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Consumer reviews about Jack Focus Maid Agency

Honest Feedback
Feb 3, 2016

Jack Focus Maid Agency

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore

Jack Focus Customer Feedback

This Post is purely for the benefit of Singapore Maid Employers. I have engaged Philippines, Indonesian and Myanmar maid for more than 12-years now with several different Maid Agency in the past.

Per our assessment, Jack Focus and its only Myanmar maid that we got were the worst we ever gotten and experienced. I will recount my experiences with Jack Focus first and then followed by my Myanmar Maid that I gotten from them.

Please stay away from Jack Focus at all cost due to reasons stated below.

a) Unapproachable and lousy services from the moment you signed-up with them. Ivin Chee Pei Li served at Jack Focus Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. When I walked-in, her services were excellent up to the point that she even got your chair pulled-in for you when you sat down. BUT her Excellent Service ended the moment you paid and signed-up replaced by a Rich Girl's attitude: unapproachable, sarcastic and you felt that Ivin was now your customer that you have to serve. Overall experience is like you get Conned by her initial Excellent Service that did not follow-through.

b) Once you have signed-up, their standard way-out to not service you is that they will say they are currently very busy. In fact, they are too busy all the time to serve you after you have signed-up.

c) Do NOT be fooled by Jack Focus unlimited 1-year maid-replacement cause they will only send you at most 2 bio-data for you to choose. If you find these 2 bio-data incompatible, they will NOT get back to you ever again. When you chased them, they said that they have no new bio-data and they have Very Limited maids for selection. What is the use of Unlimited 1-Year Replacement if you have only 2 incompatible bio-data???? Another feeling of getting Conned!!

d) Jack Focus is the MOST Pro-Maid Agency that I have ever encountered based on their policies below, which their staff (Lian Choo) has told me clearly:

- No matter how lousy your maid is, the Employer has NO RIGHT to decide to send your maid home or to let her find a new employees. Instead, the Employer has to bring the maid to Jack Focus for an interview so that the maid can decide if she want to go fly home or find new employees. If the maid wants to fly home, then the Employer must purchase her air-ticket and send her to airport. If the maid wants to find new employer, Employers must pay up to 1-months of $15 lodging per day on top of maid levy so that maid can stay in Jack Focus looking for new Employer.

- If Employer wants to qualify for Unlimited 1-Year Maid Replacement, Employer must return the maid for a 1 to 1 exchange.

Note: Most maid would NOT want to fly home and that means, Jack Focus will have a lot of these lousy Maids that failed to complete even 1-year (not to mention 2-years of maid contract) to push-out to new Employers who is looking for new maid or replacement maid. So ask yourself if Jack Focus will be honest to say that these Transferred Maid has problems and whether Jack Focus will try their best to push-out these Transferred Maid??

Silly Jack Focus did NOT realized that they cannot keep their old customer base and neither can they get new customers cause Jack Focus really thought that their Maid is their Customers!!!

Outcome: After receiving only 2 lousy replacement bio-data and no news for close to 2-months because Jack Focus has no Replacement Maid bio-data and that they are too busy to serve you, I have flown the maid back to Myanmar and I have gone to Best Home in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Best Home staff was friend and their service level maintained even after you signed-up. Also Best Home's policy is Employer friendly: Employer gets to choose if they want to fly the maid home or let the maid looks for a new Employer. Also Employer need NOT return old maid to get a new Maid Replacement from Best Home!!!! As such, Best Home did not have a lot of Transferred Maid sitting around unlike Jack Focus and Best Home Transferred Maids are of higher quality than that of Jack Focus since Employers would have flown their lousy maid home for sure. At the end, I lost 3-months of our so called "Unlimited 1-Year Replacement" from Jack Focus but we are Very Happy with our new Indonesian maid from Best Home.... That to us is a BIG WIN!!!!

