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Barton Publishing

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Consumer reviews about Barton Publishing

Feb 21, 2015

Barton's business model: "GOTCHA"

I wish Joe would lecture near my town. I'd like to be in the audience to ask him what his Jesus thinks about the "GOTCHA" business model. Joe Barton certainly found an easier racket than doing dreary CPA work: fleecing the sheep.

Mike Block CPA
Feb 28, 2015

Fraudulent Credit Card Charge

From my email to [email protected]:

Cancel my charge.

I entered huckabee99.com in response to a radio ad. It directed me to

I agreed to a $19.95 charge and rejected dozens of additional offers. I now see this PayPal charge

Feb 27, 2015 Debit Card Signature Purchase To BARTON PUBLISHING INC,888-3561146,SD,
6SU452396W178693T $49.87 USD

The charge defrauded PayPal, because it was a web purchase and not a “Debit Card Signature Purchase.”
I also now see that BARTON PUBLISHING has many complaints, including one from a fellow CPA, at:

I am posting this to there and disputing my PayPal charge.
I also will ask Mike Huckabee to end his association with this company.
I would welcome a Barton libel lawsuit.

May 2, 2015

Not Buyer Beware. But BUYER, BE AWARE!!

Over time, with experience, I've coined a new motto. Not..."Buyer Beware" (though that's still true)....but, instead...."BUYER, BE AWARE!" And I try to remember how important it is to RESEARCH ..... BEFORE participating in financial or contractual activity. And that includes internet transactions BIG TIME.

So, a BIG THANK YOU to this site and all the preceding reviewers of Barton Publishing. I was just about to order; thinking...well $19.95 isn't much and with a 365-day money-back guarantee...how could I go wrong? But ... BUYER, BE AWARE! Fortunately I thought, "Hmmm! Better check out the reviews first....just in case...

So glad I did!!!. All of you have, I believe, prevented me from what could have turned out very badly. I've had a few dealing with things like this in the past which put me through a lot of anguish, stress and frustration not to mention weeks/months spent trying to 'fix' or get action from folks who seemingly DID NOT care about their customers.

Also I hate Barton's kind of video presentation, it...will NOT tell you how long the presentation will be...does NOT provide a progress bar or a pause/restart option (what if the phone rings, what if the baby cries?); Does not allow you to skip to the end to the essence of the deal. The presentation passes through the slides so quickly I am hard-pressed to take notes. In this case -- even though I type really fast -- it was hard to write down the key points as they were presented. These presentations STEAL my time with no options to listen (or read) at my convenience or be able to take a break... So if my time is stolen....what else will be??l!! It sounds like a lot in this case, according to these reviews

And this guy bad mouths Big Pharma for their "lies" and "greed". From these reviews it appears that Big Pharma's type of lying and greed sounds very similar to Barton's. I was particularly turned off by his claim of being on a MISSION to HELP others. Your reviews make it sound more like a mission to help folks out of their money, time, energy and well-being.

Thanks for listening and thanks again for the words of warning!

May 4, 2015

Credit Card SCHAM

I was OVER XCHARGED to $51.07 it was low 40.00 and i am trying to dig for my money back...I did NOT give the OK for them to take $51.07 from my account...I had to go to AAA and ask that they would please extend my car INSURANCE an extra month so I could eat...Barton has ignored me...MIKE...please get your name off of this bad company...I have not even ordered the vitamins because it all hit me...wow..I cannot believe this actually happened to me...but look at this DAY and AGE we are living in...oh boy oh boy...I have not even opened the psacket From BARTON yet and I will NOT EITHER...I WANT A REFUND...thats all Just give me my money bazck..I send you the pACKET AND WE ARE DONE...OK...David Sparks...so upset...

Dec 6, 2015

If you want it, try this...

I listened to the whole presentation. Thought 20 bucks wasn't too much to risk. I googled "Barton Publishing complaints" like I often do before buying online from unfamiliar vendors. I saw all the bad press about fraudulent overcharging. I went to close the Barton page to cancel it, and up pops another window- "WAIT!! DON'T LEAVE!" It says if I'm hesitant, I can get a 21 day trial of all the downloads for $2.97, and if I like it and don't email to cancel within 21 days, they'll charge my card the rest of the 20 bucks. Now, I never use my real credit card to buy online, I get a prepaid card. I had a prepaid card with only $7 left on it. I used that, they obviously didn't check the balance to see if there was the additional $17 to charge later, I clicked through a few "no I don't want that offers", and it sent me to the download page and I got all of the literature they advertised. I checked the prepaid card, and they had only taken the $2.97. Even if they do try to take more than they are entitled to, there's only $4 left on the card, so that's all I can lose, and I have the goods downloaded! I'm willing to risk the $7 I had on the card to try it out. So if you want to try it but don't want to get ripped off, use a prepaid card with a small amount on it, and try to leave the website to see if they offer you the 3 dollar deal.

