brand Hot Chocolate, 3 different cookies, Truffles, Dark Cherry Chocolates, with decorations in a extra large basket.

This was unacceptable. Not at all what I had ordered. Please have someone contact me regarding this issue right away.

Judy C. Davis 403 730-6467
[email protected]

Jan 27, 2015

Recieved flowers in terrible condition

I had some flowers delivered from my daughter in Halifax they arrive on the wrong date in which she had told you guys when to del them and they arrived last week in stead of Feb 13th which is when she wanted them to be delivered to her mom in which they were for a surprize for my birthday on Feb 15th they were in very poor condition within days the pedals were falling off not very nice at all the order #on the delivery card said the 13th of Feb too why delivered so early order # is 01776115 if this is any help to you guys there .Thank you h if you can help in anyway. the lady who received the flowers early then they were to be delvered.

Feb 1, 2015

Flowers delivered dead and earth in box, not in pots

I ordered a Xmas plant for my 89 yr.old Auntie. Order #01753261. I left a message on the order to contact the apt. manager if she did not respond to her apt. being buzzed as the occupants are elderly and hard of hearing. Bloomex did contact them by phone to confirm they were delivering the Xmas arrangement. They received it days later and two of the plants were dead and the earth from the pots in the bottom of the box. I live in Australia and only just got news of this disappointing Xmas gift by mail. I have kept my aunties note and the packing slip as proof. I hope Bloomex sends out another arrangement of flowers to replace the dead arrangement right away OR refunds my money and delivery charge! Please contact me via [email protected].

Apr 8, 2015

Flowers Not Delivered

Drivers Name:Ralph
Order placed on April 2nd not delivered till today 8th April
Very bad customer service
Don't trust this site

Aug 5, 2015



Pradyot Rath
Aug 28, 2015

Cheating !

I had ordered bday cake for my dear son, away from me for the first time on his birthday. The courier lands up at the address without any prior intimation. My son had already left for his institute. A note was left at the mailbox. When he tried calling the next day nobody responded. Now he is being asked to collect from their office. This is ridiculous. Total lack of professionalism and not customer friendly. My mistake was that I had trusted this organisation without going through the customer feed backs.
Order no. #1838564 and tracking no. 330519059183

Really Annoyed
Jan 24, 2017


RUDE so called customer service staff. How this company is in business I have no idea. The wingnuts on the end of the phone are despicable. They lie over and over, refuse to put you through to anyone in a managerial position ( likely dont have one or afraid to due to the way they have spoken to you) You will not get a refund, your flowers will never arrive. This company needs to be reported wherever it can be reported and immediately dismantled. It is a scam and a disgrace.

Apr 2, 2017

Embarrased and disappointed

I ordered the Pink Tribute Spray for my best friends funeral service. There were a few of her friends that pitched in for the flowers and it was embarrassing to show them. Nobody said anything about them. They were about a foot high with a few things sticking out to make it look a bit longer. I ordered supersized and I can't imagine what they would have looked like if they were normal sized.
They looked nothing like the picture. Not even close. This day can not be redone. To say that I am embarrassed, disappointed and heartbroken is an understatement.
I have ordered around 30 times from Bloomex and I will have to reconsider ordering again. Linda George

nancy greene
Apr 17, 2017

Flowers not delivered

I ordered an Easter Lily and a box of chocolates on Apr. 12 to be sent to my daughter in Ottawa on the 15th April( delivery date). After I filled in the order request, I looked for the place to enter my credit card #. And the order read, "thank you"" and disappeared. I had ordered from Bloomex before so I thought maybe you already had my credit card # on file.

The next day, I decided I better check to make sure the order had gone through. I spoke to a lady, "Vikki" (online). She checked and found that the order had gone through. I replied. "Thank you. Do you need my credit card #?
She replied: I already told you that the order had gone through.
I replied: "Thank you very much." End of conversation.

Apr 15th came and so did Easter but no delivery. I expect a refund for the flowers and an explanation of what happened.

Nancy Greene

Dec 21, 2017

Xmas flowers

Not happy flowers turned up wrong day and box was left on its side so flowers are squashed and no god for Christmas
Thanks a lot won’t use you again.

Mar 2, 2018

Order Not Delivered

Worst possible online shopping ever!

I ordered a card, balloons and a basket for my boyfriend's birthday however he did not received them. Worst than this, when I caleed bloomex to ask about the delivery date, the consultant who answered the phone hung up on me! What do I do? Never ever order anything if you actually want your present to be delivered..

