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Loancare Servicing Center Inc.

United States, Virginia

Consumer reviews about Loancare Servicing Center Inc.

Jan 18, 2012

Awful Company!!!!

We have had the SAME issues as everyone. Our loan was sold to this company about 2 years ago and we have lived a nightmare ever since. We mail the payment in well in advanced. The same day every month. It takes approximately 3-4 days to get from our home to the PO BOX in PA. Every other month or so the payment doesn't get there in that amount of time and it ends up being posted on the 17th of the month. Which just so happens to be the "late fee" date. We were told numerous times post mark doesn't matter and we should apply for bank draft to prevent this. Oh and the late fees won't be waved. They have failed to pay our taxes several times and when we call after getting the delinquent tax bill they reply with "Oops sorry." REALLY?!?!? This effects us not you and all you can say is "Oops". The customer service reps are really nasty. My husband has sent in the required paper work to allow me to talk on the account but every time I call they say I'm not authorized they never got the paperwork. I'm so frustrated with this company. I can't understand why if we mail the payment on the same day every month it gets there different amounts of time. (not counting weekends) This is a HORRIBLE company that needs to be shut down.

Jan 20, 2012

Awful Company!!!!

I am a Plaintiffs attorney looking for borrowers (or in LoanCare's case, victims) who have either been foreclosed on or at least been served with some paperwork to that effect prior to the foreclosure taking place. I am specifically interested in finding signatures for a supposed "Assistant Vice President's" signature by the name of Anthony O'Connor. He is listed under the guise of Freedom Mortgage Corporation. Coincidentally, he also signed the Assignment in my case as an "Assistant Secretary" of MERS. Both of these documents were Notarized by Jackie Edmondson, who I have found out used to work for Loan Care, but not at the time that these documents were signed. I need to compare the signatures that I have with any other signatures that they have on file. (You'd think with all of their complaints, there would be at least one whistleblower willing to come forward from this company.)

Jan 25, 2012

Awful Company!!!!

I have had similar experiences with Loancare. I have been penalized now 2 times 190 in late fees for supposedly sending my payments late. When my check was sent via bill pay a week before it was due. I had a horrible interaction with the supposed customer service agent. I was pretty angry on the call and the customer agent was actually provoking me to get angrier. When I requested a supervisor he came back on started with the same litany again leading me to say isn't the customer supposed to be right while his supervisor was secretly on the call. As if waiting to pounce. I really have never experienced such a disconcerting interaction with a financial company. I would encourage people that have ongoing complaints with this company to file the compliant with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This Bereau was set up to deal with this very thing. To help home owners fight again this kind of abuse by predatory financial institutions. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/

Jan 27, 2012

Awful Company!!!!

Don't do business with them. Trust me. DON'T

Stressed to the max!!
Feb 7, 2012

Awful Company!!!!

after reading all the horrible stories above, how can we all band together and file a lawsuit? I would love to find an attorney that would do this. with all that is going on in todays hard times, these banks keep getting bailed out and give no service. this needs to be reported, for the company's lack of communication to each of its clients, the incompetency of each worker, also not to mention all the peoples time trying to do their jobs!!! its a wonder more people haven't been forclosed on. How much fight do we have that we have to contact them every other day, every week, every month to be sure that someone is doing their job!!! who are these people that work for loan care? are they trained? Why do they immediatly send you to a collection agency, send out people to take pictures of your home, and then have the nerve to tack on fee's that are not liget! I am so sick of the poor service, poor buisness with lack of respect and customer service that we non have received. Maybe Barbra Walters needs to be contacted!!! Make it a news show how poorly they are run. We all need answers that we are not getting. Today I am going home and sitting down and writing a letter to everyone that will listen to me. I am sick to death of the problems they have incurred on us, not to mention our credit!!! I had a 820 now its about 700. I can't even refinance with a different company which I would do in a min and pay all the expensive charges just to rid me of them!!!

