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DFW Viking Pools

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Consumer reviews about DFW Viking Pools

Jun 10, 2012

Beware of Ronald Scott Hanson

Beware of Ronald Scott Hanson!! He is a well known scam artist! Unfortunately we didn't know about it and gave them $15K. Avoid these fraudsters!

Jun 20, 2012

ACTION PRO SERVICES Jeff and Cindy Coats

These 2 are a Bonnie and Clyde type of professional victims. They contract a pool, then when the hard part is done, they scream FOUL, and order builder off property, so they can have thier idle workers finish it for less.
Since they borrowed 10K from the inlaws, it seems like a logical plan.
But the real danger is Jeff Coats and his threats, hostility and violent demeanor.
To see a record of it, goto DFW VIKING POOLS RIP OFF RESPONSE on youtube, and witness the insanity and instability of Jeff Coats of Action Pro Services.

Aug 14, 2012

Yet anothe victim of the Hanson's Fraud

We were taken for thousands of dollars, but he is now being investigated by the FBI for Fraud. He has stolen thousands of dollars from us, when he was terminated for the lack of work to the property he started showing his true colors and calling names and even went so far as to phone the desk sergeant at the police department to tell them he was going to repossess a fence. Move on; find someone else that is not going to steal from you. This guy and his wife both have several alias' Ronald Lassiter, Scott Hanson, Tammy Hanson, Tamela Hanson who is suppose to own the pool company because he tried to take his name off of everything to avoid liability. These people are bad news, and the work they did do has to be re-done because it was so sub-standard.

