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Narendera Dass

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Narendera Dass

Apr 10, 2018

Narendera Dass

Al Muteena, Deira, Dubai. Landmark: Near Lulu Centre. P.O.Box: 25570, Dubai., United Arab Emirates

Novo Elite Tours & Travel LLC. FRAUD COMPANY

I want to inform everyone about Novo Elite Tour’s & Travel. I got a call that, I have won a gold coin and holiday Voucher, to collect the prize, I have to attend a conference of 45 minutes along with my family in Novo Tel Hotel in Deira. When I went with my family along with my 2 children’s around 8pm in the evening, instated of conference, they start to explain about holiday packages and one Travel Executive started to convince me to by their holiday membership to buy, and I was seated from 8pm till 11:30 pm, and the next day morning my children’s is having school, so after they forced and confused us about Holiday membership plan, I give AED 10,000/-. By cash and AED 30,000/-. By Credit card and sign a membership contract.
Very next day when I realized that, I did a mistake by taking a membership, I started to call Novo Elite Tour’s & Travel office and only centralized telephone system is working, and no one is answering a call.
The same day around 12pm I directly visited their office No. 1103, AL Kharbash Tower, in Shaikh Zayed, Receptionist ask me to seat and someone will come to attend me. After I waited 3hrs and I started to be shouting, someone from customer service come and attended me. When I ask for refund again he started to convince me, also he told me that, the membership is nonrefundable. I refused, and I ask for full refund the amount of AED 40,000/-.
After I waited of 15days they have not refunded my amount and I went directly to DED – Dubai Economic Department, and then I got my money back, with the help of Economic Department.

NOVO ELITE are big cheaters and fraud company be careful.

This is my notice to every Indian / Pakistani & Pilipino community of Novo Elite Tour’s & Travel...also if you have already a member and you need your money back, visit directly to "DED" DUBAI ECONOMIC DEPARTMENT, Main Office - Business Village
Deira - Near Clock Tower – Tel: +971 4 4455555 / +971 4 4455554
Email: [email protected] / www.consumerrights.ae / www.dubaided.gov.ae

http://nettrez.com Not Secure Website

Novo Elite Tours & Travel LLC. FRAUD COMPANY

Jun 17, 2018

Priority International


I have also been a victim in similar case from some other travel company. Could you please ping me on +971 ### to guide me for DED complaint.


Jun 21, 2018

Narendera dass fraudster

Mr Narendera,
I am working for novo elite. We have checked all out records and we cannot find any member with the name of narendera dass in the past of present. I am sure you are a frauster, cheat and fake person who is trying to malign my compamny name and reputation for personal or proffessional gains. If you genuine come out in the open and give your conatct number so we can confirm your false complains.

Dear all ,
This person is a fraud!! Beware of narendera dass the frauster!!!

Liz Gracias
Jul 16, 2018

Novoelite Scam

I absolutely agree Mr. Dass, my husband and myself got cheated the same manner as yourself. Wasted 23000 aed plus our time and patience dealing with unprofessional humans!

Zainab Ajmeri
Jul 21, 2018

About Novoelite

We spoke with Mr.Ameen(Novoelite person) and compromised to get back our money.

Aug 5, 2018


novo elite is a group of frauds who cheats people
They have got a group of buggers,men and woman who wil to any extent .
pls expatriates take care of these frauds
share maximum
I too have got the same experience mr.das
go toDED for assistance

Aug 7, 2018

Novo Elite Holidays

Same here..! A victim of their good sales pitch and aggressive selling techniques, they will corner you by good skills of conversation.

Scam scenario

They will call you to attract your attention that you've won 4 days and 3 nights holiday, and invite you to come and claim. This is their chance to catch you and do their own things to lure you.

A. They will ask to avail their package
B. Enjoy in future
C. You can avail anytime you want

But look as this scenario.

