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United States, California, Pasadena

Consumer reviews about SPK*SPOKEO

Sep 24, 2013


556 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Suite #101-179, United States, California, Pasadena

SPK*SPOKEO are thieves!!! Beware!

SPK*SPOKEO stole my money! They somehow got my personal information despite the fact that I’ve never been to their website or signed up for anything!!! They’ve been stealing from my account for several months. Here is their phone number: 1-800-699-4264. Beware! They are bank account thieves!!! They must be stopped!

556 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Suite #101-179, Pasadena, California, USA

Connie Sue Davis
Apr 7, 2015


1. While in Ocala, Florida while trying to find my cousins phone number - a site popped up on my daughter's smart phone (Evidently SPK*SPOKEO 1800) which offered to find a
phone number for $.95 so we used it one time and one time only.

2. We did not join the site which evidently was evidently SPK*SPOKEO 1800

3. Two charges appeared on my debit card bank balance as follows:
. 3/25/2015 - Point of Sale - SPK*SPOKEO 1800 - $00.95 (This charge I can account for)
. 4/02/2015 - Recurring Debit - SPK*SPOKEO 1800 - $19.95 (This charge I cannot account for - I Do Not Have Any Recurring Charge)

4. I am not a member of the site SPK*SPOKEO 1800

5. I should not have any recurring charge and the $19.95 which was charged to my debit card bank balance by SPK*SPOKEO 1800 should be refunded and No additional charges
should be made to my debit card.

I have tried to contact customer care by phone and online to no actual avail. I want to Opt out of SPK*SPOKEO 2800 immediately. I do not know how or why I have been billed $19.95 for what was called a Recurring Debit (I have No Recurring Debit).

Sincerely , Connie Sue Davis

Oct 6, 2015


This site made a fraudulent transaction with my debit card in the valor of $19.95.
Although they are even at wikepidia I am sure they do spams all the time.
Be careful and do not use this site for anything.

Feb 9, 2016


I have 4 unrecognized charges on my credit card bill SPK*SPOKEO SEARCH for 17.85, 19.95,17.85 and 19.95 I used your service one time during december but not during January. Please refund my money and dont do it again.

Scott Babcock
Feb 18, 2016


This service is a scam and definitely Fraudulent The pulled 14.00 out of my bank account for over a year I was late to notice it and contacted their Customer service And told them they to stop charging my account and they Proceeded to tell me that they didn't have any of my information in their system even though they keep billing me every other month I went to my bank and Cancelled my debit cards And they are still charging me so some how they got ahold of my my bank account and routing number witch is I have never given out or used online besides Linking a my bank accounts this company is just stealing my money so I'm going to have to take a more Aggressive Action

sheri 77
Mar 28, 2016

They Put a charge on my card which I NEVER signup to

I have a $14.85 charge on my Vanila Visa card from them, I have Never Visited their Web Site, never used their service, first time I hear of them is today. Why would thy charge my card and how would they obtain it - Is The Question!!! Total FRAUDULENT
Called their costumer service , they were nice but couldn't assist me. Where are the Government Agencies? Why are they SLEEPING on that one? This is S-C-A-M

* Their costumer service didn't find my name or my card number in their system and asked to have a 3way call with my financial provider on the line to better assist me. Their guy couldn't tell me HOW they will assist me if they coudnt even find my card on their files. No Doubt this is another tactic from them to Steal even more financial information from you. Be Wear!

Apr 8, 2016


Just noticed an unusual charge on my bank statement for $14.95 for a service I never requested. After calling the customer service agent I find that I have been charged for over a year in the amount of $179.40 fraudulently. They claim I signed up for a 7 day trial that was not deactivated then an 30 day trial which was also not deactivated. This was done supposedly for a search of a person of whom I have not knowledge or ever heard. These charges have been being made against my checking account since April of 2015. I am surprised that I have not noticed it until now. The charge was small enough each month that it was easily overlooked which is what these scammers count on.

