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Consumer reviews about Barton Publishing

Tim Gard
Jan 5, 2012

fraudlent credit card charges

Well, I came here first before I ordered anything ... so I guess I received the free help after all. I am a late onset diabetic, 58 years old, and convinced that the drug companies are as crooked as these guys seem to be. So Barton, here is a chance to prove your self claimed merit. Was your Daddy really a character of merit, or just another snake oil salesman? Send me the program via snail mail, and if it does what you claim, I will sell a hundred of these things for you on my own. And of those hundred each will sell a hundred more. Mr Gard 12625 Beebe Rd Irving, NY 14081 If this is not snake oil, here is your chance to prove it.

Hugh Solaas
Jan 10, 2012

fraudlent credit card charges

It is amazing that this Barton character is still in business to rip people off. thank God for this web site. It is alway food to check up on a company you are not familiar with before giving them you credit card # on a web site. Creveat emptor! (buyer beware)

Your Mom Knows Best
Jan 24, 2012


Or you're lying.

Feb 7, 2012


The very same thing happened to me-exactly. Because the book never arrived, I emailed them at the address they put on the bottom of the receipt but got it back as "undeliverable!" I am extremely angry!! I guess I learned a lesson, and from now on will check out this stuff before ordering. I am calling the credit card company to see if I have any recourse. These people should be hunted down and prosecuted!

Feb 17, 2012

fraudlent credit card charges

Wow I had all my credit card information on there order page and was getting ready to hit enter and stopped to check out this company online. I'm glad I did because you all saved me a lot of time, money and hassle. I really wanted the Diabetic kit and still wish I could get it but now I don't trust the company. I know there are natural remedies that work. I work with a guy that took cinnamon pills and watched his diet and it worked for him. I just figured if there were more natural remedies I want to try them. I'll have to find a better source. Thank you all for posting your information because I would have hit send otherwise. Like the gentleman said earlier send me the kit by email and if it works I too could sell many for you. My email is [email protected]

Feb 19, 2012

fraudlent credit card charges

This is a letter to Joe Barton, just in case he or anybody in his company reads what is posted on this site. I just listened to a very long presentation about The High Blood Prssure Solution Kit and at the end saw the two order options, one for an online download and a more expensive one for online plus mailing of hard copies of everything. For some reason, I decided to search the name of your company, and I came across this site (and another) with all these compaints about how you do business.
I had figured that $39.95 (I think it was that amount) would be money well spent if it did all that it was advertised to do. But now I am hesitant to go ahead with the order. I certainly do NOT want to be hooked up with other offers and other charges. I have an idea, why don't you send me the entire kit by mail, on approval, and give me a certain period of time, say 60 days, to see if this is well worth the $39.95, and if I feel it has been helpful, I will send you a personal cheque, or a postal money order if you prefer, for the entire amount ? I will see if I can find a "Contact" link on your company website and send you this same message.

Mar 11, 2012

fraudlent credit card charges

Thanks so much for your complaints, have learned to check out products online first, whether advertised online or TV, this site has saved me lots of time and money so far, and this scumbag was next in line for my money! BLESS the people who respond to this site with feedback to help others not be scammed, and BLESS the people who run this site! This is what the internet was created for, to join people together in a collective voice to help change the world! That's what's happening here, we can stop the Joe Bartons of the world together! Thanks to everyone for saving me from this CREEP! And yes I know you Joe Barton, you son of a bitch, you are every evil scumbag, con artist who preys on the elderly, sick, and the weak, and no torture would be good enough for all the misery you have personally caused on this earth. How you could look yourself in the mirror knowing what you do, if there is a Hell, you are at the top of the list with Hitler and the likes. Not that I would compare you with Hitler because I have more respect for Hitler, as horrible as he was, at least Hitler believed in what he was doing no matter how warped his thinking was. YES YOU ARE WORSE THAN EVEN HITLER!!! Whether or not there is a Hell, I firmly believe that what you do in life comes back around full circle, so get ready Barton, you're time will come! Good luck to all of you who have been scammed by this lowlife!

Mar 16, 2012


Hi, bj8. I work with Barton Publishing. I can assure you we never pass along a customer's credit card information. In fact, our team can only see the last 4 digits of your card number and we maintain PCI (credit card) compliance. I would recommend you report the fraudulent charges to your credit card company asap. But I can assure you they did not come from us. Charjo--You can find our contact info at bartonpublishing.com. We are more than happy to resolve issues related to your order. If you did not receive the printed version for some reason, we can resend it to you immediately. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. --Kevin

r martin
Mar 20, 2012

unauthorised credit debit and initial overcharging

I ordered a blood pressure package and they debited my account 49.00 but never received this in the mail, then not able to contact them by email or phone.

Mar 26, 2012


THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU!!! I was about to order the info about diabetes for my hubby! After reading this...I WOULD NEVER order anything from these scammmers!!!

