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Palliser Furniture

Canada, Manitoba

Consumer reviews about Palliser Furniture

Scott Paschke
Jan 8, 2012

Leather sofa

We are part of Direct Buy and planned to order in the coming week! Wow, glad I read the reviews! Thank you!!!

Feb 9, 2012

Leather sofa

My leather sectional was delivered Feb 6th. The 3 pieces all appear to have been made in different factories as seams do not line up, nor do the back pieces of the sectional. But wait...it isn't just a matter of a hardware adjustment where they all "fit" together, no! What is most disturbing to me is the different height (thickness) of the cushions! The sofa piece has the shortest (thinnest) cushions. The love seat cushions are a little bit thicker, and the wedge seat is totally overstuffed! Or...perhaps the other 2 pieces are under-stuffed...? This is so completely preposterous!! These pieces do not fit together in any way, and I have someone coming in 5 days to look at this fiasco. I am going to tell my salesman that I do not want this or a replacement from Palliser. They had their chance to deliver a quality piece to me initially, and if I can count on first impressions, their products are extremely poorly made! I am going to insist this be removed from my home, and be given a refund. I refuse to trade for another sectional from this company! And FYI, this company IS in Canada but the furniture is indeed all made in Mexico. That's more profitable for Palliser of course. Everything today is all about profit and apparently Canada is no different. The thing is, I paid close to $4000 for junk. I will make absolute sure that my next sectional is made in the USA, and from a company with an upstanding reputation!!

Appleton, Wisconsin
Feb 12, 2012

Leather sofa

We also got ripped off. Showroom pieces looked great. We special ordered the color of leather on a large sectional. When delivered the leather was wrinkled at the seams and puckered on the seats. Palliser promised to send a rep to look at the furniture for months and three appointments were not kept. Two years later all the seams let loose, pleather, it's not really leather as they advertised. Framework is shoddy. Absolute junk and a horrible waste of money. Also damaged our relationship with a local retailer where we have purchased high end furniture for fifteen years. The family owned store no longer carries Palliser due to so many complaints.

Feb 21, 2012

Leather sofa

I am thinking of ordering a Palliser Flex sectional, but not many good reviews here. We do not plan to order leather but fabric and wonder if they do a better job with the fabric. We are very picky one of us wants to recline and the other wants to lay. Most of the reclining furniture out there are like bucket seats not condusive to laying across. Any thoughts from anyone that has purchased fabric itmes from Palliser??

Apr 1, 2012

Leather sofa

I just received my palliser sectional and chair and too does not seem like it is buity very good...seems cheap and it stinks. I can't put my finger on it I guess it kind of smells like mildew or musky. I have had windows open and fans and its snowing and cold, had to take my kids to grandmas cause its too cold in the house. Has anyone else had a problem with the smell?

Feb 18, 2013

odor in furniture

My in laws bought leather set it store for [service men] when furniture got home they started getting sick. They both have breathing problems. The same problem you are talking about. Go on website. [Health problems] find about a [law suit] going on with China, about their leather.their son [a youg man] slept on the couch several nights at xmas time & he Also got sick.They had to put it on porch until they could take it back to service store.From what have researched, it seems that all leather & faux leather & some fabric all comes from China.Tell the company where you bought it that you are going to return it as it is making you all sick

Sep 14, 2013

palliser home theatres quality problems

i have many compliants about palliser and their reps and dealers.... i ordered 4 palliser home theatre seats with all the options including buttkicker system and LED cup holders and 3000 grade leather... it cost me around $10,000 CDN dollars ... the problems... where to start... first. ordered it early april 2013 and they finally received it mid september 2013..... they said that they ran out of black leather.... how can a firm like this run out of leather?...... LED cup holders did not in chair and some of the chairs were very sweaky to the point that it annoys you to sit in it.... also, the overall workmanship on the seams and leather does not look nearly as good as my stressless sofa ..... also, the buttkicker system does not work because the parts were not shipped and i think there are missing parts too... also they forgot the accessories that we order with it too.... tables and tablet holders......the point is that after paying in full over a month ago none of these problems have been fixed... based on my experience i could not recommend palliser home theatre chairs at all... nor can i recommend their national wholesale organization.... also, they could not care less...

