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kudrat partners&co


Consumer reviews about kudrat partners&co

Mar 28, 2012

very rude guy!

So what solution that our ministry doooo.. Plz lah no1 .. Solve this kepala along... Sial

Scammed Malaysia
Jul 12, 2013

Kudrat Partners & Co

Kudrat Partners & Co is a bunch of scam lawyers. They steal your personal details, find some old records that you owe some big company - TM, TNB, etc and then try to collect the debt on behalf of these companies by harassing you over the phone and threaten you in the mail. But guess what they actually just swallow most of the money for themselves!!! Police should investigate and catch these scammers!!

Jan 9, 2014

Kudrat & Co scammers

they have called mee too! they came to my in law house and threaten my mom. i got so pissed off so i called them back and talk to this piece of #### named Mr. Tamil @ 019-### / office number 03-###. Their managers Mr Rao @ 03-7874 ### and Mr. Nick @ 03-7874 ###. I personally told them they have no respect on people and who the hell they think they are?? I ask them how they get my data and what gives the fing bank to sell my personal data to a third party ? this ### answers, its part of his job. i told him i dont give a ###t about your and i dont ### owe you anything. if i owe the bank, let the bank officer come come and not a bunch of ### like you guys. then the guys gets very rude. he threatened me. i threaten them that i will file a law suit and they just laugh. these ### are bunch of ###. i told lets meet in person somewhere and have a one on one talk or even a street fight like a male in an undisclosed location somewhere. they start giving a bunch of ### reasons. in the end, i told them to f off.

Nadia Joubyar
May 28, 2016

Nadia Joubyar

Kudrat Partners & Co (M) Sdn. Bhd are not a lawyer firm but debt collecting firm. They use very aggressive method to force debtor to pay up. Many utilities company hire them to collect bad debt. I am one of their victim.

Madam Nadia Joubyar
Villa Flora Condominium
Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Dec 1, 2016

A ### debt collector

I'm having same experience with these ###. one day, a person declare he from [K***** name removed] & Co. call me say I was own TM about RM700++ like that n asking me FULL SETTLEMENT ABOUT THIS, if not, They will sue me at court. after that I refuse follow what they asking, and I just pay RM50-RM100 each month until they bill settle. Now I just install a app in my phone to avoid them, and pay installment every month until settle the bill.

CH Lee
Feb 28, 2017

Number not in my contacts list

Received 4 calls today consecutively over a period of 5 minutes and the number is not even register in my list of contact.After the second subsequent call,muted the ringing tone and let it vibrate.From my past experience, I can tell it must be from one of the collection agencies,When the ringing stopped,I blocked the number using my phone feature.That will stop them from harassing me again until they use a new number that I have not block out yet.

Mar 20, 2017


this kudrat & partners is debt collector hire by maybank. i knew this from my friend who works in maybank. When i receive call from them to treat me by coming to my office but i do not go shock bcs i already knew. and when i call maybank to help me, maybank refuses , maybank ask me to deal directly to them. I am very pissed and i wrote an email to maybank and cc bank negara. I wrote on how pissed i am with maybank on exposing my information to third party without noticing me and not trying to call my other no in the my credit card application. So more this kudrat with tell you a wrong information on AKPK SERVICES for you to avoid using the services so THAT THIS KUDRAT CAN GET COMMISION FROM THE DEBT HE COLLECTED FROM YOU , THEY ALSO WILL USE DIFFREENT NAMA LIKE WAN ZAIDI, DANIAL, SAM, TAMIL BUT THEIR VOICE IS ALL THE SAME. ! I call maybank again and ask them to explain why they do not inform me first! they only give a reason cannot reached me via telephone . And SHOCKINGLY THIS KUDRAT CALLED MY OFFICE DURING MY WORKING HOURS ! HOW THEY HAVE MY LATEST CO TEL NO. WHILE MAYBANK SAY THEY COULD NOT REACH ME ! THIS IS NONSENSE EXCUSES GIVEN BY MAYBANK. THIS KUDRAT ASK ME TO SIGN A LETTER OF SETTLEMENT WITH THE AMOUNT IS RM500 DIFFERENT WITH MY CURRENT STATEMENT DEBT. and MAYBANK STILL DO NOT WANT TO RESPONSIBLE ON THIS! MAYBANK WANT ME TO SETTLE WITH THEM ALONE. SO TO SETTLE THING DOWN, I WOULD SUGGEST EVERYBODY TO GO TO AKPK . THEY WILL HELP YOU ANYWAY POSSIBLE. avoid what this kudrat say, when you join akpk that you will be blacklisted la, and everything to scared you. Bank negara and AKPK helps a lot. I am very shock actually on how bank settle things up, no wonder maybank credit card application can be approve asap. I learned my mistake but i am really shock on how maybank setteling their debt.

