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Cellular Outfitter

United States

Consumer reviews about Cellular Outfitter

Feb 25, 2017

Scam Company

The worst fraud company EVER! Customer service, there isn't any. You cannot contact them. It is impossible and they never answer any emails. Beware of their false sale prices, 25% discounts, delivery times and shipping charges. Never order from these people.

jane wanke
Feb 27, 2017

no customer service

Do not order from this company. Items seem inexpensive, but the outrageous shipping costs negate the cheap price. Also, it is impossible to contact them via their 800 number. I was on hold for over one hour three different times. I don't think anyone is there to answer the phones. Buy from Amazon and your items cost much less.

Mar 13, 2017


In an attempt to order an item, I visited the website. All was fine until I tried to place the order which appeared to not have gone through. So I tried again and got the same screen which led nowhere. Come to find out, I actually ordered and was sent two of the same items which I later decided I did not want to order from the uncooperative website anyway. Returning the items has been nothing but a run around with the defective website commands and the links which go nowhere. Stay away from this "deal". Besides you also are subjected to multiple emails a day pitching discounts which do not work!

Mar 30, 2017


I purchased 1 item and spent $15.95.

I was happy with the item until PayPal emailed me about my "monthly recurring payment agreement" with Cellular Outfitter.


Save your money, time and stress and STAY AWAY!!!

Apr 1, 2017

Flaky quality, will profit even from returned items

So, I bought a phone case and a screen protector from Cellular Outfitters. The screen protector works and is fine. The case, on the other hand, I thought would be like the one my mom has: leatherish exterior, with a magnet to keep it shut and a magnet to prop it open on the stand. But the thing that really attracted me was the color, a pleasant aqua blue in the photos on the inside and outside of the case.

It has no magnets to keep it shut or make it stand stably (and no, magnets in a case are not going to kill your phone's hardware). The "leather" is cheap, with a vinyl-like feel, and came in a nasty oversaturate blue on the outside, and for some reason periwinkle on the inside--it's not even the kind of color difference that can be explained away by "oh monitor colors can make things look different." The two colors clash.

In the checkout line, there are multiple banners offering a coupon code if you enter your email. They'll give you a code, yes--and not a box to enter it in during checkout, so you don't actually get the deal. Then they'll spam you with marketing emails. SO MANY MARKETING EMAILS. You'll get probably five before you can unsubscribe and likely a few more before their overeager system registers your distaste with their aggressive sales tactics.

Finally, the site advertises a 90-day money back guarantee. This excludes all shipping fees. Shipping for my case, my screen protector, and the ~*~*~FREE GIFT!!!~*~*~ stylus pen they throw in was $8. You know what they shipped it in? A plastic bag with no padding. That's it. Just a gray plastic USPS bag. The items could well have been broken before they reached my home. Apparently plastic bags cost $8 now.

The items are purposely underpriced, and the shipping overpriced, because they can say that shipping costs are excluded from the money-back guarantee. Even if your stuff shows up broken or poor quality, and you return it, they'll make money from you.

But that's okay. That free ballpoint pen just makes it all worthwhile.

Don't buy here. Go to Amazon or Groupon for sane returns and much more reliable quality.

DeeDee Johnson
Apr 7, 2017

Buyer Beware

Placed an order online after hours (midnight) and decided to cancel within the hour after I saw the shipping charges. There is no option to cancel an order after hours, so I sent a message through "Contact Us" and I called customer service as soon as they opened in the morning only to find out that my order had been shipped at 2am. I was told they would cover the return shipping but not my initial cost. I was livid. There should definitely be an online cancellation option for hours after cs is closed. I called back again just now because I still couldn't wrap my head around paying almost $12 for shipping on an order that I wanted to cancel but couldn't (ended up ordering from www.cellphonecases.com because they offer free shipping). Found out that in order to see the shipping fees before completing the order you have to click the "Apply" button next to the shipping options even though the lowest shipping level is already automatically selected. The end resolution is that my overall shipping was adjusted down to about $7.50 (the rep called that splitting the difference). Not the resolution I had hoped for but I guess was better than nothing at all. So I say, be very careful before ordering from this site. Don't think I will do it again though. Fool me once...