Nov 9, 2013

Thomas Melendez

Last year September 2012 I purchased a leather living room set Palliser sofa and loveseat recliner. In less than a year of purchase we had problems with frame of both items including the padding. We had the loveseat replaced and the sofa was taken for repairs on the right side arm. Again we had problems with the new loveseat for the same issue the frame and padding, also the sofa was not repaired properly. We called Kalins furniture store (were we purchased this furniture) and informed of this situation again. We had a Kalin rep come to our home to investigate and he found all the problems we mentioned about this furniture plus he found more problems on the frames. I requested to let us pick another brand of furniture or get refund. We are waiting for the response from Kalins Furniture. It is cheap built and paid to much for poor quality and the odor from the furniture took a month before it went away it smelled like paint. After many applications of a leather cleaner it went away.

Mar 15, 2015

Recliner sofa

Our Palliser arrived 6 weeks after it was promised needing a lesther cushion repair. Finally got it back from repair shop. Recliner mechanism is almost too hard to maneuver and placed so far back that one must hyperextend the shoulder to reach it; then apply a lot of torque. So sorry I ordered this sofa.

Nov 10, 2015

Palliser Sofa Recliner

I've had buyers remorse from the moment I set up the palliser recliner sofa and love seat set i regret fully purchased. First off it took me months before I could sit on it without being in pain. Not able to lay on it without bars digging in even sitting the poorly cushioned lumbar area feels like a wood beam digging into your back, as well as the leg rest you can certainly feel the wood frame digging into your calves. The fabric on the sofa is weak and snags very easily. Poor cushioning poor quality huge pos in my living room. I can't beleive I paid as much as I had for the sofa set, still. It is a giant headache. Literally. I DO NOT RECOMMEND PALLISER.

Jun 26, 2016

William Pair

Ordered 2 Palliser Love Seats on 1/25/15, took delivery of the set on 3/14/15. We moved on 6/01/15 and only then did we start using them. They are so hard that they can hardly be used. When we have company, they prefer to sit on dinning room chairs. The leather
doesn't even look like leather although the tag on the bottom says it is. It looks more like plastic !!! I e-mailed Palliser and was told it would soften up in time (how long???) and sent me your warranty information. Needless to say, we would never purchase any of your products again. The worse customer service we have ever experienced. Any other company would have sent a representative out to our house to solve the problem.
Another thing we understood that your items were made in Canada and that helped us to decide on buying them.
We have just been told by another furniture company that they are made in Mexico !!!
We would not recommend Palliser to anyone......VERY UNHAPPY with your product !!!

Jul 11, 2016

Missing Parts

When you order a $3200.00 sofa you should get everything you need to make the piece functional. Missing bolts and washers to attached (plastic feet) plastic at this price really. Don't call Palliser when parts are missing even if you have your proof of purchase. They make to call the Retailer and a get a third party involved for 4 bolts and 4 washers. Retailer tried to be helpful but can't tell you when you can get parts as Palliser requires 48 hours to get back to the Retail. Maybe end of week I will know when I will see these parts.

Nov 20, 2016

mc kennit-palliser


Jan 9, 2017

Regent Recl Love seat

Bought a Regent Recliner love seat Jan 8, 2014. Sofa delivered Feb `9, 2014. Immediately noticed stuffing in head cushion were different, also same problem with seats. Retail store sent a Furniture Co. to repair. Furniture Co. removed stuffing in overfilled cushions and placed it in under filled cushions. We were never comfortable on the piece of furniture. What was displayed in the store is not the same quality they delivered. We are now Jan 8, 2017, the seats supports have collapsed. Doubt very much Palliser will do anything about this. Have warned all of my acquaintances about this poorly built product. Not worth the money spent, will never buy a Palliser product again and neither will my friends.

[email protected]
Jan 19, 2017

Customer Service

I purchased a Palliser recliner in Dec 2014...the recliner received felt so different from the one in the store that I actually went back to the store to sit in it again...unfortunately I decided to keep the one I received. I have used it but it has never felt comfortable. Now the frame has broken. I was told there is a 5 year warranty on the frame but I can't seem to get someone to talk to in customer service. I've left several messages and have yet to get a call back. I have purchased much cheaper recliners at Rooms to Go and they were so much more comfortable and a lot less expensive. Unfortunately, I bought into the hype of this being a good quality company with a fantastic warranty. What good is the warranty if there is no follow through. I will never recommend this brand to anyone...seemed like a bait and switch from the beginning...