Dec 7, 2015



Dec 20, 2015


JOE BARTON IS A SCAMMER. Listen to a short video (35 minutes) of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Besides him bashing "Big Pharmaceutical" and telling us we have been lied to about how to cure / treat Diabetes, this is the info you get: (1) the new medications Symlin is a synthetic form of Amylin and Byella is a synthetic form of something else and you can't take them at the same time as insulin (like your doctor couldn't give you this info???) (2) He's going to CURE both type 1 and type 2 diabetes in 4 weeks if you follow his plan. (3) 15 minutes into the pitch: avoid sugar, breads and white stuff. DUH - any doctor treating diabetes will tell you that. (4) pick 5 foods that are good for you (high nutrients, low fat & sugar) and that you like and eat ONLY those foods. REALLY? 5 foods? that's all the choice we get? (5) the BIG "secret" cure all ... cinnamon and chromium picolinate. Well, anyone that's done any research on diabetes knows that claim about cinnamon helping w/ blood sugar and cholesterol, but that's only if you can eat enough and the cinnamon you buy on the spice rack isn't the cinnamon that will help (it's mostly sawdust). You have to get cinnamon sticks or pure cinnamon (from the health store). (6) if you "buy today" you'll get 3 free items worth over $100! first, a grocery list (worth $27 - really? a grocery list is worth $27!!!!) second, a low blood sugar cookbook (something you can get at any library for free) and third a carb counting cheet sheet (again, something you can get at the library or a very thin paperback smaller than 3"x5" you can buy for about $1 and carry everywhere). (7) the kit also includes Natural Remedies for Diabetes, a PERSONAL Meal & Exercise Plan (sent to thousands - how personal can it be) and a Diabetes Reversal Resource Guide (hmmm ... wonder what kind of additional resources he's trying to get you to buy). All this is worth $178, but if you "buy today" you can get it for only $19.97!!! If it's really "worth" $178, why would it ever go on sale for $19.97??? And Dr. Scott Saunders who gave a rave review ... well, he's real, but from reviews on his website he doesn't know what he's doing. And this "Joe Barton" ... well he does audio recordings for other companies claiming "diabetic cures". come on folks, he's a voice over ACTOR. he's probably even done voices for animated movies and kids cartoon shows! BOTTOM LINE ... DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING FROM BARTON PUBLISHING. If you really want anything other than to buy books, this isn't the place to go.

Feb 23, 2016

Is downloaded material useful

To Rddallas

You mentioned that you received the download materials, is worth reading, did it help in any way.
I'm planing to use prepaid Credit card as you did if the package is useful.

Thanks in advance

[email protected]
May 27, 2016


I did order a FREE book of HBP. Then it became shipping for $2.97, so I thought well, ok, that's not bad shipping to Ireland. Then they said a plus $17.00 charge. But when I got the amount on my credit card - and didn't they take the money out the very next day - it was for $33.59. That figure never came up in any of their billing. Fortunately I paid by AMEX and am I glad I did. Amex always has your back. When I explained the not so subtle RIP OFF. They immediately retrieved the payment, blocked the merchant (merchant? how about rip off merchant?) from billing me again and are pursuing Barton Publishing themselves for the fraudulent transaction. I will never never order anything online again, unless I do the research first. Just read these reviews. And this is now the 27th of May and Barton Pub. is STILL DOING IT. STILL RIPPING PEOPLE OFF. PLEASE BEWARE. BEWARE.

Sep 1, 2016

SCAM ALERT: Didn't deliver product or guarantee

I ordered the Wholetones Chroma, but never received it. I didn't receive my order before I moved, so I entered a mail forwarding and confirmed with the post office that my forwarding was in effect prior to the delivery confirmation date. If the product was infact delivered, it would have been forwarded. The product never was delivered to either address. When I called the company, the jerk that answered the phone was so rude, I just couldn't believe it was going down that way. He told me, "It isn't our problem, you will have to take it up with the USPS".
When I place a claim with the buySAFE (the 365 Money Back Guarantee), Barton Publishing lied and said, and I quote; "customer actually called customer service and stated on a recorded line that she received the product and then forwarded the package to a secondary address of her choosing and during the forwarding it was lost. We as a company have done our part delivering the ordered product, if the customer chooses to ship to another address that is their responsibility and we will not compensate her for the product being lost".

