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Consumer reviews about Timbercreek

Mar 8, 2012

Bad management poor mainence

Timbercreek is the landlord from HELL!!! Irresponsible, liars & scam artist. file suit with the LTB & i guarantee u will will $$$ compensation...hold them accountable, it is DAVID VS GOLAITH...nd help contact your local Legal Clinic!!! Best of luck & Timbercreek, stop trying to save your azz by posting the same generic comment on every web posting that states the truth about your company...no one believes u!!!

Mar 10, 2012


175 & 205 Hunter Str W Hamilton are Timbercreek owned & operated buildings. Timbercreek purchased the building & took over management in Sept 2011. Both buildings are infested with bed bugs, cockroaches, drug addicts & mice. On-site management are ill-trained & ill-euipped to perform thier jobs. Both buildings are graffitti-ridden & not cleaned properly. 205 Hunter lacks security & drug dealers are a common appearance at the back of the building. Management makes one excuse after another & takes no responsibility or ownership for any of the problems. Timbercreek is a asset management co with no experience in landlord/tenant relations & fails miserably in customer service & satisfaction. Timbercreek purchases run down buildings, does a few astethic changes & raises the rent tenfold, however, the underlying problems still exist, such as bed bugs. I lived at 205 hunter & after 4 mos of Timbercreek's shoddy management & practises, we legally broke our lease with them & moved. It cost allot however the peace of mind was well worth it. Do not rent from Timbercreek, if just for the fact all their buildings are infested every known vermin common to mankind.

Sick of Bed Bugs Et Al Pests
May 19, 2012

bed bugs, et al pest infestations

Another option would be for all the tenants to get together and form a Tenants' Association and to hold Timbercreek legally accountable in a court of law or take your complaint to the Landlord and Tenant Board, but be four-armed and fore-warned that they will probably make your life hell in every way possible from nasty notes in your mailbox calling you names, bad mouthing you to the other tenants, attacking you on a personal level, like referring to you as a "cunt" or "prick", notes sent back to you allegedly from other tenants threatening you with physical bodily harm, and sticking notes on your door saying you need help implying you're crazy. Timberckreek's policy seems to be divide and conquer. Their philosophy maybe, if they don't resolve the problem, and they can make you choose to move out, then they can raise the rent however much they want on a new tenant. Bottom line is you'll be in for a rough ride, but they and those like them need to be held accountable. We tenants all have to band together to fight these kind of landlords. There must be a law to protect us tenants and we shouldn't have to fight so hard to have it enforced. A class-action lawsuit might be just the ticket.

Apr 16, 2013

Unethical People

This company treats people like they are morons. If you report a problem, you become the problem. Oh sure they'll fix small problems like a leaking faucet perhaps, but if you have a problem that could potentially cost the company a larger amount of money, they will ignore you. In my case, it was an odor from the garbage shoot. Then after you complain enough, they start building a case against you to show that you are the problem. If you bring the City of Ottawa Bylaw office into the situation hoping that they will force Timbercreek to correct the problem, you will soon discover that the Bylaw office is just as incompetent and before long, Timbercreek will have them convinced that you are the problem. Save yourself allot of pain and anguish, stay away from Timbercreek.

44 Glen
Jun 1, 2013


Do not move to Timbercreek 44 Glen RD the building has leaks for the last 3 yrs I have been here. I have leaks in my room in my living room it ruined my furniture printer and laptop. They hire cheap roofers to fix the leaks 2 days after they are done I come home to a swollen wall and water leaking everywhere. If you have extra money and patience and have a thing for bugs this is a place for you. If Not Beware thank god someone contacted W5 to do a investigation on TIMBERCROOKS

Sep 29, 2013

bed bugs?

We are looking at moving here but now I am finding all of this stuff online about bed bugs, cockroaches, and many other issues. Most of the reports are from a year ago or longer. Please, does anyone know if this has been resolved?

Mar 18, 2014


I have lived in this building for 22 years and have never had any bad experiences with this company. People get bed bugs because they are dirty!

