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Consumer reviews about QLINK WIRELESS

Nov 30, 2017


I CALLED Q LINK ABOUT MY 4G PHONE..THY SAID I NEED A NEW PHONE THAT MY 4g WAS DATED..SO THEY SENT ME A PHONE CHARGE ME $25..the new phone was a hot mess called an talk to customer for days with nothing settled ..thy charge my account $5 just to talk to customer service..after days of no service from ether phone ..I ask them to return my old service back to my old phone thy told me last Friday they would..so I sent the new phone back with a request for money invested..$25 plus $14.60 ups fee plus the $5 thy charge me to talk to coustomer service..I still have no service I haven't heard from q link.. i haven't received a refund ITS BEEN 7 DAY SINCE MY LAST CONVERSATION ABOUT MY SERVICE

Dec 10, 2017

Defective phone

My phone constantly gives an error message as follows: "Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped." I press OK and it continually repeats the same message. The only way to fix it is to restart the phone. When using my phone I have eto restart the phone anywhere from 2 to 4 times in order to make a simple phone call.

I also have problems withb phone memory. This phone does not have he ugh memory to update anlybprogramst, including, but not limited to updating this operating system.

Please send me a phone with the proper amount of memory and that actually works. If you send me a trailing label then I can return the defective phone.

[email protected]
Dec 18, 2017


why is my phone cut off? how come I cannot connect to the internet? if I WAS CONNECTED I WOULD USE THE PHONE MORE. THANK YOU

Jan 5, 2018

Bring your own phone is a joke

I have been with Qlink now for 33 months. A year ago they finally started offering data, and I purchased the ZTE N817 phone from them for $25. Its specs says it has 4 GB storage, but mine only had 1.7 GB. I downloaded 2 apps, and now I get repeated alerts "Can't update apps" because of insufficient storage. Next chapter: they recently added "Bring your own phone". I was excited. I thought now I can have a smart phone that works. I first tried my wife's phone, and gave the IMEI # and their website said that phone is not compatible. So I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy phone. Just received it, along with the case and protective glass, input that IMEI #, and again, "Phone Not Compatible"!
I called tech support, and they have NO list of compatible or incompatible phones. They have no problem with their customers wasting their money buying phone after phone until maybe they hit it lucky and get one that works.
I am just going to leave them and start paying some other service. They aren't worth the trouble.

Jan 11, 2018

Qlink is sorry!I hope they fail.

I was approved and given a new phone by Qlink.Since then I have had nothing but problems with the ZTE N817 cellular phone.I'm 22 year Retired/Disabled Veteran of the USAF.All I wonted was a reliable government phone in case of an emergency.I got so aggravated with this phone and the customer support that I reached Qlinks customer support and cancelled January 1,2018.I'd already had plans to transfer my personal information to Safelink.The Safelink customer support said I only had to wait 60 days and I could join Safelink.I spoke to Safelink customer support later and they told me Qlink froze my account.I was told if I could reach Qlink and ask them to take the freeze off of my account and I could be free to signup with anyone.Safelink said they would gladly open an account if I get Qlink to agree.If not they told me Qlink has frozen my account where I can't sign up with Safelink until October 28,2018!I have called and emailed Qlinks customer support many times since but the Qlink phone recording runs you around circles.I can't sign on the Qlink web site.I've never been treated like this.Please listen to me and don't signup with Qlink.You will be sorry.

