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United States, Washington

Consumer reviews about reservations.com

Jul 21, 2012

lack of customer service

Almost impossible to talk with a real person and when I did, the person I was talking with made a minimum of at least four, FOUR mistakes in the booking that I had to stop and redirect her to the correct information (that should have been my first clue to hang up but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt). I was told an email confirmation would arrive within 30 minutes. Three hours later I spent another 30 minutes trying to talk with a real person and not listen to automated responses that didn't answer my questions. Thankfully, I did speak with a person who had an understanding of what I needed and he responded immediately. Unfortunately, two days before we were to leave, an unfortunate change of plans occurred. This was well within the cancellation time limit so I went to cancel. The website was down for the entire morning so I attempted to call and cancel over the phone. Again, the automated system sent me on a wild goose chase. I finally just ignored the directions and went straight to a booking agent to ask for a phone # where I could talk with a real person (the automated system will tell you that they cannot help you...it is not being forthcoming so just go straight to booking. Do NOT use this company!

Feb 19, 2015



Jun 15, 2015

AWFUL Customer Service

The customer service from this company is ridiculous. They refused to give me a copy of the receipt from my hotel charge. As most companies who have travel policies, I needed a copy ALL charges on my credit card for expenses. When I called customer service to receive a copy of my charges, they refused to send me a receipt stating, we cannot do that I apologize, the manager then told me the same thing. She admitted they have NO EMAIL system even for the internal company. Nor could she send me a copy from her personal email. She then stated she couldn't even send me a document confirming our conversation so I could prove where the charge came from. Only offered to give me a case number. What is my accounting manager supposed to call the 1-800 number and ask for the recording of the case number, come on, NO!
Don't book through this site...EVER!!

Oct 3, 2015

Watch Out -- Charge u Booking Fees


When I looked at my credit card statement online, I discovered that I got charged $14.95 for booking. I had no idea that I wasn't dealing with the hotel when I made my reservation. I also found no information indicating that there would be a charge. I have read the Terms and Service and Policy sections. I didn't even get a confirmation from these people and had to call them to get it and the confirmation number. A while later when I called the hotel directly to ask a question, they didn't even have a reservation for us. Learning this I figured there was something wrong and I immediately used the confirmation number "reservations.com" gave me and cancelled. I don't know if they are real or scammers but I certainly don't want to do business with a company that isn't transparent in their charges and fees.

Dec 15, 2015

Buyer Beware!

I really enjoy trip planning and I think I am good at it...BUT I too got sucked in to thinking I was on the hotel's website. Not until all my details were completed and the reservation authorized, did I discover that the rate was in US dollars (for a Canadian hotel). At today's exchange rate of 1.37 that was a hefty increase. Also, at some point in the completion process, a logo popped up for Hotel-Checkout.com. Then the big surprise an added charge of $39.50US was added as a booking fee. There and then I decided to cancel the reservation and advise my credit card company . Today I called Res.com and demanded to speak to a supervisor. After lengthy waits, maybe 35 minutes, I did speak to someone and I have received written confirmation that my payment will be refunded. However the $39.50 booking fee was billed from another entity - Hotel-Checkout.com When I inquired at Res.com what their connection was to this company, they said they had no idea who this was!! I have now written to Hotel-Checkout and they have promised a refund . We will see what happens now. Bottom line- do not use this company! Go direct for the best rate !!

Jan 14, 2016

Avoid this Company

My story is the same...got fooled by a questionable Google ad that made me think I was booking with the hotel. Nowhere was their $14.99 booking fee disclosed, I only noticed because the total on the booking summary didn't match the email receipt. I had no idea I wasn't booking with the hotel until I called the next day for an explanation.

I called the customer service and after 30 minutes on hold, I was told they would request my refund. I specifically asked when will I get a refund to my credit card and they said within 10 business days. Only to receive an email the next day saying my refund request was denied. I cancelled my reservation, put in complaints to Google and the BBB and will dispute the charge with my credit card company. Basically a scam for $15.

this makes me so angry
Jan 18, 2016

Totally fraudulent!