A. They will take the money from your credit card
B. You will monthly EMI in behalf of them
C. If you don't use it all they have bagged your money
D. You enjoy only what you have paid

Means you can do same thing at your own and book only when you need it.
Don't fall on this scam and don't entertain.

novo response team
Aug 20, 2018

Narendera Dass Fake name and Not a member

Dear All,

I would like to Inform you all that Narendera Dass is a wrongly spelt name itself. The right spelling is "Narendra". A person who can't write his/her name correctly so that person has no right to write about a company. He is some coward and perhaps a competition who wants to defame Novo Elite Holidays.

For all Readers, Novo Elite is operating under UAE laws and for your reference, they have the following activities of tourism as per DED and DTCM. All these activities make them legal to sell holidays.

1: Inbound tourism license
2: Outbound Tourism License
4: Timeshare
5: Holidays

They have a customer service department and personal relationship manager to contact please dial 8003688 or visit the office.

They are filing a case in cybercrime and will publish the details of this person in the same thread.

novo response team
Aug 20, 2018

marcopolo hotel address on fake review

Dear All,

This is to inform you that this post writer has used the official address of Marco polo hotel Deira and written a fake review. Novo has decided to take legal action against the review writer and formally request the hotel management to ensure that they also pass an official statement about this FAKE person and FAKE review.

We request all again not to participate in this post as there is a legal action taken against this post. If you have any concern or complain please contact 8003688 or your relationship manager.

Kind Regards

Sep 10, 2018


I too feel novoelite is fraud and not very customer friendly . I had been trying to call them but worst response from them Now I too will try to get my money refunded .
Novoelite team please check my name SUWANSH MESHRAM

mohammaf quaid
Sep 14, 2018

novo elite is a fraud company

I’ve also been a victim of this fradulent company. I’m trying since june to get back my money. They first called us by saying that we have won a holiday and then gave us a presentation of more than 2 hours finally convinced us that we have to pay 12 months of installment of our total amount. the very next day bank refused to give 12 months installment so we decided to take back the amount. They said they will deduct 500Dhs for the whole procedure we compromised on everything to get our amount back. They didn’t respond to our calls and neither our messages. The whole staff is 3rd class and a company which calls themselves to be service provider are actually looting people.
After reading all the reviews here we have also decided to go to dubai economic department.
BEAWARE PEOPLE! This company is just a fraud.
PS: you can ask for a customer id and email etc they have sent us.
Mohammad Quaid

Sep 23, 2018

Novo Elite Holidays

Anybody got a copy of the agreement? I want to get a copy but they keep on asking you to meet somebody, make appointment etc that prolonging the discussion.

Not good at all.. At least they must understand customer sentiment without causing delays and help about withdrawal.
They are very fast in taking cash but when withdrawal they will try to hold to the moment they can do.

Hope they will do fast in withdrawal and don't deduct anything if you don't even enjoy anything from them.

Sep 25, 2018

Novo Elite Holidays

I agree with most of you and our problems seems similar. I too was promised a lot of things but the company cannot deliver. In addition there is not response to my messages or email. It would help if we all joined together and approached DM. Request you to kindly contact me on ###.

charmy jhony
Sep 25, 2018

Novo Elite Holidays Fraud

I am also in the same boat. I have paid in full for platinum membership, and now they are not responding to my emails/phones for flights/hotels which they promised. Please get in touch with me on [email protected] to discuss how we can jointly go against them for refunds.

Joe James
Sep 25, 2018

Novo elite holiday packages

My name is Joe James. I am sure they will call me also a fraud .Even I am having a very poor experience. with Novo Elite. They never keep their word and never bother to attend our calls or reply to our queries.Thanks Narendra for the valuable information provided.I am also approaching Dubai Economic department to claim my money back.
Beware of Novo elite and their brilliant sales team. Never pay any money or join their holiday package.

