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Consumer reviews about QLINK WIRELESS

[email protected]
Oct 10, 2018

Verified shipment pending status

Q link wireless has no real live person over the phone that you can talk to about phone status are issues. It has been almost a month that I have been approved for a free phone, and my account is still saying 'Verifying shipping pending" I called the 1-855-754-6543 number several times but I'm still getting the same message. Also emailing takes up to 72 hours for a reply back. I can truly say this company's customer service practice really is terrible! I definitely would not recommend them to anybody that's in desperate need of a phone! I hope I get my phone before this Christmas before 2018 goes out.

Oct 30, 2018

They stole my money

Qlink sent me a phone that overheated and malfunctioned after 12-15 minutes of use. They refused to repair it, and told me I would have to pay $25 for the upgraded replacement phone. I paid for the phone, and they shipped it to someone else. When I asked them to ship me a phone, or return my money, they refused to do either. Do NOT let yourself get taken by these dirty theives.

Nov 8, 2018


I have found that these people are stupid. They say that there is no Sprint service in my area. Their website says they do and I have Sprint on another phone. I showed them that I do and they still deny it. I think they just don't want to be wrong. What a bunch of dummies. I'm filing a complaint with FCC. It probably won't do any good. I don't have much faith in government employees.

Dec 7, 2018

Qlink wireless

They cut me off for no reason and wouldn't even talk to me.

Jan 19, 2019

Qlink wireless

Applied for lifeline phone with Qlink, download documentation as requested, website says 24-48 hours for me to receive response, they have not responded. After reading all these reviews I think they are taking government money and not providing a service. I found email address for government agency who oversees this program [email protected] Lets see if they respond. I think it is horrible that a company can get away with treating people they way they do. I am going to be writing the government until someone responds, Do not deal with this company they take your info and then nothing

Jan 24, 2019

Bad Company

Order from Q-link, received the phone everything was good. Had the phone for about one month and then miss placed the phone. After a month and a half I found my phone and went to use it, and it and I have this recording that the owner of this phone is deceased and service will no longer be provided and that I would need to contact Social Security Admin. I did contact Social Security Admin and they said that that was incorrect information that they had NOT given in such information out nor would they. I have tried and tried to contact the so called Customer Service and you can not ever get a real person and every time you send an email you get the same information sent back to you, like it is also a pre generated message. So it is at this point no way to get service. I think that they should be investigated they are fraud!!

Mar 5, 2019

Bad Company

They cant provide a live person to talk to they out to be shut down and investigated they so far has proven themselves to be fraud I have worked all my life paid taxes and borne and raised hear in this country and now im a senior citizen and I cant get help but yet someone from another country that cant even speak English gets help and a phone .

Mar 7, 2019


I have my free cell phone service through Qlink. I have found out that my account at Qlink has been cancelled. I can still make calls, but I can't get into my account. Qlink says that Texas Lifeline says that I didn't recertify.

Here's my story:
In April, 2018 I received a letter from Texas Lifeline to re-certify. I filled out the papers (complete) and sent them in. Near the end of September, I received a letter from Texas Lifeline saying that they received my proof of income but not the signed page (they did receive it. I'm not surprised that they lost it between April and September 25th when they sent the letter), so I sent them again. I talked to Texas Lifeline on Friday, October 25th, and I was told that I was re-approved October 23. However, I still can't access my account at Qlink. However, my account is still active. I can still make calls. Now my phone has died, so I need to activate a different phone that I have in my account. I tried to create a new account, like the instructions say, but I am still locked out. When I try to call Qlink I get a recording that I am locked out and I need to re-register. When I try to re-register, it tells me that they don't have service in my area. We know they do. When I email them, I never get an answer.
On Thursday, November 1st, I talked to Kila at Texas Lifeline. She told me that she would talk to Qlink and see what's going on. Friday morning, November 2nd, A lady from Qlink called me. She told me her name, but there is no way I can pronounce it. She said she would find out what's going on, straighten it out, and call me back. I'm yet to hear back from her. I find that Qlink is totally incompetent.

I have talked to Texas Lifeline several times and they tell me to call Qlink. I CAN'T CALL QLINK! Qlink has me blocked.

I am filing this complaint against Texas Lifeline and Qlink. I am going to keep filing this until I get some results.

Mar 17, 2019

Disgusted and upset

I signed up with Qlink and got my phone pretty quickly I was excited about my new smart phone. It worked great for about three day;s. Now they have a puk lock on it and won't give me the code to unlock it they told me I had to contact Verizon and when I did that I found out that the sim card that is locked is provided by Sprint. So I get in touch with sprint to get my PUK code and they inform me that only Qlink has the PUK code that I need to unlock my phone. I then Call Q link and spend thirty minutes to get a real person on the phone and rather than give me the PUK code the technician tells me I have to buy a new phone customer service sucks and I am about tired of dealing with Qlink they are an awful franchise.