Apr 20, 2017

Tried to access my computer

I ordered my item and was charged for shipping after the order was processed. I called the contact # and it took me to India. The representative tried to gain access to my computer by telling me that there were currently 3 people logged into my account in various parts of the world and that he would help me out. NO WAY. I called my credit card and cancelled the card and plan to dispute the charges.

Apr 24, 2017


I wished I had read these reviews before I placed the order. Ordered 4 items placed on March 3, 2017 for a total of $43.00. Only 1 item was delivered, a $2.99 worth item. I kept on e-mailing & calling the 800 number, no response. They answered the e-mail once saying that they will checked on the order. To date, nothing!. Customer service is non-existent on this company. Stay away from this company. They are scammers and only want your money. Once they received the order, forget it! Stay away from this company. Facebook should be made aware of this company and its practice. Their address is 1375 S. Acacia Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831, for anybody interested.

Apr 26, 2017

very very dissapointed

The same, it was my mistake for don't checking out the review of this scam company.
I place an order since one week , the tracking number that they provided is an invalid , tried to call their 1-800-871-6926
they never accept any incoming calls , just to email, however they never replied to my email.
So please don't do the same mistake

co service
Apr 27, 2017

Deplorable customer service

Ordered 3 items, they acknowledged by E-Mail with no pricing.
They charged 2 shipments at outrageous charges.
Tried to call but no answer. E-Mail response was worthless, it seemed they did not read.
I have found many of their products on E bay and will never deal with this company again.
PS: I was flooded with their advertisement and have turned to spam.

[email protected]
Apr 28, 2017

Scammers, liars, thieves and cowards who hide behind their fake apologies.

Sent the wrong merchandise, charged shipping after the fact, have a non-operating "Customer Service" number and a non-existent "live chat" line. I have an on-line business and purchase about half of my needs on-line but have never dealt with such a dishonest on-line company before. They are the worst and should be in jail after they are forced to shut down their illicit operations.

May 12, 2017


Finally received product, CHEAP, wrong colour and took forever to get here! Now going to try and return, thank god I used pay pal or I would not have a chance in hell to get my money back!!!

May 21, 2017

Crappy Customer Service!

I love these cases but the customer service is awful! I was supposed to receive a wrist strap with my case- got none. I was supposed to get a free stylus pen with my order got nothing. I emailed back and forth and to no result, I had 3 people email me back with sure I can help but it has been a month. No one calls- the phone number on the email only plays music when you call it. I was asked for my address 3 times by 3 different people and I had no order # that they asked for because I didn't receive a shipping conformation. Their website is under so called "construction" so you can't get a legitimate phone number to speak to a person. They have great cases and I love my case but the aggravation of their horrible customer service makes me think about ever buying from them again. I read the other complaints and hear the frustration in everyone's posts. After a month- I am done!

Lewis Jones
Jun 2, 2017

Cellular Outfitter

I placed an order and they are refusing to ship it to me and now they will not return my money so never use this company. They just take your money and run with it.

Jun 6, 2017

I never get what I thought I was ordering

I have ordered b4 from these people and had a problem, and thought Id try again but same problems and they never get better and they wont reply back so I can return an item that was advertised as Rubber case-I get a plastic case in the mail. I have returned it without an RMA- lets see how reliable and honest they are after they get the return to see if there is a credit to my account.

Then I ordered a screen protector on the same order-which came from a different location, for this particular phone, and it doesn't cover the whole screen-only about 90%. But I'll keep it-I didn't have time to mess around any more-such a waste of time.

I will never order from them again and I am going to file a fraud claim against them with my bank if I don't see a credit in a timely manner soon on my account, looking on line!!

Jun 7, 2017

Worst business ever

On May 2nd 2017 I ordered a phone case and screen protector from cellular outfitters and not only did they charge me an outrageous shipping fee of almost 10 dollars for 2 lightweight items, they hid the actual shipping amount from me until after I had placed my order. That is not the worst part though, over a month later and I still haven't received my items and calling or sending an email to them is pointless because they never answer their phone or reply to emails. My advice stay far far away from this scandalous rip off sight. Go to a trusted company like amazon or eBay and order your products, they might be a bit more expensive but it is so worth it.431

Jun 15, 2017

Why is it so easy to get a 40% off coupon?

