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United States, Texas

Consumer reviews about etax.com

Senior from Texas
Feb 13, 2012

Not a 'free' federal filing service

I too was scamed by etax.com. I thought the service was free to file it was not and they took $95.00 from me through my tax refund. I just hope enough people read this to put these people out of business. I guess they feel good taking money from a senior citizen who is on a fix income.

etax.com scam
Feb 14, 2012

Not a 'free' federal filing service

I too was scammed by etax. Not free. They stole $95. From me. Just regular tax did not file state. Direct deposit. Bullshit!

etax.com scam
Feb 14, 2012

Not a 'free' federal filing service

I too was scammed by etax.com. Not free. They stole $95. From me. Just a regular tax no state filing. Direct deposit. Bullcrap. Im still gonna fight!

Feb 17, 2012

Not a 'free' federal filing service

I qualified for a free return and also had $95 deducted from my return. Who can you complain to? That is false advertising!

Feb 19, 2012

ETax.com Scam

I normally use Turbo tax and used ETAx to simply check against my other worksheet and files sinces my status "APPEARED" to be FREE. Well, they took $85 out of my return. I will not use them again!

[email protected]
Feb 23, 2012

Not a 'free' federal filing service

Etax took money from my mom when we thought it was free. How can anyone conduct business without imforming an individual of the costs. Etax.com is a scam, and should be prosecuted.

Feb 23, 2012

Not a 'free' federal filing service

How can anyone conduct business without reading the terms and conditions first?

Feb 24, 2012

Not a 'free' federal filing service

I too was scammed out of $85. They say they are a free filing site but this is an out and out LIE!!! As I am writing this I am on the phone with etax.com for the 3rd time and have been given the run around about what to do to get the fees refunded. Etax tells me that my "processing fee" is 19.95 (was suppose to be free) but the bank in Santa Barbara says the fee was actually 49.90 and a efile fee of 5.00 (total 54.90.) In order for the bank to refund their fee they need a letter faxed to them from Etax.com stating they refunded etax.com's processing fee then the bank will refund the amount of 29.95 which is their (the banks) fee for transferring the tax return. Once again I called etax.com back to relay the information that a letter needed to be sent to the bank for a fee refund and was told by the floor manager, Chuck ID#1122 that they do not send out letters to the bank and that they are not allowed to have any communication with the bank. I called the Santa Barbara Bank and Trust back and told them what "Chuck" had told me and they said that they have refunded the bank fees in the past but can only do so when a letter is faxed over. This is ridiculous!!! I have been unemployed almost a year now and struggling to keep a roof over my head. Etax.com is stealing money from people who cannot afford to pay these fees when it was suppose to be free.
I URGE EVERYONE HERE TO CONTACT: RT SOFTWARE who I'm told is the was listed as an affiliate company of Etax.com and complain. Who knows maybe if we all rally together we can get our money back.

Feb 25, 2012

Etax.com is a fraud

Supposedly a free service and they deducted $95.00 - $29.95 for state and a $64.90 service charge. Absolutley pathetic and there seems to be no way to dispute this. Online theft. DONT USE THEM = called to ask about the charge and the female was rude and obnoxious. Never again.

Feb 26, 2012


I too was scamed by etax.com. They are stealing money from people who need each and every dollar. Can we not do anything to get our money back? Can we report them to some organization? I am a senior citizen and they took me for $95.00. I am living on a fixed income and need every penny. My tax return was a simple one. Please if some official of the state or government is watching boards like this there has to be something that can be done to stop companies like this from stealing from people.

Feb 27, 2012

eTax.com Scam

SO BEWARE THIS TAX SITE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was also scammed by eTax.com. They stole $85 from me and my refund was only $265 to begin with. I called to try and get things straightened out and the people I talked to were very rude and not helpful at all. One even hung up on me. All they could tell me were the lies that I had already heard and in the end the only things they offered me were $19.95 back and a "free" return for next year, like I would ever use them again.

I don't understand how companies like this can get away with something like this, yes I understand that they do put it in fine print at the bottom of the page, but really who reads the fine print? For something like these hidden fees, they should be put somewhere where people will see them.

donna shaffer
Feb 29, 2012



Feb 29, 2012

Not a 'free' federal filing service

I was scammed $95.00. How can I get my money back ?

Jan 31, 2013


I googled free efiling and I chose etax.com. They have banners on everything that says start now for free which leads anyone to believe it is a free service. NOT SO After I had spent hours inputing all my data, I get to the part where I send the return to IRS and they are going to CHARGE me. WHAT A SCAM!!!!

Feb 3, 2013

fee charged

don't know til the end, charges come out of refund. too late in process to do anything.

golden state
Feb 8, 2013

etax.com stole $95

NOT FREE as it stated on their website. The State Attorney General should be doing something about these complaints and pull the plug on this scam IMMEDIATELY. etax.com should be forced to return every penny that they stole from everyone that was told they qualified for a FREE tax preparation.

Tell everyone you know to avoid etax.com

Feb 13, 2013


I am here to complain about the scam these people use. They tell you it is $29.95 to file your state taxes, then you have to send it in yourself, and they took $95.00 of my taxes. I am on a fixed income and that hurts me very much. What can I do about this? I am calling the IRS today, but I doubt that will do me any good.