Myanmar Maid from Jack Focus

a) Interviewing Myanmar Maid using Skype at Jack Focus to judge their Basic English is totally useless because their Myanmar Agent in Myanmar (Miss Crystal) is spoon-feeding these Myanmar maids English answers from the side as you asked the questions. You can hear it in low voices in the Skype and at the end, you still get Myanmar Maid that hardly know any English despite the interviews.

b) Unlike Indonesian Maids which have to undergo 40-days of minimum Maid Training in Indonesia by Indonesian laws, almost all Myanmar Maids are hardly trained at all and there is no Myanmar laws for mandatory trainings. Probably, Myanmar maids only trained by their mum and dad if they bother to teach....

c) The Myanmar maid that we gotten from Jack Focus won our Worst Maid Ever Award. Her recipe for failure is her lower-level of intelligence coupled with stubbornness, always figuring how to cut corners and her bad temper. Can you imagine your maid shouted and quarreled with your mum and employers? Can you imagine your maid thrown chair on the ground when she quarrel with you and scolding you in Myanmar Language?? Can you imagine her personal hygiene when she never washed her bed-sheet and blanket from day one with us and her personal shirts and pants were blackish even after wash?? Can you imagine your Maid's level of sotongness that she forgotten to serve you soup everyday despite there are soup on the daily menu?? Even on her last day before flight, she refused to sign but wanted to collect her salary, which gave a very last minute headaches!!!!

This maid truly created the darkest moment of our lives and we were very glad to fly her home to Myanmar when she said she wanted to go home, which save other Singaporean Employers their ultimate pains. It is like hiring an Expensive Monster from Jack Focus in the fold of our Happy Home.

Sad Customer
Aug 2, 2016

Worst service of all

Plssssssssssss do not get The Maid from jack focus from Katong branch as I have never witnessed the most lousy service from them! Please look for others which I'm sure way better than them.

Oct 14, 2016

Disappointed Customer

Especially Lily from Jack Focus Katong branch. The way she answer your question very rude.

Jun 1, 2017

Jack focus is plain terrible

All the reviews I read that talks abt their extremely poor service is true. I got mine at the Bukit Timah branch and there is a huge line of transfer maids which indicates so many ran away (like mine did) or so many employers r unhappy with them

Also I think they encourage their maids to run away from home so they can get agency fee over and over again.

If you ever consider getting a maid from them, DONT!

We are writing so that you wouldn't make the same mistake as us.

I didn't use them again after bad maid and bad service and lost 1k plus.

There r so many Mais agencies...this one is just 0% service for crap maids. Stay away

Jun 1, 2017

Jack focus owes me money

Honest feedback! Yes the person attending to me was Ivin too. Worst human alive. Not professional and very rude and has terrible English.

It's been months since I left them and they still owe me insurance money of The Maid...every time I ask her when it's ready she says I already send admin and then ask me for my full name. It happened 3x. My qn is how do I know u send to admin when you don't even know my name??? So dishonest...it's not a Big amount of money but I don't think they should avoid prosecution. They are so lousy I refuse to give them a cent more. I called the insurance agency and they said they release my insurance money back to jack focus 2 months ago. So nice for Ivin to delete me off her phone. I wish I could do the same too. Unfortunately they still owe me money and gave me the worst experience ever.

Pls never use them. Go somewhere else. They are the worst maid agency in Singapore.

Tess Tan
Jul 8, 2017

Lily at Bt Timah Branch

I really regretted going to this agency. You guys here had clearly stated the experiences and I received them too. Best one is this customer service staff named , lily was the worse service staff I had encountered. I suspected either she is the boss's wife or girlfriend. She literally tells the customer off when the customer is giving feedback by commenting , are you done with your speaking? If done that's all. Simply because she is not the person who is in charge of my maid.
Anyway it's okay. There are tons of agency in Singapore, if this company do not know how to even train their staff on basic courtesy and good attitude to customers, they are for sure going to wind down one day.
Most importantly is if Jack Focus is reading this, please go through the basic customer service expectation with Miss Lily. If she is the boss's wife or girlfriend, then too bad and good luck!

