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Consumer reviews about Reagan.com

Apr 22, 2013

pure scam

Reagan.com misrepresent their customer support and refund services. actually after I death with them and I had a problem - I was unable to get their advice or help. I was simply ignored and left with my problem even after various claims. Beware and better stay away from them!

Mar 28, 2014

No customer service & helped me leave

While I have no complaints about reagan.com's email service, I can't grade their customer service low enough. I repeatedly wrote them over a period of about 9 months, asking one simple clarification question. No response for 6 months until I threatened to leave reagan.com. At this point they told me they had never received my emails (not a good sign when reagan.com is an email service, right?). I repeated my request - a simple clarification question, and received a note telling me they would be back to me asap. Two months went by without the promised answer. I then wrote and complained, telling them that unless they responded to my question, I wanted to terminate service. They then sent me the instructions for how to close my account. Enough said.

Service this bad should not be allowed to bear the revered name of the 20th century's greatest president.

m clay
May 15, 2014

no service @reagan.com

one day, out of the blue I try to log on and it says my e-mail address does not exists!! I am worried it was some kind of account takeover or something like that, I have sent many e-mails to their customer service and got one response with a tkt# and that's it since April 9th, I have given them full detail and how important this is as I have tax docs, kids school docs and other very important things that I had going to my Reagan e-mail b/c it was supposed to be safer and better.. I have never been more disappointed in a business or service- ever!!

Jan 27, 2015

Im not sure whats up

I have had a reagan.com mail for a while now, and I have had to contact support several times with various questions and info...and so far I have NOT had any problems at all...they responded quickly, and helped me each time , so Im not sure what to say about the negative reviews except that maybe they are more POLITICALLY motivated that factual.I give Reagan.com thumbs up so far....remember though , Like any company they are apt to make mistakes and they can fall like anyone else so my review as of this moment is positive...Now, we shall see if this review is posted, if notI guess we will know the political leaning of this blog site

Apr 8, 2015

Thoroughly Disgusted

I have tried to contact reagan.com support for over 18 hours now. No response. I am unable to login to my email, and attempts to change my password have failed.

Since this is a pay service, I assumed (incorrectly) that the support would be pretty good. Unfortunately, I don't have a back up email account to rely on, which is a situation I am resolving today.

I don't understand why there is a live chat button that says "I am a live agent" when it doesn't work. Like, for hours on end with repeated attempts to click into it, doesn't work.

Not to mention a phone number that has a recorded message saying they can't take my call but use the internet to contact them for problems. Arghhh!

I also don't understand why the delay in answering a simple login question.

I have had this account for years with no problem, but am thoroughly disgusted at this point.

Apr 20, 2015

No Problems

I have had no problems with the Reagan email account, I only give the email address out to close friends or important contacts. I received an official looking email from what appeared to be Reagan Support Staff, asking me to update my account....my first question was WHY??? I contacted the support staff and they answered my question within 24 hours. It was as I suspected a SCAM. They said they would take care of it, but it reappeared in my IN BOX, I let them know the scam wasn't going away, they replied promptly and stated they were blackballing the sender. Yesterday I receive a threat that if I did not update my account it would be shut off after 2 days,,,,,,,,Well I am waiting.
They did send out an alert that there was a scam and do not reply or supply any information to the site......so far my account is still working with no issue.
Never had a problem with the company.

May 18, 2015

All of my Email Wiped Out

Two days ago, I signed on to my email account to find that all of my emails and folders were gone. Just gone. Three years worth of carefully-managed files are no longer there. I am in an absolute panic. I sent an online request for help since there is no phone service available for help. I did get a response, but it said to use the online Live Chat session, which as most of you know, does not work. The link does not work. Period. They marked my problem as "resolved" and closed out my open inquiry! So now, I am emailing again, begging for help. I have information that I need, and stupid me, I felt so safe using a paid email service. I assumed my data would be there and safe. There isn't even a phone number I can call to reach somebody, or a live chat service that works! I will be closing my account.... just as soon as I get my emails restored, if ever. I am very, very angry at this.

