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Consumer reviews about Flydubai

Dec 19, 2011

Never Book Tickets in FlyDubai

Fly Dubai online system issued me a ticket, i printed this ticket and sys says pay later.
I went to airport (Doha to fly to Dubai) and the staff their said this ticket is not paid and you cant fly. But it was not my fault that system issued me a ticket and failed to receive my payment, so I offered to pay right there, the staff says no chance we accept payment here.
I asked if I can talk to someone in charge but of course there was none to help and they kept me waiting from 1am till 2:30am to give me this reply.
It was horrible experience . Never again flyDubai.

Dec 20, 2011

Never Book Tickets in FlyDubai

I booked on fly-Dubai a 3 weeks ago from Bahrain to Dubai, then I canceled my booking and then the big surprise. I noticed that they don't refund the ticket cost minus whatever amount they fix, but they Just game a voucher code. I called them, and I learned that that code can be used for future flights with them. I did not check the amount refunded in the voucher, but, it was one eighth of the amount displayed in the web page displayed at the End of cancellation. Any way, once back to Bahrain we had the big surprise, our baggage are not registered, though it's mentioned just once for our flight Bahrain-Dubai only, and we had to pay almost 100$ for our baggage. Back to their website, there is no information or any link related to baggage on the return ticket. Which mean, customers have to be aware of paying their baggage fees otherwise they have to pay it during check IN.
What flyDubai is doing is really harming the company if we can call this a company, I swear I will never fly with them again.

Feb 27, 2012

Canceled flight without refund

Muad, sorry to hear that this happened to you. Please can you contact [email protected] with your booking reference and we'll ensure your refund is processed. flydubai

Feb 27, 2012

Canceled flight without refund

I did send to this email two times... without benefits.

Apr 5, 2012

Never Book Tickets in FlyDubai

I do not recommend this airline. If it were the only way for me to travel anywhere, I WOULD RATHER WALK.
They are plain crooks.
Their customer service is full of liars! Their employees at the airport are the rudest ever. They denied access to the flight to myself and 40 other people on the pretext that "it clearly said on the website that this flight is only for Umra visa holders". The guy also admitted that the day before "72 other people were in the same situation". How can 112 people miss something that is "clearly written on the website" especially since we bought our tickets 3 weeks prior to the flight? I wonder...
Additionally, i spent a total of more than 1 hour on the phone, being tossed around by their customer service, which had confirmed that I was rebooked on the very next flight to Dubai. They promised to call to reconfirm. After not hearing from them, I called close to 15 times...No getting through...
Next day, i had the chance of travelling on another carrier and wanted to know if my rebooking was reconfirmed on flydubai prior to buying an expensive last-minute ticket on another carrier, and also to make sure I would get a refund if flydubai could not confirm my rebooking...No clear answer. Result: I missed the other carrier as well! Now, the meetings for which i was supposed to be in Dubai TODAY are out of the window!
This Company cares less about customers. I WOULD ADVISE ALL TO STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!

ريبمة المصري
Apr 7, 2012

Never Book Tickets in FlyDubai

فلاي دبي شركة لاتحترم الزبون فعندما حجزت ولادتي من دمشق يوم 19 جنيوريووصلت دبي قالو بان ليس لديها فيزا وان فلاي دبي التي استصدرت فيزة السياحة لها ليس لديها علم بان الفيزا قد الغيت بعد ساعة واحدة من استصدارها مع ان والدتي عندما صدرت لها الفيزا لم تطبع التكيت الا بعد عدة عدة ايام وكيف الموظف الذي طبع التكيت لم ينتبه بان الفيزا ملغاة بعد ساعة من صدورها وجعلها تسافر دبي وعندما وصلت تفاجانا بان ليس لوالدتي فيزة سياحة وعليها مغادرة دبي حالا ووالدتي امراة مسنة ولديها مرض الضغط والسكر وجلست تبكي في المطار ولم يسمحوا لي برؤيتها والتحدث معها وظلت في المطار 10ساعات ثم خرجت بكفالتي انا اابتهاي ثم دفعنا رسوم جديدة غير الاولى المدفوعة في دمشق وكفالة اخرى غير الارقاق الجسدي والمعنوي وبصراحة لن اسافر ىعليها مرة اخرى ولن انصح احد باتصدار فيز سياحية عن طريقها .وايضا عندما سافرت والتي دفعنا لها 40 كيلو وعندما وصلنا المطار صممت الموظفة وبعد اتصالها بفلاي دبي باننا دفعنا فقط 20 كيلو وعندما ذهبنا لكي ندفع على الكاونتر في المطار عن الشرين كيلو التي زعمت باننا لم ندفع عليها قال لي الموظف لا وزنك صحيح وهذا مكتوب على التكيت وهي لاتفقه شيئا واسفون فبالله عليكم هذه لاشركة محترمة