Jan 20, 2018

Defect of my phone

My phone doesn't bring down shortcut screen like Wifi, brightness, Bluetooth, airplane mode, screen rotation , data on or off, settings. The scroll down screen.. my phone has been buzzing for three days and I have turned it off taken the battery out and it's consistent buzzing.what should I do. I cat see when anyone is calling either. Any questions please call me at 218- 290-1039

Jan 29, 2018

Horrible phones

Being disabled, I'm thankful for a free cell phone service. My only problem is the phone's, they over heat (I'm talking about fire hot), also when charging the phone it gets fire hot. This worries me, I don't want a fire or put others in danger because of the phones being so dangerous.
I have reported this and was told I could pay $25.00 for a replacement phone and discard the damaged phone. I don't mind paying the $25.00 to get a replacement phone for the dangerous phone that overheats. Unfortunately I'm on my 4th phone, in less than 2 years. My current phone is the worst, it gets so hot I can't be on hold with the pharmacy, insurance companies. I have spend $100.00+ to get my phones replaced by Qlink. That is a total of 4 phones with the same problem. For that I could have gotten my own phone (new) and had the safety of not worrying about fire. Qlink should offer the option of letting a customer purchasing there own phone. Some low income cell phone companies are allowing this, because they have had the same problems.
Qlink needs to get better phones, I wouldn't even mind paying for a better phone.
Please Qlink fix the problem, before someone dies in a fire caused by your phone.

Feb 1, 2018

Scram Com

I had a phone call from 720-356-0810 thanking me for choosing Qlinka and wanted me to call back and thank me. I never got in touch with them. So I called to see what was going on. First they asked for my birth year then my zip code then asked for my birth month and day I hung up because the questions were too personal and I didn't want to give my information out.

Feb 27, 2018

crap phone

this is a piece of CRAP. find another service, Qlink is horrendous

Mar 5, 2018


I got a notice on my phone that I needed to add minutes, so I did. Then I noticed that there wew minutes added on the 1st of the minutes. I called for a refund of the $50.00 I paid, but they would not give me one

Mar 7, 2018

Run don't walk

15 to 20 mins after I actived my phone started getting phone solistors calling who does that happen can't get any straight answers from this company then I get call are call from 571 no. Qlink per fix but when I send message saying I am on the do not call list I get I did not call you but there no. shows up on my phone as missed call then today I get to calls from people I didn't call saying I am going to report you to the police ..... the only thing I can think is they ethier have some one in there company selling are no.s on the side or they have been hacked something is sure fishy does anyone know how to report this two in the government I really think this company needs to be investigated

Monroe Simmons
Mar 11, 2018


I've sent NUMEROUS texts with no response. I was a qlinks Customer,but was not able to Recertify due to being Incarcerated. Now You tell Me that I am not Eligible because there is already a phone listed for this Address. I am at a Federal Halfway House, so there will ALWAYS be more than one Number at this Address! What am I supposed to do about this? Do You plan to Respond? Should I contact the Federal Communications Commission about this situation? You don't seem to know how to follow through with what You CLAIM is Help, but seems to be nothing more than a sham. Why don't You prove Me wrong and help Me fix this Issue! Monroe Simmons

Mar 24, 2018

Not Worth the Headaches

I know that beggars can't be choosers but this is beyond ridiculous.
First, the phone drops calls and loses volume all the flipping time.
Second, there is no way to Use the sd card that I installed and the phone is full.
Third, Q-Link keeps 'updating' my phone (without permission) and the updates dump a bunch of unwanted apps on my phone. Fourth, now these unwanted 'updates' have inundated my phone with ads. (Pretty stupid since I can't pay for the service it stands to reason I can't buy the crap they're selling.)
Fifth, The ads are interfering with the alarms I have set for my meds schedule - this is BAD!
Last but not least - there is No way to get help. The customer service line is completely automated and sends you in circles. Email is answered with stock letters that have nothing to do with what you write about. Ditto with chat help.

Now I'm stuck with this miserable service until my contract runs out. At least that's what Q-link says - that I cannot change providers until I'm up for renewal.

Stear clear - Q-Link blows big time.