Jan 5, 2018

Jack Focus Customer Feedback

I'm experiencing the same issue now. They couldnt provide me biodatas and they took back the maid which is under my name and the levy still rolling.
Any idea where can i approach for such case? I also had a voice recording of the maid telling us that the agent asked her to just accept any employer who wants her.

May 17, 2018

Avoid Jack Focus, please take the review seriously

I wished I had read all the reviews before going to Jack Focus.

We were served by Ivin Chee, she is friendly at first but once we paid up the service dropped. We clearly asked for an ex-Singapore who can speak English and can cook.

She recommended only one maid to us and claimed that the maid is good. The bio data indicated that the previous employer did not want to continue the contract because her english did not improve after 4 years. When we saw that, we were alarmed. We tried to verify it with the helper. However we were not able to do it immediately because the helper was not available for interview. The next day, we went back to interview the maid. Ivin told us that she checked with the maid and it was bec the maid wanted to go back and not bec her english was no good. Being naive, we took her word for it.

When we collected the maid, Ivin told us as a matter of fact that the maid couldn't really speak English and her cooking is not very good either. I felt cheated.

Since the maid is already in, we thought to give it a try. When we told our maid to brush up her english and be more independent. She told us to send her to the maid agency if we find her unsuitable, she is ok with it. We were shocked. We never have a maid talked to us like that. We told Ivin, she just brushed it off and said nowadays the maid quality is like that.

My maid claimed that she needs to send money home. We even advance one month pay for her so that she could send back more. We told her to go lucky plaza (which she claimed she knew where it was) as the charges were lower than post office. We asked her to send the money and come home immediately. Instead of going to lucky plaza, my helper went to city plaza to send money, meet her friends and shop. When i came home, i was shocked to find clothes lay out on her room floor. Just 2 months into working, she is so bold to take advantage of our kindness. After that, she hinted a few times that she has no off days. I told her it was in her contract, she will have one off day per month when she finished her loan.

I was on mc one of the weekdays. I woke up at 10am, to my horror, i found my maid sleeping on the kitchen floor. She woke up after 20 minutes and told me that she slept bec i was sleeping and she could not vacuum and wash my toilet. She even told me that she sleeps in the afternoon everyday. When i told Ivin, she said the same old thing, "nowadays all the maids like that".

Finally we parted way with my maid, we decided not to take any maid from them. As my maid still has outstanding loan, i need to put her up for transfer. We went to another agency to select a new maid. I found a new maid and asked Ivin for the status of my previous maid. She claimed that someone is interested in her and has put deposit but she is not sure when the maid will be transferred out. She told me that according to the contract, Jack focus has up to a month to do it. She told me i should not be rushing her. I told her i am sorry if i did. We cannot go without a maid, if they are not confident to find her a new employer soon, i will discuss with my husband to forgo the loan and send her back so that we can cancel the work permit. Upon hearing that, she soften to say that they should be able to transfer her in one week's time.

Sad case that this kind of agency does exist.

Avoid this agency at all cost. They have hidden cost and requirements when you transfer maids.

Yap KL
May 29, 2018

Katong Shopping Centre

I wish to commend Jack Focus for the impeccable service rendered to me. A special thanks to Michelle Charlotte and team for the excellent service.

This is my 3rd time engaging Jack Focus service. They have been consistent in their service standard. Prior to Jack Focus agency, I have had bad experience with other agencies and I must say Jack Focus gave me a second thought of maid agency. ... I am a satisfied customer of Jack Focus.

They were always ready to assist me on all my enquiries and documentation from the intitial biodata request to the delivery of the domestic helper. There were some hiccups but all were resolved promptly and professionally. Michelle Charlotte and colleagues were friendly, patient and helpful. They are good at their jobs.

My family is happy with the current domestic helper, in fact all the previous helpers were good. We became friends till today. I have heard of horror stories of maid agency, I guess I was lucky to have found Jack Focus. The quality of helpers are good.

For those looking for maid agency, I strongly recommend Jack Focus.

For the staff of Jack Focus, thank you and continue the good job! Stay FOCUS. I am sure there are many more good testimonials from your customers not posted here.


