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Dri* Avast Software Orderfind.com

New Zealand

Consumer reviews about Dri* Avast Software Orderfind.com

John Vandekerckhove
Jan 19, 2012

Avast 2yr Subscription not delivered

Dear Sir/Madam,

Since my computer protection had expired I renewed on nov. 25 of 2011. I went through the order process, payed by VISA-card, but discovered I am no longer protected by the Avast antivirus program.
I suggest you give me a refund for my purchase.

John Vandekerckhove.

[email protected]

Sonja Kummert
Feb 2, 2012

Avast 2yr Subscription not delivered

Dear Avast,
I have entered my subscription on January 30. 2012. The payment by MasterCard was already taken from my bank account, unfortunately I have received no Antivirus merchandise. Actually, I could not download it, and when I checked your website, it informed me that you have no record of my order. Interestingly, I have record of my payment to you. Would you refund my money and kindly do not play a dead bug.
Have a pleasant day,
Sonja Kummert
[email protected]

Rex Fletcher
Feb 7, 2012

My license number

I bought your $29.99 Virus protector but I find your instructions confusing and cannot enter my license no. The instructions have different verbage and I cannot enter the numbers properly...
Rex Fletcher

Jun 20, 2012

way to reach Avast for license number

I need to reach Avast ass to obtain my license number and can find no way to contact them. Can you help? My old computer crashed and burned before I could save my information and I paid for a years subscription and can't use it for lack of a license number!

jimmy woods
Jun 26, 2012

problem with service

I bought your virus protection for 29.99 to cover three laptops on may 27 according to my discover bill and now I am getting a warning that my protection is due in 6 days. What's up!

Balance Problems
Jun 26, 2012

Scam website www.sinowatches.us

Scam website www.sinowatches.us
they took money and ship nothing.
people be aware.!!!

lee hulstine
Aug 6, 2012

paid for two years of service but nothing

i bought avast! internet security pc 2 years on the 4/15/2012,,,, copied and downloaded to desktop printed what they told me to do and when i went to get the license key there was nothing there... thought i did what was needed,,, can not get ahold of avast software at all have been trying for past month ,,,Just need them to credit my credit card and i will be on my way to someone that is working legally.. got oder number, date and password, got product sku, product name , qty ordered and amount paid and discount ... what kind of cpmpany would do this,,, their advertizings says they have 150,000,000 people that they service,,, get real please help Lee Hulstine
[email protected] going to another company that is in United States and get what i need,,, tried to send avast a email and can not get thur,,,

Sep 4, 2012

Paid Money, no service

Paid for Avast internet security for 2 years ref no 13883515823, 5th May 2012. Service cut off July 2012.Please restore or
money back into Visa a/c taken out of .Very hard company to contact and fix problem. Kevin Kelly

Sep 18, 2012


Purchased Avast six months ago. No problems for that time period. On September 17, 2012 the Avast updated itself and almost immediately Every page on the internet I opened gave me an annoying alert. Called Avast (not easy to find phone number) and waited an incredibly long time and some scammer told me there was a problem with my computer not Avast. I knew this was not true and told him so. He said I would have to take my computer to someone for maintenance or they could do it online. After a little more talk he told me it would cost money for them to do it. I knew this was not on the level and told him so. I then deleted Avast from my computer and downloaded Windows Internet Security for nothing. No more problems. I guess my computer was not broken after all. I am done with Avast for good and will report this to Consumer Protection Bureau.

Mar 16, 2013

charged lots of money by DRI Avast

I kept getting notices that my Avast was expiring in a few days. On February 2, 2013 I signed up for two more years, thinking I was signing up with Avast, and yet questioning in my mind that it was free. Since it was being cancelled figured I better renew at their charge of $69.00 I kept getting e-mail notices it was going to cancel in a few days. Suddenly for no reason my computer just quit working. On February 20, 2013 I called their support number and asked why my payment had never been recorded and asked if they did something to my computer? They declared I had gotten a computer virus and acted as if they had no support division to help me. When I go a little upset at their negligence all of sudden they decided they could connect me to a company who could help me with the virus problem. I was then told by that so-called other company the cost would be $169.99 to completely go through my computer and delete all the infected files and correct my problem. I gave them my Visa Card number and they proceeded to take control of my computer and kept control of it for most of the day, leaving it open even while they took a two hour lunch break. Late in the same day I finally was able to get back on line. However, my computer was running really slow.