Apr 16, 2014

Horrible Building Manager

Jerome Crosby is one of the worst building managers i have ever dealt with. Completely unprofessional, incompetent and abusive. Unresponsive to issues that need to be addressed, finishing unit properly prior to renting it out - not in an as is state, defensive if something is brought up that needs to be discussed and prone to blaming others. WORST building manager.
Our unit was missing many required necessities, that which we were informed we would have - door knobs, lights, etc - prior to the move in date.
Timbercreek was advised of the issues with this individual and sloughed it off based on what Jerome says about tenants. Unprofessional, Tenants are your main means of income and word of mouth saturates your tenant intake. Jerome's "wife" works in the main office downtown London and she was easy to interact with however naturally she defends him.
He puts on a good front when he rents an apartment to you.Honestly not worth it. Put your money into a good building and building manager.

Sep 6, 2015


Not impressed!!!! This place has cockroaches and it was never disclosed to me prior to moving in. I never got to see the unit because someone was living there they said and it wasn't part of their policy to allow people to see units while they are occupied. I didn't think anything of it because I had lived there many years back when it was run by minto an I loved it. Come moving day I have my neighbour moving out saying he broke his lease because of cockroaches. I had to throw out so many things because of these damn bugs and that's so not fair. Stay away from this hell hole.

Apr 13, 2016

Move out of the Bently ,Halifax

After almost four years at the Bently, we were forced to move out because of the action of the manager of the Azure. We moved into the Bently while under construction then owned by Dave Williams, One of the first in the new building. The manager of the Azure became too friendly, calling our apartment and calling late at night and being present too often . Knocking on our door late in the evening for no good reason. The company lost $17.000 because we moved. Talk to him about it. Regards. .

Apr 19, 2016

Crapassed outfit

Worst since trans globe (maybe they are trans globe) I don't go to the landlord landlord board
I take the offensive offender to Superior Court they don't favor the landlord there.
The rental housing tribunal is never on the side of the tenant and the mediator as well will tray and convince you that you have no case or get you settle for next to nothing with scare tactics.I will be suing this slum lord for sure.

May 4, 2016

roach infested

This place is a dump. It is infested with roaches and bed bugs. Save yourself the trouble and find somewhere else.The trouble you go through is not worth the few dollars you save renting from some where else.

Timbercreek Communities
May 12, 2016

Timbercreek Communities

We are sorry to hear about your experiences. We take our Resident concerns very seriously and would like to ask that you please send your name and contact information to our Resident Relations department at [email protected].

Thank you.
Timbercreek Communities

Michael J Jones
Sep 24, 2016


You would be better off living in a cardboard box! The bugs, the trash, damages, no repairs, timbercreek has it all and more. They continue to waste money on things we as tenants never asked for and then try to make us pay for it. Meanwhile we're infested with bugs and rodents. They continue to rent to the same types of people who breed these problems by not allowing male workers into their units to execute spraying for bugs or laying down traps. Maintenance is a complete home when every other day the lobby or surrounding areas are littered with garbage and the scent of stale feet is in the air. Try writing one of these "letters to tenants" in Somali or a language these people might understand (not that it would change anything). We moved in with the promise of renovations to our unit and free hydro. They have renovated every UNOCCUPIED unit and left the rest to rot. We had been here 8 months when we got our first surpise $750 hydro Bill. Apparently we are not the only ones who this has happened to.

Nov 20, 2016

Worst management and Horrible maintenance

AC stops working in summer and the maintenance guys do not show up for 4 weeks.

Heater stopped working in winter and its more then 2 months now. NO one showed up to even have a look at it. when i call them they say that the heaters are on order, i dont know why does it takes so long to get a heater.

the managemant is just careless and does not know how to manage there maintenance work.

they are cheaters.

Dec 13, 2016

Bed Bugs - Worst management EVER

BED BUGS in the building 2125 SAINT MARC and they PRETEND THAT THEY ARE TREATING IT! Bed Bugs everywhere in the building and thank you for the management.

"when they treat your apartment, you need to take few weeks off the apartment" but they still make you pay for rent even though the apartment is not livable"

When i saw the apartment was nice renovated has all the appliances new and beautiful... but they don't tell you that it comes with bed bugs though, for you to choose if you like to live with bed bugs or not! THEY LIE AT YOU SO HARD.

I was been beaten by the bugs from the minute i walked in the apartment (i didn't know that BED BUGS even exist in life)!