Sep 26, 2018


Hi i am.also experiencing same problem very bad customer service i plan my trip last month i was promised to give ticket when i purchased their pakage when at time of booking i was told they have some issue in booking tickets so i have to book from my side and they will refund it has been 3 month now still no refunds
When i am trying to call Ms Gurleen and Mr Ameen both always busy and dont have courtesy to call back also unless you abuse them they will try to satisfy you by talking in very calm manner

I am planning to complain in DED after yesterdays scam of tourism company

Any body planning to go please contact me on 0559545994

Oct 6, 2018

Novo elite holiday

I got the last month sept 7 2018 silver membership also ,and now i am really worried my packaged is 13,000 and I already paid half 6500 and I want to cancel the contract. Any one can help me? Please contact me 0558150388

Oct 11, 2018

Novo Elite Fraud

Indeed a fraud and unhelpful when u have concerns.
Had similar problems with them. We got ours last August the very next day we requested to cancel and ask for refund, they said cancellation against their company policy but its was mentioned in the contract that membership may terminate within 7days of enrollment. Also, we have to pay 3,750aed admin fee if we wanted to cancel which is absurd! Imagine cancellation fee cost 3,750aed we haven't even use their services! Then they just make a counter offer, it's been 8 weeks since i requested the cancellation but to no avail. So, i make a complaint to DED its out of their jurisdiction since its holiday package and they advise to call DTCM contact: 600555559 email: [email protected]

My case is now on process.

Nov 15, 2018

Worst company having bunch of unprofessional people

We had taken platinum membership in Feb 2017 and availed holidays in both 2017 and 2018 but with so much difficulties. Making the holiday booking through Novo Elite is true nightmare and real a pain in the neck. The holiday booking only happens after many follow up calls, emails, meetings, shouting and screaming at them and that to in crappy hotels located far away from main tourist attractions.The staff there even can't help you with your tour plan as they are not experienced to do so. You pay the money upfront but to get any service from them is really difficult. If I have to summarise their services in a small paragraph, I would say, "Novo Elite have employed a bunch of unprofessional and inexperienced people who do not know the meaning of both customer and service They don't bother to take phone calls and/ or reply to emails. The company management definitely lacks vision, attitude and commitment to serve customers. It is unfortunate and sad that people who trust them and paid their hard earned money up front are the ones who are suffering due to companies such as NE and the authorities are doing little about it. This kind of company should not exist here".
My advise to all potential customers of this company is, please don't fall in trap of this company by taking their membership. Even though you pay bit more for your family holiday when you do your own booking, it is way less hassle and headache than when you deal with bunch of inexperienced and unprofessional staff of Novo Elite who make you chase them like a detective chasing a criminal. There is no complaint system within the company so that you can raise your voice to reach out to the senior management. Hence, please stay away from a company like this.

Nov 17, 2018

Novo Elite complaints

We have also been given the run around by Novo Elite.
We are now considering lodging a case against them as they no longer answer calls or emails.

Nov 18, 2018


Can somebody given me an update how we can get our refund back??they are bunch of fraudsters who never has been delaying our refund !

Nov 20, 2018

Novo Elite Holidays Fraud

Dear All,

It’s my humble request, Don’t come under the trap of this company , Very pleasant customer support service to grab your money to their pocket once the package is sold they don’t respond to any of the mails or calls
Require 100 calls to reach operator or the staff and need 1 million follow-up end results is close to Zero,
Its looks for me the Fraud… 055 4046824