Mar 24, 2017

Kudrat Partners & Co (M) Sdn. Bhd

Hi all, Just to share my frustration as well. Kudrat Partners & Co (M) Sdn. Bhd, a particular Mr J Ramesh and Mr Sivanesan were at my house earlier yesterday. I wasnt at home but my neighbour and kids told me what they did. They dressed professionally but acted like ###. Kept ringing my doorbell and yelling in front of my gate, for almost 15 mins. Then they left a letter in my mailbox said I should call them to discuss something personal. I admit I am angry with Hong Leong for closing my account, hence I am unable to make the overdue payments. But giving out customers personal details to a third party is an offence. So, guys, please report to BNM if this useless people breached the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA).

Mar 24, 2017

Kudrat Partners & Co (M) Sdn. Bhd

By the way, after more research, I heard that more banks are engaging this firm to collect the debts.
Below are the list:
Hong Leong
Standard Chartered

If you need to restructure your debt, better to go through AKPK, which is under BNM. Stay safe, friends.

Mar 30, 2017

mbf long gone

i am from sarawak, i too experience problem with kudrat staff who had been asking for my mbf card payment. and like other banks victims i was never informed by AMBANK that my payment was due and my card was blocked, i had not recieved any mbf statements and had not used the card for at least a year but keep on paying 400 to 300 per month yet surprisingly the balance is much more than i expected! i had told mbf kuching staffs the problem of recieving late statements or none at all sinces years back but no solution done. now kudrat is chasing me to pay up for something which is way beyond my expectation, i had twice paid up as they requested but the second payment they said was not recieved !?? And it was paid online via maybank2u!!
Sensing something amissed, i checked kudrat just to find out what they really are. Thankyou to all of yu who shared your unfortunate experience with scammer of Malaysia. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! For the culprit, They will pay for every pain they caused you guys.

Jul 11, 2017

Kudrat Partners & Co (M) Sdn. Bhd - Debt Collector with As***** Attitude

Hello all, I can confirmed also above statement by others. The name sounds like a law firm but they are nothing than just a bunch of debt collector who threat people instead helping to sort out the debt. And right now HSBC also using them as well. I am concerned on how they obtain the contact so I put a bait by registering a new numbers and get it registered to one of the credit card account.

One of the main leakage is via KWSP. I put this new number on EPF portal and also a new address. I DID NOT SHARE THIS NUMBER AND ADDRESS ANYWHERE OR ANYONE except for KWSP for this purpose. A weeks later, the phone rang and a demand letter arrived at this very newly address & contact. So I can confirmed KWSP staff have this information leaked. They probably in touch with internal staff and paying them peanut in exchange for our information.

So guys, lets stop this scammers and my advise is to go to AKPK directly. Once you 're under AKPK program all debt institution cannot engaged you directly anymore.

si kacak
Jul 28, 2017

kudrat partners & co

In 7 july 2017 they call me to make a full settlement my credit card debt around 5k. Then after a week, they ask me to pay the deposit 3.5k and then they say i can pay a balance by monthly. So i decided to pay 3.5k but they did'nt ask me i have a money or not. They assume i have a money and keep pushing me to pay the deposit. Then until now, they call me from morning to night. I keep my phone silent and i decided to check out what company is it. Thanks for the info guys. I'll call AKPK to ask them what to do.

Aug 14, 2017

Need help

Here's my question,
For now I'm
Dealing with them, they told
Me I still have pending payment from
Hsbc around RM2300.00
So I paid already in few days ago and still they keep calling me and said they haven't received the money.
I even have evidence from bank transfer that payment was successful made.

And today the called me again, to find out where's the money goes?
And I was replying did went through,
Thing is she got me new account number for my money to go through to suspend account this what I been told.
What should I do now??
Should I call HSBC ?
If I call Akpk, what can they do? What solution?