May 14, 2017

Timbercreek the definition of the most disgusting renting company

I have been living at Timbercreek's apt. for the last 2 years. This is my third year and it will be the last and I made a terrible mistake to stay for another year. This is the worst company to deal with because not only the building and the apartments are so old but also there are several safety concerns. Last year they broke several cars including mine in the underground secured(!) area. Since then, I was told that safety is paramount for them but they haven't taken even a single step to increase safety. The side doors are always open and accessible to anyone (no need a key to enter). And after 2 years nobody cares from Timbercreek who enters the building. Furthermore, the building and the apartments are so old that everything is collapsing. The level of dust is unreal and also, there is no ventilation so if someone is cooking apparently the whole apartment is going to smell, including clothes etc. I cannot think how many times they shut off the water during the year to "fix" a boiler issue. Half of the laundry machines are not working and half of them are so disgusting that you better not put your clothes in (on top of it: some machines smell like mold).

They should be ashamed and they should resign because they see tenants as dollars and their incompetency and their inability is phenomenal. And to be more specific, I am talking about the Timbercreek people that are taking decisions because obviously they have no idea how to manage. If they were in a more competitive environment they should have been easily without jobs because they have no management skills.
The only good thing is that -till now- the building's staff is always polite and eager to help. But good and helpful people do not last for long. I wonder why...

My advice is stay away from Timbercreek communities no matter what they offer!!!

Jul 10, 2017

very bad management

oh my God, after have read several comments and reviews on Timbercreek's buildings including bad management and neglet, I can affirm it to be all true...... Timbercreek building on st-marc street in downtown Montreal is in the lower shits to say the least since Timbercreek has bought in few years back..... staff hired in management are super unqualified to manage a building of 320 apartments...... they cannot even communicate in either french or english....... they hire ethnics hired to do one thing to collect money only........ they hire manipulators,thieves in disquise, like mafia type sort of speak. indoor parking is infested with huge bugs, broken doors, overflowing garbage, cracked ciment everywhere, huge puddles of water on a regular bases, acid leaks that damage cars, and that can also cause serious and severe health issues. elevators all three are filthy dirty, with old worn out discolored rotted smelly carpets that have not been changed in years. all 23 tenants floors carpets are filthy dirty, not much of security camaras to ensure the safety of tenants due to prostitution including drug dealers walking in at all hours of the night. the building suffers from shortages of water on a regular daily bases. we only have 1 building live in consierge who is ill most of the time so cannot do much, the other consierge works only from 9-5 mon to fri. in a suit and tie and just so happens to be the husband of the so called office building manager....... gez how convieniant is that..... paid doing nothing...... the building office is mostly always closed during the week, so no one can actually address any issues, the only time it is open is on the 1'st of each month..... rent day!!!! rents have been increased by 60 dollars on a monthly bases, and for the last year, 30 dollars more each month... is this not ridiculous theft...... no building security, no building cleaning staff, no building consierge just 1000 dollars and up minimum for unrenovated apartments, could imagine the askingf price for the ones that are.... RIDICULOUS........ and this is a 5.5 BILLION ENTERPRISE thus far that we are talking about......... and they treat their tenants like shit, thinking all that live there are stupid and or uneducated......... taking advantage of all new arrival tenants, in laughing in their faces, being so dishonest in just wanting their money and nothing else....... they otta be ashamed, all of them crooks put together........ well the long term tenants will just have to keep fighting them in rights at the rental board with proof of pics and all....... only way i'm afraid.... oh yeah, did I mention a f"""ken old rusted huge bin on the side of the front building that has been there for years now taking space on surpassing part of the sidewalk........ always in overflow of so much garbage that most lands on the other side of the street. nasty smell for pedestrians and tenants alike that have to walk pass it everyday just to get to the corner street.......

Jul 20, 2017


Timber Creek byfar has some of the creepiest members of staff I have ever encountered. As a young female, I feel as if I have been targeted by certain male staff members. I have been forced to add extra locks, and train my dog to be very wary of strangers.

Timber Creek management has taken it upon themselves to continually harass me with intimidation, threats, and even derogatory comments about my size, weight and skin condition. For example, there's a man named Jay who lives in 2861 on my floor, who continuously calls me a child, a little girl, and a crackhead.