Zaher El Aridi
Apr 7, 2012

Canceled flight without refund

Kindly I want to complain regarding the below flight yesterday 6/4/2012 flight number FZ 8160 Beirut - Dubai (PLFBRC). Due to the natural Foggy weather, our flight was delayed from 21.05 till 23.30, I just want claim that I was at the airport counter at around 22.00 pm and the reservation staff were not at there desks to offer us the boarding pass, I requested from the fly dubai duty manager to send any of your staff to make check in for me since the plane was still in the airport and calling the passengers, I requested many times to follow my full charged trip or the next trip FZ 160 but she insisted to refuse.

I paid for the ticket and rushed to the airport knowing that the delay was natural and out of our order, therefore I'm requesting to refund this ticket or at least change my ticket to another coming flight one way from Beirut to Dubai.

Please be informed that I spoke more than 20 minutes international call with your office in Dubai (call center- Sherihan) and she put a note about my case and advised me to send email to you for this case.

Hope to receive your reply as soon as possible, I have to go back to work!

Zaher El Aridi
00961 76 818042.

Zaher El Aridi
Apr 7, 2012

Canceled flight without refund

Kindly I want to complain regarding the below flight yesterday 6/4/2012 flight number FZ 8160 Beirut - Dubai (PLFBRC). Due to the natural Foggy weather, our flight was delayed from 21.05 till 23.30, I just want claim that I was at the airport counter at around 22.00 pm and the reservation staff were not at there desks to offer us the boarding pass, I requested from the fly dubai duty manager to send any of your staff to make check in for me since the plane was still in the airport and calling the passengers, I requested many times to follow my full charged trip or the next trip FZ 160 but she insisted to refuse.

I paid for the ticket and rushed to the airport knowing that the delay was natural and out of our order, therefore I'm requesting to refund this ticket or at least change my ticket to another coming flight one way from Beirut to Dubai.

Please be informed that I spoke more than 20 minutes international call with your office in Dubai (call center- Sherihan) and she put a note about my case and advised me to send email to you for this case.

Hope to receive your reply as soon as possible, I have to go back to work!

Zaher El Aridi
00961 76 818042.

arslan khan
Jul 23, 2012

Canceled flight without refund

I believe what flydubai staff does is, respond to the reviewer on the social network that write to us and we will make sure we provide you a refund but they never actually follow through. This is only a damage control response to show the readers that they care and will fix the problem!!!

Andrea Chouhan
Feb 24, 2013

Tricked with an Umrah flight that was not listed as an UMRAH only flight

For several days I've been contacting fly dubai via phone and by email. Due to misleading words on the website, the ones I spoke to on the phone said there was nothing they could do to help. I have searched online to find another email. lettalk seems to be the only email for flydubai? I can only imagine how long it must take to answer all the emails that come in.

Here is my message that I have placed in 4 emails. I hope to hear from someone soon!

I have booked a flight for my family and 3 children and was notified via email that this flight is ONLY for Umrah. After calling 971-4231-1000, I spoke with Dave, at the phone number provided in the referenced email, he explained to me what Umrah is. Being an American citizen and being new to living in Jeddah, I did not know what Umrah was. When I booked the flights, the message that was displayed was not clear in regards to the tickets. The message on fly dubai's website led me to believe that this flight was for those with Umrah OR THOSE with a valid visa. I have a valid visa, but not an Umrah. I am very disappointed as this would be our first trip (of many) to Dubai. Dave explained that we could only be on this flight with an Umrah visa and that our tickets would have to be changed. I do not want to cancel our trip to Dubai, due to this discrepancy. I booked this flight only because it was a fare rate that my family could afford. I also encourage you to make the message on your website more clear. Unfortunately for travelers like myself, the website pop-up message does not say: "This is an Umrah flight for Umrah passengers with Umrah visa's only." However, the email that flydubai sent was very clear and said "the flight you've booked to/from Jeddah is an Umrah flight.As a suggestion, perhaps this is a statement that should be displayed on the pop-up window.