Aug 17, 2017



I'm also facing the same problems. This kudrat guy calls me using my new hp no. (I had change new number since my previous number had been blocked). his guy asked me why I didn't pick up his call when he calls me. When do I ask him when did u call me? He said he did call me all the time. Since I'm using the new hp number, non-bank can reach me. When this stupid guy calls to blame me for not answering his call make me angry. I told him not to be rude. Then he arguing with me saying that I'm rude. He really makes me mad.I told him, he's collecting money from me, so you have to talk nicely. Then he starts arguing. I told him that I wouldn't deal with this rude person. Then I block the number. the next day, he calls me using another number. I didn't answer. He keeps calling for few times.
I wrote an e-mail to do the full & final settlement. They just reply me today said that they cannot negotiate with me and I need to pay extra RM 3,000.00 from my previous debts. In the letter maybank also did cc to kudrat & partner. Why maybank need to cc Kudrat since I'm owing Maybank? Why can't maybank just offer me the best for full & final settlement. What a ### this MAYBANK. I won't dealing anymore business with this ### BANK.

Aug 23, 2017

Please Think ABout It

Hi everyone,
I've read and understand that all that comment below is regarding RUDE and AGGRESIVE debts collector behavier.

After all this, why do you guys never refering to the bank that you all guys owing before??
Why after the collectors call then only you take noted about your debts and starting to argue,Why this fellow call me? |Why the bank assigned them to push me to pay?? That's because you owing Bank and Bank have a rights to appoint any agency to do collection for them..
Once you all signed agreement with the bank,inside the agreement already informed that you are AGREE if the Bank do searches to get your new contact if u fail to pay your debts. That's a stupid question to asked,Why you all call me..? Why never sent me a letter reminder? You owing to Bank but you cant remember your own debt's?? Some more.. if paying to AKPK program?? What is AKPK mean?? AKPK also agency that under BANK NEGARA.. You think u all pay RM50-RM100 your debts will settle??
HELLO~~ you all only pay interest..So,think about it.. Why dont just go to the Bank that u all owing then do payment arrangement..
If you dont like collector to call.. Just tell them,you will do arrangement with the Bank and no need to call..anything check back with Bank..
Funny thing to see someone mad when collector reminding them about their debts..

Nov 21, 2017

kudrat partners&co

This people visit my house without information. My mother in law was alone and they threaten in a very rude of tone. Are you people really from a profession agency or ah long?? Its so irritating. All the time they call want to verify the ic number. You people talking with the same person and each and every time need to tell u the ic number? F**k.
To maizal1, yes we know we have debt with bank and we never denied that. But we are talking about the agency that they behave like ah long. The way they talk very rude. We having financial problems and they actually can talk in a nicer way to help us how to settle the debt. They actually can give advice in a good way. Not threatening! May be you work with Kudrat.

Gan James
Nov 29, 2017

Tough guy

I hv the same experience with these bunch of ###. Call me more than 5 times a day for 2 weeks. Very rude, after answering the first few calls, i mute my phone. Then sent me repeating sms threaten to make me bankrupt, refer me MDI, freeze my bank account, visit my office & house.

Mar 9, 2018

Kudrat Partner My Freaking ###

Hi to all who posting and reading the comments.

YES we did signed all the agreement with the Bank. But in details,

1) Kudrat do not have the rights to call your family members and harass them by leaving messages like "you will be sue bankruptcy if you do not pay". They only can call and look for you and not asking any further more questions. If they do, you can lodge a police report or go legal against them.

2) You can always tell them that you are not comfortable dealing with them and you would prefer to deal directly back with the bank. If they refuse, you can also go legal against them.

3) YES YOU HAVE THE RIGHT (for safety purposes or to avoid being scam) you have the rights to have the tele conversation recorded, ask for their full name, ic number and position. If they do not cooperate, you can choose not to cooperate with them! If the details they gave is fake you can lodge a police report and go legal against them.

4) Always remember.. you can choose to call the bank directly rather than dealing with these bunch of "who thought they can bully you when you're down". As long as you are still paying the interests you are still the client to the bank!! Hello!!! Interests are not cheap at all!! It contributes all the Martha Fockers high pay salaries in the banks yo!