Jul 4, 2016

Another victim

Just discovered that I've been charged at least three times by this site, and I have no business or account with them. It's a holiday so I can't do anything until tomorrow, but I will be after these SOBs as soon as possible.

Aug 4, 2016

What the hell?

I too am being robbed by Spokeo. How the heck they got my bank information is beyond me. How do we get this to stop? I will be calling them in the morning and had better get them to stop or I will go to the authorities. I have been charged twice and have no idea who or what these people are. WTF!!!!!

Crystal Robinson
Nov 17, 2016

Robbed !!!!

Spokeo search, Robbed me of 24.00 total in TWO DAYs. they got into my account somehow and totally charged me and I have never bought or even thought about this search page. All the horror stories true. I don't know but I bet most are like us and need their money. They did reassure me that they would not charge my account ever again. But we will see!

Nov 24, 2016

many small amount $10-20 charges

They made many unauthorized charges between $10-20 until I noticed.

Jan 13, 2017

What the whhaaattttt

I'm glad I stumbled into this, that I'm not the only one... I've been seeing unfamiliar charges monthly, for a while now, in the amount of $24.90. I didn't think much of it until a strange number continued to call and I happened upon Spokeo. The spelling is quite different, so when I realized the uncanny similarities between the site I was directed to and what my account is being charged under, I searched exactly what's on my statement SPK*SPOKEO SEAR, wouldn't ya know it's the same dang thing! I figured, what the hell, if I'm being charged anyway, let's give it a shot! Funny thing about that was, nothing indicated recent/accurate information! Instead, it tried to CHARGE me for a service in apparently ALREADY PAYING FOR! WTF is right. Who the hell are these ppl, and WHY do they feel entitled to take and use someone's hard earned money WITHOUT consent OR knowledge...!

Jan 24, 2017


I was charged twice by this company!!!! I have no idea who they are or who sent them...

Jan 27, 2017


This company regularly dings my CC for $35.70 every couple of months. No idea what this charge is for, nor who signed up for whatever services it purports to be. I have tried to get this charge stopped, but w/ no success to date.

Feb 3, 2017

ripped off

Yet another person ripped off by this company. I also didn't see the charges. When i called the company they asked if i had found Albert Parks. I have no idea who this person is. I don't even know anyone by that name. I will be calling my state attorney general to look into this company and the fraudulent charges.

Mar 20, 2017

Spokeo = Fraud

Just noticed that Spokeo has been charging me $19.95 month after month. I never agreed to this. Will dispute charges with the credit card company. This is clearly fraudulent.

Apr 2, 2017

Spokeo Fraud

I live in the UK and I’ve only just noticed that I’ve have been charged £55.65 ($70) in in small amounts in the five months since November 2016 even though I've never signed up for this service, I might have stumbled across it while I was trying to locate someone and I have a vague recollection of link after link asking for more information including credit card details to prove that I was genuinely who I said I was but I definitely didn’t press any confirm or send button, I was careful to press cancel and closed the browser when things started to look suspicious. I have received no email confirmation that I had agreed to subscribe and no login details so even if I wanted to use this "service" I am not able to. As far as I am concerned, this is fraud! I am now contesting it through my credit card provider.

Sep 6, 2017

Call your credit card company and CHARGE IT BACK!

Like, wow wow wow! What an absolute %*%@!

I also signed up for a one-time $0.95 inquiry in January. Today, Sept. 6, 2017, I just checked my credit card statement and saw that Spokeo was pulling out $9.85 on the 3rd of each month and $19.95 on the 9th of each month. That is $29.75 each month. If I hadn't checked my statement I would never have known.

I called my credit card company, and they put SPOKEO on the phone on a 3-way call. I told the SPOKEO operator lady I just googled them and ALL I see is complaints of unauthorized charges by dozens of people OF THE SAME THING.

I googled their official business address. Guess what? It is a UPS store/mail drop P.O. box in Pasadena. That tells me they are hiding from IRATE victims. (UPS will pack up P.O. Box mail and send it to another location we will never learn about. Good grief! I will find out the owner's name and post it here with his address - his real one.) I am a lawyer and I will be discussing this with a class-action attorney friend of mine.