I am requesting that these flights be changed without a penalty or charge. We do wish to make this trip and I want it to be perfect for my 3 children. Thank you for your consideration.

I spoke with Saed today, February 24 and he said that he would look into this matter. He preceded that statement with "I will try my best and look into this for you, but unfortunately there is nothing that we can do." Mr. Saed was very nice and cordial on the phone. However, it sounds like your company wrote misleading "pop-up" windows on the flydubai site in order to deceive customers. I am an educated American with a Masters Degree in English. I clearly read the information before booking. I am very disappointed in flydubai for these discrepencies.

I am a frequent traveler across many countries of the world. Never have I had any problems, such as this one, with booking online tickets. I hope you can correct this issue. If you are able to, I will be glad to post on my Expat blog and facebook page, how helpful your company was.

Please send me a personal message when you have read this email. I have received the 3 prior automated emails, but I would prefer to know that a person has read my emails and is addressing my urgent concerns.


May 12, 2014

وكيل فلاي دبي بالكويت السئ المعاملة والأدب

وكيل فلاي دبي بالكويت هي سفريات البركات وهي من أسوء السفريات بالكويت من ناحية الخدمة والمصداقية والمعاملة.
قمة الوقاحة بالمعاملة وعدم المصداقية تتمثل في مدير السفريات وهو شخص هندي يتعامل بقلة أدب ووقاحة واضحة واللامبالاة الوقحة.
وقسم الخدمة الهاتفية غير مدرب جيدا فالمعلومات منهم غير صحيحة بتاتا وذلك حدث مع مشكلتي معهم حيث اخبرني احد موظفي الخدمة الهاتفية بإمكان استخدام فاوتشر لدفعه كجزء مالي لعطلة (فندق مع طيران) ولا بد من حضوري الشخصي للمكتب بالكويت للتنسيق، وعندما حضرت للمكتب تفاجئنا بعكس المعلومة وبرفض المدير الهندي لسفريات البركات الوكيل الرسمي السئ جداً جداً لشركة فلاي دبي ان يتم ذلك، وعرض معلومات خاطئة وسيئة عن شركة فلاي دبي!!!
وكل هذا حتى لا يحل مشكلتنا معه، وكان همه الربح المادي لسفرياته وليس مصلحة او سمعة فلاي دبي!!!

أتمنى ان تغير شركة فلاي دبي وكيلها الأناني الوقح السئ المعاملة لسفريات أكثر مصداقية.

saju komath
Jun 2, 2014

Denied boarding

I am Saju Komath from Kochi, India working with United Nations Mission in South Sudan. I would like to inform the ordeal I faced during my travel in Fly Dubai airlines on 13 May 2014 .

My travel itinerary was :-

From Kochi (cok) to Dubai on 13/5/14 in Emirates EK 533 at 04:15- Booking ref. EK/HKWPJS

and from Dubai to Juba on 13/5/14 in Fly Dubai flight FZ 611 at 09:15 Booking Ref. FZ/LPAIGM.

As per the schedule I reached Dubai terminal 3 and reported to Fly Dubai transfer desk K before 0700 Hrs for collecting the boarding pass(as it was not issued from Kochi) for Juba and going to terminal 2 . But the supervisor and the staff on duty over there kept me and three other co passengers waiting till 0820 Hrs without issuing the boarding pass and refusing to transfer us to terminal 2 , saying that the flight is cancelled/rescheduled/delayed due to some political problems in Juba. My repeated requests for boarding pass and transfer to the terminal 2 where not accepted by the staffs on duty for the reason only known to them.

Finally they allowed us to board the bus to terminal 2 at 0820 hrs without even a boarding pass. When I reached terminal 2 at 0830 hrs. the staffs on duty there where blaming us and the transfer desk staff for the delay . They kept us on hold till 0930 Hrs and finally refused to board the flight to Juba. To add more insult to injury the counter staff kept me on waiting for more than 04 Hrs to rebook my ticket to the next day , issuing the boarding pass and reserving a hotel room.

My great concern is that, Being a reputed airline why do you mistreat passengers like this ???? Why do your staff give false information’s to the passengers ? I came to know later that there was no problems in Juba what so ever as informed by your staff. The flight to Juba on 13/5/14 had its usual flight. Its totally un acceptable .. because of this I was delayed for a day for reporting to my duty which costed me financially and professionally. Special mention to the agony and mental stress caused because of this harassment.