Allison N Cordner / Jeff Cordner
Mar 28, 2012

Awful Company!!!!


Allison N Cordner / Jeff Cordner
Mar 28, 2012

Awful Company!!!!


Apr 18, 2012

Failure to provide Modification after 2 Years/Abysmal Customer Service

I echo the complaints posted here about, foot dragging on modification and poor customer service.
I've been trying for over 2 1/2 years for that. I saw handwriting as employer/industry started downturn. Requested modification. Lost job along with 5% of employees (more since I left) and to date no actions take on modification. My income now 40% of my working income. Housing costs are now 85% of my income. Medically unable to work.
"Lost paperwork", "paperwork not submitted in time" and "improper forms submitted" have been their reasons for this long, long delay. I have now recruited Consumer Credit Counseling Service certified counselor to assist me. Two months with her and at least they finally acknowledged receipt of documents from her. After they tried to flim-flam her on 'not receiving fax' she sent.
If any one gathers enough of their lients into an action, please contact me too. This is NOT how things should work. Also, contact the new Director of Consumer FinancialProtection Agency, Robert Cordray, to complain.
Richard Cordray, Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
1500 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, (Attn: 1801 L St.)
Washington DC 20220
[email protected], (202) 435-7000

Jun 12, 2012

LoanCare - A Total RipOff Company

Being in mortage arrears for only three months, Loan care after withdarwing money from my account for Mortage, has sent it back with a foreclosure notice. I pay my mortag monthly, but in trying to get a loan modification, i was advised that i have to owe for three months. In the mean time I paid my mortage every month, now this company sent abck my check and staing that they are being owed for 4 months..this is utterly ridiculous and i will take this to the news and expose them. How can they rip off people like this. It not like the mortage was not being paid, they received payment every month. LoanCare you better watch out...because if i go sdown so will this company. You needto stop ripping off people. I am so ashamed and wish you all had never taken over my mortagage.

Jul 16, 2013

bad billing practices- credit killers

We are going to contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding LoanCare. Our payment is due on the 20th of every month and since February 2013 our bill has come 15 to 20 days late. Our statement will have a payment due date of, example: 06/20/13 but our statement date is 07/01/13 and the bill will not reach us until 07/15/13!

We have phoned and phoned but can never speak to a supervisor or get an honest answer from anyone there. The more people we speak to there, the more we know this company is a disaster.

Loancare is killing our good credit rating with their careless billing. They reported us to the credit bureaus for late payments. We have asked for a letter from LoanCare confirming their billing errors but have not received anything so far. We know that LoanCare charges $15.00 for customers to make a phone payment, not only do we refuse to pay this but we do not want this horrible company to have access to our bank account information.

We expect LoanCare to bill us monthly in a way that lets us make our payments on-time, explains our APR charges and allows us to make additional payments to our principle. Is that so much to ask for? Paying them on-time? Being informed about your mortgage and rate? We are at the point of sending them a check every month with our own bill statement for them to figure out but they have already damaged our credit, so at this point we are going to fight them.

Jan 17, 2014

CMC Funding Inc., LoanCare Inc.

Friday, January 17, 2014
Ref: Gross inaccurate Mortgage Payment reporting by CMC Funding Inc.
To whom it may concern:
October 2013 I applied for a RE-FINANCE Loan at Discover Home Loans (Loan #2235140). The loan was granted and then SOLD to Fannie Mae with Servicing to be done by CMC Funding Inc., LoanCare a Division of FNF Servicing Inc. effective 01-01-2014.
I have made the following Payments to my loan as of today:
12-26-2013 = $77,000.00 minus $319.33 to principal = Loan Balance $76,680.67 ($656.89, 319.33 principal $240.63 interest $96.93 escrow fund).
12-26-2013 $50.00 applied to Principal = Loan Balance $76,630.67
12-26-2013 $656.89 principal = Loan Balance $75,973.78
12-30-2013 $656.89 principal-Chase = Loan Balance $75,316.89
01-03-2014 $50.00 principal = Loan Balance $75,266.89
01-07-2014 $500.00 principal = Loan Balance $74,766.89