J. Battistella
Mar 27, 2012

fraudlent credit card charges

I listened to the whole Joe Barton Get rid of Diabetes Naturally presentation got all the way to the end to click on purchase the online media for 2 payments of $7.00 and stopped. I then opened another browser and Googled "Diabetes Solution Kit and found listed 5 ingredients that help lower blood sugar. Are they the items listed in Barton's online media package "Diabetes Solution Kit" don't know, then I googled Barton Publishing and found all the complaints listed regarding Joe Barton and his company. I am glad I did not buy the online media and get involved with Barton Publishing. I was burned once by Great American Readers who basically did the same thing lure you in and then after a bit call you to give you a better deal or less payments and get you to approve another order instead of what you think is happening replacing the orginal order with the new one. When you see they are double billing you and you call back you are told you can't be transferred to the person in Sales that you originally talked to.even though you have their name. I had to cancel my bank card to get rid of them charging my account.

Mar 29, 2012

fraudlent credit card charges

How can it be that Joe Barton has found a simple, natural cure for not one, not two but THREE chronic conditions so many people suffer from ?? Just reading thru the posts on this board Joe Barton (obviously not a real person) has found cures for Diabetes, Gout and Acid Reflux...REALLY??? I almost fell for it but decided to check around first. Who knows how many other conditions Barton Publishing has claimed to have the 'cure' for. Notice, this company is not called Barton Health or Barton Natural Remedies...its called Barton PUBLISHING...they are in the business of selling books and ebooks - an making a ton of money. "Joe Barton" claims that the Pharmaceutical companies are ripping us off...well, maybe or maybe not...but Barton Publishing is no better.

Hwang He
Apr 7, 2012

fraudlent credit card charges

To Joe Barton,
Join the Better Business Bureau if you really want to represent yourself as an honest and fair business.

Dec 17, 2012

High Blood Pressure Kit

Thanks for this website for publishing very useful information for ordering products online
you really protect innocent people before victimize by these scammers.

Jun 8, 2013

overcharging my credit card


Trudy Jane
Jun 24, 2013

Overcharge on Debit card

I watched the very, very, very long presentation on the diabetic kit for my daughter but when it time to make the decision I foolishly agreed to get one. (I didn't know about this site). The invoice showed that I had ordered two kits. I went back to erase my card number, but it erased but they still charged it. I am a widow with a very limited income, I just was trying to help my daughter who really suffers. I emailed them right away but so far no answer except that they had received my message and would get back to me. I am really afraid of the outcome because I cannot afford a this charge.

Jul 9, 2013

Barton Publishing overcharging

I ordered online Barton Publishing's Diabetes Solutions Kit at a cost of $39 plus shipping. Then I got an invoice that I was being charged $99 more for an additional product that I did not order. I see I joined a long line of suckers. I will make sure they don't get paid.

Nov 24, 2013

Barton Publishing

My thing is if he really believed in everything that he talked about in his video then why do you for one have to sit through the entire lecture. If he believed in helping people and in his product he would give it away for free and let it sell itself. But no he has to sit and try and convince you that it is all good. He is just as bad as the drug companies that he is bad mouths in his video if not worse.
He can kiss my royal rubie red *%^.........

May 30, 2014

Barton Publishing

After reading these comments, there is no way I will purchase anything from Barton Publishing.

Jan 21, 2015

Canceling My Scheduled Lecture at Hotel

I have been hearing the advertisement on the radio to go listen to a lecture put on by this company on how I can cure my diabetis. After reading all the reviews here I will not be going to listen to this scam put on by Barton Publishing at a local hotel in my city. Thank you to everyone who took the time to earn me about this scam.

JoAnn Askevics
Jan 22, 2015

Hz music

did you get my order for my music JoAnn Askevics if so i need all my mail by sat. will be leaving for month and i hope its on its way thank you JoAnn Askevics my phone no is 402 861 4077

JoAnn Askevics
Jan 22, 2015


just checking when i am going to get my order i need it by sat.

[email protected]
Feb 2, 2015

a complete rip-off and scam

Buyer beware: You will never, ever get what you have paid for from this lousy company or it's partner in crime, safepay, I was charged $60.37 for the "diabetes cure solution" I only ordered the online version but was charged for the online and printed version, as of this time, have not been able to read or access either one. Do not do any business with Barton Publishing or SafePay, they are in bed with each other, inho, criminal enterprises!!!!

Feb 3, 2015


Beware of this scammer. The website does not have a final review feature before ordering so if you back out of the transaction your order will go through. The information he gives out is available at the local library, just look for books on diabetes. Do not buy anything from this scammer.

[email protected]
Feb 5, 2015

follow up review

Just another word of warning, like many others on this site, I have never received my diabetes solution printed version by reg. mail, nor was I able to download the online copy, I talked to Kevin at the number given, said he could not refund the shipping fee of $9.95, Never recieved it anyway, first Customer Service? person I talked to hung up on me because I was so upset I used profanity(poor little man!!!) I was refunded a total of $29.95 but was charged $60.37 total, will dispute the billing with my credit card company when I get my next bank statement, The safepay guarantee is of no use, Also going to leave a post on Complaintsboard.on both companies, file a BB bureau, report, but I do not think Barton Publishing is a member of the BB bureau. Do not waste your money on these lousy companies, They are in bed with each other!!!! Taking advantage of seriously ill, Senior Citizens, also going to send my complaint to the FTC!!!

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