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Travelscape LLC

United States

Consumer reviews about Travelscape LLC

May 20, 2013

negative experience

I booked a holidays in turkey with this company. Two months before the trip I cancelled my booking because of several problems I had. This company never paid me a refund and this was absolutely unreasonable! They have fraudulent terms and conditions and they don't respect their customers. After this experience I will never recommend this company to anyone!

Jun 20, 2013

Friedel Carlton

I paid for two nights at Smokeyland Motel for 06/20/13-06/22/13 by paypal and you didn't send me a confirmation. I had an emergency and needed to cancel these dates and "NO WAY".
I called Travelscape,LLC and Motels.com and never got any satisfaction.
This is bad business on your part.....
Transaction# O-2AN308262L291405D
Friedel Carlton

David Tribulla
Feb 28, 2014


I never have experience in my life such a faulty and disrespect to customers as I had experience that lasted 5days. Trying to use our tickets we had cancelled for a death, and reuse them, first it cost A$400. to issue them again, ok with that, then the nightmare, trying to tell them that we want to use them to go to Florida again, well they had us going to Chicago and I tried to tell her that I am not going there!! After 2times I asked for english person, she hung up on me, so i had to wait the 2hrs on hold, till my phone went dead and it was nearly midnight, so I will try again and explain, got hung up on and then finally after a new day, I started to tell them and they promise to correct it, NOT!! So I wait again this time 3hrs and 34min, then I thought to myself they have our number and they dont want to fix it, so I try my cell phone, till it ran dead, I sent my emails and saved them too, to hear that they are sorry but to call those numbers to talk to customer service, and I told them that I used everyone of those numbers and I am on day 4 now trying to get it fixed, finally they dropped my name of the itenarary, and that made me really upset, so I call AMEX and they have on hold not yet charged two tickets, I tell them NOT to let that go through and called Delta and cancelled it, still trying to get a person to handle this from Expedia and not one person could get it right, how disappointing is that, I have used them for years,but this was horrible treatment, I really became ill, and finally used another Credit card and made new res. with another company and the tickets now became so much more expensive, waiting on these nuts, I had to get a new Amex card hoping to start over,well 3 weeks now thinking this is over, I get a bill for 1 airline ticket!! They still havent got it right and I have a charge and now ticket for me. What is wrong with these people, We just wanted to use are old tickets, can you see this picture? and now we have to get new cards, 2 new airline tickets that cost more with some other company and another ticket just for 1person not my wife, what do I need that for. can you help us

Jun 28, 2014

Would never recommend Travelscape

Travelscape has such poor customer service that I wouldn't recommend them. There has been 8+ hours on the phone and on-line to get a refund for one night's reservation out of 24 nights. Travelscape (or so we thought it was Travelscape, you are never quite sure who you are speaking with, Travelscape or Expedia) was notified five days prior to the check-in date that one of six rooms should only be reserved for three nights instead of four. For whatever reason that communication never got to Embassy Suites, so they didn't honor the one night refund upon check-in. Trying to correct the error is a nightmare. Like I said, there's been 8+ hours put into trying to 'right' the 'wrong' and we're no closer to resolution than when we started. So frustrating. I'm asking for $150.78 for a room that was not used and notification was given 5 days in advance.

To help avoid these problems in the future we have found out if you want to make reservations with Embassy Suites directly, be sure to go through http://embassysuites3.hilton.com/en/index.html or through the Hilton.com website. Hopefully this review will help us an others like us to have a better experience travellng in the future.

Jun 28, 2014

Buyer Beware of Travelscape

I've just spent 8+ hours trying to get a refund for one night's hotel room cancellation ($150.78) that Travelscape apparently did not communicate to Embassy Suites. Talk about the run around. Embassy won't help as they weren't the ones who took the reservation. Travelscape won't help as they don't have record of the call-in. Lesson Learned: Make sure you have a cancellation number when you cancel a reservation!

The good news is, I have learned that to make sure you are booking with Embassy Suites directly, be sure to go start through Hilton.com. Our reservations were made by mistake through Travelscape as they had made themselves look like they were Embassy. Hopefully our bad experience will help you to avoid Travelscape.com and avoid travel nightmares in the future.

Feb 23, 2015


I've had the worst time trying to first of all get confirmation of a reservation at the Iberostar Rose Hall in Montego Bay Jamaica. It took more than a week to get a confirmation faxed, not even emailed, to me. I'm now having the hardest time cancelling this mess. STAY AWAY FROM TRAVELSCAPE. I'm ashamed of expedia for being affiliated with them and on top of that so far not helpful in resolving issues related to this affiliate.

Jun 16, 2015

hotel cancelled

We booked through travel republic for April, who then go through travelscape for the hotel, to be called two days before we were due to fly out they had told us the hotel has been cancelled due to maintenance work been carried out, so we booked another hotel that was offered to us. And to get there the hotel we had actually booked with had people staying there and to this day they are saying we will be not getting compensation as the hotel was having maintenance been done which it wasn't. Never will be booking with these again.