Now, why would I take a product that they claim that I said I received and forward it to the second address of my choosing, let alone say that I did????

What I said was that I put in a mail forwarding, so if it was delivered there, it would have been forwarded. I also stated that I verified with the Post Master that if it by chance it was delivered to my old address, could it still be forwarded, where he stated that the mailman for that route would have forwarded anything that was in that box. I have confirmation from the post office that my mail forwarding went inot effect on July 29th, which is prior to the claim that it was delievered on August 3. If that were true, I would have received it in my PO Box.

They claim on their "About Us" page;

Honor God
Help People
Practice What You Preach
Be Fruitful & Multiply
Make it Fun!

They never showed me any of these characteristics, in fact it was the complete opposite.

Mar 4, 2017

100%satisfaction -"Full" refund is not true

I purchased 2 Wholetones CD sets and the books (2) along with one Chrome DVD. I returned it all after giving these a try. I had downloaded them to my cell phone to listen to and did so for 2 months every night. Nice enough music but ...that's about it. I found that the downloads had to be frequently re-downloaded because about every 5 days or so the download on my phone would say Locked with a picture of a padlock and chain around it. This was annoying. The CDs where 6 individual CDs one for each song (22 min average). Also a nuisance for listening as you had to change or restart it every 22 minutes...I would've liked to be able to just listen to all the songs or repeat one and this always seemed to be impossible. After nights frustration with locked files and such I found that the benefit of listening to nice music didn't outweigh the frustration nor the $200 price so I called for a Refund and return authorization. I got a return authorization number and sent everything back, both unread books and CD sets and Chrome DVD. Returns go to SOUTH DAKOTA, refunds are issued from Toronto CANADA. South Dakota emails Toronto of items received. South Dakota told Toronto I only sent one cd set, one book and one DVD. Now it's my word against theirs and they are making this difficult. I have to call the supervisor named Marco only Monday -Friday 8-4 and convince him that I am telling the truth. I work in an office with others M-F and personal calls like this would not only be EMBARRASSING but are distracting others from their jobs. It's almost too much but we are talking $100 difference and on top of this I believe they sold my name and phone number and email address to other such businesses because ever since I ordered this I've been inundated with calls and emails for cheap and questionable products I am not even remotely interested in. I think they think I'm a sucker because I bought Wholetones for $208 so they relentlessly call Day and night. I have not bought anything else on line so I know the connection is this Barton Publishing. Don't be fooled like I was. I was such a sucker I spent an additional $7 for the BuySafe scam too

Apr 9, 2017

Online Scam

April 9, 2016....most up to date..a friend ordered this product blood pressure kit about 1 mos. Ago.
She is still waiting for the hard copy and access to the site. Called credit card. Refund the money of $50
Dont bother....just EXERCISE, lose weight , don't smoke, drink a glass of red wine, breath deep slow and exhale slow 30x a day, eat a banana, eat celery, drink cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, sleep 8hrs a night. Eat some nuts lots of vegetables and fruits, do more walking around the block, drink 8 glasses water, listen to music to lower stress level, vitamin e a day is good, Olive oil for cookie g is great, did I say give up smoking, drink green tea, 1 to 2 cups coffee if you must max, limit your intake of red meat, sausages, pork, increase intake of fish like salmon....
Don't eat too much a portion size for everyone is so different. Just eat til your 80% full. Walk walk walk walk walk around the block. Get good shoes and walk 1hr a day and eat less.
Visit this free site tooo....www.scoobyworkshop.com he's gay and proud and knowledgeable when it comes to health....much better than that b.s. that we got duped into.

Jan 3, 2018




And in fact grateful for my pointing out badly presented info which could be misconstrued.

However, with all these review sites one always has to be careful of posters with the ever-present nasty little HIDEN AGENDA which covers over the fact that they may have some kind of alternative objective or personal grudge.

Contracting these guys or Joe direct is easy and I have personally used this email address with never a problem.

[email protected]

Summary: Joe is kind, considerate and very, very helpful!

R. Alvin Bensley, Jr.
May 17, 2021

Agreed & then cancelled

I should have reviewed info abt Barton Publishing before validating the purchase! After the purchase I changed my mind and called BP and spoke to a representative to whom I explained that I wanted to cancel my order. He was very friendly and readily accepted the cancellation, which is a contract. Shortly after I was alarmed to learn that the cancellation was removed and began to receive notes from their Bank, to which I explained the cancellation but they have yet to respond. My next move will be to contact the proper authorities in my effort to raise the same issue. My advice is for anyone who is about to do business with Barton is to give it a second thought as a firm not to deal with in any shape or form, and there bank as well.

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