RESULT: all charges have been reversed. All $206.60.

SO: Stop reading and call your credit card company right now.

Jan 1, 2018

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Jan 9, 2018

SPOKEO scammed me trying to find a scammer. - BEWARE

Beware. - I used SPOKEO SEARCH only once to help me find a scammer.
Now I have incurred ongoing subscription costs that I cannot cancel.
Every time I contact them they say they cannot find my account details, and without those details they cannot cancel the subscription.
The online chat line is a joke. As soon as you say you want to terminate the subscription the connection drops out.
This company is a bigger scammer than the person who scammed me.

Feb 27, 2018


556 S Fair Oaks Ave #101-179 Pasadena, CA 91105, 556 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Suite #101-179, United States, California, Pasadena

Spokeo are thieves!!!

While I was reviewing my bank statement looking for a certain deposit, I saw a line item that looked strange. I searched my online bank account and found many "Spokeo" hits of both $19.95 & $9.85 each month. I called my bank and they were able to confirm this has been going on since July 2016!!! For 21 months, these punks have been stealing from me. My bank did confirm that the original purchase was from my wife's debit card. She did not know about the auto subscription after the so called trial period. my fault for not reviewing my bank statement in detail for that many months. Anyway, my bank said they could assist but I would have better success recouping my money by calling them directly 800-699-4264. I spoke with a service rep (Dave) who quickly offered me 3 months credit. after I said no, he came back with 1 years worth of credit (357.60 of the 625.80 that's been stolen). i said unacceptable and put someone on the phone who has the capacity to assist me. i spoke with his supervisor (Jennifer) who said that their "processor" won't let them credit anything more than 1 year. i asked to speak with her supervisor unsuccessfully. in my frustration, i asked how could she work for a company that steals from innocent people?!? i asked her what percentage of the calls she receives are similar to mine. She claimed less than half (find hard to believe). I asked how many employees they have and she said she can't answer that. She did confirm that they work in Pasadena. Thanks to the person's post above on Sept 6, 2017, i asked for their business address as my attorney will be sending a letter. she tried to pawn me off to a website but i insisted on an actual address.
Spokeo / 556 S Fair Oaks Ave #100-179 / Pasadena, CA 91105 / The CEO's name is Harrison Pang according to supervisor Jennifer. Interesting how they won't provide their last names but just an internal "agent number". Additionally, Google maps pulls up a picture of a UPS store connected to Starbucks at that address... SHADE!!!

Spokeo are thieves!!!

Apr 12, 2018

spk*spokeo ARE THIEVES


Apr 22, 2018


I was trying to identify a number on my phone bill and apparently used this site. After which they began charging 20.00 a month. They had been charging me for 3 months before I caught it. If they were being honest they would send a confirmation email for the subscription or a notification of a withdraw but they don't. I called the number listed on my bank statement and they refused to give me back my money. I am very upset. CROOKS!

Apr 4, 2019

i am being ripped

1. I am in India and wanted to search for a USA phone number. SPK*SPOKEO offered to find a
phone number for $.95 so I used it one time and one time only.

2. I did not join the site SPK*SPOKEO

3. Since then I am charged twice as follows:
$ 09.85
$ 19.80
This has been going on every month.

4. I am not a member of the site SPK*SPOKEO

5. I should not have any recurring charge and the $ 29.65 charged every month should be refunded and No additional charges
should be made to my credit card.

I have tried to contact customer care by phone and online to no actual avail. I want to OPT OUT of SPK*SPOKEO immediately. I do not know how or when I can get out of this ripping

Sincerely ,
Alfred Pratapsingh

Sep 19, 2019

spokeo is a thieft

I used SPOKEO SEARCH only once to help me find a scammer. they offered for find it out a number for .95.i did one then no more .that's all ,no contract ,no email notice .then they steal my money from my paypal acc every month for 19.95. been 2 years. finally i found it out last month , then i called for cancel it , but still charge me this month . what a robber

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