Two members of staff have actually taken it upon themselves to enter my apartment when no one was home, and take pictures of my bedroom and personal space, and comment on my housekeeping skills, and even went to great lengths to photograph my balcony later on. This has forced me to install extra locks to ensure these creepy men can't enter my apartment while I'm not home, or god forbid in the shower or sleeping.

With a building that talks, I've learned that this Backpage frequenting man has nothing better to do than harass who he considers "a little girl," despite my efforts to defend my right to safety and comfort in my own home.

After moving into 2861 baycrest, I do not feel safe in my own home and I suggest that if you would like the "luxury" of a safe and secure home, timber Creek is not the place for you.

Aug 13, 2017

discusting management from the part Timbercreek

as a long term tenant towards 1 of TIMBERCREEK'S BUILDINGS located in downtown Montreal 2125 St-Marc, I could affirm that there is no respect from the so called grand supervisors in charge, if any they are taking the liberty themselves in harassing including using all types of intimadation towards their tenants and also inviting all staff members working in the building to do the same, of coarse it is a forced tactic to force long term tenants out of the building so they can raise their rents to the highest towards new comers who do not know any better, well there is a thing called La Regie Du Logement here in Quebec for unfairness of thieves just like Timbercreek Management and I suggest all long term tenants in whatever building they live in to fight back in within their rights if feeling threaghtened in any way, shape or form..... Timbercreek staff members should be careful though, if chosen to continue to do and act under illegal activities towards tenants under some of their superior's orders may just land them in jail, for it is totally against the law to intimidate, including using threats against tenants who are just looking to be treated with respect and fairness. it is not all about taking from one side, and not receiving from another....... Got That Timbercreek!!!

Nov 16, 2017


Ottawa, Ontario Experience
I am one who has been truly disappointed with Timbercreek Management. I have lived in my for decades, and although there have always been problems (have had different management companies and the owner no longer lives in the building) the experience of living here has never been so bad since Timbercreek acquired the contract. For several months, the new person who was working in the office sent me N4s and would charge me interest for late payment, even though my bank confirmed that my cheques were deposited and cashed by Timbercreek on the first of every month; I eventually got management involved (who discovered the lady in the office was posting my cheques to other peoples' accounts), advised me to throw out the forms, and fired the office person. Then, it was the coldest day of the Winter season, and my radiators stopped working. I contacted the building superintendent, who explained he was on holidays but advised me to open up my oven and turn in on, leave the oven door open for heat distribution. I then contacted his boss (a Mr. Boushey, at the time) and the superintendent immediately brought over a space heater, and advised me he would put in a call for a contractor to fix my radiators. Everything keeps breaking down, and the bottom of my bathtub has practically rotted out. I have filled out numerous maintenance requests (the old paper forms and several on-line request forms) and repairs are still not being completed. A couple of weeks ago, I received another N4 form, indicating I owed Timbercreek a large sum of money. I read through the form (which was full of errors) and contacted the residential relations department. I was advised that the person who had typed it, had made an error and that it was supposed to go to someone in another unit. Obviously, she didn't proofread her work before sending it off. The contact at residential relations actually scolded me for making such a big deal about it, implying it was just a minor mistake. She failed to acknowledge that an N4 is a legal document with consequences (used in courts for the purpose of eviction), and should never be sent out in error, especially not to the wrong person. In the summer, my apartment door jammed so badly, that I was unable to open or close my door. The superintendent suggested it was due to humidity (even though I had lived her so long and this had never happened). Last week, one of the superintendents from the other building came by (since our superintendent quit last month and hasn't been replaced) and determined it was because the screws in the door hinges were damaged, and he replaced the screws and finally I can get in and out of my unit safely (this could have been resolved moths ago). I wish to access my storage unit in the basement, as I have to put my bike away for the season and access my Winter clothes, however, there is no one in the office and no superintendent so its impossible. Right now, all the hot water has been turned off (according to an e-mail I got from another building manager) and it has been over 5 days (we are unable to shower or take a bath)! Its just been one disaster after another. I understand the owner of the building will be up shortly (I hope it is for his own inspection) and I've also learned he wants to possibly sell the building. I am of the opinion that Timbercreek is deliberately letting this building fall apart, so they can negotiate a cheaper price, and eventually acquire it. I wholeheartedly fear for the future of this building, based on the complaints I have read. I wish Blair Tamblyn (Co-Founder of Timbercreek Asset Management Ltd. and Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director) would take this business more seriously.