Jan 21, 2017


Wow.....I work for a furniture Retailer as their warranty rep. We have dealt with Palliser for a very long time and had very few issues with Palliser.
The product being made in Mexico I don't think that's accurate. There may be some metal pieces that come from there but they go into production in Winnipeg.
We have had very few issues with Palliser and the one we have had have been rectified by the company by sending out the part as well as paying for the service to have it repaired.
There are different grades of Leather with Palliser and they also carry Bonded as well as PVC. So it really is up to the consumer to inquire as to what they are getting and you can usually tell by the price also there are tags under your furniture that will tell you that. As far as electronics they are covered for 5 years by Palliser. We had to replace the LED lighting on a Theater seating set. There were no problems. We also had an entire set replaced due to fabric coming apart at the seams they replaced the sets no questions. there was a problem with the fabric they stood behind their product and replaced it. THE ONLY TIME WE HAD A NO IS WHEN IT WAS A CLEAR CASE OF USER ABUSE,believe me there are ways to tell that. PALLISER DOES NOT DEAL WITH THE CONSUMER DIRECTLY THEY DEAL WITH THE RETAILER!!! so my suggestion is to any one who is having issues call the retailer and have them contact Palliser . Send your retailer the pictures of the defects as well as the acknowledgment # located under your furniture. MAKE SURE they do their job and Follow up with the retailer to see where they are at. Bonded leather,fabric and PVC only have a year on the upholstery. So My question is was it Palliser or your Retailer? Read the full warranty attached to your furniture and make sure you do your research on what grade of leather you have or if it's bonded etc.
Palliser has stood behind their product with us.

w seeley
Jan 23, 2017

Buyer's Remorse

It has taken me over a year & I still suffer from a very painful, aching back from sitting on my Palliser Sofa. What was wrong with me for not checking out surveys on Palliser. I was looking forward to a comfortable couch after having one that was too soft, now I have one that has been manufactured too hard. Hard to explain just how hard the sofa is on a person's back. I am so sorry that I went with Palliser. Sitting on it in the store & than waiting for it to be constructed was a few months. Once it came I thought I would get used to the discomfort but no. Never again. This is a sofa & a recliner. Year 2015/16. If Palliser would stand up & make sure their customers are happy it would be so much better for their reputation. Happy people tell 3, unhappy tell 11 people.
I have had Ashleys that are comfortable compared to this higher priced end.

Jan 25, 2017


Well I finally talked to a warranty person. I had left a minimum of 10 messages and today finally someone answered the phone. I was then told that I would have to pay for the repair and they would reimburse me for parts only. This wasn't what I was told when I bought the recliner. Like I would want to wait for them to reimburse me? They don't even return a phone call and I am expected to believe I would receive a check...Dont waste your money on this company!!! They are way too expensive not to stand behind their product. The recliner will be trashed and I'd rather put the money towards something new. I'm going to try Lazy Boy or a local furniture store. I've seen price at half of what I paid for this...especially since it barely lasted 2 years.

My joy
Jan 27, 2017

Palliser junk

Purchased a leather reclining sofa and reclining love seat with counsel. Made it all through the warranties even the extended.
One of the sofa seats are broken down and the same with the love seat. Made it five yrs, payed $5000. For the two pieces
Thought it would last a lot longer. Next time I'll buy cheap and replace every five years. Boy what a joke Palliser is
sure don't stand up to there name. Just living off it.

Florida Lady
Mar 30, 2017

Pleased with Palliser

We purchased a two seat power reclining sofa upholstered in Palliser's highest grade leather in mid February. It was delivered two days ago (end of March). We are very pleased with the comfort and quality. My husband and I both have back problems and are loving the support that the couch offers. The seams are beautifully stitched and the leather has no smell. One of the salespersons at the store had the opportunity to visit the factory in Mexico. She was impressed with how clean the factory was and the pride of the workers made an impression on her. The power recline buttons are mounted on the side if the seat cushions and are easy to find and smoothly operate the recline mechanism. We plan to have this couch for many years.