Aug 8, 2015

Customer "NO SERVICE"

Be warned, the Reagan.com email service is robotic ONLY. I had a problem paying my bill because their site would not accept my credit card payment. I sent at least seven messages asking them how I could pay - please call me, etc. Their robot emailed me back suggesting I try a different browser, to no avail. In the end, they cut off my service and I am now left with a huge misstep trying to start my small business. All of my contacts now have to be re-contacted with a new address. I will make sure to advise all of my contacts about this unprofessional "no care" service from Reagan.com. It has also delayed payment to me so it has cost me real dollars.

To be clear, Ronald Reagan will always be one of the most inspirational leaders ever. Mike Reagan has just been making money off of his name without caring about his clients. I fell for all of the "entrepreneur" bs on his website. Hey Mike, entrepreneurs go the extra mile - they don't hit and run leaving clients high and dry. Shame on me for believing. As a pretty conservative person, I can't even describe how angry I am about Reagan.com nor how I was duped by a "conservative" company. rip off

Mar 2, 2016

No customer service

If you have a problem...tuff

The Customer Service people never return mail or calls....

Very often, I can't cut and paste on emails and excel downloads...

Aug 27, 2016

Resolution by Reagan Support Team

58658 I had an issue with the font size changing on my Reagan.com email service. After perusing the support and helps materials and failing to find a solution I sent a message request to the online chat team. Unlike others reviewers, who were never contacted after putting in an online request, the Chat line responded to me in about 6 minutes. My past experiences with Reagan.com support have been frustrating due to a 1-2 day response time. I was surprised and pleased by their quick response this time.

Sep 26, 2016

Hoped the bunch had gotten it together

i tried Reagan .com email when it first started. Found it to be impossible to deal with. Many issues unresolved. The main one was tech/customer support. Appears to have not changed over the years. Thanks to everyone that takes time to comment on the reviews of companies. whether good or bad reviews. I really wish this bunch had their act together. what does it take to get folks to do what they should. i think they r n over their head. hang tuf folks

Seeker 3226
Oct 22, 2016

Won't refund

On October 20, 2016 (just 2 days ago) I paid $40 via my CC and within 1 hour of purchase I realized this service is totally wrong for me. I was able to get a hold of CHAT and the guy said to e-mail [email protected] which I did. I got a e-mail from Support saying "welcome to Reagan.com, blah, blah, blah. I responded I DID NOT want support I wanted a refund. I just initiated a dispute on my CC for this.. What a load of ****

Jake Whitehead
May 23, 2017

Reagan Email is a fraud

I paid $39.99 for my email address to find out that the email service was stolen from the guy that created it by no other than scum-bag, Michael Reagan. I researched and in fact Michael Reagan was found guilty of theft by a Jury in Los Angeles in January.He and his crooked partners, including convicted criminal Jay Hoffman, stole the idea and the business. Bunch of crooks!

Put that aside, the email service is horrible. No customer service agents, no one to help you!

I am trying to get my money back. In the meantime, I am switching to Yoover.com. Yoover is actually founded by the guys that created reagan.com and Michael Reagan stole it from. It is actually really good. They have online help and a phone number you can call for help.

Dump Reagan.com and the crooks that own it!

Sep 17, 2017

Regan.com is a Ripoff

I am very conservative and a strong admirer of President Ronald Reagan. I came across Reagan.com and with all their hype, along with their association to Ronald Regan I signed up for a special promotion they were offering for two years for the price of one. The first year went off without a hitch, but at the end of the first year my service was disabled. I contacted their customer service by chat and had to email them a screen shot of my membership page, which clearly showed both years as being paid for the single payment. He did immediately reactivate my account and since it was the weekend, he sent a message to billing for their records.

After seven months, my account we disabled and when I contacted customer service and all they would say is they never offered the two for one promotion and I only paid for one year. I was forced to pay another $40.00 to gain access to my account, since it was my main email, I filed a complaint with BBB and all Reagan.com would provide were the records showing the one time payment and the chat logs from the last session. They refused to provide the chat logs, screen shot email, or message sent to billing at the end of my first year, which would have proven my version.

Their actions and practices are a far cry from the reputation of our great President, Ronald Regan. Anyone thinking of paying for this email service based on it's supposedly connection to Reagan, should be extremely leary!

trucky trailer
Sep 19, 2017

The company's affiliates have access to your information.