Ugly Timbercreek
Dec 11, 2017

Timbercreek is the worst building

The worst building I've ever lived in Montreal. Irresponsible and immoral. Poor management and cheap materials. They claim to be a high-end building, it's a sheer lie, Iit's not even properly functional! I am contacting Régie du logementand to break the lease.

Windows and doors are not properly installed. Cheap build-in materials, you cannot use microwave and kettle the same time, or there will be power off. The swimming pool, sauna, and gym are not usable! It's a cheap and dysfunctional building. Don't be fooled by the pretty reception!

If you don't want to die in Montreal winter, don't live in Timbercreek buildings! They are all liars to get you sign the lease, then freeze you in the apartment. It's bloody freezing cold in the apartment, they want you to use the air-con heating mode to heat the apartment with your own expenses. The air-con makes factory noisy, you frozen to death or sound attack to death.

We should all sue this company!

Jan 28, 2018


Moved on 1 Nov 2017 with 2 infants, winters has started and found windows of 2 bed townhouse bad as room get cold + when its windy you can feel winds being inside????. On 3 Nov 2017 reported window & other issues and till 8 November no reply and when resent they came on 9 November and stated as windows bad will replace BUT as of today 88 days not replaced and WHOLE WINTER my infants and me had to bear that + other important issues to fix took 40 days or more!!!

When contacted senior officers to finish nicely so can move out and not bear this unprofessional behavior any more they reply ITS TENANTS RESPONSIBILITY TO FOLLOW?? so sure these kind of landlords need to be pulled up to LTB and anyone with family will suggest avoid as your family who is most of the time there has to bear

Feb 28, 2018

Worst rental company EVER

Don’t move to Timbercreek off of Walkley Rd. They are mainly government granted and subsidized housing. You will be living with drug dealers, drug addicts, alcholics, bed bugs, cockroaches and any other kind of slum and disgusting creatures you can think of. The town homes are ran down and some of them have even caught on fire! The low rise apartments are run down and uncared for and if you have kids, don’t let them play in the parks because the sand is infested with cat and dog urine and feces as well as trash! The whole property on a whole is dumping ground and the grounds crew don’t keep it clean. Maintenance rarely EVER gets done. Laundry machines and dryers are disgusting and never work. You place a complaint and management just file 13’s it (shreds it). They really don’t care. They have staff going around telling tenants they are management when they are really just a glorified secretary who gives you you attitude and plays the racist card on you if you’re white and you complain about her. The office is never open on time, the building manager is surprisingly never “available” or “in the office that” when you want to talk to them. Superintendents are drunk and never available when you call. When you do get a hold of them they will tell you it’s not their job. Elevator never works. Timbercreek will tell you there is security available, that’s a lie, they haven’t had security in 6 years because they don’t pay the bill. Keys to to let you into the low rise buildings work on all 3 other low rise buildings. Everyone and their cousin from China knows the entry buzzer code. Doors are always propped open for all the drug deals and anyone else who wants to stroll through the buildings can do so. Cleaner doesn’t clean, he just stands in the hallways or stairwells and talks on the phone, and if you do catch him cleaning it’s with dirty equipment, such as, dirty mops, dirty rags etc. I have yet to seem him use a cleaning spray. Oh, and he never comes on the weekend when it’s the busiest and in need of a cleaning. You’re supposed to pay for a parking spot, don’t bother, they don’t check anyways. Save yourself the $50 a month for outdoor parking. Seriously, if you want to live in slumville and get treated like you don’t matter come to Timbercreek on Walkley Rd. Otherwise, stay FAR away as possible.

May 14, 2018

Timber Creek

Not the best rental company

Timber creek office staff always changes all the time and paper work always magically goes missing and ones someone came in to are apartment and they said there her to move in and they showed me there rental agreement and I went down to the office and staff told me that they thought I moved out and they could not find my rental contract or any paper work that said I was living in the building any more for about a year so they screwed up and lost paper work ( but I was living in the building for 8 years).

maintains staff well they do not fix anything in my apartment, they come up with excuses about why they could not show or they just say we will come back next week to fix everything when they do they come in and look at things that need to be fix or just to do something to say they did something in my apartment but its been 3 years and still things have not been fixed

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