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Government Vacation Rewards

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Consumer reviews about Government Vacation Rewards

Dec 23, 2011

Contract dispute

You technically "signed" a contract stating you would make 10 monthly payments from what you are saying if my math is correct. So you are trying to cancel your membership after the 10 day period and don't want to make the other 6 payments but lose the payments you already made. Just making sure I understand the complaint correctly because it makes sense to me and I know that you can cancel and stop making those payments. I would suggest going to a supervisor and stop talking to the person who sold it to you. They have some really good people there, I love my account manager, she always returns my calls and I have taken 2 vacations using my points and have gotten 2 bedroom units each time. I think you just got someone who doesn't care about you but is in it for the money and won't be with the company much longer.

May 1, 2013


Terms and Conditions state that you have 10 business days to cancel. I called on the 10th business day to cancel and was given such a runaround that you know that this is NOT a legit business but a SCAM.
I was transferred, hung up on, told that I was not within my 10 days when clearly I was and then even told that ONLY a supervisor could make the cancellation due to them trying to tell me that she was on lunch and could only call me back within 24 - 48 hours to make the cancellation.
She did call back within the hour. However, she then told me that because Saturday was a day that "they were all in the office" being that it was the 3rd Sat. of the month that it was considered a business day and therefore, she was unable to cancel my membership because it would have been considered Day 11! LIE. Previous rep already said I was within my 10 days.
I then told her that I had already contacted my credit card company and they were going to refund me and/or have me file a dispute so that I would get back the $249 down payment + stop any future recurring charges that they "decided" that they were going to start charging me per month WITHOUT MY CONSENT.
She finally agreed after I told her that, to refund my deposit and make the cancellation. I will be making a call to the BBB.

Harley Boyles
Jun 24, 2015

False Information

False Information
I am a retired veteran who saw GovVacationRewards website through the Aafes website and thought it was a good deal. After a couple of years I bought an upgrade for $2000. At no time did they say is was for only 2 years. If I would have known that I would have never bought it. They 100,000 points they gave me were wasted because I didn't know about them expiring. At no time did any sales person or customer representative tell me they expired. When I called to find out why I couldn't get into my account, I then found out about the expiration. They offered to reinstate my account for 2 more years, give me 90,000 points and $1500 in some other program they have for another $1500. I was very happy until this point.

Aug 27, 2015

Hard Selling Liars

I got several emails from Govt. Vacation Rewards (GVR). I skimmed over the first one, visited the website and it sounded "too good to be true" so I left it alone. Then because I opened the proverbial can of worms the constant phone calls started. Once a day for the first few then progressively up to 4-5. That made me even more leery of them. Then they caught me by calling with a different Caller ID and I answered. That was my first mistake. Belinda Bernaise or whatever her name was started her scripted spiel. I cut her off telling her to get to the point. She started with "how much do you travel. How would you like to travel for FREE"! She proceeded to grill me like a tuna, fast talking spiel and changing the direction of the conversation as I wasn't buying. When she got to the PRICE I thought she meant $29.99 not $3,000!! I told her I was getting ready to leave town so I wasn't committing myself to any expenditures without checking the company out myself. She professed to understand my caution. Unfortunately she was a royal pain in my gluteus maximus (back end)! She called 6-8 times the next day and 6 times the day after until I finally got on the phone. She said, "well I am glad I finally got a hold of you because I know you are flying out to the West Coast and wanted to help you pay for your trip so in reality it costs you nothing"! Now I had reached my wit's end with her and told her, "I haven't had a moment to even visit the website lady. My life doesn't revolve around telephone solicitors trying to separate me from my money. I'm not interested. NO! NO THANK YOU, NOT INTERESTED"! She wasn't done so as she started giving me her name and number again I stopped her telling her I already had it. Then I hung up and went to my computer to search for GVR. Not surprisingly the first 5-7 items listed on the search page were websites for people to share their horror stories about RIPOFF COMPANIES!! Many different websites with all the same results. One star of five ratings and absolute Stephen King style horror stories about people getting "deals" that were more expensive than any person with a computer could find on their own. Being stuck with ridiculous monthly payments each one with a $9.00 processing fee. So my advice to all military and veterans out there is if you get an email from GVR mark it as SPAM and save yourself time and lots of money.