Oct 13, 2012

John Jensen

John Jenson is the FRAUD.How do you steal 1000s of dollars from someone. What a ridiculous claim.The FBI? For Fraud? Bring it on!We run NO FRAUD!We run a Business, and Internet Assassination sites, fueled by deceptive people like 711 corporation John Jensen, who comes on a site like this, makes ridiculous, unfounded claims, misrepresentations, deceptive statements.For example, he claims we Stole Thousands of dollars...Yet then admits Work was being performed, inferring a agreement for work. Therefore, NO THING was stolen, it was a disagreement over a Agreement to complete work. Thus...no theft.But it sounds so much better! And throw some FBI, and some Fraud, and he paints our company like its a organized crime arm of some syndicate. This is unfair, untrue and simply NOT RIGHT!The real story is JOHN JENSEN contracted to build a 600 ft fence and a Swimming Pool and Spa. He signed a contractor agreement, let the "Right to Cancel" cooLing off period lapse, Paid a Down Payment, 1 Month after work had been started, as we drafted plans, and upon approval, forwarded them to his Home Owners Assoc. for approval, while he was still in Denver.Then he shows up, moves into his new home, we meet, Sign Agreement, and we begin Process for Permit for Fence and Pool/Spa. When the Fence permit was issued, the following day, DFW Viking Pools dug 600 Liner feet of fence Posts Holes.The Second day from Permits we set all the Posts.The Third Day we ran the Rails, on a fence with metal posts, so the complexity of brackets was a part of the work performed.The Forth Day, Mr. John Jensen had to go out of town for 3 days. He was Not Happy with the Progress. He wanted MORE done, even as we had 10 men per day on the job site. The temperature was peaking 105 degrees, We had people get sick and leave from heat exposure. But we pushed our crews. We followed the prescribed requirements of Home Owners and City concerning the Fence Location, which was our job. But John Jensen decided he was not happy with the placement of a 200 ft run on 1 side. He wanted something done.So DFW Viking Pools went to the Home Owners Assoc. and the City Plans examiner, and came up with an agreement to place the fence in a restrict Water Run Off area, by proposing a Gate, Tube and Modified Fence section, which the city agreed to honor. The DFW Viking Pools, at NO EXTRA EXPENSE, though it was absolutely a BILLABLE change, did not charge for the CHANGE. Instead, we paid to acquire a piece of equipment to dig 200 Lin. feet of fence post holes, and paid the labor, and even completed the pace of construction like it never happened.Mr. John Jensen rewarded us, with belittling statements, accusations that his Male Partner claimed the crews were there at 11am and left at 5pm, a absolute fabrication. But John Jensen wanted to be strong for his man. And threatened and coerced, even refused payments when due, and told us through text and email to cease work.After we explained, that if he breached the contract, we would Lien the Property and File Suit in Dallas County Court of Law, dragging him through 2-3 years of legal battle. He said, your right, I'm Stressed from my move, lets go on. This is all documented on Texts and Emails.So we had this Fence 95% complete, along with additional Wrought Iron fence at the front elevations, with in 5 Days. Even with the 200' change. But John Jensen and his boyfriend were not satisfied. As he prepared to leave from a Sunday to a Wednesday, he gave a ultimatum, I want Fence complete, Trees cut down(not even on the contract), his front yard stripped of the original landscape and new landscape installed, or else.He left, and arrived to everything complete, but the new landscape installed, because DFW Viking Pools found out he had no functioning sprinkler system, a builder had placed a basic one in, but never ran the entire yard, and was not even attached to the water main. SO THE LANDSCAPE COULD NOT BE INSTALLED, WITHOUT THE NEED TO REMOVE IT FOR SPRINKLERS.So John Jensen came in, revealed in our decision not to place landscape, as some kind of failure?!?Then he wrote up some Document of Demands, Placed DFW Viking Pools letterhead on it, and demanded adherence to it, regardless of the fact he was blatantly violating the Terms and Conditions of the Contract ho entered into, from his Demands to complete things outside of the agreed time period that was prescribed, to refusing to pay payments as per the agreement, creating written documents fraudulently placing our company letterhead on it, then calLing it valid, and in the end, "terminating" the contract without following the prescribed Terms and Conditions for doing so without liability. Then Screams of Theft and Fraud.When he did this, he was due to make a payment of 9,000.00 dollars, and the Pool Permit was ready and 2 days from dig, as DFW Viking Pools had already pre graded the yard, which had a 48" fall from back porch to pool deck level, this pre grade was work also never paid for, and is due at his "termination".This John Jensen of 711 corporation is Guilty of THEFT OF SERVICES, BUT because there was a contract, it must be dealt with Civil Court.So what now?DFW Viking Pools has filed a 40,000.00 lien on the John Jensen property for monies due, after work was complete, and Breach of Contract, as per the Contractor Agreement.So....don't believe everything you read on the Internet, without the WHOLE STORY.We will keep the public informed, as a Civil Suit for the Default and the Defamation, is being prepared to be filed.From R. Scott Hanson

Jan 17, 2013

Ronald Scott Hanson arrested 01/16/2013

Due to NUMEROUS complaints against this ripoff scam artist, Mr. Hanson has FINALLY been arrested for his criminal fraud behavior.
Hopefully he'll be sentenced to numerous years in prison, and will be made "Bubba's little b!tch" for the $100's of thousands of dollars that he's scammed people out of over the last decade.

Arrested as of 1/16/13 shortly after midnight, and currently in Dallas County Jail.

Jan 21, 2013


Hello Folks, bring it on.
I, RSH, am out, and ready for the litigation to begin.
Whoever has initiated this FRAUD charge, will be getting fingerprinted SOON.
Because we have our Paper Trail, and it proves NO WRONG DOING, only a bunch of Internet Slut, Micro Managing, Dictatorial losers, who cant UNDERSTAND the CONCEPT of a CONTRACT.
AND, whoever wrote this comment by jail4rsh, is probably the first suspect in the coming arrest for FILING a FALSE and DECEPTIVE Criminal Complaint. AND I WILL MAKE SURE THE SYSTEM EXERCISES RECIPROCATION is this EVENT.




Though, I am sure when the GRAND JURY gets ALL the FACTS, this WEAK indictment will be NO BILLED, because I trust the Fairness of the Texas Citizens.