Avoid both hotel-checkout.com and securereservation.com! But its hard to do this because they operate websites that look like the hotel's legitimate website.I booked a reservation at what looked like the legitimate hotel site, which ended up being securereservation.com. I received an e-mail receipt saying that room charges was $45, then "Tax recovery Charges and Service Fees" was $46.16 (total was $91.16, double the hotel room. When I called to complain, the person on the other side stated she doesn't see $46.16, but rather $7.16, then sent me an email receipt that looked exactly the same except "Tax recovery Charges and Service Fees" was now only $7.16, with total charge being $52.16 ($45 + $7.16). I said that was fine, but still felt funny about it since the email source was the same, but didn't look legitimate . Upon checking my credit card bill, there was $51.16 AND a charge for $39.00 from hotel-checkout.com, which was never disclosed. I decided to cancel the reservation and take the $28 hit for cancelling the resevation (confirmed as legitimate charge from hotel. THree calls and three hours of being on hold later, II received notification about a $23 refund. But when I went to check in at the hotel for my legitimately booked room, they told me the other room was never cancelled. Meaning, that I would have looked like a no show! A fourth call finally got me a cancelllation notice. I am going to dispute the $39 charge through my credit card company, and will try to contact FCC or whatever governing body regulates this type of fraud.

Northern Mark
Feb 13, 2016

Canadians ripped off

Site charges in US$- this fact is hidden until after you confirm your booking. There is a small light grey statement 5 screens down from where you book that states their prices are US$. That is the only time you could see that till your confirmation is sent.

They also add non refundable fees, that you are not aware of till they send confirmation of your booking.

They also state that changes or cancellations are non refundable- but you don't see that till after you make your booking.

In short they hide the fees, the costs and the conditions of the transaction and then make refunds difficult. Sandman Inns should be ashamed they are working with these folks.

Mark B.

Laura M
Apr 4, 2016


Beware! Somehow this company co-opts hotel brand websites and then overcharges.

I Googled Days Inn Toronto East Beaches, entered the Days Inn site, booked a non-refundable price in Canadian dollars and only after I'd checked with my online banking did I learn that I'd been charged the same amount in American dollars along with a service charge by Reservations.com. Since then, I've checked out the Days Inn site several times and that's the site I was on.

How did Reservations.com co-opt a Days Inn brand website? They don't seem to exist as a separate website, at least I couldn't find them with a google search. Have contacted Reservations.com through the invoice - they've said they're refunding the service fee but no explanation for how I got from a Days Inn site to their site. No refund for the difference between CAD and USD.

When I phoned the central Days Inn customer service, I was told that Expedia was involved in the transaction. So, what is the association there? The manager of the Beaches Days Inn is going to try to figure out what happened.

Lesson learned: will check out the url very carefully in future and if possible, will book directly with the hotel. Am thinking of getting a new credit card because I don't like the idea that these scammers have my credit card information.

May 2, 2016

Deceptive scam, filing a credit card dispute is a must

Reservations.com has so many complaints about it from scamming people and fraud that the more powerful option is for everyone who gets scammed to file a credit card dispute with their issuer. I too thought I was booking directly through the hotel. It is deceiptful to impose a $14.95 service fee that was never disclosed to me at the time of booking. No legit travel site would ever do that. Notifying Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx of their deceitful practice is the best thing consumers can do so it can be documented. In fact, I have read that if a merchant gets past a certain number of credit card disputes, they can even be fined. Some websites about merchant chargebacks even indicate that merchants with serious dispute problems can even have their relationships with issuers like Visa suspended. It is the only way that these people can face consequences for what they're doing.

Jul 12, 2016


Booked a room at Dune Manor in Ocean City, MD at what looked like the hotel's web site. Got a confirmation email back that said I was being charged a booking fee of $39.95 as the hotel's "booking partner." The hotel never heard of these guys! A complete rip-off"

Sep 23, 2016

Boston Park Plaza

Reservation.com showed a web page for Boston Park Plaza which looks just like the actual Boston Park Plaza Web Site. Since I previously stayed at this Hotel I did not need to go into page saying Room Amenities. Well that page at the bottom says that the total fee for the stay would be charged on my credit card and it would be nonrefundable. Please note I will be going to Boston in April 2017. I made numerous contacts. I now find out when you call customer service, it is another company known as Central Reservation in the Philippines. Reservation.Com is a different company. The Customer Service says I need to contact the hotel directly to see what can be done. This is a total scam and I am now contacting my credit card co to file an official complaint. State Agencies need to be made aware of this scam.