[email protected]
Aug 11, 2016

Wrong wrong wrong

I was talked into upgrading my membership to Select Membership because I was missing out on great savings . I already had reservation on booking.com 6 nights at the Westgate Ocean Resorts with half kitchen for 734$ on GVR samething was 865$. GVR told me if I upgraded we can go 4 free on certificate he going to provide plus 1500$ for discounts plus 50k points we can use on a cruise or 7 night resort vacation . That 1500$ that's used for hotel discounts amount is slected by computer you have no control and that money expires. The certificate he offered was only for hotel with no kitchen if I wanted to upgrade to kitchen it we ill be a additional 60 to 100$ GVR told me. To have sameroom from booking.com was additional 469$ to have kitchen with GVR. Why make 18 payments at 87$ and i still have to come out my pockets. I canceled the Monday

What's the point in making 18 payments at 87$

Mar 26, 2017

Biggest SCAM against military soldiers

This is the biggest SCAM I have ever seen to military soldiers and there family. You pay over $2000 dollars to become a member then they nickel and dime you when you make a reservation, also they tell you the resort are at least 3 stars but when you look at the reviews they are hole in the walls that jack up there prices and charge you extra on top of what you have already been charged. BIG SCAM, SAVE THE MONEY AND MAKE YOU OWN RESERVATION................. I don't MWR and AAFES is letting this happen to soldiers.......... NO SOLDIER CARE ALL ABOUT THE MIGHTY DOLLARS.

Apr 3, 2017

Unprofessional representative

I just received a call from a representative who started out as being very friendly, until I told him I was not interested in the program. My contact is about to expire and he attempted to offer me a substantial amount of points so I can stay in the program., to which I told him I am not interested, as the program did not offer me any benefits. After trying several times, and I maintained my "No Thank you" response. He became annoyed and said " Well, you obviously don't know how the program works" and hang up.

We'll, sir I know very well how the program works, that's the reason I don't want anything to do it.

Nov 15, 2017

Save you money

I am so glad to see these comment here because I though I was the only one who felt this way. This is a total ripoff for military because we can get better prices with our military discounts, with USAA; and if you have a Costco card, Costco; and if you are 5o plus, your AARP or senior discount. It has been nothing but lies from the beginning and the things I was promised have disappeared since I no longer want to pay their $1500, $2000 for 'points' that I can use for whatever. Not worth the hassle. I have about fifteen pages of notes from where I have spoken to people who have called me trying to sale me an upgrade. After my fist $1499, my yearly renewals are $19; but they have changed to $29 now. I have to keep telling them that I am grandfathered in--$19. They seem to have changed everything and what I was promised is no longer available to me. I will not be paying them another $19. I'm through and would not recommend them to anyone. Wish I knew who to contact at MWR.

Apr 2, 2018

Ripped Off, just took my money

Received a call Oct 2015 pushing this great travel deal for military persons. Initially was told it was $29.00. The more I said no, the more he talked it up. Finally I said ok and gave my information and forgot about it. About a week later I saw a withdrawal on my bank statement and called the number. I found out that I was being charged $2000.00 for a membership. I tried to cancel but, I have passed the deadline. I was told I had all these bonus points for signing up that I could use. I asked for a package explaining the program but never received anything. I was told about the website and went to it but it is useless. Money continued to disappear from my account. For a few months more I called to find a way to cancel but could not.
Today over 2 years later I'm getting rid of paper and run across old bank statements, called the number and found here I am, a member but I have to pay $29.00 to reactivate. All those free points... Gone. I asked him to explain what the program is, he sends me back to the worthless website. I ask for written information and there is none. I would have to pay the annual to try to use the BENEFITS!
What is this???
CAN someone fix this? What is it I've given them $2000.00 for.
Why couldn't I cancel?
Why is there nothing in writting?
Why is the website crap?
Why is the membership area crap?
Why are these people talking us into taking our money, then not allowing us from cancelling?