The week of March 10th. my credit card bill came in I noticed the name of the company for the $69.00 charge was the same as the $169.99 charge. I talked to IntelPCservices.com and was told my computer was loaded with viruses and numerous files saying ERROR. This morning I was having all kinds of trouble getting into certain files. When IntelPC called me back I gave them control of my computer to correct the problems. Following their findings I immediately called my Visa card and told them what happened with DRI*Avast. They terminated their two charges on my credit card, cancelled the card and will send me a new card.
We will see where this ends up when DRI*Avast gets the charges reversed on their account. I fully intend to fight their charges because I was completely taken advantage of by this company.

Jul 2, 2013

License 102347420

I purchased Avast and then system support for $169 and you ran diagnostics and supposedly repaired my system on 6/30/2013. As of today I am unable to maintain a connection on MSN.com. When I try and open an article it opens and then within 30 seconds I get a message that IE cannot open the site and then the site closes. I have attempted to call you and I get a recorded answer, then a survey, as to if I am satisfied with the call then it hangs up. I want my money back and will be contacting the BBB and my credit card company this morning. Further all of my files and 1700 pictures have disappeared off of my computer.

Aug 6, 2013

Did not knowingly order DRI. Just checked "update" and now have a charge on credit card

I clicked "update" on the Avast icon, as I have for ages, and the next month I got a charge on my credit card. I did not intend to add this pay-for service. Vickie Simpson

[email protected]
Oct 20, 2013

Harlean McCarthy

After over 8 hours with your techs, in Costa Rica, My problem is still not fixed. I told Alex Madrigal.whom I was on the line with along with Dan Chang. I was not pleased after sitting on my computer for that long, and still not working properly, I Would like my credit card credited $119.99 that was billed to my credit card, he said he would take care of it. It is still showing on my card. Would you please take care of this

Thank you
Harlean McCarthy
[email protected]

Apr 13, 2014

Billed for something I did not order

I ordered and paid for Avast Virus Protection in March, 2014. Then on April 5, 2014 I was billed an additional $37.88 for software. I DID NOT order anything additional and want my money returned. I have complained and emailed this company to no avail. Next call will be the BBB and perhaps Kim Komando who recommended this virus protector.

gloria good
May 5, 2014

did not want avast

there was 49.99 stolen out of my bank account on line and i have no idea how you got my account numbers to steal my money. it had betterbe creditted back in my account or i will have to go higher up . and i will.....that is stealing .i did not give you permission to do that. so ifi am not creditted 49.99 back in my acount i will have my lawyer get ahold of somebody in avast.want my money ASAP

Ann Marie Kiker Carter
May 5, 2014

Dri*Avast software orderfind .com

I had help from you on 3-19-2014 for a virus, come to find out it is still on my laptop. i paid 179.99, since it seems
you were of no help to me i want the money back . will be calling the bank about it too.

Annmarie Carter

May 7, 2014

Didn't order

I did not order this software! please refund!

May 18, 2014



Jun 23, 2014

security software

I bought the avast security from you and cannot download. It will not take license number and actually crashed my computer when I tried. I just checked my credit card and payment has been made and I want it refunded. I cannot download the program that I bought and I will never use Avast again! I WAS a loyal customer until now. Please refund my money. Deanna Tate

Gayle Rama
Jul 9, 2014

[email protected]

My credit card was debited to the amount of $49.99 for software I did not order, as I only install the FREE software. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you ASAP.

Crystal Abreu
Jan 19, 2015

Crystal Abreu

My credit card was debited $95.66 on Jan 4, 2015. I did not order this software. I only order the free software. I would appreciate a refund in full. I am contacting the bank my credit card is with. After reading all the other reviews this is obviously a fraudulent charge. 01-19-15.

Jan 29, 2015

Fraud from this company

I ordered Avast for one year at 19.99 plus tax. Avast took two payments of that amount out of my bank and didn't give me my software. I have tried getting in contact with them for a refund but only get a frustrating email with no help forthcoming.

Feb 10, 2015


On the 3rd of February I have noticed a charge on my visa credit card for the amount of $49.99, for avast.
I did not want avast security and I did not give you permission to charge this amount from my credit card. I do not use avast anymore and I want you to reimburse the $49.99 immediately or I will go to consumer affairs and my bank.
You are welcome to contact me on my mobile which I am sure you have.
Hoping to hear from you soon or see the money back in my account.
Thank you
Andi Tuckwell

Feb 12, 2015

Did not receive anti-virus after CC PAYMENT

I paid for the multi computer DRI AVAST software on 11/29/14. I paid $80.05 trusting coverage to my computer. I'm still verifying a virus shut my laptop down and discovered that I was not covered. Please make your product available or refund my CC payment to the card.
[email protected]

Feb 12, 2015

All victims, How do we get refunded?

[email protected]

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