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Keiser University

United States, Florida

Consumer reviews about Keiser University

Dec 10, 2011

Financial aid scam!

Look into other PRIVATE COLLEGE/UNIVERSITIES in FLORIDA...The others are more accredited and LESS EXPENSIVE!!! They say they 'personalize' and that is why you pay an arm and a leg for tuiton to a piece of crap/(bad rep) school... might as well go to DeVry or ITT Tech!...Full Sail is private and as expensive as University of Miami...but they actually MAKE you finish their programs, which is more accredited and if you could get into uM, i am sure you would go there. Get good grades in High School and you can go anywhere for 50, 000 for a Bachelors Degree, except IVY leagues.

Meirianne Dias
Feb 6, 2012


Hi, this happen to me also, and I would like to know if u found a solution for that... How could I contact u.

Meirianne Dias
Feb 6, 2012


Let me know...

kettely jean
Feb 21, 2012

Predatory Practices

I need help to make department of education to know how Keiser University they are lying to make their millions

Feb 25, 2012


I am a former student at Keiser university and towards the end they gave me a really hard time I sighned a form at the beginning of externship stating that i wasnt planning to take any of my gen eds so when i was half way through the extern coordinator calls me stating that i cant take the licensing exam unless I'm an active student at the time i was working at the hospital at night and completing externship during the day (16hours of work total daily) i already completed all the required classes for the licensing exam and yet if i wasn't planning to take my gen eds i wouldnt be allowed to take the licensing exam so the extern coordinator suggested online classes i told her plainly i need time to sleep and i dont think i have the time and she said it didnt matter if i passed or not as long as i was an active student but what she didnt tell me was if i chose to drop out after that class i would owe the school over 4000 for all the classes i chose not to take and now they refuse to release my transcripts untill i pay them in full

Mar 16, 2012

Financial Aid


Mar 22, 2012

misleading students!

I agree with jd007. There isn't a school out there that can promise you a job. If they do THAT is a scam. Especially in this market, which in 2010 existed almost like it does now, though it is hitting a larger number of people.

When applying for any school you need to read the fine print. I am not advocating Keiser in this sense but you can't expect a separate institution to force another institution to hire someone. It doesn't work that way. Most times the externship does NOT equal permanent placement. I do know that Keiser does have a large chunk of their Student Services division specifically set aside to help in job placement.

Bottom line: NO College/University can guarantee a job. Period.

Mar 25, 2012

Unauthorized billing!

I finsihed my AA in CJ and started my AS in forensics and now I am some what forced to finish there because they used up almost all of my undergrad student loan money so when I go to do my BA I don't know how I will pay for it

pissed off stud
Mar 27, 2012


Called to tell me that they did not have my transcripts a month before starting my core program when in fact I did upon enrolling.

I have been involved in one of their program for 9 months and made honor roll. I did my general Ed online, then started my core that following year in 2012. averaging C . Was never told that I needed to maintain a C average to be able to continue on in the course until the first day of Core (meanwhile already in the program for 6 months already) Never told about a test the first day. Now into my third core class taking Kines. I missed a C by 3 points. They kicked me out of the program missing a C by 3 points. Asked if there was an academic probation...Nope Teachers where not willing to help, they where into helping themselves in your pockets. On the note of the teachers. They are not certified teacher at all. They are people that are in the field with out a teaching degree.is that who you want to learn from.. They don't know how to have you understand the material. Now I am stuck in a place where I don't like the school I think that they lied to me to get me there. When it came down to transferring credits other UN they would not take the credits earned. Keiser stated it was not accredited school ... ( months of hard work down the drain ) Keiser also would not take A& P that I took at another school because it was not related to their program. How else can you relate the body parts to a particular program. ... This school is a joke and I would not refer this school to no one not even a dead dog!

Jul 22, 2012


I have 4 more months until I graduate. Im an A & B student. They put me on a clinical site and after a few days they decided to kick me off (which they are known to be doing all the time) for no reason, now they are kicking me out of school? Does anyone know what i can do? They cannot do this since it was not my fault, and I only had 4 more months until i graduate.