May 24, 2018


My sister and I renewed my membership with this company. We booked a vacation in February to Miami for the end of June for 5 days and 4 nights. We used 75000 points and only paid the taxes and fees. Our 75,000 points would have expired a week after we booked, which is why we went ahead and used them to book our Miami trip. Okay, great.. Today is May 24th, 2018 and we get a call saying the hotel we booked will be closed on the dates we are booked for. A little irritating, but okay. So all we asked is to refund us our money and our points. We are told that we are unable to get our points back because they expired already. Yes, I know, however we had the vacation booked and it is not our fault same as it is not your fault the hotel will be closed. We were then told, after speaking to his supervisor, that we have to book another vacation at the same time we cancel in order to keep our 75000 points, right on the spot. That would be the only way we keep them. Now, it's the middle of the day, my sister is driving home from work, both our husbands are at work, and you want us on the spot to reserve another vacation. At this point, Mr. Jorge Velasquez, is getting upset because we asked to speak to a supervisor and starts huffing and growling into the phone. So we are told that we can speak to a supervisor, but he doesn't know how long it will take because they are extremely busy and he is not sure one is available. So I said, didn't you just speak to one. We then get put on hold for 10-15 minutes only for Jorge to come back on the line and say a Supervisor will be calling us back in 20 minutes. This is the longest 20 minutes ever. Horrible customer service on this one, and definitely will not have my business in the future. Run!! don't walk!! stay away...Wyndham Vacation Timeshares is the way to go. I only chose this one because it was military/government affiliated. Never again.

Jun 13, 2018

Please Read and Warn Others

You would think this business would have more integrity, Government Vacation Rewards. Predators who cheat and lie in order to profit off hard working American’s and our military, which is the worst of all. I dropped 3 G’s and never got a cent back, nor the free vacation which was promised. I did get points and after I was cheated out of my money, Government Vacation Rewards had the audacity to offer me more points, if I gave them more money, after they already stole 3 thousand dollars from my wife and children.

- Perez, Cesuis

Jun 13, 2018


I paid nearly $3,000 over a course of 2 years for "points". I now have over 81,000 points but cannot use all of them. You can only use some of them for each booking. This is a total scam. I thought I was saving up to be able to purchase a vacation.

They show you some great rates when trying to get you to sign up. You will never get or see those rates again.

John W
US Marine Disabled Vet

Aug 28, 2018

Different CS, Different Answers

Please DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT purchase the Select Access package for $2199 from them! It is not worth the money or the headache when trying to cancel. These people have no integrity and their responses vary from one customer service rep to another. They will try and intimidate you once you say you want to cancel and tell you you cannot. If you use any portion of the Savings Credit, they will say you must pay it back, LIES! The hotel prices are ridiculously overpriced (primarily because they want you to feel like you are receiving a discount with the Savings Credit) you are not! And as someone stated before, the hotels and resorts offered with Select Access are 2 Star hotels at best with a few 3 and 4 star hotels sprinkled in. This is the biggest FRAUD WASTE and ABUSE of military personnel since the G.I. Bill scams. How can the government allow this company to take advantage of the military is besides me. We must make it known that the company that manages this program is a SCAM! Also, there is so much they fail to tell you as they are racing through their selling points and you find out after it is too late. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!

Hate Scammers
Oct 2, 2018


First I got a card in the mail - after being a basic member for over 5 years now and with no contact from them at all - asking me to "activate it" so I called the number. Then I got a high pressure sales pitch from some bumpkin - the pitch MADE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER if you listen to it.

They want you to pay $2,199 (but then he cuts it down to $1,699) and RIGHT NOW TOO AS HE WANTS YOU TO START PAYING TOO for the opportunity to get deals in the future. Not sure why the Military Star Card even allows this scam to go on? Plus, if you don't pay the money and become a member, you can't "see" all of the deals offered purportedly on their exclusive website. Bottom Line: No perceived value-for-money in what you are paying for with this "deal."