Nicole haag
Mar 17, 2018

Bad flowers

Je suis Mme. Haag de la rue lavallee gat.canada
Je ne suis pas satisfaites du tout des fleurs que j ai fait parvenir à Mme dolgos au 175 rue laurier
J ai vue les fleurs aujourd’hui hui le 17 et elles les a reçus hier le 16.j
Les roses et les gerberas ont déjà la tête basses ce qui n est pas normal.
Des fleurs seraient supposées être belles. Quelques jours au moins.
Je me suis sentie gêné et mal alaise de voir ce bouquet de fleurs .
Pourriez vous s.v..p. Remédiez à ce bouquet qui est très gênant à regarder.
Mme. Nicole Haag
[email protected]
819 775 9851’

Mar 27, 2018

wrong product delivery and Bloomex false statement

"In September 2018 I ordered Casket Spray for my father's funeral to be delivered to the church, clerk accepted wreath instead of casket spray Bloomex delivered . I could not send wrong product back or call until next day because it was funeral. Next day I called Bloomex to complain about wrong product delivery , they request the prove as a picture of delivered item. I e-mailed Bloomex few pictures of 'delivered item" with complain and request for refund but I got only autoreply that their rep will contact me within 24 hours, then within few days I repeated email and then the same- autoreply with promises to contact me and then silence from them. Then I called Mastercard to disputed . In January they did credit to my account but them in March they debited back , just because they send copy of printout for credit card transaction and statement consisting of just two sentences :'Our records Indicate we sent order correct. Customer contacted us with claims of wrong product, but when we asked photos of what was receives, was no answer. Yaroslav Zhukov, customer Service Department [email protected]". This is deceitful false. I would like to see this Russian guy at the moment when he makes false statements. The funeral day can not be remade. Ad instead of apologies and refund for the wrong product delivered I got in addition to Zhukov's deceptive fabrication. Спасибо, Ярослав Жуков /Bloomex Canada

May 15, 2018

Misleading Pricing

Prices on the web site are in Canadian dollars, but it you use an overseas credit card, you will be charged the same prices in USD. This is not indicated at any point during the check out process and when i later contacted customer support, they referred me to fine print on their ordering and policy page. I have never encountered any web site like this and believe that this is misleading and unethical. I contacted Bloomex customer service via chat and "Anna" support member actually closed the chat before I was finished - a virtual hang up.

I will never use this web site again.

May 15, 2018

fraud by Bloomex

Bought 2 sets of arrangements from Bloomex for delivery on Mothers day to my relatives in Grimsby ,Ontario.The flowers were never delivered but my credit card has been charged .I never received any confirmation email for my purchase although it was stated that a confirmation email was sent,and every attempt to do live chat or Customer service was unsuccessful so I was unable to track what happened to the flowers.I need to be refunded .

May 16, 2018


Charged my card, did not deliver. Waited three days for delivery and nothing. No phone number to talk to any one, no one responded to my e-mails, and live-chat is just automated responses. Filed a fraud investigation with Visa and The Better Business Bureau.

May 30, 2018


I ordered flowers on Friday May 24 to be delivered the next day. I paid for the Express delivery because I wanted them to be a surprise for a baby shower on the Sunday. They did not arrive until Monday. When I Live Chatted with Bloomex they gave me the tracking code for Purolator. Spoke with them and discovered Bloomex did not instruct them to do an express delivery. Back to Bloomex and they agreed to reimburse me but when I checked my Visa account had been given credit for tax total only $4.40!! So back on to Bloomex and got nowhere. Very frustrating considering it was Bloomex' fault and maybe the website should be changed to wedon'[email protected]!!! Very unhappy and will not use this service again. It was my first time and it will be my last!!

[email protected]
Aug 29, 2018


This is deceiving... The order has not been delivered yet.. And they sent the email saying order delivered.... What bullshit is that!!!
according to your courier service... It has been delayed till tomorrow ..

I paid you shipping and according to your commitment at the time of purchase, you were supposed to deliver those flowers today...
It was my wife's birthday... We are in different countries... And I couldn't present her flowers because of your fraud and lies...

I will never ever use this bloomex again... And will tell all my friends and pears to avoid using your platform.. As you guys send misleading emails that are full of bullshit...

Your courier "pourlator" will deliver those flowers half dead tomorrow.... HeThis is deceiving... The order has not been delivered yet.. But according to your courier service... It has been delayed till tomorrow ..

I paid you shipping and according to your commitment at the time of purchase, you were supposed to deliver those flowers today...
It was my wife's birthday... We are in different countries... And I couldn't present her flowers because of your fraud and lies...

I will never ever use this bloomex again... And will tell all my friends and pears to avoid using your website.. As you guys send misleading emails that are full of bullshit...

Your courier "purlator" will deliver those flowers half dead tomorrow.... Her birthday is today... Those half dead flowers won't make any sense...

Such a waste of money........

I will upload the pic of flowers I receive tomorrow

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