Mrs Lau
Oct 20, 2018

Charlotte Michelle at Katong Shopping Centre

Though a few years back, i would like to write this compliment review to this heart warming lady who worked in Jack Focus especially knowing that Charlotte Michelle Goh has left the company who has gone extra miles to provide me the myanmar maid that been with me till now for almost 2 years. Personally, I felt that she is an assest to the company. Without her, I won’t have a maid that help me out to lesser my burden whereby I am so devasted at that point of time.

I went to a few maid agencies and the experiences I gotten seriously are unpleasant. I do understand that it is really the luck and chemistry between the maids and employers at times. However, employers really need staff in the agency to be understanding on the situation that we are in and that’s the reason we are seeking agency assistance. And I felt it is a blessing to know that there is such staff exist in Jack Focus. Without Charlotte Michelle Goh being patience, understanding and warm assistance with close follow ups, I do not think that I will able be stress free now and once again trust a maid agency can be focus on customers need.

I made the right choice to engage Jack Focus and be served by Charlotte Michelle Goh. Though she may have left, I hope staff at Jack Focus will continue to have such behaviour and great attitude like her so that more employers (customers) will be engaged and felt at ease.

Once again, sincerely appreciate Jack Focus and Charlotte Michelle Goh for the helps at that point of time😊. Hope I will see her again and able to continue bragging to my friends about this kind lady (Charlotte Michelle Goh) in Jack Focus!

*Hope Michelle will be able to read this review too wherever she is. I believe with her good attitude, heart warming smile and sensitive to employers feeling of anxiety will lead her to great success anywhere she goes.

Jia You!💪🏻

Feb 23, 2019

Bad experience with Jack Focus

Do not recommend this maid agency. Avoid at all cost. Go find other agency instead. When my maid decided to go home after working for less than one month, agency does not give us our replacement maid at a lower fee. I don’t trust this agent as I got to found out that the maid intended to go back home on her last employer but was ask to transfer to us. We paid a hefty agency fee for a maid that work for us for only one month! Go search for other maid agency that provides Low or free replacement fee

May 15, 2019

Bad Experience

I wish I had taken the reviews here seriously before engaging with Jack Focus. My helper was delinquent, and I suspect didn't even know SG employment rules. When I queried, this Yvonne Lim response was it is not their responsibility to educate the maids, but their agent in Myanmar. Like that also can???

After I returned the helper, she tells me no transfer maids, didn't even show me a single bio. Just asked me to get Indon or Phil (which means I pay more?)

Then the refund of insurance, took more than 2 months!! Each time I asked, her standard response was 'let me check'. Let me check was 1 month. Admin prepare cheque another 1 month. She finally took a photo of cheque that had been prepared but I suspect it will take one month before the cheque is mailed to me. I'm still waiting for that cheque to appear.

So frustrating dealing with her. No replies. Or when she does, curt and unfriendly.

Oct 11, 2019

JACK FOCUS SUCKS! Please stay away from them at all cost!

Extremely disappointed and regretted so much of not researching and checking on these reviews before stepping in into their store. They are just out to suck your money dry! Please stay away from them at all cost! Very unethical and dishonest agency!

Like all the above mentioned reviews, they do not have much biodata to show you when your maid came up with lots of pattern, went on strike and refused to work when she’s only here for 5 days, so the agent asked me to continue to use this problematic maid while waiting for “suitable transfer” maid biodatas. I waited every single day, for close to 1 month and the maid decided to just pack her luggage and went on strike again! When my baby cried, this Filipino maid literally just stare at the baby and watch her cry throughout while sitting beside her luggage. She is a mom of 3 herself, yet doesn’t even have the slightest love or compassion towards a baby throughout this whole 1 month. During interview they will show extreme interest and excitement to work for you, but once they are here, it’s a total different game change. We felt that this maid literally made use of us to just land herself in SG and already planned to switch employer, just within 5 days of working. I couldn’t even imagine having to tolerate this nonsense and attitude for 1 month!