Apr 15, 2019

Duplicate Account

I purchased a phone and had my old cell phone service provider number ported to QLink and now they are telling me I have a duplicate account and to reapply or resubmit my information. I have tried everything and can not reach a person, after calling, sending emails & every possible thing I can think of.
In the mean time I've lost my cell phone number I had for many years and many people have no way of reaching me. The customer service is absolutely horrible. You can not reach a human being and losing my cell phone number is devastating for a disabled person like myself. I don't know who, where or what to do about this serious situation?
I've got many disabilities and no way to contact my family or help in the case of a emergency!
Please help me!!

Jul 17, 2019

Sex oil on my phone

I paid for a replacement phone and it came box and phone covered in male enhancement sex oils. It stinks to high heaven. I can't clean it off and it stinks. The phone is slippery and I will have an asthma attack if I try to use it. Any other cell phone company would replace the phone. Plus they replaced my phone with an older phone saying it was brand new. It wasn't the phone is scratched up. They are keeping my $25.00 and won't replace the phone. grrr. Kim

Jul 18, 2019


Not sure what kind of company this is. I have sent forms in time after time. Been working on his for2 months now. What kind of scam is this? If they don't give you the phone, they're ads are a crock. They lie when they say it's quick and easy, but it's not. What a bunch of liars. Found a pay phone to call them on, Cost $1.50 for 3 minutes. Put on hold and ran out of time before they answered. Does anyone ever receive a free phone from them? Tough finding a job without a working phone.

[email protected]
Mar 30, 2020

Not providing a plan for me, & cant get the plan I am asking for, for a long period of time

No customer support service for the plan I need.
QLINK WIRELESS has no customer support service which is suspicious, Actually they provide customer support service contact details but it is impossible to contact them because they simply ignore their customers and never respond on calls and mails. I would never recommend this company! I have been calling this QLink wireless for 4 weeks to get a phone mailed to me. I have the support team saying your going to get a free cell phone, but now their saying a different story about I am only getting a SIM card to make it compatible with my cell phone. Now, I am needing to talk to a manager to get the service I am needing.

Jul 25, 2020

Qlink Sucks

Here is the crap they pull.

They send you a phone. Then they load a ton of spam in the firmware upgrades so you get more pop-ups than a pon site. They will not leave you alone. If yo go a few days without making a call they are calling you giving you crap about having to make your allotted phone call. You finally figure out that the phone has no memory so you order a replacement and pay. Then what do they do?? The flash it full of adware and spam and shit you will never use. Eventually, the phone is so full of bloated crap there is no room left for it to even install basic google play store updates. If you install anything you are screwed. they ere constantly leaving voice mail telling me I had to make my monthly call and even when I did they eventually jut cut off the phone. There is no doubt in my mind these ass holes are just running a scam to get the government money and they bost in a little more cash by filling your phone up with spam and adware. It is just freaking terrible. Your phone is slow. You are constantly rebooting and deleting trying to get the damn phone to upgrade because there isn't hardly any memory. Qlink just bends you over.

Steven Stewart
Nov 29, 2020

They have basically bricked 2 of my phones remotely so I would buy another!

QLink has deactivated 2 phones remotely that I bought from them. The first time was when I ordered a SIM card to try to get service on a better phone that I had. Three days later service was cut off on the phone I was currently using. When I contacted customer service they told me that I would have to wait on the SIM to continue service but if it didn't work I could resume service. When the SIM arrived I couldn't get it to work in the phone. So I called to try to reactivate my original phone. They then said it was deactivated permanently, the reason being that if a phone is lost or stolen it can't be used, even though I never said it was lost or stolen. No amount of talking would get this changed. so I reluctantly ordered their basic phone, when it arrived it was a total piece of garbage and the phone I had previously gotten for $25 was now listed on their site as $69! Over the last few years I've ordered new SIM cards for several different phones and never had any problem until this year. I could activate one of a number of phones that were compatible with QLink service and switch between them on their website. Only very recently have I had this problem with them.
I finally ordered a new better phone from them, and the next day my service was cut off. I believe that this phone, too, has become remotely deactivated and will never work again so I can't even keep it as a backup. For some reason this feels like it should be illegal. I would like to just cancel my QLink service and go with another company, but I've already sunk over $100 dollars in phones this year, $70 of which was a few days ago. I don't want to get my service cut off once again while I wait weeks to get service with another company and judging from some of the other reviews I've read here they might just refuse to cancel my service. I recommend going with another Lifeline provider because QLink has gone way downhill!

Jan 21, 2021

Not reliable

This is my second phone in a month. Now I keep getting message that my account is not accessible, which means I get no app screen so I can use the phone, text or check email. All I get is a google dashboard (whatever that is). I spent 10 days without a phone till they sent me one that broke down and then another 10 days without a phone that doesn't work any better. I am 72 and in poor health. I need a reliable phone not one that works when it wants to. There is no customer service and when you send an email they never answer it. I am trying to cancel my account with Qlink and keep getting the run around. I can't get a phone with another company until Qlink is cancelled or I face government prosecution. What is up with that. Assurance cell phones seem to be a little better. I hope I don't have to go buy a phone and service I really can't afford it. With the pandemic I need a phone that works. This is a very bad time for phone to start acting up.

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