Total of Principal Payments = $2,233.11
Close of Escrow advance funds to CMC Funding escrow account $87.51 (carry over from Discover Home Loans) plus $96.93 paid on 12-26-2013 = $184.44 that should currently be in my Escrow Fund.
I sent an e-mail complaint to Fannie Mae and received a call from Sergio at Fannie Mae on January 15th, 2014 stating he received (Fannie Mae) and he would investigate. I in turn faxed a total of 31 Pages to 1-240-699-3893 in 3 separate batches (01-15-2014 @ 9:15 AM, duration 3:42 total of 18 pages)
(01-15-2014 @ 9:21 AM, duration 2:28 total of 8 pages) (01-15-2014 @ 9:25 AM, duration 1:55 total of 5 pages).
I received a follow-up call from Sergio on January 16th, 2014 at (10:35 AM PST – duration 9:34 from 1-800-732-6643). Sergio said that he contacted CMC and they said that they have already corrected the errors in the Principal Balance of my loan # 2200186, including correcting the Escrow Fund Balance. It is my opinion that the phone was a “Blow-Off” call because (Sergio had NOT had in his position the faxes I, because he said they would be Scanned and delivered to him “via” e-mail) the Principal Balance of my loan is still $500.00 not applied. The Escrow Balance is still being reported as $9.42 when in fact the balance should be $184.44.
I have called numerous time to CMC Customer Service with a waiting time of 15 to 35 minutes and 1 or 2 disconnects.
I stated this problem to Sergio and he said that he would get back to me with a Direct Phone Number to CMC so I could eliminate the problems experienced with their Call Center. Walla, no such follow-up on the Direct Phone Number from Sergio. Neither was I furnished any contact information for the “Government Agency(s)” whom are overseers of Banks and/or Loan Servicing Companies.
When my account was not corrected by 01-08-2014 as promised by CMC Call Center, I started noting the Customer Service employee name and I. D., thus on (01-09-2014 Clarissa #5211 @ 5:07 AM PST) again a promise was made that the account would be corrected by 01-10-2014. Well you guessed it, so again I called CMC Call Center on 01-16-2014 and talked with Jessica #5334 @ 5:03 PM PST. Jessica said that another review of my Loan 2200186 is scheduled for January 24th, 2014.
My education dictates that I shouldn’t dictate a letter of this magnitude, but it is evident there is a problem. There might be an operations person in the Computer Department at CMC mortgage that is experiencing a Computer ID-TEN-T infection and/or Virus etc.
It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure out the problems that I have encountered when I re-financed my B of A Home with “Discover Home Loans”.
It is my opinion that “Discover Home Loans” should be available for assistance (to see Escrow and/or other Funds dictated by Escrow Company at Closing of the Loan), during the first month of transition to Fannie Mae and/or CMC etc., but Voice Mail(s) and/or other correspondence are not entertained.
When using “Discover Bill Pay”, instruction notes as to where to apply the Funds are ignored, as to quote Barack H. Obama “PERIOD”.
CMC doesn’t make any provisions on their Web Site to make additional payments to the Principal Balance of the Loan Account, except on the first of the month under (One Time Payment) an additional amount can be applied to Principal and/or Escrow. If I desire to make an additional Principal Payment, I must send to CMC Funding Inc., LoanCare Inc., 3637 Sentara Way Virginia Beach, VA 23452-4262 and Hope it gets applied properly and on time.

Phillip C. Olson Sr.

2207 Rustler Ridge Ave.
North Las Vegas, NV 89031-0633

Cell (360) 975-9605
Home Phone (Magic Jack) (360) 954-5372
e-mail [email protected]

Apr 11, 2014

They will not pay my escrowed taxes

Never before in my life have I experienced this. CMC did not pay my escrow taxes after several phone calls and letters. Now I am getting Tax Lien notices. I have been a homeowner for 35 years and never had this happen. They draft my checking account religously but then did not pay. This must be a "fly by night" company if they cant get this done.