Sep 26, 2016

SCAM - buyer beware

A totally deceptive experience booking a hotel in Boise. The refundable/non-refundable conditions are hidden in a drop down box titled "see hotel details." compare this to other reputable booking sites like Hotels.com and Booking.com where the payment conditions are stated right upfront next to the offering price. In looking for patterns in the drop down box under each hotel listin at reservations.com, it is apparent that they are listing a majority of the non-refundable properties first, with an occasional refundable property first in line. Many of their listings are all non-refundable.

In my case, I went directly to the hotel website in Boise after being ripped off by reservations.com and saw that ALL of their reservations are refundable within a specified time period. So the non-refundable idea is reservations.com's alone and it occurs at all price points--even those above $200/night. Of course their reservations fee of $15.00 is also hidden in the drop down box.

I first became aware of the non-refundable reservation when I attempted to change THE DATE WITHIN A FEW HOURS OF THE RESERVATION. I looked at my email and saw the non-refundable reservation listed at the bottom.

I agree with mplewis5 that people should contact their credit card companies. I am not sure that State Agencies can handle this type of complaint. Since it is interstate and intercountry, I believe it may be a federal complaint. Having said that, our Atty General in Washington State has been known to file together with other states if the Consumer Protection Division in each state receives a number of complaints.

Consumers beware and consumers STAY AWAY

Oct 29, 2016


BEWARE of DECEPTION. In Canada, booked on what I thought was the hotel (in Canada) website, so did not read the fine print which apparently has a USD14.95 booking fee. Surprised to receive confirmation email from "reservations.com" with rate in USD, no mention of booking fee. After staying at hotel, checked my credit card statement online and found a "booking fee". Called reservations.com and was transferred to their "Customer Service". Asked for refund of booking fee, response was that booking fee is identified on the original booking form and thus no refund, no recourse. In future, I shall call the hotel direct to avoid Deception, Scams, hidden fees and charges. Apparently, reservations.com is an affiliate of Expedia. I shall definately not use either in future.
The convenience of online booking is a minefield of extra charges.

Jan 13, 2017

Total Scam!!!

Like many other reviews, I did not know I was on this website. Talked to the hotel and they told me this organization is very sneaky how they do it. I made a reservation for three rooms for three nights under three reservation names. They pre-charged me $1467. I cancelled due to business within the cancellation window (3 days prior). After a week of no contact from them, I called back about the refund. They said they would charge one reservation one night's rate, and the other two the full amount, despite me canceling within the prescribed time. So, they charged me $1130. Then to cap it off, they lied to me saying the hotel was the one that required these charges. I talked to the hotel again and they said they didn't charge anything. Stay far, far away. Reservations.com is nothing but a scam!!!

Feb 23, 2017


I thought I was on Arizona Charlie's hotel website but turned out to deceptively be reservations.com. They deceptively charged my credit card a 14.95 fee and also charged more than the published room rate. I immediately called the and spent hours getting run around. Even though the hotel agreed to cancel room at no charge, and hotel called reservation.com and directed them to credit my visa reservation.com has refused to apply credit. Arizona Charlie's says reservations.com is part of Expedia. My only recourse now is to file a dispute through credit card. Company in writing. watch closely when booking reservation for Arizona Charlie's because you may be at arizonacarliesreservations.com and get ripped off

Mar 1, 2017


My story is the same as everyone elses. I thought I was dealing with the hotel directly until I clicked submit and saw a 90.00 charge. I am furious and will be calling the bank to complain of fraud.