1-Attract them with the promise of lowest price
2-Give them 40% discount on order of $33

Subtotal $33
Shipping & Handling $16
Discount (PLAINTEXTPOST40) -$13.17
Grand Total (Excl.Tax) $36
Tax $0.00
Grand Total (Incl.Tax) $36

3-Have them submit order with price of $20 dollars
4-Dont allow them to save receipt of purchase with price paid clearly visible
5-Have them instead get a warning from PAYPAL about transaction(Paypal must get a lot of complaints about this outfit)
"You authorized a transaction to WirelessEmporiumincinc dba CellularOutfitter.com. Money won't leave your account until WirelessEmporiumincinc dba CellularOutfitter.com processes your order"
6-Hit them with new bill showing $36 dollars with $16 for shipping
7-Send them cheap and wrong items---Micro usb for Axom 7, instead of usb c
8-Bombard them with numerous offers of other"Incentives"
9-Repeat for other suckers that don't review sites before buying
10-Laugh all the way to the bank

Jun 22, 2017


I ordered a phone case for my son the first of May. After 3 weeks he finally received a package from them. Inside the package was a free stylus and some screen covers. NO PHONE CASE !!! I have called and left messages several times - no return call. I have emailed from the site and each time I am told that my complaint would be passed on to be reviewed and guess what? No response. After my second email they said that they would merge my two complaint orders into one. So they are getting the emails, they do have records of complaints but still - NOTHING. I have even requested that they refund my son's $30. NOTHING. I suggest that unless you just have money that you want to give to this company that you don't use them. They should have their site removed from the internet from all of the reviews I have seen !!

Jul 3, 2017

Riipppppeedd oooooffff!

They won't give us our money back.wont answer emails back .we will never do business with them again.

Remorseful buyer
Jul 14, 2017

15 days waitIng for cell battery and charger

Ordered a cell phone battery and two chargers two cell covers and two plastic screen protectors.8 days later I received one cell phone cover. I have called and emailed every day I am getting the run around by the idiots at the company. They keep telling me that one thing or another is not available choose something else. I keep saying I just need my cell battery please send it. I choose something else and three days later they say it is not available. I said just cancel my order and they said it was already shipped but it is 15 days and no shipment and there is no record of any shipment attached to the shipping number they gave me. Just today they again said it was shipping tomorrow. This is a twilight zone with these people. I ordered from some place else and in two days I had the order. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS STUPID COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE A MORON.

Jul 14, 2017

Did not receive order

I placed an order and never received it. I called several times, emailed the company and no response. Each time I called, I was on hold for a long, long time. Then I was told to leave a message and someone would get back to me. Unfortunately, no one did. I have contacted my credit card company for possible return of my funds.

Jul 27, 2017

Bad customer service

I accidentally ordered twice because their checkout isnt very user friendly. I emailed them to tell them what happened and to get a refund. They contacted me to say theyd refund me but NEVER DID! To make things worse, they stopped all contact with me. I HAD TO CONTACT MY BANK TO REVERSE CHARGES!!

Aug 25, 2017

Worst Customer Service

I ordered 2 cellphone cases and a charger. The one cellphone case sent was the wrong one and the other was a piece of crap! I started to email them the day I received the cases and every day afterwards. I was going out of town and wanted to return the merchandise to them prior to leaving. I then emailed them every day for a week before I finally got a response from them. I finally said in an email that I was contacting my credit card company and having them place a stop on the charge.

I would NEVER do business with this company again and will let anyone I that I know not to order from them either.

Sep 20, 2017

Cellular SCAM

I Ordered the following:
BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Universal Battery Charger with USB port, White.
I received the following:
LG G6- tri shield rugged combo case with kickstand and card holder white blue
when asked customer service to send the item I ordered they stopped answering my emails and just close my case.
This company shouldn't exist. Customer service personnel if it is one is a bunch of incompetents. Don't deal with this company please the company is a large scam

Oct 2, 2017

Rip off Plus

Ordered two phone covers. Shipping was added afterwards. Separate shipping cost for each, but not known until placing order. Finally, one arrived but not the second. Sent out emails with no luck. No phone number available to contact them. Poor poor services. Still waiting on second case.😜

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