Through this waiting period, there’s 1 suitable transfer maid that I’ve video interviewed and this maid is located at Bukit Timah branch. It was all amiable throughout the interview process and Ms Yvonne still tell me that she’s available. Only when she heard that I want this maid to replace my current maid (which is also under Jack Focus) then she started being defensive and asked me to get a new maid from Philipines, cannot take her transfer maid and said that this maid which I just interviewed couple minutes ago (which is still available!!) is already taken. I was fuming mad!! Each and every single employee of Jack Focus are just concerned about their commission! They do not work as a company on the whole, but rather they are very very self centered. They do not match the most suitable biodata for you in the first place and it seems like the employers are not their customers but rather it’s the MAID who’s their customers/source of money because they earn a lot from their loan! I also learnt that for each transfer maid, they could earn additional 2 months loan payment from them!

The lady named Joy who served me from Hougang outlet promised that she wouldn’t charge me the lodging fee having known my circumstances (my maid who went on strike when she just arrived and refused to work while still having to make do with her for 1 month). So my Husband and I decided not to engage a maid anymore after having spent $4000 plus for an unsuccessful maid hiring process and we are extremely tired through it all.. this time round we wanted to refund our remaining maid loan payment and Joy who previously agreed with not charging us lodging fee for this problematic maid was forgotten?! She actually charged us and tried to cover her ass when we could have long ago entitled for a 1-1 exchange within that 5 days period when my maid went on strike but she didn’t even help! She just ask us to wait for transfer maid?! And yet, still wants us to cover for something which we might not even have to do so at the start!


Oct 16, 2019


I have encountered the same issue with jack focus, please avoid jack focus katong brach especially Lili for all cost. Their after service sucks and very rude. You basically just spend your money for bad quality maid. They just accept the job because agency tell them so.

Feb 23, 2020

Rude, very Rude and Extremely Rude

I just want to echo a few comments earlier on Li Li at Jack Focus Katong branch, she is indeed very rude and doesn't even know we are the customer. There is no service at all, not even lousy. Come to replacement maid, she is not helpful and I have to search and look at the maid's bio myself. I am an existing customer and have quarrelled with her many times. Please avoid at all cost.

To Jack Focus, if you want to continue in this business, you should look at replacing Li Li.

Aug 29, 2022

Worse Agency

Jack focus at bukit timah has the highest rate of transfer, please do not get new maid from jack focus as the new maid will be mixed with the rejected/transfer maid for 2 night and learn many stuff not to work ,not to cook, disobey employer with attitude, will drive you crazy that you will complaint to agency, they will trick you by saying send maid for counselling session, but each session the maid turn to worse, my last trauma issued was the maid cry and squat one corner as if you have abuse her, 2nd trick will used her head to knock her head on the wall as if you have abuse her, 3rd , she will threaten you she will jump if you don't transfer her, for employer like me, first take a video of her action or behavior , if you have cctv, report to police and lodge a police case and call mom to have a record in mom system so that she will not be able to transfer to another employer and earn extra agency fee. cos agent is very happy that maid rejected or transfer to earn extra money, for me case, my first Myanmar maid was very dirty, lazy, eat alot refused to do housework and cooking, in the end i rejected her and have paid another $800 for another new maid, within a week, this maid as takeb by another employer and agency earn 2k.

the 2nd maid arrived 1 mth later , this maid was even worse, attitude, want everything like bed sheet, t-shirt to be new, refused to eat food that doesn't suit her taste. threaten to die if you dont transfer her. i report to mom, mom advised is this maid cannot be transfer but to send back to agency to be send back to myanmar, this agents still want to sell her to 2nd employer, when i warn them that mom say she has mental issued. she has to be send back myanmar, agent made me to sign for maid lodging n accomodatin $20, still delay sending her back.

NEVER NEVER get your MAID from JACK FOCUS , or you will regret forever. Maid from myanmar doesnt know a single english, a few vocabury... doesnt know how to cook, do housework, everyday you need to repeated to tell get what to do.

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