Jun 20, 2017

Scam - $15 fee, will not refund

Absolutely brutal customer service. Avoid this booking service. They have their phone number attached to hotel websites so you think you're calling the hotel, then they push you in to a booking while explaining 100% refundable, but they will keep your $15 booking fee even thought they don't explain this on the booking call. Afterwards they'll say it was all on your email confirming the booking - so they inform you AFTER they charge you and will not return the fee no matter who you talk to...
For info, for anyone caught the same way, one quick call to your credit card bank and they should block/refund the charge, worked for me

Jun 23, 2017

Company is a Fraud

I thought I was talking to the hotel direct and the agent never corrected me. He booked a room which did not end up being what I needed because we needed 2 queen beds and a sofa sleeper. He assured me this was the room he booked. They emailed the confirmation and when I got it it was not what I had asked for plus had a $37 service charge added. I finally called the hotel direct and was told that they don't even have sofa sleepers and we ended up with an air mattress. When you pay $300 for a room you expect better than that. I called reservations.com and so did the hotel and they would not refund my money. If I would have booked the hotel direct it would have been cheaper plus we would have received some amenities that were not offered by the reservation service. I think it is fraudulent to act like they are the hotel so that you book and then they will not cancel the reservation even if it's within minutes that you realize that you were duped. I will never use this service and Expedia should distance themselves from them unless they want to be included in the bad reviews. This experience put a damper on my whole trip!!!! I plan on filing a fraudulent claim with my credit card company and hope that I get some relief.

Sep 15, 2017

Fraud all the way including the booking fee

Thought I was booking with All Seasons Suites directly -- was not. Was too anxious to get a room confirmed during the busy fall festival season, so I did not follow my instincts. The initial nightly rate for a 1 BR was OK, but when the total for 3 nights came in I was being charged 35% for taxes AND the $15 booking fee. Since they promised a full refund if cancelled before a date 2 weeks out, I went ahead and confirmed intending to CALL the hotel directly. I did so and booked a 1 BR suite with an appropriate 11% tax
and no booking fee. It was (as I thought it would be!) $145 less than the fraud online company. Cancelled as I had planned and was refunded all but the $15 booking fee. Several calls later and quite a few minutes on hold later I talked to someone with marginal
command of English that agreed to a one-time exception credit to my account. Stay away from this one -- they will cheat you out
of everything that they can get away with before they are put out of business.

Dec 18, 2017

False website + overcharge

AVOID RESERVATIONS.COM - It is largely a scam. They quoted a price of $20.00 per night for a hotel at Laughlin, NV. That's typical for Laughlin where the prices tend to be good. I reserved a room for three nights at that price and was immediately charged $88.97. With tax the price should have been about $77.00. When I complained they were willing to refund part of the price but they said that they would keep $14.99 as a nonrefundable fee. They had no explanation for the excessive price. Their site did not disclose anywhere that the price would be any more than $20.00 plus tax. I then did the reasonable thing and called my credit card company to dispute the charge. They almost certainly will void the charge. If reservations.com scams you, do the same. Credit card companies usually handle such cases reasonably - and there's no need to go to court. Basically, when a scammer scams you you're entitled to a refund. Do it out of principle even if the money doesn't matter. It's important to do what can be done to put scammers like reservations.com out of business. Complain to your state consumer protection people too - they might do something.

Mar 10, 2018

Fraudulent and scam company

Booked a reservation at a hotel not knowing it was through Resrvations.com. They charged my credit card the amount but never sent the money to the hotel. Then they refused to refund our money.

May 24, 2018

scam times 10

This company is a complete fraud, use them at your own risk, I file a complaint with the state of florida , they are registered with the state of florida as a travel company, also file a fraud charge with your credit card company, this company will stop at nothing to scam you. DO NOT USE THEM.

May 31, 2018

Deception - high taxes + fees

Unfortunately, more of the same.... Thought I was on Quality Inn website and made my reservation - no disclosure of fees until you get email/text and it is with reservation.com. The taxes are 3X what you would pay if you booked direct with the hotel and "Surprise", let's add $14.99 for a service fee. Called immediately and the customer service was awful. NEVER AGAIN!

Jun 15, 2018


Made the mistake of clicking on the first link that popped up in a google search for a hotel in Hinton, AB. Seemed odd when a US number popped up but called it anyway as it looked like the website for the hotel. They collected our billing information but the hotel was completely sold out. Ended up not using their service because of this. The next day checked our credit card statement to find 3 charges of $20.04!! We didn't even book a hotel through them! Not once on the phone did they say they were charging us! We are following up with our credit card company on this. They shouldn't be allowed to do this and google shouldn't support their ads.

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