[email protected]
Feb 21, 2013

Scam - Stole $94.85 of my Tax Return

I filed only my Federal Tax Return through eTax.com. The return was very simple. When I got my bank statement, I was short $124.80 of my refund. I called e-Tax and spoke to an extreme obnoxious woman, who informed me $59.90 was for Fed. and St. Tax returns and $64.90 was for electronic direct deposit transfer. I filed my State Tax return myself, and called eTax.com back and they said they would refund $29.95. I told the representative that it said FREE E-File of Federal Tax return, and they told me no, the charges were listed on their site. After reviewing their web pages I found Tax Service prices but no where did I find the amounts of the the transfer service, so I called them back and spoke with a lady, and she said when I used my Credit Card the fee was displayed. She lied, because I got a refund and didn't use a credit card. This definitely needs to be reported to the proper authorities. They are scamming people out of millions of dollars. BEWARE! Make this scan known they are thieves.

Feb 28, 2013

etax.com stole 85.00 dollars from me

etax.com comes up when you google free tax service. my friend that graduated from tax school actually sat next to me and walked me through it. He was also under impression it was free. Please beware of this unethical horrible company. my tax return was the ez form, we have no state income tax here in wa state and it only took 15 minutes to complete. Beware of the refund transfer option that takes 65 of your dollars in addition to the other twenty they steal! They offered me free tax filing for next year, yeah right ! Id never use them for anything again! Please let me know what I can do to take legal action against this awful corperation. Marli Robison. They should be renamed : etax .CON!

etax.com sucks!
Mar 4, 2013

etax.com is kniving and rude

etax.com is a kniving and very rude company that has no customer service skills. I just called twice about a 29.95 fee that was charged to my account that I was completely unaware that I was going to be paying. The first time the customer service representative told me the invoice telling me I was going to have to pay the fee was on the right hand panel under my fed and ca refund statements and there was nothing he could do because it was already processed. I then went through the website process again only to discover that they had lied to me and the invoice bar only pops up during the last page or so of the whole process. I called back again and was transferred to the same rude customer service representative (I had no choice) and when I informed him that it only pops up for the last page or so and is in a different box that has no connection or reference to the credit card information I was asked to put in he immediately just said I was stupid for putting in my information. Which I now agree to but at the time I thought it could have been asking for the information so they could take the $13 CA tax fee I owed or a million other reasons thinking that the company would be honest enough to clearly inform me that I was being charged a fee. On top of that the page before I put in my information informs be that I qualify for 3 years of free taxes of which I didn't notice that cleverly the word federal was hidden in there. Sure this fee is not astronomically large but for a college student who isn't even receiving $30 in tax refunds, its not easy. Sure I understand that a company may want to charge a fee for their services but the thing I'm upset with in this circumstance is that the company went out of their way to post the word FREE in large letters everywhere (even on the page asking for your credit card information when they would have spent some time stating that you would be paying a __ fee) and tricking so many people into paying charges they are unaware of as well as very rude customer representatives who try to blame the situation on the customer instead of trying to fix the problem themselves THIS COMPANY IS DEFINITELY NOT GETTING MY BUSINESS EVER AGAIN.

Mar 27, 2013


I was also scammed by etax, I had a simple tax return to file < I went into several sites and one of them was etax, they say they are free,but once I got to the payment options they wanted 39.99 and I felt that was too high so I closed out of it, the next week I chose the company I wanted to use, paid them and they filed my taxes, they were rejected, so after several attempts,rejections and a call to the IRS, they gave me the number to call etax, the woman was very rude and insisted that I filed through them, so they were taking 64.90 from my refund, I paid 19.99 to the other company,THEN come to find out that etax hadn't filed my state taxes, so THEN I got my refund this am and they had taken 95.00 from my refund, so I was fuming and called etax,talked to a supervisor and she said all she could do is give me 29.99 since they didn't file my state tax, still insisting that I filed with them, and I told her WHY WOULD I FILE MY TAXES TWICE???? I work part-time for minimum wage and made less than 10,000 last year, they took a bill payment from me,someone needs to do something about these crooks.

Apr 11, 2013


eTax.com is NOT FREE. They advertise they are free but they took me for $59. When I called to ask why I got charged her immediate response (as if she has been asked this 1000 times) was "We are not a free Tax filling service". I asked why they advertise free Federal Tax filing. She explained they are free to try out. Now I know. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE!!!

Apr 15, 2013

Etax is rude and a scam!

I gave this website my credit card info under the impression that it would pay for my state taxes to get filed. Not only did I never see the cost, they NEVER gave me a confirmation number. When I called costumer service the next day the women I talked to was compleaty rude! She was yelling at me and even hung up on me during our conversation. I asked her to credit my account back the money and when I asked for a confirmation number for that action she said, "I cant give you one" when asked why she said, "because it would not be real". I then said "Okay well if youre going to credit my account back could you give me my credit card info so I know its for real?" She could not give me my info and she was coming up with really ridiculous reasons as to why she couldn't. She said something along the lines of "would you want this whole company seeing your info?" On top of not being able to back up her claims with confirmation numbers or even any of my information which completely shocks me, she was yelling at me. I could tell she was scared of my questions because she knew that I knew they are nothing but a scam. I am completely upset by this.

Mar 5, 2014


I filed my federal return on etax.com and they advertise "free" to file, it's not. But on the website it said there would be like a $20 charge for direct deposit but that w/ direct deposit I should get my refund in a week or less, so I did it and when I received my refund (a month later) it was almost $100 less than it should of been so I called etax.com support and the lady said there was a $67 charge and a $29.99 charge for filing and I tried to explain that's not what the website said, but the lady just kept repeating the amount of the charges. THIS PLACE IS A RIP OFF, THEY LIE ABOUT THE FEES AND TELL YOU THE TAX RETURN WILL BE IN THE BANK IN A WEEK, ALL LIES. This business should be shut down.

Apr 11, 2015

Etax is a scam

This website is very misleading. Supposed to be free. Rip-off for me as I only had a simple 2-page Form 1040. Charged $29.95.

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