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Consumer reviews about Magnamail

Jan 23, 2012

$25,000 winner

ITS A SCAM, Seriously are they really going to fork out all that money??? the same catalogue you received is the same catalogue they send to every mail box in the country. its just a scam to boost their sales and get more people to buy their products and most people being so desperate will actually fall for the scam. Nothing in life can be that easy and there is no way you can win 25000 by buying the cheapest item in the book Magnamail have to be idiots if they are paying out these amounts...IT A SCAM DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM- LET THEIR BUSINESS SUFFER IF THEY CANT MAKE SALES IN THE RIGHT WAY AND ARE WILLING TO SCAM US THEN I SAY DONT SUPPORT THEM..LET THEM GO BANKRUPT!!!

Feb 6, 2012

$25,000 competition Jan 2012

Hi, My Name is Linda J Kennedy.
I recently received the catalogue in November last year with my serial number matching both the $5,000 cash & the $25,000.
I did what they asked, ordered and sent in my money and details, I received the clock that apparently all participants now receive that prize automatically! so then I had asked the person on the phone have I won the money... He says to me YES you have won and someone will contact you shortly for your personal details. So its now been since Jan 9th 2012 that the phone call happened, no money received, nothing at all! All I get from them is that every person receives a chance to WIN one of those prisez for ordering and that IF YOUR SERIAL NUMBER MATCHED - YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!
They totally scammed me, This money was desperately needed and I had actually thought Life was about to get better...

Please do something about these people that are falsely advertising winning tickets!!!

Feb 21, 2012

$25,000 winner

I agree, how many more people will fall for this c---. I too received a letter stating I won a grand prize but then I had to order from the catalogue, they stated they would send the prize with the order. Well when it arrived I got a tin ring that you might get in a Xmas cracker. Then when I rang up to complain, they stated that if I read the catalogue it states you have won one of the prizes and that prize was the ring worth $00.00. when I tried to explain that the letter stated different to what he had said he then stated that they would not have sent a letter stating I had won a major prize. Well the penny had sunk in what a b-----
fool am I. So listen everyone don't get sucked in you know the saying once bitten twice shy. It wont happen again I will tell you . Some thing needs to be done with this company that s for sure.

Anna Sutton
Apr 5, 2012

$25,000 winner

Buyer beware! I ignored the 'prize' offer for what it obviously was - a sales promotion. I have bought items from Magnamail, but I am very selective with what I buy, as you get what you pay for, like many other catalogue mail-box drops. But they have one item I haven't seen anywhere else. It's a micro-wave jug with a funnel that prevents rice and pasta boiling over. I have two of them now, but my first one has been going for years and is used constantly. I also have their micro-wave heated hair rollers, which are a bit cheap and nasty, but do the job. It really surprises me that the people posting above don't accept this company for what it is.

david carlile
Jun 7, 2012

Delivery Time

According to your picking docket our order was dispatched on 31/05/2012 and arrived to day 08/06/2012 this is 8 days to delivery a very light parcel.

Having been in warehousing/distribution and Logistics for over 35 years with, Repco, Masport, HPM, GGH, Allied Liquor in both Australia and NZ also having set up a number of 3PL warehouses, I would be very disappointed if I could not get a next day delivery service around the North Island. 2 days into the South Island ( you can get overnight into the South Island main centres )
Or a 4 hours delivery service within Auckland Metro area,
8 am pick up with a 12 noon delivery
9 am pick up with a 1 pm delivery
10.30am pick up with a 2.30pm delivery
12 am pick up with a delivery prior to 5 pm
After 12 am all local deliveries are picked up at 6pm with a next day delivery by 9 am.
Look at extending your working day by different starting times based on orders and pick up times.
I assume all your ticketing is electronic and based on size and weight.
I would not be happy with a 10 day delivery period within the Auckland Area or within NZ.
you can do better, and on the number of packges you send out daily should have good leverage to get better rates.

Jan 10, 2013

Order not received but cheque cashed

Ordered in good faith from their catalogue. Sent a cheque which was cashed on 17th Nov 2012. Then an email saying one item was out of stock. They would not send the others until that one item was back in stock? So much for my Kris Kringle gifts. ! ordered four items in total. I complained via email, they replied saying the goods would be sent in the next few days. This was before Christmas. Now after I contacted them AGAIN, goods will be sent out in the next ten days. Does this company actually exist? I will be forwarding all contact with them to Consumer Affairs Ombudsman. I bought a camera from Hong Kong and recieved it in five days, the week before Christmas.

Oct 4, 2013




Thanks you give the Well when it arrived I got a tin ring that you might get in a Xmas cracker. Then when I rang up to complain, they ... Jan 10, 2013 ... Thanks pastar Robeecka maria God bless you cantan us [email protected]

help us and cantcat us

Thanks pastar Robeecka mari a

Oct 4, 2013



Well when it arrived I got a tin ring that you might get in a Xmas cracker. Then when I rang up to complain, they ... Jan 10, 2013 ... Thanks pastar Robeecka maria ...