I should be adequately compensated for this unacceptable act of denying my right to board the flight as per my booking. A reasonable compensation will restore my faith in FLY DUBAI airlines .

Expecting an early response from the authorities.

Abdullah Reesi
Feb 26, 2015

Never book with flydubai

bad airline, bad boarding arrangements, staff not trained and very crowded airline. I booked a business class flight which they cancelled due to weather conditions. They never bothered themselves to call or send a message. In the airport check in counter, they say they would refund the ticket. They refused to refund and they just give you a voucher. I have to book another airline and pay for this trip twice as this airline refused to refund.

Abdullah Reesi
Feb 26, 2015

Never book with flydubai

The worst airline you can ever book with, please avoid booking with them

Mar 2, 2015

Never Book Tickets with FlyDubai

I booked with my daughter with fly-Dubai on Tuesday the 24th of Feb 2015 (Flight # FZ-004 Doha-Dubai-Amman) , the flight time was 15:10 PM. I surprised that at the same flight day , Flydubai Doha Airport called me at 8:30 AM telling me that the flight FZ-004 was canceled and asking me either to chose their flight at 12:00 PM same day or flight FZ-004 next day. Really I was shocked when I heard that!!!! because I was at work and have a very important business meeting from (9:00 to 11:00 AM) that I can not cancel , besides that my daughter should be in Amman next day because she has a test to join a college in Amman ,so I enforced to choose the next day flight and I called Flydubai Doha Airport and told them that I will travel next day and they told me that they confirmed my booking.the problem behind this choice was my daughter missed her test and that created a problem in her college registration. This was not the end of this sad story, The same day at 12:30 , I received a message fro Flydubai/Dubai asking me to contact them , so I called them (It took around 20 min international call) and told them that I already changed my booking , the lady that answered told me , sorry your old booking still there and Flydubai Doha didn't changed that. My great concern is that, Being a reputed airline how do talking such decisions and mistreat passengers like this ???? So,Myself and my daughter should be adequately compensated for this unacceptable act of denying our right to board the flight as per our booking. Only a reasonable compensation will restore my faith in FLYDUBAI as an airline with good reputation . Just in case if you ignored my request and didn't pay attention for that harm you caused for me and my daughter , I will make a campaign in all social media sites (Facebook,Twitter...etc) asking all people who faced such issues to join that campaign that will due to a sever damage to your reputation .

Apr 9, 2015

Never ever book FLYDUBAI

I booked the tickets from the great FLYDUBAI and then due to some personel reason i had to cancel that ticket the problem is while creating account in their site forgotten to keep LAST NAME and they issued the VOCHER but when i tried to use tht VOCHER it didn't worked and i logged a complaint to [email protected] and she said its due LAST NAME problem and re-issued another VOCHER after removing LAST NAME.When i tried again using same issue appears after all its hard earned money .So i again logged compliant without any replay.They are looting the people nothing else they will not support you in any case. WORST experience with airlines and if anybody who can guide to escalate this matter further.

usman ghani
Feb 14, 2016

missing my luggage

sir. first time i trevel with flydubai from muscut to karachi.when i reached karachi 1 cartoon miss.which was given to me later.on14, jan,16. when return from karachi.fight fz041on 14 feb,16.again my one cartoon miss.tel me your luggage will come leter.in this cartoon my food stuff was there.plz tel me what is the international law for this offence.my base is far 100 klm.i think air line comassionate whith international law

Mar 12, 2016

worst employee in Beirut international airport

Flydubai employees in Beirut international airport allowed 3 passengers in front of me to pass with a handbag weighing 11.6 kg, 12.4 kg and 11.4 kg (I was watching the scale while in queue) and 2 of these passengers also had a laptop bag which wasn't weighed.
When it came my turn, the disrespected employee asked rudely to put my handbag on scale and it was 11,2 kg so after I removed 2 extra kilos she refused to gave me my passport. So, I called a manager in the airport and after 40 min waiting... they allowed me to take my boarding pass and go to my gate...

Very bad service and employees should be trained to deal respectfully and equally to everyone....