Mohsin Allarakhia
Nov 20, 2018

Beware of Novo Elite

Beware of this company. They sold me an expensive Platinum membership with a lot of promises made by the sales representative, many of which turned out to be misleading or outright lies. For example...
they claimed that if you are a Novo Elite member, you will get a minimum 15% discount on airline tickets as compared to buying directly from the airline. During the sales pitch, they even ran a website on a laptop, so I could compare the Novo Elite website air ticket prices to that of the airline website (I compared prices against Emirates during the sales pitch, and yes, the Novo Elite “website” gave me a much cheaper price for the same Emirates ticket). But afterwards, after I had paid for the membership, and tried to make a booking for my next flight, I was told that their website is not operational yet…so the so-called website that was shown to me during the sales pitch did not even exist, and was probably something put up for show (I am not a computer expert, so I don’t know how they did it). Once you have bought the membership, they will ask you to contact them for prices, and the prices they quote will be much more expensive than the airline, or even what other travel agents will quote. When you argue with them, they will come up with excuses like...we can give you 15% discount as compared to IATA fares, which are usually 2 to 3 times pricier than the tickets you buy directly from any airline. No one uses IATA fares anymore, so their claimed “discount” is meaningless. But during the sales pitch, they will be very careful not to mention that their so-called discount is only applicable when compared to full IATA fares.
What about their 4 star hotel promise? At least I can get my "free" nights, right? Well...not quite. Firstly, their price for the membership is such that the "free" nights will cost you more than if you buy from any website like Trivago. So why pay Novo Elite in advance, when you can buy the hotels you want, more cheaply, by yourself, whenever you need them? But wait...it gets even worse, as you may have guessed by now. When you actually try to use your "free" nights, you will come across even more problems. I tried to use my allotted nights for a beach hotel in Muscat, and Novo Elite said they couldn't give me a beach hotel, and offered me city hotels, some of which were not very good, even though they were technically 4 star. When I insisted, after many telephone calls and emails, and arguments on the phone, they finally offered me a beach hotel...100 km outside Muscat. It was obvious that they were trying to cut their cost as much as possible, even if that meant giving you hotels that were not so good. In the end, I gave up, and just booked my own hotel directly, because I did not want my holidays spoiled. And this was Oman, which like the UAE, has a government agency that determines what a 4 star hotel should have. So if a hotel in Oman or the UAE says it is 4 star, at least you know that they have passed the government standards for a 4 star hotel.
Many other countries, unfortunately, do not have such rating systems. Basically, in these countries, if you say your hotel is 4 star, even though it may be a crappy hotel, then it is...and Novo Elite will tell you that it is a 4 star hotel, which is what they are obliged to provide under the contract, and if you don't like it, well, that's just too bad. For example, I tried to get a 4 star hotel in the Maldives, and they offered me The Ithaa Beach Maldives as a 4 star hotel. Check it out yourself. It's a house that has been renovated to a guest house, with just four rooms, but Novo Elite insisted it was a 4 star hotel. When I tried arguing that this was obviously not a 4 star hotel, in fact I would hesitate to call it even a 2 star hotel, their supervisor was extremely rude on the phone, and told me to read the contract. They were supposed to provide a 4 star hotel, and according to them, this was a 4 star hotel. End of discussion. If I did not like it, that was not their problem. Check out the Ithaa Beach Maldives on Google for yourself. Do you think this is a 4 star hotel? Novo Elite says it is.
Can it get worse? Yes, it definitely does. Most of the time, no one answers the phone when you call their office. And if you complain, and say that you will give them a bad review, like this one, their supervisor will threaten you with legal action. This is why I have scrupulously stuck to the facts here, and am not going to tell you whether Novo Elite is a good company or not. You decide for yourself...

Nov 22, 2018


We are also a victim of this company. Its been almost 3 months of struggle trying to reach someone to assist us. We've already sent tons of email follow-ups, number of phone call attempts every day yet we ended up with nothing but stress. We feel like everyone whom we are trying to contact with is ignoring us. People assigned to our account is very unproffessional, very unhelpful and for some are disgustingly very rude! We regret to say that doing business with NOVO ELITE was the biggest mistake we made. We ended up cancelling our bookings.

Dec 18, 2018

It seems fraud company

I am also a victims of these fraud people ..lets us take it to legal department ..my number is 0525224283 ....pls contact me for taking action against them.

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