Oct 29, 2017

Horrible Customer Service

Purchased 2 recliners from Sears Canada. 6 months into ownership and something is wrong with of the chairs. Horrible Customer Service. Customer service is everything! Palliser, with your customer service team I am sure Cary and Lorri are super proud of how you treat your customers. Of course being CEO and Vice President, I am sure they don't hear about stories of their customers who put faith and pride into a Canadian manufacture, (in my case anyway) only to find out that if you lose your SEARS receipt even after obtaining financial details from Sears and sending in the photo of the manufacturing sticker which clearly shows 6 months since it was made, you are S.O.L.! You see Sears these days don't want to put any effort into helping customers find a copy of a sales receipt, because Sears is now in the hands of liquidators. So I will say that I will no longer buy any furniture from Palliser and will tell as many people as possible how they really don't want customers. Shame shame. We bought 2 recliners BTW, just ask Trish Wilde of Palliser Customer Service. She knows the story. I certainly wouldn't be a proud CEO or Vice President if I knew that even one of my customers were unhappy. This is what happens when you grow too big Palliser, you lose focus on your clients. If you don't care about customer service people, go ahead and waste your money with Palliser!

D. Michaud
Dec 10, 2017

Battery Problem

We purchased a leather Palliser sofa set, electric. However, the lazy boy has a battery since no electrical outlet was near the chair.
The problem is that the battery does not retain its charge. We talked to the seller, Meubles Degelis, in Ville Degelis, PQ. It was suggested that we charge the battery and when fully charged, deconnect and reconnect to bypass a computer within the battery. We did that but the problem remains. We use the chair on a daily basis, mostly at night. We were told that the battery would retain its charge for three months. We understand that maybe in our case it would need recharging more often but every week seems unreasonable. Once a month we could accept but not weekly. We suspect that there is a problem with the battery.
Please advise via email at [email protected]
Thank you.

Mar 16, 2018

Palliser Power recliners

We purchased 2 leather power recliners in 2014 with the additional extended warranty. Last year one of the chairs the material on the inside of the arm rest started to crack. We approached Palliser and were told that it wasn't their problem as it was out of warranty and to contact the company that we had the extended warranty with. We were declined extended warranty because that area apparently is not leather even though it is a contact area. The inside of the chair, the outside of the chair & back is definitely not made of leather. So these leather chairs are definitely are not all leather as we were told. We do have different makes of sofas and other recliner chairs and everything that we have is made from leather and we have not had this issue before. The biggest problem we are now finding is that our chairs are very uncomfortable. After sitting for a hour or more our backs are very sore. These chairs were purchased as main sitting chairs for our family room. Unfortunately I think we have to get rid of these and find a better quality of product even though we thought we had bought a premium product. I definitely do not recommended purchasing any of their products..

Apr 23, 2018

Palliser Recliner

We purchased 2 Colt recliners in 12/2011. They are top quality leather. They have both worn well. My husband practically lived in his while he was quite ill. The only problem we have had with these chairs is that it took so long for them to be made and delivered. It is disappointing to see so many bad reviews for what I consider a great product.

[email protected]
Jun 9, 2018

Poor Quality

After reading all the complaints, i was astounded to read the Warranty Rep working for a furniture company’s comments re very few problems and all were handled fairly except for abuse of the product. I also took extreme exception to his comments that it is up to the consumer to determine the grade of the leather, when you pay $3000.00 for a sofa and chair, are seniors who cannot afford to buy new furniture every 6 years, have no children, no pets are gone 6 months of the year and the leather starts splitting underneath the arms after 6 years. Whatever are the sales people for if not to educate the buyer that the furniture will not last longer than 6 years, not to mention the fact that if we had not purchased the 5 year guarantee, it would not have made it past 4 years as the recliner chair started to fall apart WITH VERY CAREFUL CARE. I am a Canadian and very ashamed to say Palliser is a Canadian company however, I spent much time trying to find a contact with Palliser on line. Help! It’s not possible. I have contacted the furniture company here selling what appears to be very shameful furniture and so far, have had no support. I will give them another week or two and if no success, will share the furniture store’s name with other consumers so they do not end up throwing their money away on a low class product and supporting a furniture store that don’t look after their customers. Totally shameful.

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