Jun 30, 2016

Delta and Travelscape

I booked a room through Delta Airlines for a room at the Embassy Suites in Minneapolis and had to cancel the room. I called to cancel the room but the receptionist said I had to cancel it with a third party which I assumed was Delta Airlines. After what I thought was the right process the bill shows up on my credit card. This marriage between Delta and this company (Travelscape) looks more like a scam waiting to happen. Trying to find out who to talk to has taken me all day and still have not resolved it.
If you are in the market to get screwed go with Travelscape. If not use someone else. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Oct 16, 2016


I will never use this service again . . . they charged me almost $40 for taxes and fees.

Love booking.com.

Feb 9, 2017

Holiday on Crete

I holidayed on Crete with my partner booking through a UK company.

but they use Travelscape to provide accomodation.

We stayed half board as we have many times in Crete previously- although experiences obviously have differed

we have never had such inadequate arrangements before. Breakfast was very basic and dinner was 10 euro towards

dinner in a nearby restaurant which was overpriced. Despite complaining in resort and speaking to an Expedia representative,

who agreed the evening meal provision was inadequate nothing was done. Now having complained to the UK travel agent-

Travelscape have not anwsered the questions asked wilfuly misunderstanding the situation. I am just disgusted with the whole

incient and the complete lack of respect or professionalism from Travelscape- I will be sure to check they are not providers on

future holidays.

Mar 18, 2017

Booked us at a crack house

On March 16 2017, we pulled into Phoenix from Fort Stockton Tx. very tired and needing a room. We usually use Choice hotels but believe it, they were all sold out (spring break). Somehow we connected with this Travelscape LLC # 800-916-4339 thinking we were calling Red Roof Inn. The lady (foreign accent) found us a room at the Crossland Phoenix West 4861 W. McDowell Rd. a few blocks from I 10 at the cost of $165.18. It sounded OK so I took a chance and paid up with my VISA.
When we pulled in it did not look safe, unsavory characters milling about smoking, ladies with back packs waiting out front, etc. After the desk clerk IDed me I asked to check the room out. Reluctantly she complied. My wife waited in the car. When I got back My wife told me that she just watched a drug deal go down. We had been booked at a DRUG HOUSE. I imeditatly went in to get a refund, "Oh we can't do that, you have to contact the booking agency". SCREWED. I am waiting on Travelscape to contact me for my refund which I don't plan to receive. My next call is to the Arizona Attorney Genneral's Consumer Protection Office. Every state has one and that is what everyone who has been SCREWED by this LLC should do. Use the WWW/ to file a complaint.
I pray we all receive refunds and Travelscape LLC gets shut down.
Sincerely, Retired Nuclear Worker from Kansas, Bert.

Apr 3, 2017

Extremely Frustrated

My husband and I booked two rooms for a month and a half out. We used this website and NOWHERE was it stated that the room was non-refundable. We don't book a room EVER if it's non-refundable. We didn't check a box, weren't told at all. We received a confirmation and we looked at the dates and the amount to ensure it was correct. It was. We printed out one of the room confirmations to give it to the party we were travelling with and at the very bottom on the third page, it stated the cancellation policy...... I have spent numerous hours on the phone and they were not willing to even listen to me, couldn't prove to me that on the page that we made the reservation it said non-refundable, NOTHING. Very, very unconcerned on the phone and I intend to take it up w/the credit card company. I will never forget this and it has taught me to be even more cautious because it is TOTALLY WRONG what they are doing to people.

[email protected]
Apr 4, 2017


Don't trust this company, they try to get your money first. If something goes wrong with the reservation they never will return the money.

May 30, 2017

Travelscape LLC --Non Refundable not mentioned

I made what I thought was a reservation, only to find that it was billed to my .
credit card immediately and said it was non changeable and non- refundable. This was not stated before making the reservation. This is not an acceptable way to do business.

Jun 28, 2017

Pet friendly

Booked a room at what said was a pet friendly motel--small print said no cats--Yes, I did not see that--But to not be able to get a refund for a room 1 month in the future is ridiculous I thought I was dealing with VRBO, but that and Homeaway all belong to expedia, who I would normally not deal with. this is got to be a business model that cannot be sustainable--you can just call the business itself and can cancel with no problem--now the motel has a pissed-off guest--how is that good for business

Dec 21, 2017


I have been charged for a hotel visit I didn't want. I can understand how this hotel was booked by me seeing that most all the hotels for booked for those days we needed. That was 12/14-12/19/2017. I called and the customer service said he couldn't doing anything. The hotel wouldn't work with him at all. I still can't not see how I supposedly booked on Travelocity for those dates. Please help correct this problem. I see you have had a lot of complaints. I was working with Expedia for hotel reservations how did Travelocity get involved?
Anne Pellett

Mar 21, 2018

Stay away from Travelscape/Expedia, VRBO, HomeAway

I booked and paid $2,000 for a Travelscape LLC rental property through VRBO 3 months in advance and was dropped by the property manager 3 days before travel from the US to Amsterdam. I quickly found out that Expedia owns both Travelscape LLC and VRBO. I quickly booked a place on my own through another company and paid for that. I have spent 3 or 4 full working days over the course of two weeks trying to get a refund from whoever has my money, with no luck. This comoany is either fraudulent or incompetent. My money is on fraudulent.