Apr 10, 2018

Activatemyphone lifeline plan

ireceivemyZTE-817 phonereceiveddt12/15/2016. hisMEID268435464616736115/MEIDHEXA0000056FF5F73.InventoryID1814388 enrollmentID22928161. iam ogto india nov27th 2017 to14 feb2018.Inmeantime myservices is cancelled by qlinkwireless.Wheni contact many times he did not suitable reply.I rquest for service re-actificiation but no reply. Qlinkwireless say me you changedyour provider/but idonot change no provider ihave a qlink wieless phone give particulars. if qlink wireless not re-activate my service plan/isend to your such phone. please give me reply soon. thanking you parshotam bainsdt10 Aprial 2018

I'm thinking
Apr 16, 2018

ZTE N817 = garbage

So many complaints for this phone and the "service" that it comes with. First off, when I got the phone the memory was about 85% full. There were a few factory apps installed but even after uninstalling the ones I was allowed to remove, the memory was still nearly full. So, QLink recommended installing free calling apps to make and receive calls for free. This is a good idea except since the phone's memory was nearly full when it was shipped to me, any app that I was able to install either crashes during use, interrupting any call in progress, or won't open. Using the line given and dealing with using your own minutes adds up very quickly, especially since the phone seems to call random people without your knowledge. I have had people call me and threaten to call the police if I won't stop calling, yet I never dialed their number, no call is in my history log, and I have no clue as to who the people are that are calling. The phone will occasionally light up, even though I have received no notification or message, which makes me think the ZTE is possessed by a bored government or QLink employee who just wants to mess with me. For all those trying to stay sane whilst maneuvering the loop that is customer service, I get through by selecting the Technical Support option, but even that is useless because any problems I have with the phone are apparently only solved by paying for an upgraded phone. Well, the upgraded phone is another ZTE so by no means is that any kind of upgrade. Also, if I qualify for a free phone from you, what makes you think I have the money to buy a new phone that will probably just give me as many problems as the one you started me off with? Excuse me. Anyway, texting is the best option for this phone, but watch for doubles and triples or more of the same incoming or outgoing message. Picture messages don't always want to send or open and there have been quite a few times I have received notification for a message many hours after it was sent, with time stamp to prove the message was delayed. Lastly, even though I could go on and on about the wonders that make up the ZTE N817, the internet is useless due to the slowness of the phone because of the full memory. I don't have Facebook or Instagram or whatever on the phone because that's not what I need a phone for. I need the phone for calling but that's hit or miss too. Often, just trying to enter the dialing screen takes at least two attempts and a couple minutes. Please God never let me have an actual emergency because my tombstone would have to read "died trying to call for help on the ZTE N817", or something of lesser importance because since I am living in poverty I apparently don't matter much. Sometimes I think it would be less trouble and faster to put the phone under the wobbly table for stability and take the bus across town to talk to the people I'm trying to call face to face. Good thing I installed a camera and microphone blocker on the phone. With all the strange things it does I don't want it to know what I look like too. Thanks for reading.

May 14, 2018


I paid 25.00 for a replacement phone. Took 2 weeks. I got the phone and it had a crack in it. I tried calling that day, couldn't get
a customer support. I tried the next day, same story, but, got a recording, offices closed. I emailed them.

Got thru today, and, they said, they would ship out a label, instead i got other email, stating they are sending a new phone. They told me they would not unless they had the old one. I called after i got 2 of those emails. Then they said, it was a mistake, they sent those instead of the shipping return labels. Then, i was told, if i sent it back, once they got it they would cancel my account and i would have to reapply, meanwhile, i just paid for that phone. I had the other one for a year until, the screen went black.

So, now, i am left with a cracked phone upon delivery, if i send it back, i will be out a phone, and 25.00. First they told me, they would send me a new phone, then, that changed with the next guy.

REALLY shoddy company. They are hard to understand for the most part, and, sounds like parrots. The first phone you get is free, if it goes black, or breaks, good luck. I got a piece of crap, i paid 25 dollars for.... and, their means of resolving it ? IS unreal.

I spent the day on the phone with them, and got nothing. I am left with a broken phone, i am going to try to fix the screen on my own... i wonder what their game is? no one else send about canceling your account until, the last guy... were they disgusted with me calling? I was afraid, with the 2 emails, they would charge me for a phone, they never sent.... finally, one guy said, after giving him the tracking number on the email... he said, they were trying to send the shipping labels, then, went on to tell me if i send it back, i will have no service. Out 25 bucks, and a broken phone upon delivery.