This is simply a bunch, or 1, Cheap Ass loser in a civil litigation case concerning a Contract for work performed, who allowed the project relationship to go south, demanded the abandonment of the project, then realized they, or he, or it, was wrong in doing it.
So instead of manning up, getting a civil case lawyer, they, he or it, FALSIFIED a complaint, played the Victim, and has the Police do their job for them.

We will defeat this FALSE COMPLAINT, then go after all involved in the DALLAS COUNTY COURT OF LAW.

By the WAY. While I visited Dallas County Jail, I MADE CLOSE FRIENDS with over 60 REAL MEN, who listened for hours to the FACTS of the FRAUD that is 911. AT 1 point, I had a holding CELL of 16 MEN, WHITE, BLACK, HISPANIC, TRAFFIC TICKETS, FIGHTS WITH WIVES, DRUG DEALERS, WRONGLY Harassed AND ARRESTED Young men, sit up COMPLETELY SILENT AND ATTENTIVE for 3 HOURS at the FACTS I LAID out concerning the Fraud of the 911 EVENT. THEY LOVED ME, STOOD in unison with me, shook my hands as they left, got my WEBSITE information, and promised , TO A MAN, they would stand up, become POLITICALLY active, network with me, and will contact me when they are out, 99% in a couple DAYS.

So...really, BUBBA, JEREMY, REGINALD, ANDY, and all the GUYS, are really just people, the Grand United Police States of America grabbed, to pay some bills for thier defunct, bankrupt system. Partner, I go to Prison...Just call us SPARTACUS.

Anyway, we WILL be vindicated, ALL you deadbeats LIENS will be maintained, and in the END, you will PAY the Contract Amount you agreed to. AND we will prepare Civil Lawsuits this year for Each and Every one that wrongly Defaulted on us in 2012.

You Morons think the system will back YOU. Look DUMMY, THE 1 Thing the SYSTEM PROTECTS, is the ENFORCEMENT of a SIGNED CONTRACT. YOU IDIOT, or IDIOTS. WHY?!?

Because TICKETS are Legal Binding CONTRACTS. YOU MORON.

SEE YOU IN COURT, BECAUSE I AM SURE I HAVE VIDEO AND AUDIO of all our relevant discussions and agreements, you better have your Facts straight, because I have your own words to substantiate everything we did together, DUMMY. .

OH, and by the way. The Officer that cuffed me, and Drove me downtown, initially, did his job, and was rude, condescending, and had an attitude, he had got his MAN. But on the way down, we talked about the RIDICULOUS charge. Then I spoke of the spooks hacking my laptops, instigating trouble, and potentially trying to kill me inside. He asked why, I explained, and we sat for 25 minutes in the Jail garage before going in, where I explained the 911 evidence I have. He said, Look, I am a ALEX JONES fan, I know what you are talking about, we, Officers are FULL aware of the fraud and criminality of this government, at all levels. He said, I AM A OATH KEEPER, and a TRUTHER, and there are LEGIONS of Officers who are right there with me. HE then coached me on how to prevent any wrong doing by the spooks, took my youtube and website, said he would be in contact. Said not to worry, he has made note of my concerns, and would absolutely check up on my status and release.
SEE... YOU MORONS, I HAVE RETIRED FRISCO POLICE OFFICERS (2) as close Relatives, AND WEST POINT GRAD, FORMER RANGER, CAPTAIN in 2 tours of the Vietnam War, as my Mentors in this life.

All I did is defend my Business, Perform the Contracts, and held you to the Contract terms and conditions, Just like, WALMART, VISA, BANK OF AMERICA, CARDNET, BAYLOR, GMAC and Oh, the US Government does everyday. SO YOU JUVENILE homeowners, who Cut your Nose off, to spite your face, then want the Boys in Blue, and Bubba in Jail, to do your Dirty Work, will actually have to deal with both yourself, or yourselves . AND OH, with me too, in THE DALLAS COUNTY COURT OF LAW.


Apr 22, 2014


To DFW Viking Pools

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