5) OFF THE RECORDS. If you felt being threaten by them and do not feel like go legal against them you can choose to use the hard way. Go to any security firm and hiring some "protections" to meet them up either outside or inside their office. This will make them feel the same way of how threatening feels like! But i strongly suggest you to lodge a police report or go legal against them.

6) After all this and if they still bothering you. You can lodge a complaint to the bank and tell them you will not to pay a single interests to the bank because of these harassment you received from them. In this way the banks will review their company and very high possibility of terminating their contracts with these Son of the Beaches!

Please think about it?? Ya i'm CLP (Certificate in Legal Practice) graduated and I had thought about it and I'm letting people to know their rights!


May 3, 2018

Thank You

Hello Sukhmindar,
I would like take this moment to “Thank You”; on all your efforts taken while addressing my request. Even though it’s not concerning your department but your willingness to take the ownership and get the right people to deal with is something to be appreciate on. Your attitude and mind set was totally different from others hence willingness to help to resolve customer issue is really falls on good customer centric. Without your efforts my request would be going in big circle in same old fashion without proper follow ups and updates.
And to Shashi I hope I get his name correctly, very much helpful pulling the right information and giving proper update on my queries and how to go about to fix them. Within 1 day, we have managed to settle the issue which was lingering for many months.
Thanks to both of you & you made good team; working with full of professionalism, handling customer communication and follow up. This is right way to move forward. Thank you and all the best to both of you… Take Care…

Ratna iesya
May 17, 2018

Kudrat MTF

I have been treated by kudrat people,not sure where they get my personal information! Since i have change my job on december 2016 nobody from bank can reach me and call me..but this time the kudrat keep calling me at office and my mobile number..even i already submit to AKPK to handle my debt with RHB BANK! Kudrat said that their on behalf RHB. And ask me to send a picture of receipt i made with AKPK! What the hell?? Can i do lodge a report for this harrasment and treaten include stole my personal information!

May 23, 2018

Check ur system

I keep get this kudrat call .... for some years ady...
last time i have accept call and tell them fail me at insolvency...coz i already in bankrupcy status

after few month or a year....they will come again , call call call... but i never pick up coz kudrat call number very easy to read

i dont know if that ur worker or urself are too lazy and ###, if u want collect debt, better u ask ur client latest update before make a call before someone shot back u. not just open old file and keep calling like ### ### around

May 23, 2018


Today I was in Police Station
Step 1) making a police report about this Kudrat, partner & co' harrassment, same time this debt collector called at the same time, I put speaker phone and the police heard what they say .. company name, agent of maybank, authorised letter (which is a paper printed by using computer without letterhead - Header - Final reminder + person to contact + date of the letter + nonsense). I invited them to police Station they say no - meet me at my office -
Step 2) I lodged a report to Bank Negara - Maybank hire this ### (no matter how they are licensed - they are still illegal to come to visit us at home and office without our approval)
Step 3) I went to 28th Floor Maybank - CFRM department - customer feedback department - with my BN report and Police report - lodged another report of ### collector - Kudrat - Request maybank to stop dealing with this company (if not - in near future - will have 5,000 indians standing on all CC holders office to pursue payments) and reactivate my credit card - If Maybank do not stop dealing with Kudrat, then Malaysia will become the 1st country - loan shark collector will become legal Credit Card Debt Collector
Step 4) I called DAP service Office and forward all my reports to urge them to use their power to stop this Kudrat to exist in Malaysia Financial institutions

the best things is - I already pay up to date of CC - MBB card collection department said they blocked my card and passed to 3rd party colelction and no way to reactivate my card as 3rd party collector to make the call

Jun 7, 2018


Can i know the numbers they call with ? And to what extend they will harass you ? I've been getting calls from them but now i'm ignoring them. Should i lodge a report ?

Aug 29, 2018

Kudrat So Rude!

They have been disturbing my work place and family almost everyday. I loan with Maybank only for 4k and they called me like along!!! I will make this report.

Jan 10, 2019

they also call me

They also start calling me. But I don't have debt with any bank but l do debt from scolarship and they keep calling me at least 3-4 time a month. But start from last month they increase.l fail my exam and can't find work. Now l only a day labour with meager salary. For the time being l block their number but can anyone give some advice for me.

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