Anne Cobb

Jul 14, 2014

Pay Taxes late, then charge shortage

My taxes this year were paid 5 months late, and previously were paid 3 months late. Supposedly they are responsible for penalties and fees, but as always, there is an 'escrow adjustment' billed to you that includes the penalties they had to pay for the late filings.
I also have had the experience in the past, of them holding checks for 14 days, then depositing them and calling them late (paid thru online banking). This problem seems to have gone away in the past year however.

[email protected]
Jun 27, 2015


I have had the WORST time dealing with this company.....their customer service is atrocious and the people on the phone are nothing short of rude and incompetent. I have had to deal with them regarding an insurance claim. They needed to put my claim check in escrow until the repairs have been done. Their service was so delayed the work on the house had been done for over a month before they even sent me paperwork needed to get my money. I then mailed them my endorsed check, and after 2 weeks I never heard from them. When I called, they had NO idea where my check was. I was put on hold 3 times and was told they never received my money and that it was most likely because I didn't put the right address on the envelope. I replied that the only address I put was the one THEY provided, to which the rep said I must have copied wrong. They requested a put a stop payment on the check and have it redrafted by the insurance company, further delaying the payment (I had already paid $13,000 in home repairs out of pocket). She then said I was best overnighting them the check, because it would ensure they got it b/c clearly they can't keep track of checks sent to their other address. 3 days later I get notified they are endorsing my claims check (the one they 'never got') and that it was on its way! When I called, irate, I said YOU told me to put a stop payment on that check! The new rep told me I should go ahead and attempt to cash the check if I needed the money so badly. Was she alright?! Cash a check that had a stop payment on it!? I said you have further delayed this process by at least another 2 weeks and if you are requiring that I overnight the check then you should pay to overnight me my money bc you are at fault for having me issue the stop payment. They would not even do that. And once again I was blamed for the miscommunication. Do their depts. even communicate with each other!? Why wasn't it in their system that they had me stop payment on that check and why would you endorse a check that had a stop payment on it? These people are awful! I don't feel at all comfortable with them handling my mortgage.

Oct 21, 2015

LoanCare is a rip off company

I have had a loan from Embrace Home loans and they were great but when they let Loancare LLC Virginia Beach take over payments it has been a nightmare, we send our payments thru either Loancares web sight or by bill pay by our bank and both are wire transfers. We have sent many of payments to where we would get letters in mail that we are 2 months behind and you call them and you always talk to a different person every time and get different answers every time and they always ask do you have proof of payment and of course i do thru my bank and they give you a fax number and they say send to that number and someone(witch could be anyone) will get it and look it over but will take 3 to 5 days to review and find out where the money went, of course no call back that they have received the document to prove payment and you call again and of course different person so now you have to explain your self again.... ERRRRRRRRRR.... So we send in another payment and call Loancare to make sure they have received it the same day and they say yes we see that it is pending on your account so we call the next week to make sure the payment was applied to the account and of course they say there was no payment or history of a payment even though i called when payment was made and it was pending on the account so now your talking to someone else again to ask where did my payment go and of course can you send proof of payment again and i said no here you can talk straight to my bank so had both Loancare and my bank on the phone at the same time, so the lady from Loancare proceed to ask the bank the payment date and how was it sent, bank states it was sent as wire transfer and was sent to this account number ######### as Loancare asked do you write a check and bank states we do not write checks it a wire transfer and all money on payments have be deducted from bank account to Loancare, so now Loancare has to investigate again for the 15th time this year and its insane...