Thanks you give ring pastar Robeecka maria God bless you

Joan Delaney
Oct 14, 2015

unable to enter code

tried to submit my code number which is 7183 but was unable to submit all I saw was a page of prizes to be won but no submit button so how can I enter the competition. A prompt reply would be very much appreciated or is this a scam. Regards Joan Delaney

Oct 19, 2015

cant get onto the right site

I am trying to get onto http://www.magnamail.com.au/case.

When you get into it, there are dozens of things you can press. I have tried every one of them and they do not let me into a site where I can enter my code number.

Which one am I supposed to be getting into to enter my code.

Oct 19, 2015


I am trying to enter my code on http://www.magnamail.com.au/case.
When I get in there you have a million choices. It doesn't matter which ones I press, none of them take me to a site where I can put my code number in.
How do I get there ?

Carmen Ofelia Arrivillaga
Oct 19, 2015

Carmen Ofelia Arrivillaga

This is the 4th time I have send you a note without any answers. On October 5th, 2015 you discount the amount of $59.95 from my Credit Card, payment I DID NOT AUTHORIZED. From the 1st of October 2015 I am not receiving anything from Lumosity, so that payment is for nothing, I want you to deposit $ 59.95 in my Credit Card account. I hope you will get this note, because you don't have my e-mail any more. My name is Carmen Ofelia Arrivillaga.

Oct 23, 2015

Steve Blackburn

Interesting that Joan Delaney says her code is 7183 - so is mine. My wife and I just entered the $20,000 giveaway and the original notice didn't say we had to order anything to win a prize. When the actual online entry form specified this, we ordered a microwave casserole pot that turned out to be about the size of a soup mug, accompanied by the "garnet pendant and earring set" which shows no sign of containing any garnets and looks very low quality. Also received the entry form for the cash "giveaway" with the code 7183 which it appears everyone gets. Like others in these reviews, I can't find anywhere to enter this number. While searching for the site I noticed a result that said "It may surprise you to see what all these Lucky Winners have in common - anyone else notice that one? I can't find it in the search results now, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were all connected in some way to the owners of Magnamail or their product suppliers.

Nov 2, 2015

cannot enter code in Magnamail Cash Case

I have tried to enter the code 7183 and it is leading me all over the place. Is this code genuine? The reason I ask is that lots of others have got the same code. Could you please send me an answer or explanation? The garnet and pendant earring set is not very high quality at all. I was very disappointed with it as well as the weather station that I ordered.. The wind vane does not move at all in a strong wind the rain gauge is crooked and the pole it is on falls over in a light breeze. My husband anchored it to a strong post and to quote him he thinks it is shit and he is an engineer by trade.
Awaiting your reply,

Nov 21, 2015


2 months ago (September '15) there was a magnamail catalogue in our local newspaper in Cairns with it there was a scratchie ticket attached, when my husband scratched it 4 out of 8 winning prizes matches the LUCKY NUMBERS which is G46R1, the winning prizes were $25,000, $5,000, ipad mini and heritage watch, then i ordered more than $50 (coz of the free gift) plus the $2 catalogue subscription gave them the best time to contacts us. Few days ago (2 months almost) i got what i've ordered plus the heritage watch (which i assumed that was one of my prizes) and the free gift which it says in their invoice a CAT RING HOLDER - PURPLE but it was maybe a $1 battery massage shit. I waited a phone call from them but me and my husband come into realisation that this is a HUGE SCAM. Reading all thru of this customers letters wondering when they get their $25,000 or any winning prize i have no hope of getting our winning prize as well. ATTENTION MAGNAMAIL: could u please contact me when i will get our $25k, $5k and ipad mini????

Dec 13, 2015

Cash Prize

I received a coupon a couple of days ago saying that if I enter my code number I would be told what i had won. I have enter the website address supplied but have found no where to enter the code. Is this another of your gimmicks. Previously I was told I was guaranteed a prize from a pool of about 20. Never got a thing. I am beginning to think you pay these people who say they have won prizes because over the years I have never won a thing although have been told numerous times that I have.

Apr 22, 2016

unable to acess specified site

Received a flyer in my parcel of goods today. Although tried many magnamail sites none came up with the end word MINE. Seems competitions are only a waste of time, a pity because the goods have of fairly good standard. We do not need competitions which do not work, in order to make our purchases.

Not happy jan
May 2, 2016

Should be jailed

I received a catalogue and a list of prizes that I was in the running to win if I reordered and sent back my unique code.
The cheapest of these prizes was had a value of $50. Three weeks later a received a bracelet that you can pick up at the
$2 shops. What is our fraud squad doing about this, nothing it has been going on too long.