Oct 9, 2012

Keiser University

I feel for everyone pain keiser university is bad but I am almost done they really didn't help with my externship I went a whole year on my own looking and looking I did not really have experience in culinary arts so no chefs would really give me the chance etc but I have cuss keiser out they go thru admission people like its nothing did you know tha when they get you in they have to keep you in for at least 3 months and they get their commission cut. Did you know when F. Aid mess up they give them the boot you would not believe how many time I have been pulled out of class for my money not comming in or stupid little thing they even got a new president I have taught about sewing thm because they don't help buy someone told me its nor worth it I will still look into to it and then that school is a work of art you have 3 attempts to take the lass I you failed straight thru they drop you no longer can attend their.

Jul 5, 2013

Military scholarship

They were taking my 1600 a semester military funds I was supposed to get tax free applying it to my loan balance and cutting me stipends I have to pay ingest on

Jul 5, 2013

Class action lawsuit

How can we get a lawsuit started?

Aug 25, 2015

Crooks Keiser

I need to know hot can I participated an a class action lawsuit again keiser univertisy

Sep 6, 2015


I attended back in 2008 and 2009. They got me good!! Charged all kinds of crap. My paperwork was always "misplaced". Took out student loans and then they tried to say I had a balance and couldn't finish until that balance was paid. But yet, my student loan went in someone's pocket??? Not to mention, the woman that did all my paperwork had conveniently quit. So the balance was like 10,000. I had 6 months left to finish my ASN. I couldn't pay the balance. I couldn't afford a lawyer to argue the injustice. I spent so much money, not only in student loans, medical stuff, uniforms, gas, all the stuff aid should cover....it broke my heart. I spent a year and a half!!! And lots of money! Oh and I couldn't transfer any credits either until my balance was paid. So guess who's wages are being garnished due to student loans?!!! F that place! It ruined my life! And it's still affecting me financially. I'm all about the lawsuit! I thought I was alone. I had no idea I wasn't the only one.I say let's do this, for real!

Feb 7, 2016

Do not attend Keiser

Do not attend this school. You will be wasting your money. After paying over $35,000 for an education, I spent the entire academic time, watching you tube videos to explain what the pitiful teachers could not. I am still not able to pass National Licensure and I WAS A STRAIGHT A student! (2 Bs the entire time!) Are you thinking, "Oh, this is a student who failed, was not prepared or was unable to pay back student loans?" None of that is true. I transferred there with credits and worked hard. This school is not a school at all. This is a place they throw tons of random information at you and then you are allowed to spit that information right back up, never having understood anything. UNDERSTANDING IS WHAT YOU NEED TO PASS LICENSURE. How expensive is it? So expensive that if you take out the maximum in student loans you still will not be able to cover the tuition. The classes are swift so you will not have the time to work. Now, you may be thinking, "This will not happen to me." But let me assure you. My entire class is sorry that we ever stepped foot in the door. In case you haven't gotten it, DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL. I can only imagine the positive reviews here are from the IT department. Not one student I knew felt good about their time there.

Mar 7, 2016

Keiser College Lawsuit please!

I am a graduate of this school from 1992-1994, and I graduated with honors from there Paralegal program. I feel ripped off & now I am in default of my school loan. I did pay on if for years but fell behind and had to put it in default a lot of times.
At the time I signed up I kind of really felt coherst into "bettering my life because I deserved it" kind of pep talk when I was first o enrolling. My then ex-husband left me for another woman. I was vulnerable, alone & devastated. I feel they preyed on this. They did state they would assist all students into paying jobs in fields after graduation but after a few years of so many "NO's" for either no experience, no knowledge of some machines or programs they use in law offices, and not being BI-LINGUAL. I feel I am CONSTANTLY being discriminated every time a job asks you that & 99.9% jobs offered want that. I don't & won't learn how to speak Spanish to be b-lingual. The last I checked, in America this is the chosen language.
I am ALL IN for a class-action law suit as my life probably will never be the same when I am much older. IF I even make it to be older.