Apr 3, 2018

Overcharged for hotel stay!!

I looked up Holiday Inn Express in Marble Falls Texas on google and thought i had their website but patently it wasn’t, it was Travelscape. Talked to a lady with heavy accent and could barely understand her. I thought it was strange that a hotel would make me pay up front at the time of reservation. When i checked out at the hotel and saw my receipt, the hotel charged $442 but Travelscape charged me $582. I called to ask for a refund of the difference but they refused and hung up on me. Going to file a complaint with Attorney General’s office and Better Business Bureau. Be careful when looking up phone numbers on Google!! Stay away from Travelscape or Expedia!!

May 9, 2018

Keep away from Travelscape, Edreams or Expedia

If you don't want to have troubles stay away from Travelscape, Edreams or Expedia... They will never refund anything to you!!
Also Volagratis.com for instance changes final price in a couple of minutes beetwen transactions and it cooperate with Travelscape LLC... so you will spend more money than other websites.

Jun 8, 2018



I called Holiday Inn Express in Villa Rica and was offered another hotel DAYS INN Villa, Rica because they were booked. Upon arrival I noted that the signed offered free Wifi and free continental breakfast. The hotel was under construction and it was mess!!!!!!! and difficult to manure to get inside to register. The front lobby floor was gone and nothing was put down to assist and protect customer. ONE OF THE WORKERS WAS DRINKING A BEER. We assigned immediately a room in the back of the hotel and I asked to be assigned in the front. The floors were pewtred with stains all over the floors and the walls were peeled. Inside the room the furniture was peeling the hot tube had black spots of dirt, the stopper was stuck, there was a coffee machine but no coffee pot. I called downstairs to ask how to open the windows to see that the pool was under construction (not available no water) and locked so not swimming!! Since we have driven 40 miles out of the way the bed seem to be decent we stay - no other options. The next morning I couldn't wait to leave and went down stairs for some breakfast only find that there was no breakfast do to construction. When I went to ask Amy (front desk) I couldn't get in to the front office. There was a sign to go to the door. The door was locked and I was then motioned to go around to the outside door but it wasn't a door but yet a window. Amy informed me that I should have been informed at check-in. When I called customer service -855-516-1090 ( to express my disgust of service I was assured that I would get a refund and to also share with AMY.

Jun 24, 2018


Customers need to learn:

Companies with no email customer address (which works) should not be booked!

A company only focused about money and nothing about quality should not be booked. Companies, they even do not care about their customers do not have an email address to contact.... - such companies we need to learn not to book! We will not book anymore such companies, never know when having problems to contact. When a company is not able to have an email address for customer service - consider not to book there!

Jun 28, 2018

Refund Request

Due to the poor accommodations I cancelled nights 2 and 3 of my reservation. Super 8, hotelsone and Travelscapes LLC have not responded to phone calls and emails. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company.

Jul 14, 2018

No Way to cancel reservation

Have a room at Super 8 by Wyndham, Fremont, NE, #312082719, Itinerary/Booking number. Shows cost of $279.94 (paid). Also got e-mail from hotelsone, shows information, Room 1 Refundable, yes, next page has section on Cancellation Policy, room 1, I go in and say I want to cancel, changed of plans, then a box asks what rooms, but when I click on it, it does not do anything.
I know I do not like this way of booking a room, or cancel.
The sheets say refundable, but you have taken $279.94 of my monies, and will not allow me to cancel.
Just tell me how to cancel since we can't go to Ne. now.

Jul 27, 2018

Refund Request

Still waiting for refund $532.15 that United Airlines processed and mailed check on May 21, 2018 to Travelscape Llc 333 108th Ave.Ne, Bellevue WA. 98004. Request ID #24487445, for ticket 01623376904316.
I contacted United Airlines again and it was confirmed Travelscape received and deposited the check, they were to issue a check to Cheaptickets, to refund 532.15 to my Discover card. I contacted Cheaptickets, and they infromed me that no check has been issued to them so they can't refund me. Since I could not contact Travelscape by telephone I wrote them a letter and sent copies of the e-mails from United Airlines showing that they did process check for a refund. It seems that Travelscape pockets the refund due the customers.

Dabannee Cook Resca

Jul 29, 2018

Stay away if you can!

They are just incompetent! It was no wrong with my credit card.

1. They asked me to give you my telephone number to call me, I did so.
2. They did not call and I asked you to call me agsain.
3. They just cancelled my hotel reservation without calling!
4. I complained!
5. They called me at one o'clock in the middle of the night!
6. They said you should fix the problem.
7. I wrote to you again.
8. I never heard from you.
8. If I had booked the same hotel again I had lost 122 USD.

I have no booked another hotel.

This is the worst experience I ever had with a so called serious company!

They should be ashamed of your so called service!

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