List of people from Loancare:
Meadow #8424
Dave 1352
Kellsey 6766 Email// [email protected] (who does not reply to emails or available)
Shella 5564
Shelia 5192
John 5542
Martinez 1-717452-452-5388 Email// dargis.martinez.loancare.net (dont answer calls goes to voice mail, and has not responed to emails for verification of documents sent to her)

Some one need to take this company down or something...

Oct 21, 2015


I am seeing so many complaints here for this same company and I am dealing with the same things to date. Our loan was bought by loan care approx 1.5 years ago and it has been nothing but chaos every since. They didn't pay the required tax amount on our property for the entire year of 2014 and then hit us with a major increase ($1095) on our mortgage payment which has completely ruined us financially! I recently just got caught up on my mortgage payments and this month sent in all but $150 of it and when I called to make sure it was going to be applied to my past due amount, they told me it would not until I sent in the full amount! I find this to be so ridiculous!! I HATE this company. And the customer service reps are the rudest people I have ever dealt with in my life!! I sure would like to see something be done about this company! This is not fair to anyone having to deal with their poor business antics. How are some of the account policies they exercise even legal?!! I'm at the point of selling my home just to get out from under them since I am no longer eligible to refinance now since my credit is ruined because of them!!!

Oct 22, 2015

Horrible Service

I tried refinancing with Freedom Mortgage in January then put a stop on everything only to find out that they had reported it to all of the credit reporting agencies. It took me 4 months to get Freedom Mortgage and Loancare to get it together and remove it from my credit report. I then refinanced with another company at the end of May 2015. LoanCare was paid in full and I received the recorded Reconyenence in the mail sometime in July. I tried applying for a loan for home improvements last week only to find that LoanCare has the mortgage still listed on my credit report as an open account with a balance. I do not think this is a coincidence this has happened to me 2x within 10 months with the same company not clearing things off credit reports. I really think someone needs to start a class action against this horrible loan servicing company.

[email protected]
Sep 15, 2016

Awwwwful Company

First time home buyer and so sad that we've been thrown to the wolves. Talk about a bad experience. These people need to be stopped! After reading all these horrible stories, I can only imagine what's in store for us. We need to come together and file a class action law shit! If any Attorney is reading all these stories, PLEASE HELP US!

Oct 6, 2016

Horrible company and customer service

my mortgage was sold to this company last month effective Sept 15
I submitted my payment on September 26th once I had access to the account online. First it was not available on the 15th, but took about a week later for me to be able to get access. Once I got access, I submitted my payment. I then proceeded to monitor my account which had more than enough sufficient funds the next week and I never even saw a pending charge on my bank account. This greatly concerned me. I called on Saturday Oct 1. The person on the phone told me it could take up to 7 business days for the payment to be processed and submitted to the bank. At that I time I told him that was unacceptable amount of time for the payment to be processed. He told me there was nothing that could be done but wait.
Then on October 4, 2016 at 1663 I receive a voicemail saying I need to pay today or I will be fined. I called back right away when I got off work. I was trying to investigate what was wrong, maybe I did type a number wrong in my information. I was trying to get that information to confirm and requested the lady stay on the phone as this would only take a few minutes to look up, then she proceeded to hang up on me!
Okay so now I have called back again. I have the representative on the line. All the numbers are confirmed as correct. The man suggest talking with bank. Well there was a chase bank across the parking lot from where I had an appt. So I walked over to the chase bank. I confirmed my account information again. It was all correct. The banker confirmed with the loancare representative on the phone there were ample funds to cover the mortgage payment. Nothing from loancare could be seen by the banker as even being submitted. Which again is unacceptable. The loancare representative stated all he could do was re-submit the funds.
I am calling daily and my funds are not still not being submitted to my bank.
I fear like those above, that they are trying to ruin my great credit and charge me all these fees. I am thinking to just refinance once this month is taken care of and washing my hands of them. Its been 15 days ive been dealing with this company and they are causing so much distress.