Apr 10, 2016


I will gladly join in on any lawsuit. Attended for two years then they suddenly started giving me crap about how my Rafsanjani was filled out. They DEMANDED that I prove my filing status with documentation from 5 or more years ago. When I provided them with as much documentation as I could find, they still said it wasn't enough. I had to leave because they took my money but wouldn't let me finish my classes because of the fades bullshit they made up. Now I'm in a different school but I can't transfer my classes because I owe Keiser money, some of which is for classes I never even got to take! I owe them over $7,000 for nothing. I had to get a doctors note to take time off from classes because they caused me so much stress while I was pregnant. Even after dealing with their fafsa crap for months I couldn't continue my classes. They are the biggest bullshit ever! I wish I had never even gone there! They made me pay almost $200 a month in loans, but somehow when I signed up at a different school I was getting money back?! How does that even make sense?!

Jun 2, 2016

We Need To Come Together !!!

I to have been ripped off . I graduated in 2010. I have over $78k in student loans - they f**** me , I ended up taking out student loans double the amount in which my tuition actually was . I believe the financial aid department mad money off of me or took advantage of me at the time. Never once did I qualify or receive any financial aid or grants even though I applied and requested . I ended up taking extra classes I never even needed but they told me I did, when it was time to graduate they told me I had not met the curriculum requirements to graduate , until I proved them wrong . I want to do something , I feel like they need to be held accountable for their actions !!!! The only way this works though is if we come together , if we work together take a stand and do something about it!!!

Jun 2, 2016

Keisier University - Tell everyone to post

Tell all your friends to post their review on how Keiser College scammed them.

Jun 2, 2016

News Outlets

If we get enough ppl to post their negative reviews or show how Keiser College scammed them a News outlet will take notice . As of right now I have $78k in student loans from Keiser . They took everything from me and tame from me everyday !! I graduated in 2010 but u am certain that the Financial Aid office in which was a revolving door of workers was scamming us and naming money off of us on commissions . I always filed my Aid & Grant not 1 single time was I ever approved . My total tutoring was over $90k I just finished paying off Sallie Mae loans and now all I have next his the consolidated Government loans with a 6.5% interest rate. !!!

Oct 6, 2016

Let's organize!

I was also scammed with bait and switch tactics. If anyone is serious about pursuing legal action, let's organize. Please email me at Rick is Rick (no spaces) at outlook. I attended in 2009 / 2011 and was left with a mountain of debt. They told me one price but then halfway through the program pulled a fast one and said it would be far more than originally quoted.

Apr 12, 2017

Worst School Ive ever seen

I'm currently in the bs sports medicine program. One of the worst educational experiences I've ever been in. Constant firing and hiring of teaches. We have yet to have a teacher know what's going on in the program. Our professors throws sexual induendos at the female students. They tried to make things better by saying that our program comes with some type of certification. We purchase the certification and get accused of theft. It's by far one of the most weirdest experiences I've been through. No school should ever be like this. I am going to file a lawsuit on this school and hopefully I can be the voices of thousands of you.

Jun 14, 2017

Keiser University

I was a graduate from the Miami campus in 2007. It was the worst 14 months of my life. I was bullied by the program director daily. I was told by him that I was wasting my time and I would never be a technologist in the field. He would sit in the main lobby every morning criticize and discourage me. Never had a positive comment come out of his mouth. My anxiety was the worst I ever had. I was once sent home because he didn't like my hair cut. On the last class of the program the program director give you a paper to have clearance and collect signatures from financial aid, which you need to collect signatures from Dean, guidance counselor and financial aid. I had all signature filled and clearance for graduation. I went to to pick up my diploma and they told me I had an outstanding balance that needed to be paid. I was confuse and did not understand why there was a balance after I was cleared. Once I had started this program, I was promised that they would help me to find a job. That promise never came. This school is the worst school and would never recommend.

Pennie Goodrich
Jul 31, 2017


I moved spent a lot of money to attend and promised all things and core seat. Well let me tell you that they tell you what u want to hear and then pool the wool under you with all excuses or core seats full. Please consider another school. I am not done and seeking legal advise and thinking of changing my career from nursing to legal due to there promises and issues

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