I am a disability pensioner and unfortunately believe in the best of people.
Magnamail you have destroyed my faith in the human race, I hope you can live with what you are doing to innocent people.

May 18, 2016


On the 1st April I sent an order for a carpet sweeper and pair of fleece trousers - I made my cheque out for $89.00. After nearly a month I had not received anything so finally after a 20 minute wait on the phone managed to speak to someone who did not have good English. He said that my order had not been processed as I had omitted to include the postage. I apologised but said that no one had contacted me and that my cheque had been banked 2 weeks ago. He had no idea as to why I had not been contacted. I iimmediately sent a cheque for $11.90 with covering letter explaining how disappointed I was that no one had bothered to contact me, on 28 April. Yesterday as I had not received my order I again phoned and was told they had not received my cheque. As this had been sent to their PO Box in Auckland, an overnight delivery and my other cheque had been received, can only assume that someone in their Auckland Office did not like my thoughts about their operation and had binned my cheque! I was told by the Australian operator I was speaking to that I could wait another 2 days as sometimes it takes a while for cheques to be sent from the Auckland Shop to Australia. I said no and now want my money refunded. They banked my cheque knowing full well it was short and no one bothered to contact me so this is THEFT!!!!!!!!! Have reported them to Consumer Affairs!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS CROWD - MOST OF THE TIME THEIR GOODS ARE CHEAP AND NASTY!

jan blair
Jun 28, 2016

my order has not arrived

on the 6.6.16 I ordered 2 H1569 chair quilted covers and paid with cheque no 1548 for $80.70 from CBA. The cheque was cashed on 14.6.16 and I have not received them. I have never had a problem before and would like to know when they will arrive please.
Thanking You Jan Blair.

Jul 13, 2016


I have been a customer for a few years I only buy products that I use and yes I have entered most of the competions even when they state you have won $100 to $20000 and yes never seen any money
my last order arrived 13-7-16 on the order form stating that I have won $20000,$1000,$500,IPad ,or a cheap black hand bag and you guessed it that is what I received like all the other times you only receive the cheapest give away
With my order I received flyer to enter Goldmine and see how much you could win with no purchase and yes I entered it stating I won 20% discount of my next order until winner is drawn
So Goodbye Magnamail you are nothing bit a scam

Aug 18, 2016

mrs P Riches

Please change my address FROM P.O.Box 290. Miami. Qld 4220.

The new address is the to one.
Many Thanks
P. Riches

P keefe
Dec 19, 2016


I like many of the others received a confirmed winner letter with a prize claim registration document. I have been ordering from magnamail for many years. I am 75 years of age and have last woken up to them as scammers. I did receive a clock as a free gift, this is just a cheap item as most of their goods. I WILL DEFINATELY NOT BE PURCHASING FROM THE SCAMMERS AGAIN. And the catalogue will go in the trash bin where it belongs

May 11, 2017

free gift

Anytime ANY pamphlet that you receive in the mail, advertises a 'free gift' (actually a gift is free), I automatically assume - 'what a total con. job'. It is just such a load of lies and mis-advertising. I throw it all away. Because if you continue with the questions, etc. that they ask you, then you will never get out of their grasp. Just like the Reader's Digest. So hard to escape. These organisations are such a total 'crock' of lies and con. jobs. I have ordered 'bits and pieces' over the years, nothing grandiose - just small items. Mostly their 'items' are s h i t. and a total waste of your $'s and mine. Unfortunately this time, AND MAGNAMAIL!!! !!!,IT WILL BE THE LAST TIME I ORDER ANYTHING AT ALL, I placed an order for 2 'blue non stick' frypans and two 'blue non stick saucepans' - because they are a so good at frying, cooking, searing with next to none oil or butter. The reason why I did this, I already have a fairly large pan/saucepan 'blue' and it is brilliant. MagnaMail cleared my PayPal account on 11 April 2017. Of $151-40. YET I STILL HAVE TO RECEIVE AN ORDER NUMBER, AN ORDER CONFIRMATION, OR BETTER YET - A DELIVERY OF SAID ITEMS (including an 'egg' type cup that you put in the microwave and scramble eggs. I already have one and they are brilliant). I HAVE NOT BEEN ADVISED IF THESE ITEMS ARE OUT OF STOCK, but according to their web-site (Thursday 11 May 2017 - A WHOLE MONTH AFTER I PLACED THE ORDER), these items ARE STILL AVAILABLE. SO I WARNING TO ALL. Do NOT pursue any items thru' MM. I am totally p....d off. MAGNAMAIL I WANT DELIVERY IMMEDIATELY OR A TOTAL REFUND. OTHERWISE I'LL GO TO THE PUBLIC DEFENDER IN THE DAILY TELEGRAPH. Fed Up With No Service Or No Advice.

May 26, 2017



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