Be wary.

[email protected]
May 15, 2018

stolen phone on and being used .

needing to talk to customer service for months about my stolen phone . was told they would turn it off and another would be sent to me with no cost to me . i still have not seen either happen . i am very worried because phone is in my name and is to this day being supported by qlink . this is such a crock of shit . guess i will have to consider turning them in to better business bureau. the service really sucks and as far as help well better off not getting these people for services provided .

Jun 5, 2018

Hidden refund policies

Had my phone for 5 days and it would randomly shut off and couldn't hear my calls half the time. It was so small, couldn't hardly read any text. finally got in touch with customer service and was told to bad. They $25.00 I paid was not refundable and I could go somewhere else and get one.
Just wasted $25.00 that I didn't really have, being on a fixed income. Shame on Qlink! Worst company ever and thieves without a conscience.

Jul 7, 2018

turn phone on and nothing

phone is not working since I turned it on,i've been having trouble with this phone since I got it. i'm going to contact the fcc and better business, i'm so angry with you people you do not stand behind your product at all,alot of people complaining about your service and its really rotten Do you like conning people who need this phone, you should not even be in business, you people are the worse scammers I know about I will turn you people in no ifs and buts about it

Jul 17, 2018

who do I turn this shady company in to???

WOW, how terrible is this ignorant company?!!! What a joke! I need to know who I can turn these people in to so that they quit ripping people off and cancelling their service for returning a defective phone that they just had to pay $25 dollars for! This is absolutely crazy insane!!!! If ANYONE knows what government agency I can contact to talk to about this PLEASE respond in a review. Actually, my email address is [email protected] and you can just email me and let me know, THANK YOU

Jul 24, 2018

Is QLink a scam?

I received a call from QLink Wireless verifying that I’d like to keep my QLink number. I don’t have and don’t want an account with Q Link and have never heard of them. I tried to reach someone there to ensure I’ve not been signed up with them. Their process for signing up or even asking them a question had no humans and asked for birthday and 4 digits of SS number so I thought it might be a clever way to get key information for you and send a bill based on tricking people into signing up somehow. Because they don’t have a way to connect to them and I don’t know how to report them, I’m a little scared they are not a US government group as they claim to be but an elaborate scam. Has anyone investigated them?

Aug 7, 2018

Useless service & phone

Granted this is a free government program supposedly to give the poor access to phone service. With only 1 bar of service I can’t stay connected to phone calls or the internet & then messaging fails as well. The federal government needs to drop this company like a hot potato- they literally SUCK!

Aug 16, 2018

A real scam

I think they mess your first phone up so you have to buy a second one from them. When I got the second phone it was loaded up with their crappy apps to the tone of 2 thirds of the memory. What the heck am I supposed do do with so little memory? None of my user names or passwords work. If I try to delete their programs they threaten that other apps won't work. This is such a piece of junk. Half the time you can't get on the network to use the data and yet your data count disappears. The sound of the voices using the phone are so bad that you can't understand what they are saying. It is not worth the headache!!
think about it....the government pays for this program and you know who that means don't you. WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR THIS JUNKY PHONE COMPANY!

Sep 18, 2018

Charging your creditcard more then what was requested when ever want to

i added my credit card for the saving enrollment they over charge me then started charging me whenever they felt like and at high amounts and no one will answer thier phones stay away from qlink scam

[email protected]
Sep 26, 2018

Qlink sucks

,Qlink is the worst phone I have ever used. If I had an emergency and had to fail 911 I would be screwed. I would die before the phone would even get to the keypad. It is the slowest phone ever. Qlink will keep texting your phone to tell you I to download apps but the phone won't hold that much data. These phone just fuvking suck.I understand it is free but I only use it to call and text. I don't even use the i ternet. I am disabled and can not afford a brand name high no they phone, so I thought this would be perfect. Nope it sucks

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