Mar 26, 2016

Wrong information and they want u to pay for it

I called to cancle my trip after the accident as i was not feeling comfortable for travling. Then agent informs me that there is a canclletion fees almost half the trip amount.
I called another day as i felt i was forced to travel so i said at least i need to change the flight
They said i need to pay to change then call to canclle
Now they reject to cancle
Call me urgent on 00971562259980

Mar 27, 2016

What a Wonderful Service

To The Managment, Booking Reference: YML11N

I would be shocked if your call are literally recorded as your IVR system says on your call center number!!!.

A reputable compnay such as Fly Dubai and after what happened lately would really monitor the level of quality from staff to equipment, I would really urge you to hear my last 4 Phone calls to your Centre from my number 050-8260660 and determine yourself if that is a quality of staff you would like to keep or even atleast reconsider training sessions to them in levels of ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Especially a staff called Hussam Al Halabi, as a client it is my right to when I see promises not done or things are not righ at a junior call center level to ask for a Team Leader on shift that I would Like to address my issues to, but was surprised yesterday to KNOW that Fly Dubai Policy as per Mr.Hussam does Not Allow you to be put through a manager on shift. His attitude was above the thermometer level two words that can describe this ( Attitude & Arrogance ).

I am also following this tweet to an e-mail to 7Days and Emirates Today, headline ( Unsolved cancelation of ticket & unberable staff attitude ).

My issue stands still till this moment even after a promise from a manager at your honorable company called Amr, who promised to call back within 24hrs but till this moment neve heard anything of him.

I hope and really pray, that for once things as promised are delivered and I recieve a Call from your Customer Experience Team to address my issues and then solve your staff attitude issues!!! for the records the e-mail stated above will be also Cc to Gaith Al Gaith as I do not think he should also be concerned about the staff quality at the call center from delivering information to handling clients complaints!!

Saad El Terk

Ashfaq Ahmed
Mar 7, 2017

Never Book Ticket by FlyDubai horrible service

Ian Ashfaq Ahmed today 07-mar-2017 I have flight to Dammam From Dubai Terminal 2 by flydubai flight time is 13:50 I reached the gate around 13:35 they didn't allow me to board the flight they forced me to by new ticket after facing so many problems I buy new ticket from fly dubai again the flight time is 18:15 then there is some technical problem the flight got delayed by them I am sling them for my refund they refuse to give it.
I got delayed for 5 mins I have to buy new ticket and delayed for 45 mins no problem they looting the customer money please be careful if your booking through flydubai

Ashfaq Ahmed

Mar 31, 2017

Horrible Airline FlyDubai

I was traveling with my family to Bangkok on 26th December 2017 in FlyDubai Business Class. On that day morning I was disappointed to receive an email from FlyDubai that the flight I was traveling was cancelled and I have to call their Dubai phone number to reschedule my flight. After waiting for over 20 minutes on line listening to the stupid music and the repeated Ads which has no relevance to me, a representative came on line and after further 20 minutes of conversations, music, negotiations, and discussions alternating, the tickets were rescheduled for late evening departure (9.45pm flight) from Muscat to be able to connect the Bangkok flight leaving from Dubai at 01.50am.

We all reached airport by 7.30pm to take the flight. We were shocked to learn at the counter that the rescheduled flight was also cancelled. Again series of calls to Dubai, and requests to call back, about half a dozen customer service agents making all kinds of false promises and lies, we had to return home close to midnight totally frustrated, irritated and dejected with nothing sensible achieved with so many calls.

Next day early morning against started with calls to FlyDubai. After series of international calls and text messages I received a call from Khalid from FlyDubai at about 8.40am on 27th March 2017. I explained to him that I am traveling with my family and that my son already reached Bangkok from India and we should have reached Bangkok by this time and that we are still in Muscat because the flight on the previous night was cancelled.

He said he will call me back, and indeed he did call me back to say that the FlyDubai flight scheduled to leave at 9.00 will leave at 11.45 and if we can reach airport in 20 minutes we may be accepted to board the flight.

We agreed and reached airport in less than the allotted time. We were made to wait at the counter by a rude and irrational counter clerk named Salim. After about 30 minutes of series of phone calls to FlyDubai we were given gate passes.

The customer service agent Khalid said he will reschedule our return journey to a later date as per our request because our outbound travel was delayed and that I have to send him my Bangkok phone number to which he can call and speak to me.