[email protected]
Nov 3, 2016

CMC - to Loancare

My loan was transferred from CMC to Loancare. Despite many emails to Loancare stating the LTV is incorrect, they continue to send emails stating 'they will reply in 5 business days'. No-one has contacted me otherwise. They are charging a late fee o $120 on my account - because when they transferred the loan CMC and Loancare had terrible or no communication. They are collecting PMI because of the LTV despite the fact I have sent them the appraisal stating this is incorrect. They continue to charge me for PMI..

I received notices by FedEx 45 days after the loan was transferred stating in writing it had been transferred!!

My complaints are not as bad as above, however I would like to see this company get put out of business. Is anyone aware of which government body we can all contact to make this happen?

Nov 21, 2016

Loan Care Screwed Up company.

Saturday 11/19/2016 gentleman stopped by my house, informing me that he has a document from Loan Care. It stated I was behind on the mortgage. Showed him the December statement it did show any past due. I had this mortgage only two months since the re-finance. All payments were made on time. Is there any government agency that a complain can be filed.

Dec 21, 2016

The Absolute Worst

Where to start with this horrendous company...in the summer my original mortgage company sold my mortgage to Lakeview, which uses LoanCare to service loan payments. I sent the first two months' payments, and then, since I am deployed overseas, a voided check for automatic deduction. This was due to kick in for December. The company never processed this, and before I could get in touch with them, they sent out a 30 day delinquent notice, which hit my credit rating.

On two occasions, I wrote to them and was assured by an automatic reply they would get back to me in five business days. Never heard from them, of course, and the customer service reps do not even acknowledge this is a problem.

Fortunately I was able to pay off my loan in full and will never have to deal with them again, but it will take a fight to get back my credit rating.

This thread above, particularly the post by bcalynd, is heartening because I see I am NOT alone.

Jan 4, 2017

Changing story

UHHHHGGG! After calling and suffering through their Voice-Mail-He11 (multiple times), their phone system just drops my call.

We requested pay-off and Note docs be faxed several weeks ago.
* we were told it would take 5 days
* They faxed the pay-off but not the Note
* Call about the Note and they said they never received a request for the Note
* Referred to the email-request and they said, "oh. . . The Note would be expedited", another 5 days
* Called to see the status of the Note
* They said it would take 3 weeks
* Round and round we go. . .


Jan 5, 2017

Changing story II (cont)

Yesterday we were told, "the Note WOULD be faxed today".
* Tick, Tock. . . Time passes
* In a follow up call today we were told it will take 2 to 3 days to find the Note, then it will be faxed.

How incompetent can they be? This (month) delay will end up costing us additional fees $$$

Thank you for adding multiple levels of frustration to my life!!!!!

Jan 6, 2017

Changing story III (cont)

Yesterday we received a call saying the Note HAS been faxed and emailed as requested. Yah!!!

* Tick, Tock. . . Time passes and no Note
* We called the direct number given to us and the phone just rang, and rang, and rang, and rang. . . .
* Today my wife called multiple times and got nowhere (dropped calls and no answer)
* I finally reached a support person who said, "No request has been received to fax the Note and it will take several days"
* UHHHGG! (explain). . . she transferred me to a manager
* The phone transfer went to a phone-menu system that I could not get out of. . . No manger. . .
* After another call: we are now being told (at 11:00 ET) that the Note will be faxed by 3:00 PM ET. I doubt it! Why does it take 4 hours to send a fax, that should have gone out weeks ago?
* Tick, Tock. . . Time passes and no phone call as promised and no Note
* Another attempt to speak with a manager ended up in an endless phone-menu loop when I was transferred.
* Another attempt, the call mysteriously dropped when the support person transferred me. Never let them transfer you.
* Perseverance pays off. I finally made it to a supervisor who was quite helpful. She stayed on the line with me until I received the Note. Finally! Thanks Rosi

Really? It should not be this difficult.
Their phone hold-message says they provide 'World class support'. I'd say, world class incompetence and world class delay tactics.

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