I listened to this for about 30 minutes - nonstop patronizing until I had to hang up because I got sick and tired of his same old-same old lines. Don't be scammed!!!

Oct 7, 2018

Unprofessional and Costly

First time I booked reservation for a cruise from Miami, FL. I arrived in Miami (over 900 miles away from my hometown) only to find out that GVR, although giving me itineraries and confirmation #, cancelled my trip because they never send a request to my credit card institution (Star Card). Cost me hundreds of dollars to get hotel reservation, food, gas, Etc. for nothing. When I called Star card to complain why they have not honored my card, they stated that there was never a charge request from GVR to Star card for my travel. The whole family was disappointed and my leave hours wasted. On a second occasion Mr. Der'rell (an agent) tried to answer my questions in a broken and unclear manner. He flat out hung up on me. Every time I asked a question he answered in an obscure way and kept on asking me "so what credit card do I put this booking on". Two occasions, two fails. no more; I tap out.

Aug 27, 2019

Be Wary!

I recently joined this, for free. Made a reservation for an upcoming trip. The I got 3 emails back to back yesterday that said, call and save various amounts. So I called. The guy says thanks, blah, blah, blah, we're going to give you all this cash for vacations and points for travel, cruises, airfare (seemingly for free) then he drops the hammer and says it's $2,000 that can be paid now or $200 a month. I tell him I can't do it and like a salesman he tells me all this wonderful stuff and I continue to say I can't do it. After a few go rounds with that he says, well, I'm going to remove all the bonuses I just said I was "giving" you. So what I learned from this is, don't call them unless you are ready to drop some money. If you aren't ready to spend extra, just stick to the website. If they would be honest about the cost upfront, they'd save 20 minutes of their time and my time. This experience just lessened my opinion of them.

Apr 10, 2020

Sounds Too Good to be True

I signed up for the basic member ship thru American Legion. No cost and a $250 credit. So far, so good. Then I got an Email givign me a number to call for an additional $250 credit. What they hell, I 'll give it a shot. I'm retired and we are under "Stay at Home" due to the Coronavirus. A nice lady answered the call and started giving me the spiel and walking me thru a "mock reservation" and showed me all the great deals that I could get on vacations, hotels, cruises, etc. I was all in until she told me about the $1699 membership fee. I got leery and did a google search and found this website. Red flags all over!!! I abruptly ended the phone conversation. Maybe that wasn't very polite, but I felt that they had tried to deceive me. I appreciate everyone's candor. The American Legion should reconsider its relationship with this organization.

Oct 19, 2020

Booking Nightmare!

We booked a trip for my wife to go to Boston, and did so more than a month in advance. She has wanted to take this trip her entire adult life, in the fall time. We paid for our airlines separately, and booked the hotel stay with GOV Rewards. My wife, fortunately excited about her trip, checked her reservation just now, a couple of days before she's supposed to get on the flight and fly across the country. My wife found that they had CANCELLED her reservation, no notice, e-mail, warning, anything at all. They just cancelled it. Then they proceeded to tell me on the phone that they were going to investigate it and see if WE had cancelled it?! Eventually, they just told me they were going to just give us a refund, within 24 hours. Basically, telling us good luck at getting a reservation in Boston with a 3 days notice. We paid for tours, airfare, and everything in-between. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE! All of the call centers were overseas, and hard to understand, as well as short and discourteous. I usually don't throw fits about stuff like this, because generally things happen. The lack of customer service is literally disgusting. We booked the hotel PLENTY of time in advance, because we know how hard it can be to book in Boston. They cancelled our booking literally a month after it was made, and never even notified us. They ended up refunding us, and trying to book us with a MORE expensive option, because all of the hotels were booked up. They royally screwed us on this trip. Go with someone else, don't waste your time here, you're not valued or appreciated. DEFINITELY don't try to plan ahead with this company!

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