I sent dozens of text messages with my Bankgkok contact phone number, but never was there a call from Khalid or anybody from FlyDubai customer service.

I had written mails to their [email protected] only to receive an acknowledgement stating they will respond within 28days, a crazy irresponsible and weird response in the situation .

After all this horrible experience they have not even bother to compensate anything to the sufferers (should I call victims of their wily ways?)

FlyDubai is filled with horrible people, liars and traitors. This is the worst travel experience I ever had in my three decades of international travel experience and this is probably my last ever flight in FlyDubai airlines and I will narrate this horrendous experience to everyone that I will discuss travel, I will tell them they should never do the mistake of booking FlyDubai for their travel. FlyDubai is the most unreliable Airline filled with liars and traitors and cheats I have experienced in my life.

All readers of this post, please never ever take FlyDubai, there are scores of reliable Airlines operating and therefore don't be victimised by your own mistake of choosing FlyDubai. There can't be an airlines in the world worse than this or more horrendous than this.

Phone: +96899228177
EMail: [email protected]

Jul 23, 2017

اسوء رحلة طيران هي دبي فلاي

فلاي دبي اسوء رحلة عند حجز التذكرة قيل لنا ومكتوب ان الرحله مدة الترانزيت ساعه وربع ولكنها تأخرت اكثر من ذالك وغير ذالك من المفترض الوصول الي الوجهه الاسكندريه الساعه اربعه و25 دقيقه ولكنها هبطت الساعه السادسه والنصف والاكثر من ذالك ان طول الرحله من الساعه الثامنه صباحا وحتى هبوطها في الاسكندريه الساعه 6:٣٠ لم تقدم اي وجبات او حتى زجاجات ماء بالمجان ع الركاب المتأخرين واحدى بناتي المسافرين بكليه واحدة ولديها مشاكل فيها ولم يكن لديهم المال للشراء وكانت الزجاجه الصغيرة تباع داخل الطائرة بما يقرب الدينار كويتي لان المكتب ولا خدمه العملاء نوه او ذكر عدم توزيع وجبات او ماء داخل الطائرة فما ذنب الزبون المسافر المريض ان يسافر طول هذا الوقت ولديه مشاكل في الكلى دون كوب ماء وازيدكم من الشعر بيت انه عند وصولها للاسكندريه وجدت انه يوجد حقيبه ممزقه وموضوعه داخل كيس قذر غير لائق وكانت بها الكثير من الهدايا الي فقد معظمها وعندما ارادو تقديم شكوى رفض الاستاذ ابراهيم المسؤول بمطار برج العرب تسجيل الحادث المؤسف مبررا هذه ليست مشكله من مطارنا ولكنها اهمال من مطار دبي اذهبي واشتكي هناك او بالكويت وانا اليوم ذهبت الى مطار الشيخ سعد وقدمت شكوى وسوف اقاضي ع الاضرار الماديه التي تعرضت انا لها والاضرار النفسيه لزوجي الذي بناء على ما ذكر ف التذكرة انتظر من الساعه الرابعه عصرا وحتى الساعه السابعه مساءا انتظار الاولاد امام المطار والاضرار الجسديه والنفسيه التي تعرضو اليها صغاري وبناتي المسافرين بالملابس المتناثرة والكيس الغير لائق امام المسافرين مما سبب الاحراج لهم وتعبهم وجوعهم طوال هذا الوقت الطويل ولدي فيديو مصور من ابنائي بالمطار مع الاستاذ ابراهيم الذي اخلى مسؤوليه المطار عن المأساه هذه والكيس المحرج وهذا رقمي للتواصل 0096566411753
وهذا رقم الرحله FZ-056 ... FZ-171
والتي غادرت الامس بتاريخ 22-7-2017 الساعه العاشرة

Jul 23, 2017

أسوء رحلة طيران هي فلاي دبي

هذا هو الفيديو للتأكيد

[email protected]
Mar 2, 2018


Hi Sir,
I am the frequent user and booking tickets for our employees from my card.
I booked ticket for our employee through credit card from dubai to multan but actually have to book from multan to duabi.
Once today morning he went to multan airport he called me there is no booking. I want to book again with the adjusting of paid money. I know its my mistake but I want favor from fly dubai. He can travel tomorow or dayafter tomorow.
Wishing prompt and positive action.
Booking ref: 7SN33S
last name : Waqas

zulfiquar Ali
[email protected]

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