Reagan.com is scam. So you guys really think this is different from any other site, just because a conservative made it and it's private? Hate to break it to you but it's not private. The privacy policy states your information can be provided to unnamed "affiliates" but apparently, to you guys, that's only evil when companies you've deemed liberal do it. I'm thinking the information is sold for profit, what with these true-blue private capitalists running things. When the law and accountability are away, the rats will play.

You allow these people to scam you and then when it's convenient, you blame Obama and liberals on your failure to realize you're being taken for a ride by fraudulent, money-loving, amoral people who really don't care about you. Their objective is and always will be to make as much money off you as possible, and the figures you look up to are just trying to stay relevant in a world where people are starting to wake up to your proudly ignorant self-righteous elitism. You think your heroes are sticking up for you but the truth is they would drop you right on your head if it meant running after a dollar. I feel sorry for you guys.

By the way, Reagan didn't care about you. His idea of economics was to let private money take care of social issues, aka keep the poor like you out of the crowd that can and does make money off ordinary hard-working taxpaying Americans.

I'm disappointed in my fellow countrymen and it goes far beyond Reagan.com but I had to comment on the delusional opinions I see here. You are all so sensitive and it's killing our beautiful country.

Jan 22, 2018

What a Let Down!

I'm no nonsense kind a guy. I had high expectations when I signed up with Reagan,com. Unfortunately, I never received help when I needed it most. I could go on, but I'm still a little ticked off. In short, I'll just say this; Reagan.com should be called Let Down.com because for the entire year of 2017 customer service seemed to have been on vacation.

C00kie Ousley
Apr 16, 2018

Hard to use, can't reply to emails

Every once in a while I come back and try to use your email service but I find it impossible, I wish it wasn't. Right now I received an email and I want to reply to it and it will not let me. I click on reply and it gives 0 room to type anything I try to send it anyway and nothing happens. Other sites are much easier.

You're rejecting my email and its the only one I have. I could give you my aol email.

C00kie Ousley
Apr 16, 2018

I want a refund of my $40.00

I was trying to get help and you put my comment up as a review. I would like to talk to someone about getting the rest of my $40.00 back since I won't be back to Reagan.com. Obviously you people aren't trying to keep your site going your support stinks. Thanks for nothing. Forward my refund to my email [email protected].

C00kie Ousley
Apr 16, 2018

This isn't a review morons I want my $40.00

I'm not writing a review you morons. I want my money refunded or do I have to go to the better business bureau. This is a scam. This email site is not usable and I want my money refunded.

Apr 29, 2018

This seems sketchy

My Reagan.com email keeps getting random emails from Russian women that want to meet me. I emailed tech support and they told me it was working as intended and they see nothing wrong from their end.

Sep 11, 2018

Login - I am not a computer crap

What is this crap that I have to prove I am not a computer in order to login to get my email???!!! I consider this pure harassment!!

Apr 30, 2019

Fed Up

Unable to login for a week now and no help from hq’s.
Been customer for 5 years. I’m kissing my $40 goodbye.
What a racket - Pres is probably rolling over in his grave.

Aug 21, 2019


Ditto the reviews. There is no customer support. I have been a customer for six years and now their site does not recognize my login. I have made six attempts over a four day period to get the issue resolved - no response. It is a good thing I paid with a credit card - I will get a refund on the subscription I just paid.

Sep 16, 2019

SHAME on Reagan.com!

Out of the blue my e-mail stopped working. Can"t contact them! no chat, phone or customer service. I believe its a subscription issue as this happened last year, however theres no way to contact them to rectify the matter. I cant pay the bill! I have been with them for seven years! not worth the hastle and I have to pay for this shitty service!! they have lost me for life.!!!

Sep 20, 2019

Completely Dissappointed

I have been an @reagan.com email customer for years. Sadly, @reagan.com ended its customer support from Fortify Technologies (they were great, by the way) and are no longer responding to any questions from its customers on its "support" contact box. A paid email service should have customer support, otherwise its basically useless and should be free. I will not be renewing my service.

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