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Keiser University

United States, Florida

Consumer reviews about Keiser University

Nov 6, 2017

Keiset Scam

I am an ex-vet who attended this rip off school. I basically was going to them for fun and to learn something new. After I went back after my back surgery, one of the staff rushed me down to the office and signed me up for several terms. They state you can not continue with your current enrollment, without signing the paperwork. What people don't realize is they are signing you up for the entire year. This is the only school that know of that does this. TOTAL SCAM! So after I was basically threatened by the Dean, I dropped from the school. Basically, who wants to go to a school where they threatened! Love to get in on a class action lawsuit on these scum bags. After I tried to follow the proper channels I got no where. I put in a complaint to everyone I knew and nothing was done about it. GEEE, I WOUNDER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MAKE ON STUDENTS THAT DONT ATTEND THERE LOSER COLLEGE. AND THEY FILL THE SEATS THAT I AM PAYING FOR!

Dec 13, 2017


Keiser just robbed me blind. I was told a class away from clinical that I wasn’t eligible to graduate from a program even though the requirements for the gpa is 2.75. I’m currently at a 2.76. I would love to file a law suit.

Mar 6, 2018

Keiser University is a scam school

I need help in 2016 I attend Keiser University about two week in my first class somebody stolen my laptop and I had a car accident .i call the dean and he said don’t login to the next class so I won’t get penalize so I fallow what he said .after one month I got a laptop I ask the school let me finish my program what I got is no and Keiser University charge me 7800$ for one month and send me to credit collection .I'm so upset and angry I try everything they refuse and they said I sign the loan paper . I don’t know what to do I pray God these people have a heart to think I’m just a human like them .if anybody here have idea please help me cause I feel I’m stuck with 7800$ dollars for one month class .and did not offer me to go back to class

May 3, 2018

never got 1 interview

I made A's andB's.Second highest score on final..94.We were never told when the radiology test was(I was in the RMA course) this was a separate state license.Of course we only got to use the XRay machine ONCE! It was on a separate campus.I never felt like I could really draw blood because we had to practice on each other and you canconly stick people so many times.Again...straight As and Bs.My externship was a joke.Never learned anything.After graduating I sent a million resumes out and they all said "Keiser? No experience...nope" And Keiser guarantees jobe placement...I never got 1 interview...not 1.I could understand if they interviewed and said"no thanks"...Not 1 interview.I'd be happy to sue...on sooo many levels!

May 31, 2018

Corruption of Arthur Keiser

Arthur Keiser is a greedy and selfish corrupt so no wonder people are getting scammed. His main goal is to make money at any cost. While he and his clique make millions, regular employees are treated like slaves and exploited. Keiser is a money making machine designed to enrich the Keiser family. Instead of focusing on quality they want quantity and they cannot control the corruption they are part of. Leaders are uneducated and easy to manipulate, like robots that try to please the dictator at the top. If they are too smart or want to address corruption they are out. Fight for your class action lawsuit. They deserve to be closed down like ITT.

Aug 20, 2018

Financial Scam

I attend Keiser in 2013 but I only completed 4 classes because I was extremely unhappy with the quality of education provided. I recently decided to go back to school and needed my transcripts from Keiser for the new school. When I contacted Keiser, I was told that there was a hold on my transcripts and I needed to speak with someone in the Bursar's office. The person that I was supposed to talk to was not available but I was told she would be given a message to call me back. Of course, no call back. I called Keiser again and was able to speak with the appropriate person. The reason I was given for the hold on my transcripts was that I owed $300 and something in book fees. I explained to the person on the phone that the cost of the books was included in my financial aid package and that the loan is completed paid off. She informed me that they did not receive enough money to cover the books which I find very hard to believe since I only purchased 2 books and in my financial aid paperwork it stated that book fees are included in the loan. Keiser has not heard the last of me as I am seeking legal advise to determine what legal ramifications I may have. I DO NOT recommend this school to anyone!!

Oct 20, 2018

I went to keiser college from 1998 to 1999

Hi, I went to Keiser from 98 to 99, it was a complete scam back then and I'm still paying loans now. I'd like to know how to get these loans cancelled. Please advise if you can. Contact me at [email protected]

Mar 13, 2019

Lawsuit coming Leroy Lashley way!!!

I had FAFSA. I full military scholarship. It covered 100% of my books. I withdrawed from school 6-7 months ago. Now the school is telling me I owed $500 that I purchased with that scholarship/financial aid. This money was given to me and I was told it was $1500. It had been approved and I had nothing to worry about. I was told this on 05/15/2018. I have all of this in my email and was told this over the phone by Leroy Lashley my financial advisor. Come September, I emailed Leroy again and asked him if all my paperwork on my scholarship was still approved because I was still purchasing my books with financial aid? He said he was was still pushing the work order through. How does a student sign up for school and purchase free books if they aren’t even approved for a full scholarship? How did he even know my approval amount if I wasn’t approved? They literally lied to me. I was approved this whole time or I wasn’t going to be able to purchase my books with financial aid. They just wanted me to buy those books now that I’m out of school with money out of my own pocket. Free isn’t for this college. Money hungry is all they care about.

May 20, 2019

Promises that never happened

I went to Keiser University 2010 because I was tired of working 9-5 jobs and living paycheck to paycheck. They promised me that they would handle everything. They even promised to help me find a high paying job, I Believed them because I was desperate and they took advantage of that. I finished with an associates degree in Information Technology I ended up taking extra classes I never even needed as many others did and thought with that degree they would help me find a good paying job in IT so it would be worth it. After my Associates, I thought they would help me find a good job but Instead of helping me find a job they convinced me to go for a bachelors degree because with that degree they would definitely be able to get me hired at good companies. Reluctantly I agreed but here's the kicker, unfortunately, they had told me I couldn't borrow any more money and would need to have a cosigner. I managed to find a cosigner because I was convinced this is what I need to have a better life. So I finished the bachelor program and they tried to do the same routine again on me saying go for your masters the jobs will come flowing in basically. I told them no I don't believe someone in the IT field would need a Masters and told them I just want to find a good job and wanted to get the process going to be able to apply for jobs. Let's just say basically after that no one wanted to deal with me because it would not benefit them anymore. They told me there were no real IT jobs open in my area. I was pissed I am now 70000 in debt which was more than what they quoted and never once did they help me find a job.

Aug 6, 2019


I attended this conjob of a university and graduated with an MBA in 2016. I am now working 2 jobs, no prospect of ever getting anything better than low paying labor jobs and am racked with over 100k in student loans these two jobs can never help me pay off. But the kicker came about 6 months ago when I applied for a job at keiser and they turned me down. Nothing says quality education and a scam than not wanting your victims working for you.

May 11, 2020


All for a class action lawsuit. Any lawyers in attendance of this review?

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